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  1. Why isn't anyone looking into the electorate college votes for having to have been hacked into in 2016??? Why aren't they contacting each and everyone one of them to verify THEIR votes and reporting it???

  2. If the voting machines can get online, so can the Russians, and if so then the 2020 elections might have even been decided long ago.

  3. It's one thing to announce your personal political point of view as a candidate. However, all of these elected officials are expected to represent all of their constituents once they take the oath of office. Sadly, that's not what the Republicans have been doing for the last 3 years. I know that our local Town Hall meetings do not devolve into partisan mud-slinging contests, but rather, concentrate on the problems that we are encountering and the need to fix things as they are. When the House of Representatives acts responsibly, passes bipartisan House Resolutions, only to find them successfully squashed by the action of one person alone that makes it absolutely clear that Republican Mitch McConnell is Not working for any American. The Republican Senators obviously have no influence over McConnell's actions and don't have the spine to stand up to him in favor of their own constituents. Their constituents must "stop, look & listen" before voting next time for someone who will get them the better laws and regulations that they have been waiting for. It was easy for candidate Trump to claim that he was going to make change happen, when he knew he had the Senate Majority Leader ready to sit on almost 300 House Resolutions. With McConnell stopping all of the work, it's easy for Trump to complain about "do nothing Democrats". Trump still thinks that he can have it both ways. Trump only gets away with it as long as we agree to remain gullible.

  4. a remarkable set of circumstances that led to a similar result in the tragic tehran airline crash occurred not far away and not long ago in 1988. it involved ill will between the U.S. and iran, a live firefight, the downing of a commercial jet and an enormous civilian death toll. here is the story for those who don't remember, for those keeping score, and for those who just want to keep up…

    "Iran Air Flight 655 was a scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to
    Dubai via Bandar Abbas that was shot down on 3 July 1988 by an SM-2MR
    surface-to-air missile fired from USS Vincennes, a guided-missile
    cruiser of the United States Navy. The aircraft, an Airbus A300, was
    destroyed and all 290 people on board were killed. The jet was hit while
    flying over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, along the
    flight's usual route, shortly after departing Bandar Abbas International
    Airport, the flight's stopover location. Vincennes had entered Iranian
    territory after one of its helicopters drew warning fire from Iranian
    speedboats operating within Iranian territorial limits.".

    "According to the United States government, the crew of USS Vincennes
    had incorrectly identified the Airbus as an attacking F-14 Tomcat, a
    U.S.-made jet fighter that had been part of the Iranian Air Force
    inventory since the 1970s. While the F-14s had been supplied to Iran in
    an air-to-air configuration, the crew of the guided missile cruiser had
    been briefed that the Iranian F-14s were equipped with air-to-ground
    ordnance. Vincennes had made ten attempts to contact the aircraft on
    both military and civilian radio frequencies, but had received no
    response. According to the Iranian government, the cruiser negligently
    shot down the aircraft, which was transmitting IFF squawks in Mode III, a
    signal that identified it as a civilian aircraft, and not Mode II as
    used by Iranian military aircraft.".

  5. Regarding these terrible events my heart and prayers go out to the collective who's families have been tragically affected. As we are all masters of ourselves take a moment stay still and express gratitude compassion and empathy within our own personal life our relationships w family w our community.
    Love and Light 🕊

  6. That. Neanderthal President think that is Neanderthal god , now cause the lives of many, the Day of Reckoning is here, for all the wicked races😁😁😊

  7. The Neanderthal President will pay for this crime, it will be war it's not completely over , Persia is Prophecy of the Bible😀😀😀

  8. Trump does't need evidence to show whining journalists. The lame jounalists should be investigating the Clinton Foundation and the "pay to play" shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation whIch most of the psycophantic Clinton-loving journalists ignored.

  9. "GUYS…TOP THAT ONE!!!???"

    That was said AFTER the story of a guy (prince harry) who can't seem to find a happy life/wife/family/in laws despite being a prince/rich/uber supported/overly pampered. If he/she cant be happy for a second with that set up, what hope is there for anyone else???

    Perhaps I will sent harry & co a man sized box of Kleenex.

