Kelvin and Oti’s sizzling Samba turns up the heat 🔥👏 – BBC Strictly

Dancing the samba
Kelvin Fletcher and Oti
MUSIC: La Vida es un Carnaval
Oh, my goodness!
We got standing ovation in the studio!
Oh look at you!
Have a little look at that!
just happened?
Wow. What a reaction.
That was incredible.
Week one…
Week one, he does a samba
and he pulls that out of the bag.
Goodness me, talk about
being thrown in the deep end.
I am so out of breath, sorry.
I’m not surprised, so are we.
What about booty pumping business?
Oh, my goodness!
Well, are we not happy you stepped in?
I mean, seriously, you have good assets. Guys…
I’m talking about that spine,
I’m talking about that the hip rotation,
I am talking about that ooziness is in your body.
I mean, honestly, that was so rhythmical,
that was so fun.
You are strong but you have really the right
amount of quantity, so you are like, bam, bam!
and it gets there. That was so
fun to watch, I enjoyed it, I loved it.
Oh, my God. I could watch it again.
Did you enjoy it Shirley?
It was electrifying,
I am a bit lost for words.
I am the oldest here so darling I need
my fan and my beads, my never mind.
You’re synchronised, you’re coordinated,
you’re powerful but you’ve something else as well,
it is difficult for a man to
be in touch with his feminine side
and you are in touch with yours,
so the sensual way you touch…
Alright Bruno, Hang on a minute.
Calm down, calm down Bruno.
Let me tell you to be a great dancer,
to be a great masculine dancer you
You have to be in touch with your feminine side.
You understand not only
about your own body movement
but that of your partner.
You are
I am almost afraid to ask Bruno.
Here we go…
This hunk is on fire!
I think you started a chain reaction of hot
flushes across the country. I don’t know if
I have anything left of her. I mean, calm
down, it is week one.
You know, what you going to do to us? Honestly,
this is the best samba I have seen on a debut
show, here, in America, in Australia,
for the past 15 years.
Very high praise, isn’t it?
Craig? I hope you’re happy.
Your hands bothered me
Hips and the volta was slightly awkward and forced
your stationary samba was jagged,
but God worked in mysterious ways
Thank goodness for that, we loved it
Take that booty upstairs you dancing hunk
Kelvin, while you were dancing Kevin
 Clifton came up to me and he went
genuinely he needs to teach me some of that.
I mean, you should only ever have two
weeks notice for everything that you do.
Did you love that?
Yes, that is a scariest thing I have ever done
 but I could cry, I am so, absolutely overjoyed.
I really am.
The comments, it was, you build up something
for two weeks and release it is amazing.
It is amazing.
But you both had the same work ethic,
don’t you, I believe you only eat lunch at four.
If we get it, we sometimes don’t get it.
Oti works very hard.
Yes, I forget, I forget, Sorry.
Scores are in.
Ladies and gentlemen, the judges
have their scores.
Craig Revel Horwood
Motsi Mabuse
Shirley Ballas
It’s an 8
And Bruno Tonioli
That is the highest score
in any first show in 5 years
Highest ever score.
Very, very well done.

100 thoughts on “Kelvin and Oti’s sizzling Samba turns up the heat 🔥👏 – BBC Strictly

  1. Absolutely amazing by the pair, however the only issue I have why did they use the song la vida es un carnaval when it's originally a salsa song… Apart from that amazing from both

  2. Boy, that man can dance.
    OTI, WOW .. perfecto performance as usual & As f that rhythm, well as GLORIA ESTEFAN, once said, IT'S DEFINITELY Gunna get u..

  3. So maybe " white men CAN'T jump ".. as movie says. Well , here's 1WHITE guy who CAN certainly DANCE. OTI, can definitely FLOATY.

  4. I’m a US citizen so I’m late in watching this but I think this dance was good. I can’t believe it was a first week dance. Wow. Did he have 2 weeks to perfect this dance and that’s it while others had longer? That’s amazing I’m impressive if that’s true. 🙂

  5. The secrets to Otis training of dancing with her partners in this program every year is that, her dancing partner has to think he's dancing with his lover or wife, that way he can be free in dancing good. That's her secret.

  6. Absolutely love this – cant help but get Ben Stiller vibes at the start in Along Came Polly 😂😂😂😂

  7. Oti awakening the sexiness and the oomph (Umph) in Kevin 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  8. I would like to hear from one of the 134 thumbs down dumb people, what’s about this they 👎

  9. Can someone explain why Kelvin was only a stand-in from the outset. Who on earth though that Jamie Laing might be better for the programme?

  10. This makes it into Strictly history surely?!?

    No doubt they’d have secured higher judges scores if it hadn’t been Week 1!

    Absolute 🔥

  11. Kelvin is pure sex on legs my god he can dance wow could watch him all night.Hes got a great teacher in Otie shes beautiful.

  12. All respect to Oti, she brings out the very best in all her partners. Both Danny Mac and Kelvin Fletcher have been an absolute pleasure to watch.

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