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  1. The flu season is blow up out of proportion because corporations like NBC are heavy investors in businesses who sell the vaccine,I have never got a flu shot and never get sick with the flu or with any contagious infection because I'm generally healthy I don't consume alcohol and I don't smoke to weaken my immune system,the flu vaccine is poor quality probably because the flu virus have 10 different strain it is impossible that we develope the antibodies to all one size doesn't fit all a the media's advertising is financially motivated.

  2. Juan Perez is trying to say that the officers are the victims? Yes, they will have to live with the fact that their incompetence killed an innocent man. NO, they are not victims. That entire scenario was ridiculous. They were ridiculous. They confronted a criminal on a crowded freeway, using civilian vehicles as shields. The police are not victims and should feel guilty. The person who allowed them to observe the tactics that led to the murder of the UPS driver needs to be held accountable. I really hope a third party does the investigation and not any of 3 units that aided in the murder of a Son, father. husand. I have zero assurance that any of these people would be honest and they would find a way to justify their incompetence…

  3. STRAWS are a "necessity" in certain circumstances, though…for example, they're used much at HOSPITALS… Sometimes HOSPITAL PATIENTS are put on a LIQUID DIET…I know, because of "my own personal experience." 👀

  4. Watched some CSPAN last night.  Law Professor Jonathan Turley said he saw the transcripts of Trump's conversation with Ukraine and, what do you know, he can't see a single thing impeachable.  He said that, if the Democrats continue with this charade, that they are the ones abusing their power.   Funny you didn't mention that.  He also said that EVERY president since Washington (and that includes Obama) had done something in their term that is equivalent with what Trump eligibly did.  Total witch hunt.

  5. Jose blames the police for the crimes committed by criminals. I hope the police does not help him and his family.

  6. trump is killing people every day do you think trump gave russia letting russia take over military aid to Turkey Syria and Vinaswalla russia is making billions and billions of dollars trump gave russia

  7. So Trump's in bed with Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. His loyalties is supposed to be to our country . Any tragedies any deaths are on this CON MAN shoulders. My condolences to all of individuals hurt at our military bases and their family and Friends.

  8. Again with the bizarro 40 second clip inserted between news stories – this time it's an image of Victoria Falls in a severe drought stage – and on to the next story. WTF??????? Either it's a story, in which case report it, or it's some sort of attempt at subliminal influencing, in which case it's not subliminal if you actually register it so yeah, big fail there, too. Is the NBC nightly news now being produced by Mrs. Jamison's third grade class?

  9. Another f'in zombie hijacks a UPS truck gets the driver killed because the zombie wanted to go to paradise. The USA has to ban all zombies why can't the world get along with zombies. Why do zombies hate so much.

  10. The more you take the shot the more you are vulnerable to getting it. The shot weakens the immune system and there have more gvt payouts from people who died from the shot or were paralyzed from it. Don't believe the CDC. Remember the Swine flu?

  11. There would be NO SANTA without HIS LITTLE HARD-WORKING ELVES…

  12. It's a viral flu going around, you will test negative for it, but you will I have it, I'm freaking sick, its bacterial, my fever got so high, I began hallucinating, I spent a little of my Thanksgiving holiday in the hospital….I cried from agony for 4 days, I been sick for 3 weeks with it…I'm on anti bacterial antibiotics..its helping…I hope you don't get it or Children…misery..

  13. I agree with that mother – the police did a bad job – just opened fire on everyone including killing an innocent bystander- they didn't even try to negotiate. Surprised more people in the cars around weren't killed with the hail of bullets flying – stupid!

  14. Straws? Millions of Americas buy brand new garbage bags just to throw trash away. Then you can recycle the box it comes in or throw that away too. We should not be allowing these people to train on our soil.

  15. Native Black Americans

    History is not a science, or else that of lies. By crossing several modern sciences, an academic shows that pre-Columbian America was partly… an African continent. Here is how the white racialist West has disguised this astonishing truth …

    Pathé Diagne is a university professor in the USA and in West Africa. A specialist in African languages and cultures, he has long studied the pre-Columbian Americas.

    He discovered some interesting things. For millennia, African people have colonized America, which they called Tarana. Using the corridor of the trade winds, the mussels’ fishers of West Africa – Yoruba country – have fearlessly crossed the ocean to populate Tarana.

    They have developed across the Atlantic civilizations urban, farming, spiritual and artistic. This African colonization of the American continent has continued long enough to leave remains architectural, cultural, linguistic, toponymic and genetic which are indisputable.

    In a huge and dense book, the academic accumulates similarities between names of places, cities, rituals, language, beliefs, and the defeated reader bows before the evidence…


  16. Our distant ancestors did not wear underpants made of buffalo skin, they did not live in caves, uttering guttural grunts as we have been taught, they were much more civilized than the Romans or the ancient Greeks.

    It was long believed that Africans were not sailors on the high seas. By racism, they were thought unable to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It is true that in ancient times ocean navigation was unknown of Seamen from Europe and the Mediterranean who practiced only coastal navigation.

    Our historians have concluded that Africans did not know either, and that they had never known. It is always this annoying myth of linear progress that misleads us.

    Yet, in the middle of Prehistory, one can find traces of transatlantic crossings: instruments of offshore navigation, very ancient transcontinental maps, and even the remains of a ship on the Brazilian coast.

