100 thoughts on “Latest in the death of 6-year-old Faye Swetlik l 11 p.m. Thursday

  1. What's sad is, the news will forget about this story in a few days, but yet all you hear about is the gigaboo Kobe Bryant shit. Like he is any different than any one else.

  2. May you rest in sweetest peace little Faye. Im so sorry your life was cut so short , but your Home with God now & you will always be safe sweet child🤍

  3. No culpo a la madre pero, creo que nada es más importante que estar con los hijos, así estén a unos metros tenemos la obligación de mirarlos todo el tiempo…. Mi hija tiene ahora 18, jamás fuera de mis ojos de mamá gallina…. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈…. ¿Exagerada?…. Muucchooo pero, aquí está conmigo…. 😊😊😊😊

  4. I would NEVER forgive someone who killed my child if I had one. Poor Faye. She didn't deserve this at all. RIP 🙁

  5. You can see in the video that she did not seem so happy to get off that bus & before she walked off she looked at the window as if she was looking to see if someone was at the bus stop to get her from the bus…. it so scary to see ppl last moments

  6. Viewers saying the murderer killed himself. I thought it was a woman Wtf! Well..no trial, no penalty, here. Unfair to the endth degree!
    You know, where he is. God hates when someone hurts a child. Who ever did this, is a Bastard, and a coward! Afraid someone else, or many, will torture and kill them in prison.

  7. I just can't even imagine. Pretty little girl gone too soon. Praying for her family and friends. I cried so hard for her.

  8. Back in 1975 a man in a Volkswagen would stalk us EVERYDAY and I used to carry a gun I found in a ditch.I was young but knew about guns and would have killed him if he came close..till this day I am heavily armed.now we have to worry about corrupted cops who also rape and kill people..RIP Angel

  9. I know this is not popular sentiment. But cmon u guys we already know that we cant parent as it used to be. The world is ugly and we cannot depend on little kids to be able to make sound decisions abt strangers. We must be vigilant as parents and watch r children. That's y they cant make adult decisions till 18. Because there children. It is r job as parents to make sure they are in r sight at all times. Now I know were human and a minute by go by but an hour. U do not let children be unsupervised for that long. We are in the midst of evil they are among us they r neighbors. Family anyone u do not allow access to yr children period. We cant expect a 6 yr old to be able to discern herself who Is evil children r children they just wanna play and we cannot expect them to make those decisions its r job to keep them as safe as possible. Watch your babies people evil is always a few steps away

  10. I never let my kids play by themselves in the front yard! I’ve told them about stranger danger and I will only let them play in the backyard which is gated all around and While I Watch Them 👀

  11. Oh I'm heartsick about this. The minute I heard this child was missing I began praying for her because I did not have a good feeling about this. This is just devastating for her family, friends and everyone. Prayers for all.

  12. i think her pastor is involved. look like psychopath . He said "this is life" with such intonation. Murderers call murders by the word "life"

  13. I have full body chills…my baby girl is the exact same age as this precious angel 😢
    This is EXACTLY why I’m so overprotective! I’m sick of ppl giving me a hard time for being so cautious…this is exactly why I keep my sweet girl close…at ALL times!

  14. Child molesters/killers should be publicly executed.
    Sickos would think twice before committing horrific crimes that steal children's innocence.
    They get no mercy from me !!

  15. Why did it happen?? The only reason would be that sick neighbor took advantage of that little child and killed her. Happens every day in this sick world.

  16. Little children are taken to heaven by angels. She is having best time safe with relatives in heaven and Jesus. There is a heaven & hell.

  17. My condolences to Fayes family..Know that she is at peace in the arms of JESUS now…She is safe ….Gods peace ,strength,and healing to your whole family..


  19. With the modern technology we have today this should NOT happen.
    Every home should have a camera pointed at the street. When a crime happens you can follow the trail of cameras right to the criminals door.
    Deterrent to crime.

  20. So saddened by this tragedy.. prayers go out to the family and community..my question is why was she walking alone ? I always watched my children and now my grandchildren like a hawk. Parents wake up !!! .never leave a child that young to walk alone or be alone..so sad

  21. I know one thing, whoever harmed this little girl had better hope law enforcement gets to them before these townspeople do.

  22. I am so sorry for the family. Every parents worse nightmare. This beautiful little girl, may she rest in peace. How deeply sad. Praying x

  23. So sad, I was really hoping they would find her alive. I have been following this story. There is a lil guy missing here in Colorado as well. its been 20 days and they cant find him. 🙁

  24. To all the parents out there please stress to your children so you are not allowed to talk to strangers if you're not around for a family member you tell them that strangers are not supposed to talk to children unless they have an apparent around strangers are not supposed to ask children questions tell your children if a stranger speaks to them without you being there or a family member to take off running. She was probably a friendly little girl and the stranger came up to her and start the talking to her and lured her away. I always told my children that they were not allowed to talk to strangers if I wasn't there of course I was always there though but I am talking if my children was in there the yard and somebody would come up and start asking questions which that never happened but it could have. There are monsters out there. My heart goes out for her family and her grandma

  25. She is with Jesus and also all the other little boys and girls up there that has been murdered and also children that have died of illness this is horrible what happened to this baby girl I would rather have my child to die of illness then in this type of way. Please watch out for your children and others to it is not safe to take your eyes off of your children. You have to constantly watch them even if it's in your own yard it doesn't matter there are monsters out there looking and waiting for easy prey and easy target don't give these Monsters the opportunity to snatch a child that cannot protect their self. You have to say no you cannot go out and play I cannot sit there and watch you it's that simple this is the kind of world we are living in today. But if they would take these monsters and demons out of the jails and kill them straight out in front of everyone for the world to see it would stop.

