85 thoughts on “Maxine Waters: Latest Dem tied to Nation of Islam

  1. Crazy Aunt Maxine is absolutely right on 1 thing. ANYONE that paid for or used Russian assistance in our election should be charged with TREASON.

  2. Doesn't surprise me at all. She's a hypocrite who yells "racism" every chance she gets, when SHE is the TRUE racist. And, are there no rules in Congress regarding the behavior of members? Because this woman is definately not all there mentally, and is a complete embarrassment to this country.

  3. Tied to the nation of Islam,ffs she needs to be tied to a tree so we can all visit her with dog crap throwing balls.

  4. Mad Maxine is a real Racist with links to folks like Farakhan But calls President Trump Racist go and figure ….

  5. It’s amazing to me that the dems think they can support and even endorse by their actions an openly racist, bigoted person like Farrakhan … can you even imagine if a white person, whether a member of the gop or a movie star or a ceo were to do something similar? They would be beaten so badly by the media that they would have to go into exile. Lose their job/position, whatever. The hypocrisy of the left has hit new lows…

  6. Lawrence Jones, you are a mouthpiece for the slave master children… how many Buttermilk Biscuits did you get…… Malcolm was assassinated by the United States government…. we don't rape women….. you got us mixed up with your slave master……

  7. 2002 convention visit, my foot! Black head – no head talker. Using or paying a black
    man to condemn a group of black people for propaganda against a black individual or a group is idiotic. init?

  8. double standards? We are not allowed by the Left to hold Muslim attacks against all Muslims, because how dare we blame all for the bad works of the few, & I agree. But is the Left blaming all gun owners for the few that attack our schools? The left never sees their own hypocrisy, not even in their own courts. A double standard is all they ever do, try going on a college campus with a right-wing message see what happens, You are not allowed.

  9. This woman is sick, I feel so sorry for her. I know once in her life she trusted Jesus, this is what a so called position does for u, nothing. Her time is running out quickly.

  10. I would venture to guess that the majority of her constituents are Christians, and this possible connection to Nation of Islam should be very disconcerting to them, and it should be a topic of interest and investigation.

  11. Maxine waters is a Louis Farrakan Satan loving Racist!!! She lives in her big mansion and she is not even from the state she is elected in…this woman's as dirty and corrupt as they come..i demand she is fully investigated

  12. 😊 As a former member of the nation of Islam I challenge both of these men to show me a situation where women in the nation were raped.

  13. Why does fox news look for any excuse to discredit black politician's. What does attending a nation of islam convention have to do with her politics? There are white people who attend nation of islam conventions as well.

  14. You lack knowledge of who you speak of. So it's either you're incompetent or envious. Both lack the standard of being a journalist. May God bless you.

  15. Imagine that, so the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to invade the U.S. government, it's a good thing we got word back in the 90's.

  16. why white ppl hate the noi? cause they spill truth? how about yall do a report on how american land is stolen and controlled by outsiders? how can a white man call anyone racist? did yall give back the stolen property that was given to you through the enslavement of black people?

  17. Maxine Waters gave the graduation speech at my son's liberal arts college grad ceremony.There she told them,"Don't watch FOX News". I was shocked ! how could she use this important family occasion to promote her radical political agenda? how dare her use this opportunity entrusted to her by our community to introduce her political poison into the minds of our young?what happened to FREEDOM of thought-including FREEDOM to investigate any source of information a citizen might feel is necessary to making a personal decision? Maxin Waters is NOT interested in FREEDOM, but only SLAVERY, slavery to her radical party !

  18. Are you Tucker Carlson's little boy??? Willie D talks about instances where men should've pulled out….!?!?

  19. I have always said, "The Congress people who yell the loudest are the ones who have the most to hide". Like Nancy Pig-losi, Madmouth Waters is taking money from the Drug Cartel.

  20. Maxine waters lives in a 5 million dollar palace in 90 percent white community, gated ,what a hippocrit ,love to h. Clinton behind bars for the email scandal and Obama for the wiretapping of Trump apartment

  21. Isnt this reason enough to install TERM LIMITS. Career politicians systems lead to dishonesty!!! she is a prime example of that !!! And we want to THANK THE SOCIAL MEDIA for not reporting all the news!!!

  22. Maxine Wattets has always been a terrorists supporter Black Pathers all the rest .a True sick Demonray of Californo Ive known her political endeavors a long
    Time on California . In fact there's a picture of her young sitting with a Radical of that day probably a Black Panther. Yeah she's a co.mie to.for a long time.
    Some parts of California sucks . THE REASON WHY SHE HAS BEEN IN HET JOB SO LONG IS ITS EASY TO STAY. SHE HAS GAIN GTEt wealth. By being I. One of the worst district in LA

  23. She is such an idiot! Does California water do to its govt representatives? The governor, Pelosi, Waters…..what in the world goes on out there? I know there are really good Californians!!! (They all relate shame and embarrassment.

  24. Poluted waters, arguably the most corrupt politician (and that takes some doing )in the whole , stinking , foetid, dishonest , evil sewer of the demonrat/communist party .

  25. I want to know why Maxine Waters has not been investigated for giving her daughter hundreds and hundreds of thousands of campaign money she needs to be investigated

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