    Our distant ancestors did not wear underpants made of buffalo skin, they did not live in caves, uttering guttural grunts as we have been taught, they were much more civilized than the Romans or the ancient Greeks.


  17. We discover today that prehistory, as it was depicted to us, must be receded into a past much more distant.

    A new historical period came to be intercalated between history and prehistory, the early history, or protohistory the history before history. It is unlike anything known.

    “For millennia, during the protohistory, some native African populations have contributed to the peopling of the Americas, next to the Oceanian and Eurasian migrations” wrote Pathé Diagne.

    “All the vocabulary spiritual, geopolitical, cultural and artistic of the American continent refers to the communities Yoruba, Fon, Mina, Lebu-Wolof, Bantu, Maratana, Mandeng-Soninke or Akan-Baule.”

    Indeed, we find the African vocabulary of Tarakasum / Alaska in Taragoni / Patagonia; from the Gaytimara of Guatemala and the Andoras of Honduras to the Gayrifunia of California. “Africa feeds the toponymy of Toro-Silla or Peru-Chile, of the Baragwa / Paraguay and Burugwa / Urugwaï”


  18. The Euro-American racist state treats them with condescension through two discriminatory codes, the Black Code and the Metic Code whose objective is to maintain these native populations in a state of subjection in relation to the white race, dominating by divine right.”

    The network starts in Mennfari / Memphis, Salse / Sais, Lebuta / Leptis, Tanisis-Tanit/Tunis, Kusta / Ceuta, Tingita / Tangiers. It combines Taratakas / Carthage and Taratakas / Caracas.

    This port system was the very ancient achievement of the Black Civilization Nubo-Egyptian responsible of the portolans of Piri Reis and other sea charts from unexplained origin… Urbanized African native populations of the Americas designated themselves as Mara, Maura or Maya.

    They were named also Marana, Marroun, Maratana, Maradona, from Maranayba or Maranaïbo. “Established for millennia on both sides of the ocean, these black people have been contested as indigenous by the European Migration.

    The colonial state has marginalized them with the help of the Church and the Black Code.

    The Euro-American racist state treats them with condescension through two discriminatory codes, the Black Code and the Metic Code whose objective is to maintain these native populations in a state of subjection in relation to the white race, dominating by divine right.”


  19. These Afro-American populations were called Marranos, marrounes or maroon negroes. They stayed in touch with their African origins, through a permanent secular navigation.

    It even seems that they have operated as colonies, paying tribute to the motherland Africa. This settlement already existed in the second millennium BC.But it appears to be much older.

    And it continued until fairly recent times, leaving many traces in Arabic literature, although the European historians did not seem to notice it.

    “The native African migrations began early to populate the land of across the Atlantic, from the shipping lanes of north and south equatorial, marked by winds and sea currents favorable and permanent.

    Since prehistory and antiquity, in contact with the migrations Oceanian and Eurasian, the Africans organized there peopling territories thanks to continuous navigation.

    They developed there, at the time of the fertile Sahara, characteristic crops.”

  20. It is true that it disrupts a bit our racialist habits. For the historians of the Enlightenment, it is unthinkable, even obscene, to give too much importance to some beings so close to the animal…

    … as evidenced by the Black Code, which unfortunately is not so old.

    The time has come to give back to black people the control and legitimate pride of its history as rich as ours, or even more… In any case, much older… Builders of majestic cities when we lived in huts made of branches… Prosperous farmers and ranchers when we live only by hunting, picking and fishing.

    But then Blacks have already passed the stage where we are? Yes.

    Enough to give nausea to many racists.


  21. The Marrounes or Maya were Africans, they conquered those lands that were theirs, they have built cities and made prosper several advanced civilizations, like that of the Mara / Maya, and that of the Toromagen / Olmecs.

    As proof, the giant heads of Africans, probably those of deified monarchs, which are the flagship and signature of the Olmec civilization, considered the oldest in the American continent.

    The African-American civilization is thousands of years prior to the birth of the Greco-Roman civilization, and even prior to Sumer, the supposed cradle of our cultures. It flourished at the end of the first Egypt, that of the Nubian pharaohs, with black skin.

    In those days Africa was prosperous and developed, thanks to its American colonies. The Nilo-transatlantic space was then inhabited by the followers of the god Ra or Ro of the Nubo-Egyptians.

    “The Mara-Maya, the Taragen, Touareg or Aztek founded on the other side of the Atlantic the culture Mehewa, Toromagen / Olmec or Mara-Maya.

    These are the same people with ramanic worship who on both sides of the Atlantic have established metropolitan areas with the same names.

    They built the same Permar or pyramids which are identified as Mbanu, they carved the Colossus of Memnon, Nubo-Egyptian work, and the Olmec giant heads, which are of the same workmanship and refer to a single culture.


  22. There are the African pyramids named Mbanu, Torogale or Teocali on both sides of the Atlantic: in Kulikuli, capital of Jolof of Senegambia, as in Cuilicuili, metropolis of the Mexican Mehewa, but also in Warakas / Warhoh, another metropolis of Jolof, as in Oaxaca / Warakas, another metropolis of the Mexican Mehewa.” wrote Pathé Diagne. I can not write here the few thousand pages of his three volumes.