  26. Human beings are the worst creation on this earth evil to the core how these evils demons cowards prey on the innocent and helpless children very sad tragedy may God almighty grant sweet little Faye eternal peace and give sabar to patience to her family and loved one 💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭

  27. It’s time we have the words of what horrible harm are done to these precious children!!!! No sugar coating! We must wake people up so these men and women must be executed immediately!!!!

  28. We as a parent have to be helicopter parents. Too much evil in the world. Please do not leave your babies with nobody or alone. We are their protectors. So sad story. Rest In Peace little Faye.

  29. pray pray pray what fucking good did that do she is dead and nothing will bring her back, praying did not protect this child or any other children stop hiding behind a fake religion, this is why religion was invented to comfort ur sorry asses while the politicains and elite abuse us more they beg for ur last dollar and your stupid enough to give them ur last dollar

  30. That beautiful baby suffered in the hands of a crazy animal for nothing, asking everyone reading this watch over all kids period

  31. It's Tuesday, Feb 18. Why the news blackout? No word on Coty Taylor or his family. Why are they being protected? When someone murders another they themselves bring shame and disgrace on their family and friends. If we stopped protecting and sometimes, holding them accountable, maybe the would-be murderer might just decide not to do the horrible deed. As far as accountability of family and friends, did anyone know about questionable behavior or character of the murderer? When I was growing up, every time I was tempted to misbehave, I was mindful of the shame and disgrace I would bring to my family. It helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

  32. I am a mother and cannot comprehend what her mama is going through 😞 no child is safe, she was taken from her own yard, how blazen evil really is! The coward killed himself, good riddance, one less piece of crap on this earth

  33. Arizona, Texas and California states are highest kidnapped places in the USA. Doesn’t it tell you anything? Mexico! Bravo Democrats, keep putting America last.

  34. Disgusting pig. The killer is in hell where he should be, and this precious child is in heaven in the arms of our precious savior Jesus.

  35. Can't find any words. I'm so sorry this happened to this innocent child. For the family. Lord help us all. My love and saddening tears.

  36. Good evening all!
    Sleep in peace, Princess. Rest in Gods care.
    My concerns: Where was she for so long? I plead with you all tonight. Please, bring the young man's ROOM MATE in for questioning, don't assumed that he was NOT involved, he lived in the house with that young man. Please bring him in for questioning, it might surprised you of the answer that you will received from him.
    Who killed that young man?
    Was HE in this alone?
    How did that young man died?? Please officers, bring the room mate on for QUESTIONING! Don't let him slip away. It might end up on the Cold Case shelf, if you don't bring that room mate in for questioning. I wish you all a speedy resolution in this case. Blessings.

  37. What a beautiful little girl. May she sleep with the angels, may the evil who did this get what he deserves. This is were i beleive EYE FOR AN EYE!🌹

  38. I do not speak blasphemy but if I was god and I was seeing all this horrible evil I created I would end it and never again create! Things like this are happening everywhere and its absolutely horrendous no matter what the children are suffering and the unimaginable things that are happening to them my heart breaks I suffer along with them😔 do not wish for evil to happen it spreads like wildfire instead wish for all of this horror to be over!

  39. ….it would be better for anyone that harms a child to tie a millstone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea compared with the fate that awaits them……

  40. The "INTERNET" is a Heaven for Pedophiles and the sharing of child porn, both nationally and internationally. Mr. Berners-Lee, creator of the Internet stated he is disappointed and wish he had not created it.

  41. Every time I see Faye's sweet innocent face …. it makes me Truly Sad how she lost her life! Luckily the SCUMBAG who Murdered her killed himself! The only thing good he did in his Worthless life was Ending his own! Why he lived to do such Evil is beyond comprehension!! Faye now Lives in the Kingdom of Heaven! 🙏😇

    Coty Taylor will spend Eternity in HELL! 💀😈👎

  42. We are living in a SICK, EVIL WORLD, we can't trust our children around anyone, not even family members. Parents please watch who you trust around your children. My deepest condolences and prayers for the family 🙏

  43. Public hangings will end a lot of this. Bless her heart. Can't even imagine what she went through. So sad. Love prayers to the family left behind.

  44. Satanists and Pedophiles are walking amongst us EVERYWHERE! Please watch over your children…Evil is EVERYWHERE! Pray the blood of Jesus over your family!!!

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