Natakam Full Movie – 2019 Latest Telugu Movie – Ashish Gandhi, Ashima Narwal

Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health… …and a cause for financial problems. Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health… …and a cause for financial problems. As a sportsman… …I desire to see every
Indian strong and healthy. Tobacco destroys health and vitality. Tobacco is harmful and
life-threatening in every form. Shun tobacco if you
want to lead a healthy life. That’s what I do,
and I want you to do the same. Let’s fight against tobacco. While standing in the slip… …my goal is not
to miss a single catch. Because that could
mean defeat for our team. Smoking and chewing of
tobacco can ruin your life… …so be careful not
to lose your good health. Be good. Stay away from tobacco. It is sad to get run
out when you are batting well. It may be caused by
your own weaknesses… …or your partner’s mistake. Tobacco is harmful to you. When you smoke,
the people around you inhale it too. Be safe. Stay away from tobacco. Don’t get run out. Khaine, Ghutka,
Tobacco, Pan, Pan Masala… …are a big menace to our country. They are the leading
cause for mouth cancer. This patient has tongue cancer. We removed his larynx. We have left it in God’s hands. We removed Rekha’s tongue and lower jaw. We had to sell both her gold bangles. Tobacco destroys families. How did they kill so
many people at the same time? That’s what I can’t figure out. Looks like they slit
throats for gold chains… …and chop off hands for gold rings. Do you mean they killed
all these people for gold? Are they humans or beasts? How can a human kill
other humans so brutally? Did you find any clues? No, sir. No surprise there.
Nobody leaves clues these days. Sir, the press is here. Of course. I’ll handle them. Send all the bodies for post mortem. Maybe we’ll find some clues. Load all the bodies into the ambulance. Even amidst all these
bodies and all this wailing… …you are calm and collected.
Don’t you care? By caring if you mean
to look into the camera… …and announce dramatically
that I won’t sleep until… …I find the ones responsible
for this massacre… …sorry, I’m not an actor. So, who do you think these thieves are? Can you say how long
will you take to catch them? Do you think there’s political
involvement in this case? Excuse me, slow down a bit. You can shoot questions
at me in anger… …but I can’t answer them
until I think them through. I need brains to do my work,
so stop picking my brains. We need some time, so, be patient. Morning, sir!
– Not at all, sir. I’m personally following it. I’ve been checking up
on it for the past two days. Yes, sir. I’ll keep you informed. No, sir. I’ll keep you informed. How did they manage to
kill so many people at once? Actually sir… The high officials
are on my back about it. I wish I had something to tell you, sir. We didn’t find a single clue. We are waiting for
the post mortem reports… …hoping that we’ll find
some clues at least there. Sir, the post mortem reports. According to this report
all 15 people died at the same time. But the problem is,
those 15 people stay in different homes. Since all of them
died at the same time… …I’m guessing there
are at least 15 thieves. We’ve to stop it right now.
I want immediate results. It is difficult to catch a single man… …but catching a big group is easy. Join your hands in prayer. Is it really necessary
to recite all these mantras? These mantras are important
to set the right mood. You spoke to me yesterday. You promised you will
forget my daughter completely. I forgot 80%. But I’m here to see
the face of a girl… …who fell in love with
me but is marrying another man. Please don’t make a scene here. What should I do to help
you forget the remaining 20%? Bring me a case of beers.
I’ll forget her while drinking. I can’t let you drink here. If you want me to forget her,
I’ve to drink. If you don’t want that,
I will marry her. No, don’t say that. I’ll make arrangements
for you to forget her. Keep drinking. Here you go. You can finish everything. Kanchana! Darn! Give me the turmeric rice grains. Live a happy life! You girls are always happy.
We are the ones who die. Take this. Do you drink?
– No! Then why did you take it? Give it to me. Music! Father! Father!
– Wait, I’m coming. Why are you blocking the way?
Move aside. Did you get drunk again? Kanchana got married,
that’s I got drunk. I’m glad your mother
died as soon as you were born. I wonder when I’ll
die and get rid of you. Don’t you have any shame? You get drunk whining
about Kanchana’s wedding… …Kamakshi’s wedding and so on. Do you ever remember that
your father is alone at home? Disgusting! Anyway, come let’s have a drink. What? After abusing me till now… …you suddenly remembered
that I’m your son? I’m your father after all,
it is my duty to scold you. But you know me. You were not born dark like me, my boy. You are fair like your mother… …you are the handsome
hunk of this village. Why should you cry for some girl? That’s easy for you to say
because you’ve lived your life. I haven’t even started my life yet,
you won’t understand my pain. That’s why I sent your photo
to all the neighboring villages. It seems somebody liked you a lot. The priest said that they
will come to see you tomorrow. So, go to sleep now
and get up early tomorrow. Take it off, I can’t see it.
I feel like puking. Do I look so disgusting? You think you look handsome
in that flower print shirt? It’s a faded shirt. Don’t be so jealous. Father, we should
go to the girl’s house. Why are they coming here? The girl isn’t coming today.
Her father is coming… …to see our house and our status.
That’s how it works. They why did you wake
me up early and got me ready? And I drank less last night. Last night was the first
time you drank less in 3 years. Yeah.
– Here comes the priest. Hello! Where is the father? I don’t know,
I haven’t been able to reach him. Maybe he found out about
your son and decided not to come. What is there to find out about me? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You get drunk and punch
people in their faces. Calm down.
Don’t raise your fist everywhere. Okay, forget them.
Any other marriage proposals nearby? Nearby? There’s a family
in Chundurpalli. Will you go? Priest, we don’t want snacks.
Ask them to bring the girl. Dear, please bring the girl. How is she? Wow. Suvarna, what are you doing here? Our daughter. My son. Is this what a father does? Don’t look at me like that.
I feel guilty. After your mother’s death,
in one of the weak moments… Stop it!
When I have a father like you… …how can I expect my
life to be good? Let’s go. Disgusting! I should…
0 Make your heart strong, son. Stop! Where are you coming?
– Who is it? We stayed here thinking
that he is no more. Now that we know he’s alive,
how can we stay here? That’s right. Okay, come. Come on, he said yes. Walk carefully, Suvarna. Brother! Not me. Brother, listen! Listen, dear. Yesterday
I saw you in a different light. Don’t call me brother so soon.
