Martin Student News 9/5/19

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Martin’s bass fishing club will have a meeting for all current and aspiring members this Monday, September 9th at lunch in room 104.
If you are a president or captain of a club or organization, please join us at lunch today, in the Little Theater at lunch for the first presidents council meeting of the year.
We will discuss upcoming events and happenings in each of our organizations.
Pizza will be provided!
GPA Exemption Permission Forms are now on campus! Pick them up from your counselor.
The deadline for Fall 2019 has been extended to September 13, 2019.
This school year make it a point to promote the FORK program
There are plenty of kids here Martin that don’t get enough to eat
FORK is a food outreach for kids based on Martin high school
We strive to create a school in which everyone has access to good quality nutritious food throughout the school day
This year FORK is also focusing on other necessary items like school supplies and blankets
Help improve the well-being of your peers by eliminating food-related stresses in their learning environment
We believe no child should be hungry
We encourage you to get involved and scan the QR code on the screen
It will take you to the FORK website and on the FORK website you can request assistance, volunteers or even donate
Don’t be afraid to go to any of your teachers to request assistance or learn more
Thursday is GAME DAY! Come to UTA to see the Warriors take the GOLD against Hebron.
We cannot wait to see all the gold in the stands at the pep rally
Gold, Thursday, Let’s go warriors
Hey Warriors, do you enjoy the idea of bringing magic to another world? Then Quidditch Club is for you
Please join us for our first meeting September 5th in room 114 at lunch
You need no prior knowledge of Harry Potter, please join. We’ll see you there
*inaudible conversing*
Hey, did you study for the test?
The test!
What test?
The test!
You see, if you had a PLANNER, you would remember!
It has an A-day/B-day schedule
It shows your school holidays, and the bell schedule
And it shows the end of each 6-weeks
And there’s coloring pages
Where can I get one?
From 117 for $5.00
Go Martin AVID
AISD College Night is from 6:30pm-9:00pm on September 19 at the UTA Maverick Activity Center.
See the MHS Counselor Canvas to register for free and print the barcode to take with you.
The first Junior World Affairs Council Meeting will be September 9th at Lunch in Room 205.
We will discuss upcoming topics and have membership forms for students.
If you want to attend International Career Day next month with lots of colleges and careers at UTA, be sure to attend this meeting
Purchase your Martin ASL shirt in room 287A for $15. Cash or Check only.
Bonjour *Something in French*, this year we’re reviving the French club with our new teacher Madame Fall.
Our first meeting is this Thursday, September 5th, at lunch in room 160.
Everyone’s welcome to come. You don’t have to be in French class or speak French
Au Revoir!
Did you know that September is Childhood Awareness Month?
Help us support beating childhood cancer by donating to Fabulous Faith’s Foundation.
Student Council will come around seeking donations that will go directly to families who struggle with the burden of cancer-related healthcare costs
Your donation supports the vision that no family with a child battling cancer will fight alone.
Consider running a 5K on September 14th where all proceeds go to the foundation
Can’t make a monetary donation? Wear GOLD this THURSDAY to support the cause!
Stay golden and support the Fabulous Faith’s Foundation!
The Psychology Club will host the first general meeting of the year this Friday, September 6th at lunch in Mrs. Peterson’s room 104.
Membership is open to anyone grades 9-12 interested in psychology.
Yearly dues are $5. We hope to see you Friday at lunch in room 104!
Congrats to our lady warriors Volleyball team for beating the Colts on Tuesday
Remember to come out and support your lady warriors this Friday at Bowie
Every Thursday in room 185A we meet in the VAC room and we have a buddy lunch!
And a buddy lunch is where any kids are welcome and they eat together and enjoy each other and if you love all kids no matter their abilities then this is the place to meet
So come on Thursday during lunch room 185A for Buddy Lunch if you’re wanting to meet some new friends
And meet some new people and Cheer some people on
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I’m Caitlin. I know I’m here but I’m Maya I’m Courtney stay classy Martin

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