    Using genetics, onomastics and the study of slaves of the trade, Pathé Diagne has just completed a trilogy scholarly, masterful, which needs to be relayed and amplified by more accessible authors.

    Already, thanks to his research, we know they lied to us about America and its past. Let us hope that with these new roots, far more noble than those of the slave trade, African American populations find justifiable pride. The Maranes or Mayans belonged to a conquering nation, bold sailors, settlers, builders.

    Their martial vocation reads enough on the noble features of the Olmec heads. Even if the white racialist state wanted to cloud the issues, it was written that sooner or later justice would be done to them.

    Besides, the notion of native on his ancestral land has it still some meaning before globalization, hybridity, mixing of cultures? And the notion of native as first arrival is a nonsense in the face of millions of years of human experience… Countries have been invaded a hundred thousand times by each race in turn.

    The notion of primary forest denotes the same ridiculous. Primary in the sense of very old, yes. But before that, on this same location, there were seas, sands, shining cities, ash, lava, magma, and other seas…


  23. The Black Slavery

    After the Conquest, America was wide open to the whites: an almost empty continent to cultivate and exploit.

    The Reds were reluctant to adopt any cooperation with the Whites. Then began both the Indian wars and the African slave trade. To govern the slaves, the 17th-century France wrote the Black Code.

    This is not a book strictly speaking; this is the name of an array of legal texts regulating the lives of black slaves in “the French islands”.

  24. If a slave is pregnant by a man, whether he’s free or not, the fruit of this union will be a slave.

    The slaves may complain of mistreatments to the common judges and people of the king, they can also testify in court, marry and build a savings fund to buy their freedom. But their children will be slaves by the law, property of the mother’s master.

    Originally designed for the French islands, the Black Code does not apply to New France nor French Canada where the introduction of slaves and slavery will always be prohibited.

    The Declaration of Human Rights of 1789 outlines the abolition of slavery, but a last-minute restraint “applies it only to residents of the mother country” where there has never been slave and not to those of the American colonies. In other words it is useless. Politicians possess the secret.

    Moreover, just emperor, Napoleon restored slavery in the islands, because, well, you would not want all the same that it be the white planters who do the job?

    The slave trade shall be prohibited in 1815, but slavery will be definitively abolished in France on 4 March 1848. In France.

    Because in the young United States of America, that’s another story. The Black Code in the United States inspires a special version, the Black Code of Louisiana, adopted in 1806 and revised in 1808, which becomes the hardest text of America.


  25. The Murderers Of The Atlantic

    The terrible and cynical violence of the murderers of the Atlantic is visible as well in the Conquistadors than in their successors the slave traders. These shocking pages remain an open wound in the soul of sentient beings. Léo Ferré proves it brilliantly. I suggest you read the original poem.

    Madre De Dios

    You awful murderers crossing the Atlantic

    Crazy slave traders with smeared torsos

    Your remorse is light and quiet with your stick.

    And fleets of gold that are sleeping far from Europe

    Deep in the heart of seas that regrets freeze

    Gently swing their philanthropic yard and rope

    While you’re thinking Drowned in the adventure

    Of the bellies that you could not violate

    The gold bellies of these vessels growing mature

    I’ll take that stolen gold in my poetic night

    And I will carve it as it should

    Azure bowsprit of blood lyric drawbar all right

    Who will devoutly go to Madeleine at last

    Better than a singing jewel sounding finger

    She will soon bent over the vigourous foremast

    You will be my galleon I will be your pirate

    And I will approach you at close range

    Your thin laces will be a sail to my frigate

    Shuddering of love to the sextant of my race

    Drawn to sweet eagles of southerly wind

    Chained to the azure that is following my trace

    O sailors of the Race you stars of robberies

    Galleons are plump and you reign

    Terribly in the underwater memories

    Take the wind eagerly on my boat’s remembrance

    Rigged love and the rest of the watch

    Full of sky bursting with God and importance

    We will write the secret message of Atlantic

    These galleons from Spain and other places

    Boring bending with gold and with sailors’ epic

    And we will throw down there all the curious.

  26. Mansa Abu Bakari II

    Long before Columbus, the white colonization of the Americas and the slave trade, America already was colonized by blacks who had established trading posts there with an advanced civilization.

    In the 14th century, the “African colonies” of America were still a reality. While our warlords went teasing the Moor in the Holy Land, Abu-Bakari II, mansa or emperor of Mali, armed a transatlantic expedition towards his American colonies too long neglected.

    After his conquests of Ghana and especially of Yekrour and Jolof of Senegambia, Mansa Abu Bakari II decided to regain control of his long neglected American lands … In 1312 he armed a naval expedition. No one has ever returned. To Abu Bakari, emigrate to this brother continent was anything but crazy.

    His ancestors had done thousands of years before.

    They have been the rulers of America for centuries. The transatlantic route had long been frequented by mussels’ fishers.

  27. In the fourteenth century, his journey without return is reported by Al Omari. The Catalan Atlas of 1375 and the map of Mecia de Villadestes of 1413 show Mansa Abu Bakari II raising his scepter towards the Atlantic.

    Two centuries after Abu Bakari II, when satanic liar genocider mass murder jew, Christopher Columbus organized his own expedition to the West Indies he will take for guides some sailors chosen for their knowledge of Africa, of the transatlantic navigation and commercial languages of the time, including the ghanawan, ghuanani or Guarani.