It will take some time. I will definitely accept
you as my little sister. What is it? When I was in that village,
my college was nearby. But from here I’ve to take a bus. Can you please drop me at the bus stand? Do I have a choice? Let’s go. What are you studying? Graduation. Wow! What do you plan
to do with your education? I wanted to discontinue
when they talked of marriage. What can I do?
A father who is at home all day. A brother who has no work.
And a mother who is lost. So I decided to continue my studies. Shut up, get down. This is why I hate educated people. You can study all you want,
but don’t irritate me. Your teeth will fall off if
I give you a tight slap. Get lost. You get lost. I’m crying for a wife and kids… …and she’s gloating
about her education. Where will I find a bride now? “Where were you born,
my beautiful flower?” “You cut my heart into two.” “Where were you born,
my long haired beauty?” “You just crushed me under your feet.” “Looks like God sculpted
you from marble stone.” “I’ve never seen intoxicating
beauty like yours.” “I will build a temple
for your tiny waist.” “I’ve never been to school.
I can’t read or write.” “But I feel like writing
poems about you.” “I just get drunk and create a ruckus.” “But you completely changed me.” “Don’t sway your hips like that.” “Don’t slip away from my hands.” “Where were you born,
my beautiful flower?” “You cut my heart into two.” Koti, let’s have a drink. “Your intoxicating beauty
has me hooked to you.” “When I see you with
flowers in your hair…” “…my throat goes dry.” “You are like candy
and I’m dying to taste you.” “Your beauty has robbed me of my sleep.” “Where were you born,
my beautiful flower?” “You cut my heart into two.” Did he start already? Can I ask where you were? You are not a responsible
father to ask me that… …and I’m not a responsible
son to answer that. Why waste time?
Pour me a drink, I’ll be back. You and your silly questions. Oh, so secretive. Here, pour me a drink. Where is your daughter? She’s sitting in
the garden and studying. She’s studying too much. Why are you drinking
without anything to eat? Tell your wife to make me an omelet. Suvarna.
– Yes. Suvarna.
– Just a minute. She’s coming. Make an omelet for him. We don’t have eggs at home. What? I bought a dozen eggs yesterday. He has been drinking since afternoon. Eggs. We were talking about old times… …and I enjoyed it while
eating and drinking. So, no eggs. Do you remember, Suvarna?
Kodlapalli railway station. The time we enjoyed there. Good train. In the middle of the night. Stop it! I can’t see this anymore. I don’t want to stay
and hear those gross details. I’m going to buy some eggs. Don’t take my drink away…
– You and your stupid love story. Health Center.
I’m sure they have eggs here. Let me ask. Madam! Madam! Maybe they woke up from sleep. Can you please give me some eggs? We are not here to provide
for drunkards like you. We provide for poor children,
orphans and school-going kids. Good. Small villages like
this benefit from your help. Okay, go inside. Go inside. Stupid drunkard! Thank you, madam.
I’ll never ask your help again. Why is she sitting outside? Why doesn’t she look at me? Look at me. Did she see me?
Or is she pretending that she didn’t? Why are you pacing here? I’ve seen you. Oh, you’ve seen me?
Why are you sitting outside? There’s no electricity. What? Everybody else in
the village has electricity. Why don’t you have it? I don’t know.
0 Do you want me to check? Go ahead.
– Where’s the fuse? There! The fuse was blown, that’s it.
– Okay. Can I get some water? Why don’t you ask if you can come in? Why beat around the bush? I mean, I met you just now.
How can I ask that? It’s okay, come in. What is your name?
– Parvati. Won’t you ask my name?
– Tell me. Koteshwar Rao. Bala Koteshwar Rao. Is there nobody else in your family? I lost my mother when
I was a little girl. My grandma is not well,
that’s why my father went to town. Why didn’t I see you around before? The ones without work
may not see the village… …but the village
sees those without work. So, you saw me before? Yes, I saw you.
Where are you going so late at night? Every night I like to drink
and eat an omelet with it. Otherwise I can’t sleep.
There are no eggs at home. So, I came out to buy some. Where will you find eggs at this time? Wait here, I can make an omelet for you. You’ll make an omelet,
but where will I get a drink? My father’s alcohol
is in that corner, take it. Don’t you mind? I wouldn’t have told
you if I had a problem. I don’t say no when
a man offers me a drink. Why would I say no when
a woman offers me a drink? Where is it? Did I fall asleep here last night? Yes. Oh. Maybe I got too
drunk and fell asleep. Please don’t mind. If I had a problem,
I would’ve given you a scolding. Why would I smile at
you as soon as you wake up? There’s only one cot here.
Where did you sleep? Where do you think I slept? Beside you. Really? Darn,
if I had known, I would’ve been sober. Okay, I’m leaving.
It’s time to go to college. When you go, leave the keys there.
Don’t forget. Remember to wash
your face before you go. It looks swollen because
of all the drinking. Okay. Why did I drink so much?
I wonder what she thinks of me. What is he doing here? I should’ve been careful… Manamma! How are you? What were you doing here? I got so drunk last night
that I didn’t realize where I was. I fell asleep here thinking
that this was my house. I have a bad headache.
Let’s have some tea. Okay, let’s go.
What else do we have to do? You are like a buffalo.
How do I pedal your weight? Where were you last week? What can I say?