    For all the sniveling they do it might bring them some measure of comfort that a huge garage of cars, diamonds, footmen and private secretaries can't seem to provide these two nitwits!!!

    Harry acts as if he were the only person to EVER lose a loved one. Tragically or not! So after 20 years it is high time to grow a pair and man up! FINALLY!!!

    And stop the sniveling already!!! What a whimp!!!!!!!!! Which the wife seems to only encourage with her own whinging, sniveling and memoaning. "Oh, poor me!!!"

    Indeed! Perhaps time for her to grow a pair, as well!

  10. Ridding the WH of #45 is NO longer a partisan issue, but a MORAL obligation!!

    We the majority of citizens understand the importance of staying diligent in tracking #45s lies and keep the Republicans who have sold their souls to stand by a legitimate moron accountable!!

  11. Gee-wiz, I wonder what happened to pilot skills; everyone's so hooked and their whole lives are relied on technology; god forbid someone pilots an aircraft manually like 40's,

  12. Lies! More Republican lies and corruption. its all a bunch a bull. The Trump administration says a lot, all the time; yet, has still (since the beginnings of his presidency) shown any proof of any of his accusations. Not one. They speak and it goes into the wind. There is zero validity to anything they have ever said. This is no different. They did this for Saudi Arabia. They're fighting against Iran right now. Hello. Look behind by the scenes for the truth. You'll never get an ounce of it from this sorry excuse of an adminastration.💩👎🙄 Makes you wonder why Russia feels it can run up on our Navy ships without any backlash from us!? Since when!? This would be the third time this year they ran up and charged our boats. We did nothing. ie TRUMP DID NOTHING. but let's bomb elsewhere where there isn't anyone doing anything as far as they've proven. Putin is showing the world what WHIMPS we are by not doing anything- THAT CLOWN trump is making us weaker by the second. We should ALL BE AFRAID

  13. THE GREATEST TERRORIST IS TRUMP HIMSELF…and lying ALL the times to the American people, supported from Pompeo…liars….

  14. Lets not rush to judge that flight! Remember after 9/11 a flight went down 2 months later in/over Brooklyn. And that flight was because a faulty plane(the tail fell off cause the bolts weren't all in place). So lets not say its Iran yet.

  15. We can't share the evidence that they got their information cuz it might be given up a reliable source people in the news industry should already know that

  16. They first had to clear away all the bodies, luggage, two giant wheel sets, two giant engines, two long wings and massive tail section,…none of which were in evidence when the first responders arrived at Pentagon on 9/11. There were no bodies, luggage, no giant wheel sets, or giant engines, no long wings or massive tail section. Nothing! We were told it 'vaporized'.
    On to Tehran!! Lu,lu,lu,lu,lu!

  17. 3 Missiles were fired at #PS752 intentionally, President of Iran sent a twitter response to Trump about shooting-down a civilian aircraft.

  18. Youth will bring major changes in both Iran and Iraq. That’s the way it should happen. Without ant external influence. The proxy wars fought in the region serve absolutely no purpose. It’s time for peace.

  19. Anybody that subscribes to this channel are as big as jerks as they are. Never can stay consistent with the nightly news.

  20. Iran has been perpetuating terrorism for many years. They have not denied their involvement in the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. They have in fact supported several terrorist attacks into Israel and other countries in the Middle East. The president does not need to get congressional improvement to send US troops into anywhere to protect American lives. The president is not instituting a draft. The military does not want to draft. Snowflakes and other people that are just out to cast stones against this in ministration need to wake up! Of course what will it take you another lost election to do this? Get a grip!

  21. I like how just like the app that the news cast can't keep it up to date on the YouTube video.. probably be a Tuesday before you see Saturday night news

  22. We all know management is under extreme stress to make them deadline from the top! I’m sure some low level employees will take the hit! This is America wtf u thought 💭🤭

  23. Good adaptions as a investigation still pending completement orders.

    Will those people(victims) be justified so we don’t suffer dis-enchantment?

    Iraq and Iran separations of purpose is important! Thanks for those clues.

    Jurisdiction was made to help court balancing separation services.