    The same native African populations will resist, from 1492, the Spanish conquistadors who will name them “maroon negroes“. In Ramakushi language, Tarana or Parana means the area, country or continent TA of the NA followers of the god RA, ie the infinite.


  28. According to Professor Pathe Diagne, the representation of Ra, the infinite, in the African ramakushi culture, is very close to the Dravidian representation of Shiva, the impersonal Source, the infinite alternately creative and destructive… It is interesting to note the increasingly sensitive emergence of the culture of the Gondwana, this black continent that broke out a long time ago … We find the black culture of Gondwana not only in Africa but also in India with the Dravidians, and in Oceania with the Melanesians.

    We find it, therefore, also in America, at least if we follow the thesis of Pathé Diagne: “The emergence of ramakushi cults was reflected on a planetary scale by the construction of religious metropolis, from the 8th millennium BCE” (source)

    That means ten thousand years ago, no less! When agriculture appeared… Coincidence? Or synchronicity?

    Two thousand years before Sumer, which was so far considered the oldest western civilization. And three thousand years before the Chinese civilization, considered the oldest in Asia …


  29. The question we might ask is this: how some developed Africans, builders and sailors, settlers and administrators, could they have evolved to find, for some, the status of hunter-gatherers or savages which contradicts the normal direction of evolution? Yet that thing happened more than once in history.

    After a major disaster, civilized populations have lived a tragic return to barbarism, for lack of resources and organization… Besides, who says that evolution is not a myth?

    Who tells us that our time is an improvement compared to the past?

    We are victims of optical illusions… History repeats itself and gets us lost in its turns and prevents us from dating events…

    Some of them seem to have happened several times, like the return of the Feathered Serpent or the discovery of America… In concluding this study of the outstanding works of Pathe Diagne, I can not help saying that this brilliant scholar, probably anxious of his credibility already compromised by the boldness of his ideas, did everything he can to evade the thorny issue of Atlantis, taboo subject among all academics.

    Yet all his conclusions lead us there, starting with the very name of the lost continent:

    Egypt, ancient kingdom of the Anous, has for hieroglyphic name Ath-Ka-Ptah, Second heart of God. That of Atlantis was Aha-Men-Ptah, lying Elder of God. Aha-Men-Ptah is the Amenta, Land of the Dead for Egypt.

    But the original name that was given by its founders was Tama Re, or Tamara. From Tarana to Tamara, the parentage is eloquent.


  30. While Prof. Diagne uses linguistics, I devote myself in the language of Goslings. This is an exciting game that already emulated. You get to look for other words in the sounds. You will understand.

    Where did Abu Bakari go? The language of Goslings will help. The brave mansa was emperor of Mali. Repeat Malian, Maya, Malian, Maya … and dare to argue that it did not sound alike. Dare to argue that the confusion between these two tones is excluded.

    You do not dare? In this case we have the answer. The Maya are descendants of the ancient Malians. The Maya once came from Mali.

    The giant Olmec heads are the heads of Malian warriors.


  31. Prince Osiris Of Atlantis

    The great figures of the Egyptian pantheon, Isis and Osiris were not white. Osiris has been named the Black Pharaoh, and there is a good reason for that: the color of his skin.

    This raises the question of the geographical origin of Osiris. He probably was not a Nubian pharaoh, such as Egypt would have much later. He came from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, exiled from the island of Atlantis that blacks occupied on good terms with the whites.

    Osiris therefore belonged to the famous civilization of pyramids: “The civilizers of the pyramids were part of the outstanding civilizations that worked especially through love, consciousness of the energies that were surrounding them and essentially cosmic energies.


  32. Sorry to say, but compared to the leaders of the civilizations of the pyramids, Isis and Osiris cut a sad figure. You cannot imagine the power that could have the civilizers of the pyramids!They often established civilizations on other worlds where life had taken root.

    The civilization of pyramids was in contact with certain planets of the constellations of Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion. In these constellations, there are very advanced planets and others that are less advanced.

    In consultation with some highly evolved beings of these solar systems, there has been on your Earth the creation of the civilization of pyramids.


  33. The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built during the last phase of the civilization of pyramids. This pyramid is an absolutely extraordinary jewel and was not built by humans. It has been in consultation with certain civilizers coming above all from Sirius 1.

    The pyramid of Cheops and some pyramids of South America were built to be energy bins, as all the pyramids, but were mostly for posterity, to protect all what concerned the civilizations of this world.

    These are actually gigantic libraries, like the Earth itself is an extraordinary library.

    Earth is one of the planets that have within them the greatest multitude of lives, as much in the plant world, as in the animal or even mineral world. Human life is something else.”

    This is evident. Our destiny is different. We are in charge of it, we are the masters of our fate.

  34. You think you know everything, you think you are the great masters of this world! Compared to some civilizations you are actually at the Cro-Magnon level!

    “As for Egypt, it was created by the Atlanteans who established colonies, as they did in different parts of the world.

    Isis and Osiris were Atlanteans of one of the first ages of Atlantis. They lived hundreds of years, and even more.

    They are those who have set up trading posts in several parts of the world.

    Egypt’s special mission was to be always related to Sirius, and the mission of Cheops was of the same nature.