I couldn’t bear my family’s torture… …so I went on a pilgrimage. Yeah right,
you’ve become very responsible. True. Hey! Who is he? Rascal! Who is driving
so fast in the village? Chandu! Who are you? Oh, you. It’s you. What are you doing in a car? Is it a used car? I’m planning to go
Hyderabad next week and… …become an Ola cab driver. You really think you
can be successful in Ola? Anyway, get down. Let’s go for a ride. Manamma, get in! Careful, man. I mortgaged
everything I had to buy this. “I said no but I finally came.” “I brought jasmines for you,
my darling.” “Come to play with me
after the sun goes down.” “The flower adorned bed
will not make any noise.” “Let’s get married with great pomp.” “Let’s get locked in
our room till the morning.” Why did the police stop us? What did you last night? Whose car is it? It’s mine, sir. You can go. Did you get drunk early in the morning? Why would we do sir? We are still hung-over from last night. Come here. Come on. Oh God! He’ll break my jaw. What do you both do? We are too young to work, sir. You look older than the earth itself. It’s disgusting if you
think you are still young. Ramakrishna, put them in the jeep. Why, sir? Don’t be scared. I won’t harm you. Take me around your village. A gang of burglars is going
around villages looting them. So, be careful. If you see anyone new in the village… …who looks a little suspicious,
call me on this number. Okay?
– Okay, sir. Ramakrishna, start the car. Who will come to our village? Take it. What will I do with it? What language is this? Why does she look upset? Parvati! Hey Parvati! Hey Parvati! Hey Parvati! Oh, she’s bathing. I’ll wait here. What are you doing here? Why did you look upset this evening? I’ve been on edge ever since.
So, I came here to confront you. Is this the right place to ask that? I can come anywhere
to ask whatever I want. Okay, I’ll go inside and get dressed. Come to the front door
after waiting a few minutes. Sure. I’ll go have
a drink in the meantime. You have to tell me why you got upset.
I have to know. Okay. They won’t find girls
like you even in the city. If a girl can’t understand
the man she likes… …it doesn’t matter where she is. I don’t understand such big words. I’ll have a drink and listen to you. What were you telling me? Come here. Come on, come on, come here. Don’t stand so far. Come closer. What were you saying? Okay, listen carefully. I like you. I got upset when I saw you
getting down from the police jeep. That’s why I looked at you angrily. Look, I’m not an educated man. So tell me clearly how much you like me. I like you so much that
I will give you whatever you ask. Whatever I ask?
Will you kiss me if I ask you to? Hmm. You shouldn’t get
angry after I kiss you. I hope you are not angry. No. Then I’ll kiss you one more time. ‘I’ll go for the lips this time.’ How are you feeling? Are you okay? Hmm. You might be okay, but I’m not okay. I can’t stay away from you. Come here. Oh god! What did I drink last night?
I have a splitting headache. Do we have buttermilk at home? Yes, I’ll get you a glass. No, sit down. I should drink only
one brand from now on. My head groans in pain
when I mix different brands. Son! What? You left yesterday
morning and came home now. I thought you may be hungry. Are you doing this
to take my mother’s place? Stay in your limits. I’m letting you stay
here for my father.. ..otherwise I would’ve
thrown you out. Go away. Stupid woman.
Not letting me sleep in peace. What’s wrong? Why are you sitting here? Get up, you rascal! What is it, father? Why did you shout at her? Are you giving her food or shelter? I don’t know how happy
it makes her feel.. ..when her own daughter
calls her mother.. ..but she’s been yearning
to hear you call her mother. You lost your own mother
as soon as you were born. Now you are losing another
mother with your stupidity. People don’t care for
their own children nowadays. Who sheds tears for
a son that is not their own? You like torturing the
people you love. Go ahead. Torture them as much as you want. What a stupid fellow!
You’ll send me to my grave. If you stop crying,
I want to talk to you. My mother didn’t breastfeed me,
comb my hair or dress me. She didn’t feed me
or even give me a kiss. Because my mother died
as soon as I was born. I didn’t even know what
my mother’s touch feels like. I grew up without tasting
any of these things. Maybe that’s why I don’t
care about the word mother. Mother, they say that
God created mothers.. ..because he can’t be
in all the places at once. But he took my mother away. So, I don’t have faith
in God or my mother who left me. That was the wretched state
of my life before you came. I thought that you
only cared about my father. I didn’t realize that
you care about me too. A man cannot get used to
something that he doesn’t have. I didn’t get used to a
mother because I didn’t have one. It wasn’t my intention
to shout at you or hurt you. I don’t know if you’ve
noticed this or not.. ..but unknowingly I called
you mother a few times. I will continue to call you that. Why are you still crying?
Let’s go inside. Come on, get up. I’ll never shout at you again. He just needs an excuse to drink. Father! You’ve to drink
when you are happy or sad, right? Should I change myself for you? She’s my mother. The girl
who went to college is my sister. You and I know who you are. This is my family. This is what I’ve been hoping for. Yeah, right. Mother, many have insulted
me for not having a mother. I’ll introduce you to
the whole village. Come on. Okay, son. Now I’ll drink with happiness. Aunt, she’s my mother!
– Okay. Uncle!
– Yes, son? You always said I don’t
have a mother, right? Here’s my mother. Okay, Okay. Go ahead. Buddy, she’s my mother. Okay. Grandfather, she’s my mother. That’s good, son. Let’s go there. Manamma! She’s my mother. Tell the whole village
that I’ve a mother too. Definitely, you go home.
I’ll announce it. Why did you bring me here?
Let’s go home. I’ve to introduce
you to one more person. Why didn’t she come?
Didn’t she go to college today? Who is it? The person I wanted
you to meet is not here. I’ll introduce them later. Let’s go home.
– Okay. Why are you standing out here?
What’s wrong? My daughter hasn’t
come home from college. I’m very worried. Your daughter didn’t come home too? None of the girls from
this village came home. How can that be possible? Okay, you go inside.
I’ll find out what happened. Did you see the girls
from Chintalapudi take a bus? I don’t know. Brother! Did you see the
girls from Chintalapudi take a bus? I don’t know. Uncle! Uncle! Did you see the girls
from Chintalapudi take a bus? I didn’t see anyone. Uncle! Did you see the girls
from Chintalapudi take a bus? I didn’t see them. You spend the whole day here.
How could you not know? I said I don’t know. Get lost. Son! Why do you look so worried? The girls from our
village are not home yet. Who? Those girls from Chintalapudi? Yes, sir. How do you know? Wait a minute. It looked suspicious to me,
so I took a video. The bus to Chintalapudi
broke down at the outskirts. This vehicle is going there.
You can get in if you want. Shall we go?
