N. Korea’s latest tactical weapon resembles U.S. Army’s tactical missiles system, ATACMS

North Korea has officially described the latest
missiles it launched on Saturday as a “new
weapons system” that has a tactical character
different from the regime’s existing weapons
Experts say the North’s latest weapons resemble
tactical missiles systems used by the U.S.
Kim Hyo-sun has more.
North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News
Agency released on Sunday photographs of the
new weapons the regime tested a day earlier.
The missiles launched on August 10th from
the North’s north-eastern city of Hamhung
showed similar traits to the U.S. Army’s tactical
missiles system,… known as ATACMS.
They are also similar in that they can carry
two missiles per launcher load.
While the range of ATACMS is 300 kilometers,…
Pyeongyang’s new tactical weapon flew over
400 kilometers at an apogee of around 48 kilometers,
and a maximum speed of more than Mach 6-point-one.
“Following the launch, Chairman Kim expressed
great satisfaction that the new weapons have
been successfully developed.”
North Korea has now showcased three new weapons
including short-range ballistic missiles assessed
to be KN-23, a modified version of a Russian
Iskander missile,… as well as what the regime
describes as a “newly developed large-caliber
multiple rocket launcher system.”
“North Korea is now capable of targeting major
industrial facilities more precisely.”
Experts say the development is part of the
regime’s efforts to shift its current liquid
fueled conventional missiles to solid fuel
engine missiles.
“Solid-fuel missiles are more suitable for
surprise attacks, and their launchers can
store missiles for longer.”
The launches are part of the regime’s protest
against the ongoing Seoul-Washington military
drills,… and it has signaled that more launches
could follow until the drills wrap up on August
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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