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  1. I remember all too well the eye rolls and laughs I got from close friends/acquaintances for me being the "prepper" type. They aren't laughing anymore…..

  2. Hey Mike Bloomberg I guess you didn’t have enough money to buy the American public out 💪💪💪🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  3. Bloomberg just said last night that he wouldn’t drop out last night and endorse joe Biden… and then dropped out to endorse joe Biden…

  4. If you get confefe19 and don't have healthcare–go to a tRump rally and talk about the universal benefits of universal healthcare.

  5. Manipulation is so interesting. Buy wipes, purell too and all that stuff as your life depends on it, but only buy two weeks worth. Kinda horrific when most living in the USA can only afford, at best, two days of food. Hear that?

  6. If everyone, sick or not sick, self-quarantined when possible, wore the N95 masks and wore gloves whenever near other people or pets, didn't eat finger foods or engage in other risky behaviors, for 30 days, the covid-19 virus would die by this time next month. You want the cure? That's the cure.

  7. What’s up with the old looking presidents it’s like they are getting older and older No young presidents

  8. It was said on this program that Covid is spread via droplets. Actually that is only one of three major ways to spread the disease. You should be more accurate/instructive.

  9. If it’s such a low risk, only coughs and sneezes, why are people having to wear hazmat suits that handle patients with covid-19?

  10. I'm finished with the democratic party. I did & will vote for Bernie but, if Biden gets dominated I'm voting for Trump, and I will never vote for a democrat again.

  11. Quid pro Joe. & Hunter will not fly in America. Part of the corrupt deep state whiich is shjaking in its boots;. Justice will fall sooner than later.

  12. Deepest condolences to falks hit by tornado in Tennesee from Nagano, Japan.   We know you will rebuild the town.


  14. Me: ''plays for the first time''
    Plauge inc: Press the icon to start the virus
    Shows Icon on china

  15. I AM A BERNIE Supporter and i WOULD NEVER Vote for Biden if he takes the nomination – many other Bernie followers also agree

  16. 🦠🦠🦠🦠 Coronavirus is smarter than the Stupid Politicians and Doctors 😷😷😷😷😷

  17. US drug companies do not even make their drugs in US? Do they just sit around drinking lattes figuring out maximum cost we'll pay to stay alive? DISGUSTING!!

  18. Fear, fear, fear……… sells. Shame on you, MSNBC! More people die in car accidents and heart attacks every day than from COVID-19.

  19. My prediction is, by the end of March the virus will be in all 50 states (maybe not Hawaii) and by the end of April will be in almost all large cities..

  20. the complicity of the media is incredible on all angles- all news they are shameless blameless and sold out

  21. One person can infect 10 persons by contact. Pls stay 6 feet away from each other. And pls do not wear mask. Pls explain the logic. Govt told people not to wear mask because they know that there are not enough marks.

  22. No, leave the Cruise Ship on the ocean. Don't let anybody off that cruise ship with ANYTHING they bought on the cruise ship including ALL luggage and clothing. Period!

  23. Don’t talk to Chinese don’t talk to Italians…got it…..no take out and no Olive Garden 😷😷😷

  24. its a hoax, only 15 people affected, all well now, it will simply blow away, if its safe to fly, why doesn't trump catch a commercial flight to Nashville Friday, show the nation its safe to fly, im a conservative voter but this is absurd, forget the wall, we got bigger problem spreading across the nation…..fox news are going to pay hefty price for not reporting whats really going on….

  25. Ugh I’m heading to LAX tomorrow night ! We couldn’t find masks but we will be taking a lot of Clorox wipes to disinfect everything before we touch it.

  26. It reminds me of the H1N1 epidemic in the US in 2009. One week ago, people were fiercely arguing about the pros and cons of flu vaccine. A week later they were waiting in long lines to get it after realizing the flu was killing people QUICKLY! 10 years later, Americans don't learn the lesson. Wear face masks! They have all pros no cons.

  27. Omg…..the casinos all over the United states is a petrie dish!!!! They are awful for cleaning all machines.

  28. Stop scaring people biased left wing NBC, Trump is going to get re elected if you like it or not! Trump2020! Joementia will never win, what a puppet!

  29. Just outta curiousity, were these "machines" that were being used up in Los Angeles machines that the orange baboon's brat bought from China? Id so, I think any votes from those be tossed and paper ballots. That is what was in my area in San Diego. Also, the polling people gave the ballot back to me and I placed my ballot in a well taped up box.

  30. Let’s talk about why we have prison busses in Florida secretly bringing SICK or Possibly sick Chinese immigrants?

  31. It does not matter about the citizens, money is the game in the USA. The democrats will be shown to be as corrupt as the Republicans. Burisma will be the Republican campaign song, there is no way to separate a father and son. The elite rich and wealthy that own the media are so happy, they have been trying to disgrace Sanders from day one. Yet we know the corporate democrats are really just republican-lite.

  32. come on NBC joining in on bashing Sanders cause the rich own NBC News. thanks you NBC keep making America dumber

  33. Why are men being made to cheer this is so crazy..Why can't MEN just be men..Why are we trying to make them.be like little girls,,I hate this,,,

  34. to those who are already wearing masks/goggles out there now….be aware that the virus can live outside the body for up to 24hrs ,so do not touch your hair etc and wipe down the inside of your cars..take a shower new fresh clothes…gl..

  35. Is it safe to travel to LONDON 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  36. this was a free 10 minute Joe Biden advertisement followed by 10 mins of gaslighting the pandemic of fear surrounding Coronavirus 🙄

  37. The daddy bolts ..oh just loved it.. and to the trumpsters.. the virus is not going to spare you because you support him, instead because of his ineptness a lot more people will die regardless of political party affiliation

  38. It will spread all over the US so society will need to adjust to this new virus just like it has adjusted to the yearly flue. It's a shame that we in this modern-day and age still have such a long lead time from new drugs are discovered until they become available to the general public. Let's put Elon Musk on the task, he's got some innovative ideas in other lines of business so maybe he could "shake-up" that industry as well 😉

  39. I've recently watched a documentary on what part of a plane is the dirtiest, it's actually the headrest! No one ever thinks to wipe there, thus when it was checked it grew the most microbes.

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