– Okay, let’s go. Sir, just a minute. I’ll be right back. Give that to me. And give me your pen. You are the only one
I know who used his phone.. it should be used. See you. Parvati! Parvati! Parvati! Parvati! Help me up. I pay the bill every day,
so you pay it today. You pay the bill every
day because I win the bet. Otherwise I would’ve paid it. I shouldn’t be betting
with a man who drinks on bets. But I will win today.
– Is that so? I will make you pay the bill.
Wait and watch. Stop boasting. What’s your bet? I’ve to win today.
Why can’t I see anyone around? He’s gulping it down
without even wincing. I’ll bet on him. Hey, listen to me. Can you see him? The one who’s wiping his moustache. You should make him laugh. That’s it? If I start singing.. ..everyone will laugh so
much that they will start crying. Wait and watch. Hey! Hey, man! Hello! “You are drinking, my man.
There’s so much in store for you.” “You are drinking, my man.
There’s so much in store for you.” “Liquor is so intoxicating,
I’m always first in line.” “Drink and dance with me.” “Let’s drink, my man.
Let’s drink and sway.” “Pour me a drink,
my throat has gone dry.” “You are drinking, my man..” I’m already irritated and
you are adding fuel to the fire. Do you know what I’m going through?
How dare you sing.. Brother! He’s drunk, please forgive him. Come here, brother. Sit here. Drink this. Go ahead, drink it. You fool. Now tell me. What’s wrong? The college girls of our
village didn’t come home yet. One of them is the girl I love. I’m so worried about her
that I’m shivering from inside. I’ve been searching the
roads like a mad man for this car. This looks like our
Ramesh’s car number, right? Yes, that’s his car. Yes, it’s definitely his car.
– Do you know him? I used to hang out with them before. I left the gang to
settle down in my life.. ..but I got married
and ruined my life instead. Who asked you about your marriage? Where will I find them? They will be in a shed beside
the water tank at the outskirts. You won’t get beaten
up if you tell what you know.. ..without dragging it. Take care. He said don’t drag it out.
– That’s right. The vehicle will come
at 9 tomorrow morning. Keep them here till then
and put them in that vehicle. Don’t worry. Koti is here. He’ll beat up every one of them. The smiles on their faces
tell me that he’s from that village. How can we start our
business if he stands here? Pack him away. Is that so? I’ll pack you away,
you rascals. Come on. Rascals! You want the girls? I’ll chop off your limbs. Why do you want to ruin the beer?
Give it to me! I see an auto coming. Maybe the girls are coming home. Get down. You are home. Don’t worry, uncle.
The bus broke down at the outskirts. I brought them home. I would’ve died if
something happened to her. Uncle, this is a village.
We all are one family. Alright, it’s already very late.
Go home and sleep. Wait. What’s the matter? If you hadn’t come..
I just can’t bear the thought.. Look, I can’t stay
away from you even an hour. How can I not come for
you if you are missing for hours? I’ll definitely come. Hey, stop it. Your kisses are making me crazy. If you don’t stop,
I won’t be responsible for my actions. Since it is already done,
it is not wrong to do it again. Then, I can’t wait anymore. “O Koti, come and see me.” “I like the way you sweetly torture me.” “Handsome man, you are crazy.” “I’m missing you,
you make me pine for you.” “I’m blooming like a flower.” “I’m like a crop that’s
swaying to the wind.” “If you walk ahead of
me and show me the way..” “..I’ll walk to the ends of the earth.” “I can’t think of anything
else when you are with me.” “I’ve realized that you are my life.” “Your breath has surrounded
me like a protection.” “I’ll wrap myself around
you and remain yours.” “O Koti, come and see me.” “I like the way you sweetly torture me.” “Handsome man, you are crazy.” “I’m missing you,
you make me pine for you.” “When I look into your
eyes and lean on you..” “..I come to you like a
wave that comes to the shore.” “After you shower me with
your love and satisfy me..” “ body yearns
for your warmth again.” “I’ve locked you up inside my heart.” “I want to be with
you today and forever.” “O Koti, come and see me.” “I like the way you sweetly torture me.” “Handsome man, you are crazy.” “I’m missing you,
you make me pine for you.” When the priest told us about
your family, we were ecstatic. It is a great honor
for us that your family.. Here comes the girl. What did she study? She completed graduation. Give them tea, dear. She’s a very quiet girl.
Her mother raised her well. She’s a very good girl. Give a cup to the priest and sit down.
– ‘Oh, this is the boy’s family.’ She cooks well too. Mosquitoes in your house
bite during the day too? Is it just in your
house or the whole village? We are still here because
the girl is beautiful.. ..but otherwise..
I would have returned immediately. What do you say, dad?
– That’s right. The girl..
– I need to talk to you. Talk. Not here, in private. Looks like a crazy man. Let’s go. Let’s see what he has to say. What’s the matter? Come with me, I’ll tell you. Oh! Are you from Hyderabad? Why is he looking around
instead of talking? What is wrong with you? I brought you here because
I didn’t want to make you cry there. My sister will come to
your house after marriage.. won’t come here.
So, why talk about this house? Remember one thing. Marry a girl.. ..who will love you with her heart,
not her mind. If you focus on anything else,
your life will be ruined. Farmers are kings. Don’t you know how to behave.. ..when you come to a king’s house? Show respect. Learn good manners. Let’s go. Smile. Dad, I like the girl. If you
like her too, fix the wedding date. Let’s go, dad. What happened to him? See you later. Okay, madam. Okay, sir. What did you tell him?
Why did they suddenly leave? I spoke to him in a way
that he understands, father. I got it. Parvati! Why is she crying? Hey.. Are you crying? What’s wrong? Tell me. Today is the day my father died. What? You told me he went out of town.. ..because your grandmother is sick. I liked you the moment I saw you. I didn’t want to tell you
all my troubles and make you sad. Even now I didn’t want to tell you.. ..but I don’t have anyone
else to share my sorrow with. That’s why I told you. Don’t cry.
