Meet Jamaica’s Latest Young Sprinter | Heroes of the Future

My name is Joanne Reid,
everybody else calls me Felix. I run 400 meters
and 200 meters. I want to become one of
Jamaica’s fastest 400 meters, and go on to Jamaica’s
biggest Olympics. She came to me at the age
of five, and she said: “Mommy, I would like to be
a great athlete”, and I said “run…
Run!” She came back, she said:
“Mommy… I would like to travel” I said “run… run, run”. Every child in Jamaica
wants to run, you know? They can hardly even walk…
they want to run. Athletics is a big part
of our culture. Just like in Argentina, where
your football is a big thing, in Jamaica, it’s athletics. A lot of great sprinters
come from Jamaica. Nowadays we have Shelly-Ann,
Elaine Thompson, Yohan Blake,
Usain Bolt. These persons inspire me,
because… they come from a background
like mine. So they’re very inspirational.
They’re Jamaica’s elites. I started in track and field
at a very young age. I loved track and field,
so I continued in it. I won my first gold medal at
elementary school. I’ve been running from
a very young age, so winning nowadays
it’s not very new to me. And I’d like to
continue winning all my races. Joanne Reid is a very talented
young lady. She is one of those
young ladies that has a wide range. She runs from one hundred,
all the way to 400 meters. Definitely, she’s not one that
loses very often. 90% of the time, she wins. I like my coach, he came to me
when I was 9 years old. And then, he persuaded
my mother to send me to St Jago when I was
11 years old. It was very rough for her
at the beginning, because actually, she left home
at 11 years old. At the time…
the time she leaves… It was…
It was very difficult for us. But… we get to own up to it.
But we still miss her. A lot. Sometimes I cry. When they made us
come and see… Well, they made us live here
with me, but she’s not here. And then I said, “well…
everything will be OK”. And Mr Goburn said everything
is gonna be OK, right? And I trusted him.
And everything went OK! Champs are already kind of
like the Olympics. They’re the biggest events
in our lives… in Jamaica. At times at Champs I get
very nervous because… of the crowd…
the event you’re doing and your competitors
in the race. So… you have to prepare
twice as hard for this event. For a race,
your mind is nowhere. Your mind is not relaxed
at all, because you’re wondering
if the girl inside you is going to win During the race, you’re just…
thinking about… winning. The 200 meters
is mainly about sprinting. The 400, you know
it’s about endurance and speed. But the 400 helps you
in the 200 because it gives the speed
and endurance in the 200. So it helps you to
have a stronger race. I’m very proud of her. She’ll be an average athlete
throughout the season, and then, when it comes to
the major championships… you know, she doesn’t hold back
and gets the job done. Over half of the preliminaries
I train hard. So getting a gold medal
is so good. So you know, I train harder
to make a stand and win another gold medal because it’s a very
good feeling. I definitely think she has
the ability to go all the way. And I know there are a lot
of misconceptions in Jamaica. We would have talented juniors
and then they would transition to seniors… but some persons
tend to think it is automatic. A lot of times, this athletes
are not interested in making it to the next level But definitely, if Joanne
decides to move on to the next level, I think
she can be a real beater. My dream is to win the Olympics
and get the medal, because… when the medal at the
Olympics in Beijing comes true, it will change my life
and my family life and even my college’s life. Because we know…
wining in the Olympics is a really big deal
in Jamaica.

55 thoughts on “Meet Jamaica’s Latest Young Sprinter | Heroes of the Future

  1. I feel pathetic… My best time for the 400m is 1:07 lol… I mean I know it's not the fastest but I was proud of myself till now lol

  2. 'La sedicenne sprinter americana sulle orme olimpiche di Usain Bolt | The Game Changers'… americana? are you sure?

  3. Jamaica can create a entire industry from this and boost their economy. Create 'technical' centres. Market Jamaica as a center of technical excellence in sport.

  4. Greetings young Lady .i pray you strength . May God continued to Bless you and your familey . One Love.🏃🏃🏃🏅

  5. What's also most laudable about this young lady other than having the potential to have a great future(not only in athletics) is that she possesses some serious self-love as is demonstrated by her rocking her superior and most versatile natural hair, which augers well for health, moreover she looks like the bone-fide/genuine article and not worst than an imitation with unhealthy disgusting mock hair (all forms), dyes or relaxers!

  6. Love you from Gambia the second Jamaica we called it the smiling coast of Africa, just keep it tide a brighter future ahead of you ❤

  7. Hi Team, you guys are real motivators. I am 28 and I am motivated by seeing your videos. Hope young kids are motivated too. My request is, play these videos for school children. They need to understand sports. Keep the hard work up 👍👍

  8. How is she in comparison to Kevona Davies and Brianna Williams?, it takes something special to transition, the U.S had a 16 year old female named Candace Hill who was very imperious at the youth level,, I do not know of her exploits now, but I thought by this time probably 18 or 19 she would be on top of the World,,, take it one day at a time empress.

  9. She will make it because she is grounded,focus, determine and humble traits that you need to succeed and survive in a competitive world.

  10. Live your dream…………Jamaica have talent for everything…. track and field and football a lot a the youth don't get burst yet…🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 to the world…

  11. We don't have this much in a st.lucian blood but I'm proud of my other background always gonna support JA 🇯🇲🇱🇨🇯🇲🇱🇨

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