    Cheops was the receptacle of all that concerns the humanities since the inception of this little sphere, since the contribution of the souls who have established in this world and have created a multitude of civilizations as different from each other.

    Compared to some civilizations, you are like that of Cro-Magnon! See what this can mean, whereas you, humans, and especially your scientists feel you know everything.

    You think you know everything, you think you are the great masters of this world! Compared to some civilizations you are actually at the Cro-Magnon level!

    Your earthly pride is ridiculous!”


  35. The civilizations of the pyramids, that of Cheops in Egypt but also that of Akapana at Tiahuanaco in the Andes, or that of Teotihuacan in Mexico, or that of Cyclops builders of Mycenae in Greece, were not human civilizations.

    These beings were giants with a strength, an intelligence and a knowledge very huge.

    They are also our fathers and mothers, good fairies who have looked at the cradle of our humanity miserable.

    It is to the ants that we are that they have given the keys of the planet.

    In our fragile heads they sowed their secrets. What have we done of them? On our frail shoulders they put the weight of their huge past, this endless saga of which we are a very small link…

    Yet they trusted us. It is up to us to continue the adventure, to transmit our knowledge no matter what, to dig holes in ignorance and indifference, in order to regain the pride of our origins and the responsibility for our time.


  36. The Emerald Tablets of Tehuti

    The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists.

    Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C.

    The writer is Tehuti, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country.

    He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops.

    In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis.

    For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of Egypt, from approximately 52,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C.

    At that time, the ancient barbarous race among which he and his followers had settled had been raised to a high degree of civilization.

    Thoth was an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then not through death.

    His vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies, including the ones in South and Central America.

  37. When the time came for him to leave Egypt, he erected the Great Pyramid over the entrance to the Great Halls of Amenti, placed in it his records, and appointed guards for his secrets from among the highest of his people.

    In later times, the descendants of these guards became the pyramid priests, by which Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, The Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment.

    During later ages, the ego of Tehuti passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in the tablets. As such, he incarnated three times, in his last being known as Hermes, the thrice-born.

    In this incarnation, he left the writings known to modern occultists as the Emerald Tablets, a later and far lesser exposition of the ancient mysteries.

    The tablets translated in this work are ten which were left in the Great Pyramid in the custody of the pyramid priests. The ten are divided into thirteen parts for the sake of convenience.

    The last two are so great and far-reaching in their import that at present it is forbidden to release them to the world at large.

    However, in those contained herein are secrets which will prove of inestimable value to the serious student.

    They should be read, not once, but a hundred times for only thus can the true meaning be revealed. A casual reading will give glimpses of beauty, but more intensive study will open avenues of wisdom to the seeker.

    But now a word as to how these mighty secrets came to be revealed to modern man after being hidden so long.

    Some thirteen hundred years B.C., Egypt, the ancient Khem, was in turmoil and many delegations of priests were sent to other parts of the world.


  38. Among these were some of the pyramid priests who carried with them the Emerald Tablets as a talisman by which they could exercise authority over the less advanced priest-craft of races descended from other Atlantean colonies.

    The tablets were understood from legend to give the bearer authority from Tehuti.

    The particular group of priests bearing the tablets emigrated to South America where they found a flourishing race, the Mayas who remembered much of the ancient wisdom.

    Among these, the priests settled and remained. In the tenth century, the Mayas had thoroughly settled the Yucatan, and the tablets were placed beneath the altar of one of the great temples of the Sun God.

    After the conquest of the Mayas by the Spaniards, the cities were abandoned and the treasures of the temples forgotten.

    It should be understood that the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been and still is a temple of initiation into the mysteries. Jesus, Solomon, Apollonius and others were initiated there.

    The writer (who has a connection with the Great White Lodge which also works through the pyramid priesthood) was instructed to recover and return to the Great Pyramid the ancient tablets.

    This, after adventures which need not be detailed here, was accomplished. Before returning them, he was given permission to translate and retain a copy of the wisdom engraved on the tablets.

    This was done in 1925 and only now has permission been given for part to be published. It is expected that many will scoff. Yet the true student will read between the lines and gain wisdom.

    If the light is in you, the light which is engraved in these tablets will respond.


  39. If the light is in you, the light which is engraved in these tablets will respond.

    Now, a word as to the material aspect of the tablets.

    They consist of twelve tablets of emerald green, formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation.

    They are imperishable, resistant to all elements and substances. In effect, the atomic and cellular structure is fixed, no change ever taking place.

    In this respect, they violate the material law of ionization.

    Upon them are engraved characters in the ancient Atlantean language: characters which respond to attuned thought waves, releasing the associated mental vibration in the mind of the reader.

    The tablets are fastened together with hoops of golden-colored alloy suspended from a rod of the same material. So much for the material appearance.

    The wisdom contained therein is the foundation of the ancient mysteries. And for the one who reads with open eyes and mind, his wisdom shall be increased a hundred-fold.

    Read. Believe or not, but read. And the vibration found therein will awaken a response in your soul.

    In the following pages, I will reveal some of the mysteries which as yet have only been touched upon lightly either by myself or other teachers or students of truth.


  40. Man's search for understanding of the laws which regulate his life has been unending, yet always just beyond the veil which shields the higher planes from material man's vision the truth has existed, ready to be assimilated by those who enlarge their vision by turning inward, not outward, in their search.