Your tears won’t bring him back. I love my father very much. A girl lives a carefree life
as long as her parents are alive. But without them,
she lives every moment in fear. Look, when you are in fear and sorrow.. ..I can’t take you
in my arms and comfort you. I can’t say that I like you
and that I can’t live without you. But I can assure you of one thing. Don’t shed tears and
lose your dad’s memory. Hide your tears and cherish his memory. Be brave if you trust me. I’m living for you, Koti. And I’ll continue to live only for you. Then why are you still crying?
Come here. Come on. I came with other plans,
but you changed everything. Koti!
– Yes? How long has it been
since we both sat down.. the riverbed and had a drink? You disappear every night.
Where do you go? What is the fun in
having a drink with a man? You need to do something more thrilling. Really? What are you doing? What’s the hurry?
I’ll tell you when the time comes. Okay. Shall we drink tonight?
– You have to buy it. Brother, stop! A snake bit my mother! Where is she?
– At home. Lady! Lady, get up!
– Mother, get up! Get up! Get up! Mother.. A girl lives a carefree life
as long as her parents are alive. But without them,
she lives every moment in fear. Mother! Mother, wake up! Mother! Mother! Don’t be scared. I’ll be right back. Okay. Where are you coming? Stay with her. Okay. Aunt! Aunt! What is it? Where is uncle? I need the bike. He’s gone to the fields. Uncle! Uncle! Yes, Koti? Do you have your bike? My son took it to the college. Dhamu! Hey.. Darn! Uncle! Uncle! Yes, brother?
– Is your father home? No, he went out. Nobody is at home! Chandu! Chandu! Chandu! Yes, I’m coming. Give me your car.
A snake bit a woman in the next street. Don’t get into all that.
I’ve to leave for Hyderabad tonight. You’ve to leave tonight, right?
I’ll be back in an hour. A woman is dying there. What if she dies in my car?
I don’t want that bad omen. Why are you thinking about her dying? I want to save her life. I don’t love the village like you do.
Leave me alone. Chandu! Chandu! Rascal! Stop the tractor! What’s wrong? I said stop! I want the tractor! I have to go to the fields. You can do that later. Get down. Mother, wake up. Doctor, please check. She died on the way. Mother! Mother, wake up. Koti, what are you doing? Chandu! Chandu, open the door! Open the door! What now? What now? She’s dead! You killed her! She wouldn’t have died
if I had beaten you up earlier! She’s dead but I won’t let anybody die. Give me the car key!
– I won’t! I know you won’t give if I ask nicely. Will you give me the
key or die in my hands? Take it. Give me the mic! Hurry up! All the villagers come
out for a minute! Hurry up! What is he up to now?
– Come on, let’s see. This is our ambulance
and service van from today. Today a woman died of a snake bite. It wasn’t the fault
of the snake or the woman. Our village doesn’t have the means.. take a sick person
to the hospital on time. That’s where this ambulance comes in. Nobody in this village should die. Take it. Don’t be sad as if I took
away your life or your money. We all will collect money
and give you 15,000 a month. Work for this village. From today,
saving lives will be your job. Where will you find
a better job than this? Remember one thing.
If there is one thing in this world.. ..that cannot be brought back once lost,
it is life. Nothing is more important than life.
Let’s go. Pathetic! Sir, did you want to see me? There’s a function at my house tomorrow. I was wondering what the menu should be. Sir? Exactly. It’s been 3 months
since those 72 people died. You haven’t submitted
even one report till now. What should I call you? Sir, they didn’t kill one or two person,
they killed 72 people. They did it fearlessly
without any planning. They took all the precautions
to cover their tracks. That’s why it’s taking time. If it was a city or town, we could’ve.. least had CCTV
footage or some information. That’s why they targeted the villages. Even in villages,
everybody has gold on their bodies. So they will definitely
target another village. I’ll target that
village before they can. I’ll catch them red-handed.
Please give me some time. Hmm. Boss! What? I have a feeling that
someone is following us. Every criminal feels
that he’s being watched. That’s not your fault. You are new, you’ll get used to it. Are we going to do it tomorrow? Let’s wait a few days.
Let’s study this village and.. ..note how many houses it has. Once we have all the
details we can do our job. Until then, we need to be careful. Boss! Boss!
– What is it? I told you that someone is following us. Look how they beat me up. Maybe you got drunk and
ran into a wall last night. You think we wouldn’t
notice if someone beats you up? Fear is dangerous.
Put that aside and you’ll be fine. Crazy fellow. No, somebody is here. What is this? Father! Father! What is this? Open it. Father! A Bullet! Your mother mortgaged
her bangles to buy it. Mother! Why so much love?
I can’t digest it. Tone it down.
Anyway, since you bought it.. ..I’ll ride it.
I’ll ride it around the village. Did you see how happy he is? It’s a new bike,
take God’s blessings on the way. I can’t go to the God now. Why?
– I’ve to go to my Goddess. “Did you come to our house,
Lord Krishna?” “Did you come to see your Radha?” “The Goddess has fulfilled my dream.” “Koti’s life has been blessed.” “Let’s go around town
and make everyone jealous.” “Come with me.” “Come with me, fly with me.” “Hop on the bike and
break all boundaries.” “Look into my eyes.” “He changed his style
and became even faster.” “Even the soda bubbles
up when he is near.” “He is like the wind.” “My beautiful parrot
is sitting on a tree.” “I can’t keep my hands off of her.” “Time is flying but
I don’t want to go home.” “The wind is calling out to
me and your scarf is like a sail.” “Let’s see the sunset from a boat.” “Come with me, fly with me.” “Hop on the bike and
break all boundaries.” “Look into my eyes.” “Lord Gopala!
How can I stop myself today?” “I just want my girl
to be with me day and night.” “Swaying fields are
saying something to us.” “Her sweet laughter
is music to my ears.” “This lonely village
has given me my mate.” Be ready. I’ll be right back. Looks like you took bath. Parvati! Make me an
omelet with lots of onions. Okay.
– I’ll have a drink. Go on. Such a beautiful night. Where’s the omelet? Stop drinking and smoking from today. Stop them?
Do you know what you are saying? What is this new demand? It is not new.