    We should get more into how communication is actioned with distance shifting and what fair for memory gain and safer translation neatures.

    There should be a reporters union felt and needed eventually made more official. As a Global level exampled.

    Learning what to say to people regarding spiritual qualification with biological law in terms of immunity/ tymunity from deservement fairness challenges and not war related indifference.
    Thanks for staying clear around such things.

    Good news updates! Thank you.

  24. Iran recently killed 1,500 protesters and then even more and shut down the internet when they drove more into the woods and shot them. 500 people were killed at the funeral march by being trampled. What is wrong with these people?

  25. NBC. Listen. Your are ALL Negligent. Do you know the definition of the word negligent? You had one job. Post the news. Where is Jan 11 2020 full broadcast? NBC, you cannot even post your full broadcast on your own channel yet you look at the splinters in everyone’s eye like our president. Your leaving millions of Americans and people across the globe in the dark with your Incompetent laziness. Trump works hard, NBC employees cannot even press a download button and post there full news broadcast, most times late, sometimes never. Your Negligent and responsible for the decay of our country. Trump 2020

  26. please do not vote democrats, this democrats wants to give nuclear deals on iran, and also give power to terrorists. that is why they are mad trump killed the POS terrorist general that killed so many US soldiers. SMH.

  27. Now!!!! Misses Nancy pellossy and her gang of antipatriota USA representativs "do you want also proof and more evidence than Irán did shotdown the Ucranian passenger plane?????? Answer. Please and do not dig on ground your head . Your visceral hate you have against our President is turning your brains traitor to USA.

  28. You should be able to verify later on if your vote was counted I think you can but I'm not sure

  29. To NBC: Obama took out Osama bin laden and we<- you and I and America knew he was a terrorist just like this guy. It was ok then and it is ok now. Just report, it's your job just to give real news not give your opinion.

  30. The president is sitting down doing nothing but going golfing he should try to fix this and just leave Iran and everyone else alone then maybe this wouldn't have happened

  31. Really? "some who are still waiting for loved ones who will not return." Are you kidding? Who would be waiting for some one who isn't going to return? It's all over the media! Not enough drama already in your story? Just needed to cap off this horrific event?

  32. Russia has a small Navy compared to the USA Navy so they try and pump up their chest but they know we are dominant 🙂

  33. What better way to be justified in killing Iranian leaders then to criminalize them and the conflicts in their country. Soleimani and others in iraan were actually trying to unify the Middle East. Much like Kadafi, the US has to make them terrorists in order to justify their assassinations. I've live long enough to see the same Playbook played by the US.

  34. Too bad the Britt's can't put as much focus in the jihadists taking over their country as they do the royal soap opera!


  36. I said to myself that I was not going to make so many comments on social media anymore but I have to this time. Iran shoots down a plane and we see video that all the wreckage has been picked up except for personal items scattered everywhere. Remember shot down with a rocket. 9/11 reports says plane in PA was brought down into a field, created a perfect shaped crater and all debris disintegrated. Really America? No evidence of a plane in PA, NY nor at the Pentagon and yet you still believe the narrative given. So sad.

  37. I knew it! My theory is correct Iran is allies with North Korea and North Korea is allies with China and China is with Russia this is now ww3 ladies and gentlemen and another destroyed plane but this time it was a missile again people were expecting another 9/11 but nope it was this now causing the death of 600 of course we will declare war on Russia and Iran little do we know they also allied themselves with China and North Korea while we have turkey,Canada and of course the UK and if we do this war millions are getting drafted we are looking at a full draft sweep so we now know that many are fleeing the draft and the war while this time India does not stay neutral but is not on ww3 India has a war of its own meanwhile if we help Australia we might make another alliance with Australia maybe some evacuations and maybe we could send fire teams to help with fire so for now Australia is neutral but if we mess with India India is gonna go through two wars ww3 on whatever side and on the other war idc to even talk about but this is just the beginning and don’t worry JAPAN is by our side so we got

    US allies:

    Iranian alliance:
    North Korea

    So it’s a 5v5 a war to the death
    If you are fleeing the war like this comment

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