    In the silence of material senses lies the key to the unveiling of wisdom. He who talks does not know; he who knows does not talk.

    The highest knowledge is unutterable, for it exists as an entity in lanes which transcend all material words or symbols.

    All symbols are but keys to doors leading to truths, and many times the door is not opened because the key seems so great that the things which are beyond it are not visible.

    If we can understand that all keys, all material symbols are manifestations, are but extensions of a great law and truth, we will begin to develop the vision which will enable us to penetrate beyond the veil.

    All things in all universes move according to law, and the law which regulates the movement of the planets is no more immutable than the law which regulates the material expressions of man.

    One of the greatest of all Cosmic Laws is that which is responsible for the formation of man as a material being.

    The great aim of the mystery schools of all ages has been to reveal the workings of the Law which connect man the material and man the spiritual.

    The connecting link between the material man and the spiritual man is the intellectual man, for the mind partakes of both the material and immaterial qualities.

    The aspirant for higher knowledge must develop the intellectual side of his nature and so strengthen his will that is able to concentrate all powers of his being on and in the plane he desires.

    The great search for light, life and love only begins on the material plane. Carried to its ultimate, its final goal is complete oneness with the universal consciousness.

    The foundation in the material is the first step; then comes the higher goal of spiritual attainment.

    In the following pages, I will give an interpretation of the Emerald Tablets and their secret, hidden and esoteric meanings.

    Concealed in the words of Tehuti are many meanings that do not appear on the surface.

    Light of knowledge brought to bear upon the Tablets will open many new fields for thought.

    "Read and be wise" but only if the light of your own consciousness awakens the deep-seated understanding which is an inherent quality of the soul.

  41. The History of Tehuti, The Atlantean

    I, TEHUTI, the Atlantean, master of mysteries,
    keeper of records, mighty king, magician,

    living from generation to generation,
    being about to pass into the halls of Amenti, set down for the guidance of those that are to come after, these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis.

    In the great city of KEOR on the island of UNDAL,
    in a time far past, I began this incarnation.

    Not as the little men of the present age did
    the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die, but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew their life in the Halls of Amenti where the river of life

    flows eternally onward.

    A hundred times ten have I descended the dark way that led into light,
    and as many times have I ascended from the darkness into the light my strength and power renewed.

    Now for a time I descend,
    and the men of KHEM (Khem is alchemy in ancient Egypt) shall know me no more.

    But in a time yet unborn will I rise again,
    mighty and potent, requiring an accounting

    of those left behind me.

    Then beware, O men of KHEM,
    if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching, for I shall cast ye down from your high estate into the darkness of the caves from whence ye came.

    Betray not my secrets
    to the men of the North or the men of the South lest my curse fall upon ye. Remember and heed my words, for surely will I return again

  42. and require of thee that which ye guard.
    Aye, even from beyond time and from beyond death will I return, rewarding or punishing as ye have requited your trust.

    Great were my people in the ancient days,
    great beyond the conception of the little people now around me; knowing the wisdom of old, seeking far within the heart of infinity knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth.

    Wise were we with the wisdom
    of the Children of Light who dwelt among us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire.

    And of all these, greatest among the
    children of men was my father, THOTME, keeper of the great temple, link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the temple and the

    races of men who inhabited the ten islands.

    Mouthpiece, after the Three,
    of the Dweller of UNAL, speaking to the Kings with the voice that must be obeyed.

    Grew I there from a child into manhood,
    being taught by my father the elder mysteries, until in time there grew within the fire of wisdom, until it burst into a consuming flame.

    Naught desired I but the attainment of wisdom.
    Until on a great day the command came from the Dweller of the Temple that I be brought before him.

    Few there were among the children of men
    who had looked upon that mighty face and lived,

    for not as the sons of men are the
    Children of Light when they are not incarnate

    in a physical body.


  43. Chosen was I from the sons of men,
    taught by the Dweller so that his purposes might be fulfilled, purposes yet unborn in the womb of time.

    Long ages I dwelt in the Temple,
    learning ever and yet ever more wisdom, until I, too, approached the light emitted from the great fire.

    Taught me he, the path to Amenti,
    the underworld where the great king sits upon his throne of might.

    Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life
    and the Lords of Death, receiving as my gift the Key of Life.

    Free was I of the Halls of Amenti,
    bound not by death to the circle of life. Far to the stars I journeyed until

    space and time became as naught.
    Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom,

    I looked into the hearts of men and there found I
    greater mysteries and was glad.

    For only in the Search for Truth could my Soul
    be stilled and the flame within be quenched.

    Down through the ages I lived,
    seeing those around me taste of the cup of death and return again in the light of life.

    Gradually from the Kingdoms of Atlantis passed waves
    of consciousness that had been one with me, only to be replaced by spawn of a lower star.

    In obedience to the law,
    the word of the Master grew into flower. Downward into the darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans, Until at last in this wrath arose from his AGWANTI,

    the Dweller, (this word has no English equivalent;
    it means a state of detachment) speaking The Word, calling the power.

    Deep in Earth's heart, the sons of Amenti heard,
    and hearing, directing the changing of the flower of fire that burns eternally, changing and shifting, using the LOGOS, until that great fire changed its direction.