We both should get to know each other.. ..that’s why I didn’t
object to your habits. I knew you would say
this one day and you said it. You are a woman after all. This is what you do in the end. What happens to women? You are fine the first
three to four months. What happens after that?
A demon possesses you? Why are you shouting at me? I want to spend my whole life with you. Is it wrong to expect
you to change some things? Shut up! I want someone
who loves me as I am. I don’t want your love
if you are planning to change me. You were totally fine
with it in the beginning. You poured me a drink,
made me an omelet and kissed me. And now you are pushing me into a well. Is it wrong to ask you to be a good man? I see. A man who drinks
is not a good man. A man who smokes is not a good man. A man who does as you say is a good man. Go find another man like that.
I won’t change. I’m done talking to the
woman who wants to change me. Koti! I thought we’ll break
another cot today.. ..but you broke my heart. Manamma! Hey! Who is it? Come here. Hurry up. Wait a minute. You are always in a hurry. Why did you come here at this time? You were complaining that
I’m not drinking with you. We’ll be together from now. You and I should never get married.
We’ll be together. Usually change is limited to humans. I’m surprised to see it in you. Shut up and hop on. Alright, let’s go. Hold tight. Manamma! When we were kids.. ..they taught us to
be careful with strangers. Why didn’t they warn
us to be careful with woman? I’m sure they were fooled by woman too. So, how can they warn us? They bend their heads till the wedding.. ..and live the rest of
their lives with raised heads. We live with raised
heads till the wedding.. ..and live the rest of
our lives with bent heads. What kind of a life is that? I don’t know what you
are talking about and why. We should share our sorrow with someone
who doesn’t understand it. Sharing it with someone
who understands is pathetic. You are crazy. Koti! Koti! What?
– Someone is coming running. Aunt! What’s wrong?
– Yes, Koti? Your uncle is sick.
I went to the next town for medicines. But somebody started
harassing me on the way. Okay, don’t be scared. Manamma, drop her at home. Okay.
– Hurry up. Come on, hurry. Sit, aunt. Hey! What’s the matter? Since it is night,
I went out to take a walk. But somebody chased me. Why did you kill our man, boss? If I know that I’m going
to die because of someone.. ..I kill him first. Bury him right here. This village won’t
be as easy as we thought. We’ll start our work tomorrow. We came for census. How many people live in this house? We came for census. How many people live in this house? What are you doing here? Oh! You can go wherever
you want but I can’t? You are crazy.
My father will skin me alive. Come on. I can’t believe this. Where are you taking me? What is it? Why are you avoiding me? Why meet when we decided
not to be together? So, you are leaving me? Of course.
You think I’ll keep you on a pedestal.. ..if you ask me to
stop doing this and that? A woman is attractive
as long as she doesn’t demand. Once she starts demanding,
it becomes irritating. Right, a woman is attractive
until she gives you what you want. But if she asks something out of love,
you get rid of her. I will leave my father too
if he asks me to stop drinking. This is what you do, Koti. I know you. You come when you want
and leave when you want. But you are my life,
how do I live without you? I didn’t ask you to be with me.
Get lost. I offered you my body
every time you came home. Is that why you are
talking to me like this? What are you talking about?
Get lost! Go! Darn! Who are these men standing
before uncle’s house? What would’ve happened? Just because my son made
your daughter pregnant.. ..don’t think that you
can get her married to him. That’s why I came here
to tell you personally. I’ll give you 2.5 million rupees.
Get her married and.. ..put the rest in the bank on her name. You’ll get some interest every month,
you can live in peace. But if you try to do something else.. men will burn your home to ashes. Is that so? My son should have used..
Some protection. Then it wouldn’t have come to this. You rascal! Who are you? What are you doing? Why did you stand, sir? Sit down. Let my son go. It is not this poor guy’s fault. Stop it! What was that?
Yes, if you had used protection.. ..before giving birth to him.. wouldn’t have come to this, sir. Stop it! Hey! Oh, right. There are more men. Stop! Anyone who has anger towards me.. for your boss
and faith in yourself.. ..step out and fight with me. Because uncle very
hard to build this house. I can’t bear to cause
damage to this house. So, let’s step out and fight. Come on! Come! Go! I bought them for my use,
not for your use. Who are you looking for, sir? You have to pick them up on your way. Now listen carefully to me.
If I give you a punch.. are not a young man to survive it. They are very old
to endure such heartache. Why are you playing
games with their lives? She gave herself to your
son because she trusted him. You didn’t understand, right?
I’ll say it again. She gave herself to your
son because she trusted him. How can you find fault with that? As far as I know,
your son likes her too. What? Did you see that? So understand the situation
and get them married. Otherwise I’ll have to meet you again. I’m sure you know how that will end. See you later, sir.
Bye, uncle. Bye, dear. Sir, I said something
to you in my anger. I lose control when I’m angry.
Can you remind me? If you punch me.. No, not about you, sir.
I said something about these two. She gave herself to your
son because she trusted him. Is that the line?
– Yes, I hope you got it. I got it too. Bye, sir. Bye. I’m such an idiot.
My Parvati gave herself to me.. ..because she loves me. And I left her for alcohol
and cigarettes. Shame on me. I have to make her love me again. Where is she going? Oh, I think she is still angry with me. Get on the bike. What.. Why are you acting pricey? I came back because
I have realized my mistake. You want to vent out your anger,
right? Slap me. Ouch! Slap me again. How do you feel now? Since I slapped you,
I’m no longer angry. That’s right. Since I slapped you once.. had to slap me twice to cool down. Why are you walking?
Why didn’t you take the bus? I like to walk when I’m angry. Right, why will take the
bus or train when you are angry? You would prefer to ride on us.
Let’s go. I will never drink again in my life.
I swear on you. Stop smiling and get on the bike. You girls always get what you want.
Hats off to you. If you drink again,
you’ll have me to answer to. Okay then, I’ll go. Will you come again? Why? Today is my birthday. I was going to come anyway.
