National Savings Latest Update I National Savings Important News

20-12-2019 Friday I PSX News I Latest Update I Stoke Markit News Regular Income Certificates New Update & Complete Information I Urdu Defence Savings Certificates Complete Information I New Profit Rate Nov 2019 I New tax

8 thoughts on “National Savings Latest Update I National Savings Important News

  1. Thanks for giving information. But
    It is not good. Government is creating problems for investors.
    Tax authorities and NSC and authorities are making problems for small investors.
    Government do not want to give money to investors.
    Income and financial benefits are reduced by different ways.
    No 1 wealth tax. No 2 income tax.
    No 3 value added tax (vat)
    No 4 zakat.
    No 5 premiture detection.
    No 6 filer and non filer tax.
    It is clear government do not want to give benefits to awam.
    Munafiqeen are trying that awam should not invest in any case in any place.
    Shame full policies of many people.
    Munafiqeen are making problems in Pakistan

  2. وزارت خزانہ جو کرنے کے کام ہیں وہ کرے جو لوگ قومی بچت میں پیسہ رکھتاہے وہ جائز ہی ہوتا ہے ۔ہاں ان اکاونٹ کو چیک کریں جن کے پیسے دس مختلف بینکوں میں رکھے ہوئے ہیں

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