    Over the world then broke the great waters,
    drowning and sinking,

  44. Changing Earth's balance
    until only the Temple of Light was left standing on the great mountain on UNDAL still rising out of the water; some there were who were living, saved from the rush of the fountains.

    Called to me then the Master, saying:
    Gather ye together my people.

    Take them by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters,
    until ye reach the land of the hairy barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert.

    Follow there the plan that ye know of.
    Gathered I then my people and entered the great ship of the Master.

    Upward we rose into the morning.
    Dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly over it rose the waters.

    Vanished from Earth,
    until the time appointed, was the great Temple. Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning, until beneath us lay the land of the children of KHEM.

    Raging, they came with cudgels and spears,
    lifted in anger seeking to slay and utterly destroy the Sons of Atlantis.

    Then raised I my staff and directed a ray of vibration,
    striking them still in their tracks as fragments of stone of the mountain.

    Then spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful,
    telling them of the might of Atlantis,

    saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers.
    Cowed I them by my display of magic-science, until at my feet they groveled, when I released them.

    Long dwelt we in the land of KHEM,
    long and yet long again. Until obeying the commands of the Master, who while sleeping yet lives eternally, I sent from me the Sons of Atlantis,

    sent them in many directions,
    that from the womb of time wisdom might rise again in her children.

    Long time dwelt I in the land of KHEM,
    doing great works by the wisdom within me.

    Upward grew into the light of knowledge
    the children of KHEM, watered by the rains of my wisdom.

    Blasted I then a path to Amenti so
    that I might retain my powers, living from age to age a Sun of Atlantis, keeping the wisdom, preserving the records.

    Great grew the sons of KHEM,
    conquering the people around them, growing slowly upwards in Soul force.

    Now for a time I go from among them into
    the dark halls of Amenti, deep in the halls of the Earth, before the Lords of the powers, face to face once again with the Dweller.

    Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway
    leading down to Amenti.

    Few there would be with courage to dare it,
    few pass the portal to dark Amenti.

    Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid,
    using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity). Deep and yet deeper place I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a circular passage

  45. The Atlantean Megalithic Period

    Before 10,000 BC there was a worldwide civilization with a certain amount of technology.

    The problem is that most people try to compare it to our modern civilization. I think this is wrong. I think it was a civilization which was very different than ours.

    Debunkers tell us that if there was a technological society we would have found proof of it, in the form of technological remnants of buildings, machinery and their technology. Well, the proof is all around us, but it is not recognized because they are looking with the wrong glasses.

    From my own study it is clear to me that before 10,000 BC man had achieved a high level of civilization. But how do I define ‘a high level’?

    Usually Atlantis is seen as a group of islands that once existed in the Atlantic ocean.

    This is where the main center was, but Atlantis stretched also out to part of the Atlantean continent, especially South America, and had many colonies all over the world.

    The power, the government, the technology was mainly in the Atlantean Islands. From their they dominated the world, building colonies, establishing new civilizations, helping the local people with technology.

    The way technology was used is different than what we do now.

    The Atlantean scientists had some technology that was being developed underground, that is literally under the ground.

    They tunneled into the ground and rock and built their underground laboratories well protected. It is no different than what is done today.

    All over the world, the military has been building bases and laboratories underground for at least a century. So did the Atlanteans.

    That is why we did not find remains of their technology, because archeologists are only looking at the surface of the earth.

    These Atlantean tunnels, even entire underground cities, are present on every continent. This is not exactly a secret nor is it recent news.

    Ancient underground tunnels have always been known to exist, although few have dared to enter them, as these tunnels go on for miles and miles, even hundreds of miles.

    Apparently the Atlanteans must have had an automated means of transport to travel through some of these tunnels with high velocity.

    Present-day governments and military have always been aware of these tunnels and underground cities and have explored them when possible in the hope of finding some ancient technology.

    When we consider that for example Edgar Cayce said that the Atlantean civilization stretched from roughly a hundred thousand years ago to 12,000 years ago, then we realize that this is a lot of time during which they were able to develop their own technology, be it on a very limited scale.

    Not like today, where technology is being spread immediately all over the globe (although certain technology is being kept secret).

    In ancient times, technology was kept to the scientists and hidden away, and thus progressed slowly.


  46. So Atlantean scientists had some technology, but were not sharing it with the general population. Sorry, no car or cell-phone for everybody.

    They didn’t have profit-making commercial companies in those days.

    Originally they used their knowledge and technology to help people, but later on, as power corrupts, the Atlantean colonies used the technology to war among themselves and eventually caused the collapse of the entire Atlantean civilization.

    The last destruction of Atlantis happened very suddenly, as all over the world we see that the the activity in building megalithic sites came abruptly to a halt. In my article Weris, a megalithic center in Belgium I have visited several times, one can still see the remains of cut and half-cut megalithic stones scattered around the quarry as if the workers one day just stopped working and walked away.

    We find those sites all over the world. We also find unfinished megalithic buildings.

    There too, the workers suddenly left their work unfinished.


  47. When archeologists first studied the megalithic stones in Europe, they put up the theory that they were built by an unknown Mediterranean culture that traveled around the Mediterranean and even up the North Sea to England to erect the big stones. It was said that they were only a couple of thousand years old, as they found human remains buried with some of the megaliths.

    But now that we are able to share information quickly with people all over the world, we find the same megalithic monuments on every continent.