Now I’ll definitely come. Let’s go. Parvati! Parvati! What is that? I bought it long back,
now I can finally use it. What is inside? Ever since I grew up,
I’ve been watching videos at night. Girls dress up beautifully
in those videos. I wanted to see you in those clothes. “You made my heart pine
for you with your longing looks.” “You evoked many desires in me and..” “..quenched my longing
with your embraces.” “Your beauty now belongs to me.” “It is calling to me
putting my body on fire.” “My body is full of desire for you.” “It is eagerly waiting for you.” How long should we wait? We got all our information just today. Let them live one more day. The day after tomorrow is a Sunday. It will be the last day of their lives. That night everyone will
eat to their full and go to sleep. We’ll slit everyone’s
throats before they realize it. What is your name?
– Yenkaiah, sir. How long have you been here? We were born and raised here.
– Okay, go. Ramakrishna,
you are the only one I see all the time. Where is your SI? Our SI is on leave, sir. What for? His wife divorced him, that’s why. Oh, the most happiest man, right? I’m losing hope that
we’ll ever find them, sir. Ramakrishna, you have less
faith because your salary is less. I have more faith because
my salary is more. They committed a crime,
they will definitely get caught. I have no time to chat with you. We have many villages to visit.
Let’s go. Okay, sir. What a surprise!
Please come. Come inside. Mother! Father! Please come. Have a seat. Mother! Please come. Sit down. Father! Please sit. Hello! Hello! Hello!
– Sit here, father. What’s wrong, Sambaiah?
– How are you, dear? It’s been a long time since
we came to see your girl.. ..but you never replied back. I tried showing other girls to my son. But he’s not interested in any of them. He’s not sleeping well too. I couldn’t see that as a father.. ..that’s why I brought him to you. We liked your son very much,
but since you demanded.. ..for a huge dowry.. That was the case
when my son was arrogant. Your son knocked it down. We can’t sell our
son in the name of dowry. I’ll bear all the expenses
for the wedding. Just say yes. Alright. I’ll find a good
day and bring the priest.. your house so that
we can fix a wedding date. We are happy that you said yes.
Thank you. Let’s go, son. Just a minute. He’s a part of our family now. You go home.
I’ll show him around the village.. ..arrange a grand dinner
for him and send him tomorrow. Young men these days.. I’ll stay, dad. You go home.
– Okay, take care. See you later.
– See you later. Come on,
we’ll go to drink toddy tonight. It will blow your mind.
– Really? Is it that good? “When you sip toddy,
it goes straight to your heart.” “Toddy makes the earth go round.” “I swear that I’ll create a riot today.” “When you lift your lungi
and fold your shirt sleeves..” “ are the undisputable king.” “When you raise the bottle,
you raise your head..” “..wrong becomes right.” “When you drink you’ll see stars.” “We laugh, we love..” “ and me, we are human after all.” “We live, we drink..” “..what’s the use of
this life if we don’t drink?” “Every man who drinks
is the king of the world.” “Let’s forget ourselves and dance.” “The liquor store is like
the in-laws’ house for us.” “Let’s plough the world.” “Here’s your drink and
here’s fish fry to go with it.” “Enjoy yourself, my friend.” “Don’t listen to your mother
and tie yourself with a girl.” “Once you raise your glass,
you’ll see many wonders.” “If you fall for a girl,
your life will be ruined.” “After having a peg you
can break down the mountains.” “God sent the heaven down for us.” “Don’t push yourself into
hell by falling for women.” What are you doing here? Disgusting! Parvati! Parvati! You will never change. Wait a minute. I will never drink again. I beg of you.
I’ll fall at your feet. Parvati.. Wait a minute. Parvati! Parvati! Open the door! Oh, it’s open. Why is she crying so much? Will you please stop crying? Why are you crying as
if I committed a great sin? You deceived me. Isn’t that enough? Drinking and smoking is not deceiving.. ..seeing another girl
behind your back is deceiving. Who says you won’t do that next? I’ll break your jaw if you talk rubbish. Don’t imagine the
worst and fight with me. I’m losing hope that you will marry me. Maybe you’ll use and discard me. Don’t say such things.
I beg of you. I’m crazy about you. You drank after taking
oath on my name that you won’t. So you don’t care if I live or die. If people die when someone
takes an oath on them.. ..our country wouldn’t
be so populated today. An oath is a sign of trust.
If there is no trust, there is no life. Oh God! What do you want now? You want to get married, is that it? We’ll get married tomorrow morning. Don’t you trust me? Don’t you trust me? Alright, I’ll tell you in another way.
Will you trust me then? We’ll get married
tomorrow morning. Okay? Don’t cry so much
for every little thing. Wait a minute, Koti. What? I can’t come inside. Why? Please understand. Oh, that. Alright. The God everybody
worships is there.. ..and the God you worship is here. It doesn’t matter where I tie
the wedding chain. I’ll do it here. Come on. This is a temple. Okay, let’s go. Come, this is our house.
They will love you. Don’t be scared. Father! Father! What are you doing this morning? Are you drinking already? Come out. What’s going on? Father, she is my wife. If I had told you before,
you would’ve talked about.. ..auspicious dates,
traditions, dowry and so on. That’s why I married
her and brought her home. As my wife she’ll take good care of me.. ..and as a daughter in
law she’ll love our family. I’m very fortunate that I got her. Wait a minute.
Where is it? Father! Father! Don’t beat me! You finished all the alcohol
last night and left me none. Father! Why are you hitting me? Now you stole a garland
from the graveyard and.. ..came here to fool
me that you got married. Why are you beating your son? He claims he married some girl. Only he can see her,
I don’t see anybody here. What are you talking about?
Are you drunk? She is right there. Where is she? Go see for yourself. Don’t you see anyone here? I don’t see anybody. Even last night.. ran away acting
as if you saw someone. What happened to you? No, she was here. I brought her with me. There’s nobody here. My father is a drunkard,
but I didn’t expect this of you. Where did she go? Wait. Parvati! Parvati, where are you? Parvati! Manamma! What’s wrong? Parvati is missing. Who is Parvati? I’ve been going around with
her for 3 months. Didn’t you see her? Do you know how you have
been for the past 3 months? What’s going on? I was scared that you’ll beat me up,
so I didn’t ask. I think you are possessed by a demon. What rubbish are you talking about? Say yes if you’ve seen her,
otherwise say no. Parvati! Why is the house like this? Parvati! Where did she go? What is all this? Parvati! He claims he married some girl. Only he can see her,
I don’t see anybody here. I don’t see anybody. Even last night.. ran away acting
as if you saw someone. What happened to you? I think you are possessed by a demon. I slept with a ghost all these months? What an idiot I am! What is this?
