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a group of inmates broke into a car to
save a baby girl’s life after she was accidentally locked inside by her dad
the five prisoners who were on work-release used a wire coat hanger to
unlock the door after seeing the anxious dad standing outside the locked car near
a Florida Court the dad told them he had accidentally left his keys and his
one-year-old baby in his vehicle according to ABC News when the dad said
he could not afford a locksmith the inmates jumped into action and
teamed up with deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office when somebody
had a wire coat hanger we were able to get the door open enough to get it in
there unlock the door Richard Stanger of the Pasco County
Sheriff’s Office told ABC 7 he said that the inmates know they made bad mistakes
bad choices but they want to do the right thing in life the convicts were
able to help because they were on work release meaning they were trusted enough
to be released from their cells can complete a day of supervisor labor
outside the prison mobile footage captured by the baby’s mom shadow landry
shows the inmates and deputies working hard to get the door open there’s only a
very small percentage of those criminals out there that want to fight us and want
to attack us but a lot of them like these individuals they know they made
bad mistakes that choices but they want to do the right thing in life naka told
ABC Action News the parents made sure their child was fine and thanked
everyone for their help experts advise never to leave your child
alone in the car horrifying footage shows the moment to
festival stages collapsed during a carnival in Argentina injuring at least
35 more than 250 revelers were jumping up and down to the beat of the music
before the stages gave way and they plummeted to the ground in the early
hours of Sunday a couple of youngsters could be seen clinging to metal supports
fixed to the wall after watching friends disappear below them in a cloud of dust
some of the partygoers suffered open fractures and others had back injuries
after the stage collapses in the town of Vila Santa Rosa near the city of Cordoba
miraculously there were no reports of any deaths local mayor Victor Keefer
said when the carnival troupe was passing the youngsters began to jump up
and down and the base of the stages gave way and they plummeted to the ground the
exuberance of the crowding the number of people jumping up and down led to this
occurring he added in an interview with a local radio station we are totally
devastated because some people have suffered open fractures to lower limbs
miracle no one died we’re absolutely mortified obviously that this accident
happened at a party where everyone was having such a great time it was an
incident that could have been even more serious fortunately there has been no
loss of life nearly all of the injured were in their mid or late teens doctor
Franco Nieto who works at Ramon beam ester Hospital where most of the injured
were taken described it as a miracle no one had died he said we treated 34
people five of the patients were transferred to chordoma one was an 18
year old who had an open fracture to his left leg and another a 17 year old girl
who suffered spinal injuries it was a miracle this incident didn’t lead to a
loss of life when you see the footage of the stages collapsing you immediately
assume people have died Vila Santa Rosa is a town of around 9,000 inhabitants
some 55 miles northeast of Cordoba and eight hour drive northwest of Buenos
Aires Coleen Nolan has revealed that it was
her daughter he told her to end her marriage to second husband Rafe insome
the loose women star who shares daughter Sierra with her ex
revealed that she was filing for divorce in February 2017 saying she’d fought
with every fiber of her being to make it work and now Colleen has revealed that
it was Ciera who encouraged her parents to split the 18 year old told ok
magazine as she teamed up with her mum for a chat
mum was complaining about something and I went will you stop bitching about each
other and finally end it because you’re hurting me
and Colleen admitted we make really good friends but not necessarily a great
husband and wife Colleen who said it’s too soon to start dating again because
she’s enjoying being single also opened up about her horror at receiving death
threats she was targeted with the vile threats after her controversial reunion
with her Celebrity Big Brother housemaid kitten burnt on loose women it saw her
temporarily stepped down as a panelist the star said they affected me massively
the main thing was the shock I didn’t understand where so much hate was coming
from the fact people were threatening to kill me and saying I hope you die of
cancer just floored me she added my kids got me through it ok is out now Chris Moyles has been called out for a
video in which he appears to touch Kate Thornton’s when repeatedly even after
she warned him to stop a clip from ITV’s The X Factor battle of the stars is
doing the rounds on social media thirteen years after it first aired in
2006 the radio DJ was appearing in the UK celebrity edition of the singing
Edition in the over 25s category when he made the uncomfortable gestures on
Kate’s they clip from the show which is said to make a return later this year
Sue’s Kate tell viewers how they can vote for Chris as he made a move on her
behind Kate stopped hosting in turn to Chris
saying I warned you before he quickly removed the position of his hand
she continued it’s my bum leave it alone you’ll be back later
better behaved I hope Chris can be seen looking sheepishly at the ground before
repeating the action only a few seconds later in running off the stage as the
studio audience cheered on social media has reacted an outrage at the unearthed
clip with many calling out Chris for ignoring Kate’s plea while others called
for the start to be cancelled one fan even wrote Chris Moyles cancellation
inbound another shock user added it Willy makes you think what other
incidents like this did we miss down through the years
horrible Chris Moyles has always been a grade-a tosspot that an angry tweeter
Chris came in third place beaten by the winner and EastEnders after Lucy
Benjamin during the special edition of The X Factor which ran between May and
June 2006 this particular format of the show will be returning to ITV this year
with the regular x-factor taking a break Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman has denied reports he is launching a Manchester United takeover
bid the son claim the Red Devils are bracing themselves for a pound 3.8
billion offer to take control of the club from the Glazers who have been
involved since 2003 United Chiefs have been seen spending time in Saudi Arabia
and mid rumors of huge investment from the prince however a spokesman for the
Saudi royal family has broken their silence on the reports the kingdom’s
media Minister turkey out Shabana wrote on Twitter reports claiming that HRH the
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman intends on buying atman nude are completely
false Manchester United held a meeting with
that fifth Saudi to discuss sponsorship opportunity no deal has been
materialized the Glazers splashed out pounds 790 million 14 years ago to
increase their stake in the club and would be in line for a huge profit
United have struggled to compete with their neighbours Manchester City since
they received huge backing from Sheikh Mansour the Red Devils have been forced
to watch as their rivals splashed the cash in the trance
markets to build star-filled spotted players united made a disastrous start
to the campaign under Jose Mourinho but Oleg and the soldiers return has
transformed their four cubes they’re back in the hunt for a top four spot and
faced Chelsea in the FA Cup fifth round on Monday Antony Marshall and Jesse link of have
handed Manchester United a major injury boost with both poised to return earlier
than expected caretaker boss so they gonna sauce Jer
ruled the pair out for two to three weeks after they were both injured
during United’s two 2-0 Champions League defeat to Paris saint-germain but it is
understood the injuries a groin problem for Marshall and the hamstring issue the
lingered are not as bad as first thought and both are set to return to action
sooner than salsa jazz suggested United sources believe one or both forwards who
have been key to the recent revival under sole Sanjaya could even return for
next Sunday’s huge Premier League showdown with arch rivals and title
contenders Liverpool at Old Trafford that would be a major boost for souls
Jay and United who are desperate to beat Liverpool at Old Trafford to dent the
Merseyside club’s hopes for the first title for 29 years and boost their own
chances of securing a top four place in the process
Marshall and Ling that suffered their injuries towards the end of the first
half against PSG they’re enforced withdrawal a major factor in United’s
defeat which has left them facing a Champions League last 16 exit for the
second year running both are ruled out of the FA Cup fifth round tie at Chelsea
with struggling Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku set to come in for them
but there is hope that one or both will have recovered sufficiently to face
Jurgen Klopp side in what could prove to be a defining game in the title race

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    07:21 – Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman breaks silence over Man Utd takeover bid.

    09:05 – Man Utd handed huge boost with Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard poised for quick returns.

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