    There are megaliths in the Soviet union, in China, in Africa, in North and South America. It is becoming obvious that it was not primitive stone men who put up these megaliths, but a sophisticated worldwide civilization.

    And they date from the time of Atlantis which is at least 12,000 years ago.

    The human remains they found are from later civilizations, who probably buried their leaders on these sacred sites, by way of last respect.


  48. Stone cannot be carbon dated, so we do not know exactly when they were carved, but there are telltale signs that whoever made them possessed great knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, technology, earth energies, and healing. Stone circles, for example, are not always circular, they are sometimes elliptical. Certain megalithic sites have clearly been built with astronomical purpose.

    The most obvious feature is the lining up of stones to mark equinoxes and solstices. Why do local people need to know when the equinoxes and solstices are happening?

    The most obvious explanation is that this is crucial for establishing and maintaining a calendar. A calendar is absolutely necessary for agriculture.

    A year is not exactly 365 days, and even when you add an extra day every four years, eventually, the calendar will be out of sync.


  49. The next purpose megalithic sites have is that some of them, if not most, tap into the earth’s energy lines (ley-lines, dragon lines, and others).

    There are a couple of things you can do with the earth’s subtle energy. First there is healing. Some of the stones have a reputation to heal certain diseases.

    Although I would not go that far, I have met enough people to know that some stones strongly emit energies that, when touched, flow through the body and can promote healing.

    When I was in Scotland, visiting megalithic sites, there were a couple of people in my group who could clearly feel the pulsing energy on a particular raised spot on one of the stones in a stone circle.

    In Avebury there is also a stone with two raised spots where one can put both hands to feel the energy. In my article about Sillbury Hill I explain how my sore throat was cured in only two hours.

    That convinced me that Sillbury Hill was another complex built by the Atlanteans to mark a major energy spot. Sillbury Hill, like the other megalithic sites, shows clear signs of architectural knowledge and planning.

    Another thing one can do with megalithic sites which are tapping into the earth’s energy fields, is to raise the fertility of the land, again an important aspect for an agricultural society.

    Other megalithic sites, especially dolmens, were made for initiations. Some of them, more complex, have antechambers, where the initiate was being prepared.

    Some of the dolmen have a small circular opening in the roof, through which the initiate could focus and through which he would astrally project, causing out-of-the-body-experiences.

    The earth’s energy spots upon which these dolmen were built would enhance this practice.


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  51. How where the megalithic sites built? I strongly believe that this was not done by hand alone, but by technology. There are plenty of legends that tell of the ancient builders using magical means, and even sound to cut, melt, shape and transport these heavy, sometimes, multi-ton, stones.

    Those devices were only used by the guild of Atlantean scientists, who took them wherever they went, all over the globe, and they were then taken back to their underground laboratories. So, there weren’t that many devices around, and ordinary people had no access to them.

    It was a technology that we do not have, but that does not mean that it was more ‘advanced’ that ours. It was different.

    They knew how to work with stone, that is, with a small device they could cut stone, shape stone, and lift stone. Probably it used principles of microwaves, or high intensity sound waves, with which they also could cause antigravity.

    You don’t need a super crane, bulldozer, or lift fork if you can make a stone weightless by a small device emitting a laser-like ray.

  52. It is obvious that these devices existed, because why would man slave away in erecting multi-ton stones when life is already hard enough just to make a living. Would you do it? I have also found examples of really hard and difficult stones that were polished.

    Why polish a hard stone by hand? Unless you can do it my machine.

    I found two stones in Weris (the Devil’s Bed and the “Allee Couverte Sud”) that were polished; both are puddingstone. Puddingstone is a conglomerate rock and extremely hard. It is composed of little stones, sandstone, limestone, quarts and flint.

    We should not only look to megalithic stones or stone circles, but also to the remains of Atlantean cities.

    Yes, remains of Atlantean buildings are around us, but archeologists refuse to recognize them as such. I am speaking of those ancient buildings that have been built with equally gigantic stone blocks, beyond the means of primitive man. Some examples are given below.

    Often those cities have been occupied by later civilizations, like the Incas. Some archeologists still claim that Machu Pichu was built by the Incas, while it is now known that the ruins of Machu Pichu were already there when the Incas arrived.

    Teotihuacan is another site of which the builders are unknown, and which shows clear signs of highly developed architectural and astronomical knowledge.


  53. We are finding ever more ancient cities, some of them from the time of Atlantis, just under the water at coastlines all over the world.

    Some 12,000 years ago the water level of the ocean rose and covered all the ancient cities on coastlines. We know that most of the present-day population lives at the coastlines, so we may assume that it was the same in Atlantean days. Yonaguni, at Japan, although still disputed, is an example. remains of underground cities have recently been found in the North Sea, off the coast of India, of the coast of Cuba, and lets not forget off the coast of Florida where divers have seen remains of buildings through the ever shifting sands.

    I also remember a story of some ruins off the coast of South America. When I was in my teens, I read a small news article that said that a Russian ship, while taking pictures of the ocean floor in the Atlantic ocean, had taken some pictures of remains of buildings.

    One would think that it would make headlines, but I never heard of it anymore. Discoveries of Atlantic remains, are being made all the time, but because its existence is still not accepted, most of these discoveries do not make it further than the local news and there is a failure to connect it to Atlantis.


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