Why did it stop all of a sudden? What’s wrong? Oh God! She’s here. God.. If you fear me,
I’ll look like a demon to you. See me as the girl you love,
then I’ll look like her. Okay, okay. Appear normal, please. My heart is breaking here. Where is she? I don’t understand.
Who are you? Why did you pick me? Why nobody else can see you? Please make me understand. Father, coffee. Parvati, come here. Look at this photo. Do you like him? Hmm. Alright, I’ll go to
their village tomorrow. If I like everything I see,
I’ll ask them to come and see you. Okay? Okay, father. Who are you? What are you doing here? Is there nothing inside? What do we do now? Hang on. We’ll look inside. Be careful. Hey! Who are you? Father! Father! Father! They have no gold on their
bodies or in their house. If they have gold we
kill them for their gold.. ..otherwise we kill them
for not having anything. Let’s go. Now those 15 men are in this village. They plan to kill everyone
in this village tonight. It’s not because they
killed your village.. ..or that they are going
to kill the people of my village.. ..but they killed you,
the girl I loved.. ..and for that I’ll
kill all those rascals. I didn’t see how they killed you. But you’ll see how I’m
going to slay them. Come on. Let me go! Where are they? Why don’t I see anyone? What’s wrong? Where are our men? Hey! Did you make the call? Yes, and I’m the
one who killed them too. Why did you kill them? They are the gang of thieves
that you’ve been searching. That’s why I killed them. Why did you kill them instead
of informing the police? Arrest him. Nobody understands a good deed. After you told me what they did to you.. ..I was so angry that
I killed all of them. We did a good deed
but they don’t understand. Let’s see what happens Has he lost it?
– What do you say? What else can we do? Finally, you came.
I was so worried that you won’t come. Don’t worry about anything.
I’ll handle everything. Who is he talking to? I’ll make sure that we get out of here. What are you looking at?
I’m not talking to you. Go away. Every idiot is curious.
I’ll take care of it. Sir! Yes? He’s weird. He’s talking
to someone that we can’t see. He’s none of our business.
Take him to the court. Okay, sir. Your Honor!
The accused, Koti, from Chintalapudi.. ..brutally killed 15 men last night. So, the accused.. Sir, can you please stop it? The accused, Koti..
Brutally.. What kind of language is it? We village people talk better than that. And there is no one
here to defend my case. So, I’ll present my case to him.
Please take your seat. Hmm. Tell me. Sir, the 15 men that I killed.. ..murdered 72 people
in a village named Pullur. They threw little kids against the wall. They stripped the
girls and stabbed them. That’s why I brutally
killed them as he said. Okay, how do you know
that the men you killed.. ..were those 15 thieves? I have a person to
testify that it was them.. ..but nobody can see her or hear her. How can I prove it to you? How? Sir, I’m sure you have
the post mortem reports.. ..of those 72 people. I’ll tell you how each
one of them was killed.. can compare it with the reports. Why are you sitting there? Come here. Come here. Tell me how they killed you. Tell me. They stabbed and slit my throat. Sir! See the report of a girl named Parvati. They stabbed and slit her throat. Check if it’s true. How did they kill your father? How did they kill him? They clamped my father’s mouth.. ..and stabbed multiple
times in the stomach. Sir! What is your father’s name? Srinivasa Rao. Sir, check the report
of the man named Srinivasa Rao. They clamped his mouth shut
and stabbed him multiple times. I’ve never seen or heard
such a strange case in my life. So, I don’t know what verdict to give. I know it, sir. You might think that
I’m one of those thieves. But the thing is, if I could
end the story with those 15 men.. ..I could’ve got them
arrested the same day, sir. But there is a greater
thief than those men. I came here to prove that to all of you. Sir, even though we live in a village.. ..we use phones when they are needed. All the proof you’ll need is in this. It is a crime to kill a police officer.. the court before a judge. But since it was done to
kill a man who did bigger crimes.. ..the court doesn’t
consider it a great crime.. ..and sentences him
to prison for seven years. Thank God you are here. Why didn’t you come to
meet me in these seven years? I thought you went back
since your job is done. How can I leave without you?
I have to take you with me. Should I take you? No. You don’t go and
don’t take me with you. We’ll stay right here.
Come here. Come on. Is the cot strong enough? Can’t you think of anything else?
– What else is there to do? Take some more rice and curry. Eat well. Father, how many times
did I tell you to serve her food? Serve food? For whom? For her. Serve her food. I swear. I can’t see anyone. But I can see her. That’s right. Eat. My father cooks well. Do you want rice?
I’ll serve some curry too. Do it, father. He’s possessed by a female demon. Come on, eat. It’s very good. But I can’t see anyone.
– Father! Okay, son. You both enjoy your food. Daughter in law is very fair like me. Eat. Mix it well.
Do you want me to feed you? Suvarna is busy with prayers,
so I have to do all the work. What is that noise? Who is inside? Parvati! Why are you so beautiful? He’s having marital relations
with an invisible girl. Oh God! I heard that only you can see your wife. Can you ask her to appear to us too? Why not? She’s right beside me.
Look at her. Oh God, my lungi! Never mind, life is important. This is how my life will
be if you are beside me. You and me, just the two of us.
Let’s go. There’s no chance of
us having children, right? How is that possible? Darn! I love children. Then let’s adopt a child. How can he live with
an invisible mother.. ..and a visible father? You are more fortunate
than all other men, you know. Really? Even when you become 50 years old,
I’ll still be beautiful. Even when you are 70 years old,
I’ll still be the same. Can anyone else be as lucky as you? Yeah, that’s right.
Come, let’s go home and make love. The thing is,
I make love to a demon by choice.. ..but the others unknowingly
make love to devils.

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