Louis Theroux strips off at a sensual eating party 🍆 – BBC

That night having called and run it
past my wife
I joined Ajay, Mateus and Joelle at an
event organized by a group called
sex-positive Portland. Yas, it’s nice
to meet you.
Dedicated to building deep emotional
connection the group’s members are
mostly in non-monogamous relationships.
Details about the event were vague but
it had something to do with eating.
It’s just a night of fun and freedom. It’s just all about the pleasure.
Yep. The pleasure of the food. Well yeah the food and…
This kind of events
this is my place to go.
I have three girlfriends and maybe a couple
candidates for the position as well.
Have you done this before?
Well I’ve eaten food before. Have you been fed food before?
I think you’re really gonna enjoy the experience and
you’re pretty safe. That’s good to hear
that. I know you Brits are a little…
Uptight? Is that obvious? Yes.
So welcome to my home tonight is the
blindfolded sensual dinner. You know, as
those who have been to my events here
the massage at Oise or the Tantra events
know, I’m really into putting together
events where you learn something about
yourself. Where you learn how to connect
more deeply. This is an l2 event so
genitals stay covered no genital touch
but whatever else you would like to take
off feel free to take off if you don’t
have any underwear I’ve got plenty of my
own songs up here you can wear. Givers
feeding slowly feeding off part of your
body but do everything slowly slow is
always better.
Advertised as sensual eating it soon
became clear that the eating was taking
a backseat to the sensual. If you’re not
turned on by another man sexually then
don’t have sex with them but enjoy
touching them. For the first portion of the
evening I was among the givers – and don’t
get so involved in the touching that you
forget about the feeding – but before long
it was my turn to be a receiver.
Remember your yes’s and your no’s – and
then begin. A human connection is one of
the most precious things that we can
experience in our lives. This is an
incredibly safe space to explore touch
to explore sensuality the anonymity is a
wonderful wonderful thing.
It was all rather
embarrassing and at the same time a
little bit liberating.
Just their quiet kind of sharing the
experience that we have collectively
shared here for a moment the idea of a
world in which the currency of sex and
love was more free-flowing made a tiny
bit of sense. Whenever you’re ready take
off your eye mask.

100 thoughts on “Louis Theroux strips off at a sensual eating party 🍆 – BBC

  1. What the dumb creatures are doing here, licking and suckig of boobs and nipple are sexual party. This are actually group sex or group porn.What the BBC wants to realize the people through the medium of group porn.

  2. It's no surprise that the ppl there weren't good looking. Just a bunch of old dudes, dudes that look like they reek of patchouli, and saggy women lol

  3. He's so funny even when he's not trying to be! just fitting in doing what they do lol this episode was so weird, sharing a partner and actually living with the other person. But I guess it is very eye opening and makes you realise how different people are

  4. I love how this is allowed but you can't say your not happy with the amount of migrants coming into your country LMAO

  5. Not even worthy of commenting. Are you guys out of you frickin minds you pervert Btards. You should rather enjoy jumping in a well along with the group than this nonsense.

    1000 children died in Palestine
    BBC: We cannot report the issue as it might incite violence against the Israelites as its against our values of freedom and reporting.
    But this is okay to report you hypocritical medieval racist nonsense narcissist wimpy ignorant people

  6. I thought the “poly” thing was limited to younger people with zero emotional intelligence. This is fucking stupid. Boobies though!

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  8. Y r der indian statues nd Mahabharat's portrait hanging on d walls…..dis kinda pissed me off…..I'm a proud Indian n I certainly don't want my culture in sch uncomfoy situations!!….well it's sex n life bt our culture is a bit conservative abt sch things….

  9. BBC I've been very disappointed with both your uploads and standards of journalism in the past few years. It's only getting worse.

  10. Hilarious. Louis is one of the most entertaining documentary creators ever. I mean, you can often see how much he disagrees on something, yet he continues the journey and adapts to others.

  11. Does anyone know the full name of Very Pretty Brunette & Very Sexy woman 15 seconds into this video ?

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