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Darden Sydney were a desperate search for missing dentists prithi Reddy has ended in tragedy Her body found inside a suitcase in a car at Kingsford in the city’s southeast will go straight to Tim Davies who’s just been in A police briefing for us this morning a team. What have they said about their investigation? Will Devine a good morning it is my understanding I can tell you that 32 year old Prithi Reddy was actually murdered by her former boyfriend Now I can tell you that means pretty who lives in Penrith attended a dental conference at cent Leonard’s on Sidney’s lower North Shore on Saturday she then spent the night in the city on Saturday night and made contact with her family around 11 o’clock on Sunday morning to say that she would remain in the CBD for a late breakfast before returning back to Penrith She her family then became concerned on Sunday night Lodging a missing-persons report for pre fee after she lost communication with them it now seems that once that missing persons report was lodged police spoke to a number of people including her new boyfriend and Her family trying to locate prithi, but it wasn’t until around 9:15 last night that preethi’s 2016 Volkswagen Golf was found in a street at Kingsford in Sydney’s east Her body was discovered in a suitcase inside the boot of that vehicle. It is my understanding. She had been stabbed a number of times Understandably the residents of stron street at Kingsford this morning quite rattled by this discovery. Take a listen It used to be a safe area so I’m just concerned now you don’t expect it like it no one ever expects it Now as I mentioned we understand that prithi did stay at a city hotel on Saturday night She was spotted on CCTV at McDonald’s around quarter past 2:00 in the morning We understand that she was by herself at that time But police have told us that she did stay with a man known to her As I said, we do believe that that is her ex-boyfriend from several months ago she then they we understand that they did break up a couple of months ago and At the same time last night as preethi’s car was discovered at Kingsford in Sydney’s east We understand that her ex-boyfriend Actually drove his car deliberately into the side of a truck just around an hour outside of Tamworth and that accident sadly killed him instantly police this morning telling us that they had spoken to that man In the process of that missing-persons search for prithi. Here’s a little of what police had to say a short time ago There’s still a lot of people we need to speak to friends people that were in the city that night right now We are working for briefing and we are working for a pre Thurs family as well And as you would understand this morning preethi’s family absolutely devastated by this discovery police saying that it is a tragic outcome Having a missing person actually turn up deceased this morning previous colleagues have closed the Blue Mountains dentist surgery where she works and Morning along with her family police Still appealing for the public anyone who may have seen prithi in her final hours to come forward with any further information Divina Queensland is watching the number one loser You

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