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  1. Homes in "Tornado Alley" should have a basement or some type of emergency shelter room, just in case. 🌪️

  2. Mr. Trump, let the medical experts handle the coronavirus case: an impresario or a politician knows nothing of epidemics or human health…

  3. People need to chill out over the corona virus…its being used to panic you. Look at the stock crap. Just take usual common cold an flu precautions.

  4. The United States and Chinese officials knew about this virus in December 2019. Where is the CDC? Yet Commercial airlines were flying these infected folks around the globe as recently as February 20, 2020. What are we paying the CDC and the WHO to keep us safe?

  5. President minimize the real problem. Somebody needs to be fired. We saw the problem in China and didn’t prepare for it

  6. if the price of masks does not go up and stays at say $2 per mask, then what keeps them for sale, they will just sell out to a few people and then the masses cant get them. Its not gouging, its capitalism and it helps put the brakes on one person buying them all up

  7. Price gouging… people have no shame. I keep my hand sanitizer on me so when I get off the train I can use it. Today I get to my stop and put some on and there’s an elderly woman next to me and she says that’s smart. So I ask her if she would like some and she says yes. I pour some on her hands and she thanked me like 5 times. I’ll never understand how people can be so selfish and greedy.

  8. Before they were got on the cruise ship, they already knew Corona virus outbreak based on Diamond Princess cruise ship, but they don't care.

  9. Leave it to America…fake news, fake tests😷.. $$$ who do you trust. Maybe short on purpose? More tested… the numbers go up and then all panic. Some people positive yet asymptomatic carriers and are spreaders. Clean surfaces,wear gloves, mask and protective eye wear. Public/Cash,pens,touch pads,computer keyboads, credit card machines, door knobs, gas for car, resturants,schools, job, public bathrooms, oh my …how can u avoid this ?? Stay home.

  10. Imagine the chef in that cruise has virus and he coughs & sneezes on passengers food while preparing for them…scary😧

  11. US is repeating what was failed in Japan. It makes no sense to test on board, just get them on shore and isolate the people for a better situation.

  12. Hope they cut Harvy’s nuts off… just a little snip and all done… he won’t miss them when he’s in prison…

  13. Here’s the thing…people who have the virus or have died from contracting the virus already have some sort of preexisting health conditions. Another thing is that they’re over the age of 60 and children have been shown not to contract the virus as well. Stop panicking. This isn’t something like Ebola. It’s simply just a novel Corona virus. With that being said please stop going out and buying tons of hand sanitizers as well as face masks. There are other people who are more sick than people who are “just being precautionary”. Please practice good hygiene such as coughing and sneezing into the crease of your elbow and washing your hands throughly with soap and water for 20 seconds (sing the abc’s or happy birthday twice). This also doesn’t give you an excuse to be racist towards people who might be from certain countries like China.

  14. and if we aren't making test kits fast enough, why isn't our government buying some from south korea?

  15. The usa not having tests kits ready is shocking ……….people are dieing while trump thinks it's no big deal

  16. I'm curious to the fACT tHE shot of the cruise ship in the bay is PHoTOshoPPed.
    Is the wATEr level too hIGh to get it PAST the bRIDge? Or did the all paSSengers fall into the MYsterious VENTures of the 7 SEAS?

  17. Who cares about Wall Street!! O that’s right Joe Biden does b/c he voted to bail them out in 2008, all those rich and wealthy…. what about the middle class and the poor

  18. Close all the schools close subways clean the schools clean the street clean the subway for 2 weeks to stop the spread of of the virus. No one needs to die.

  19. 3:18 are we still believing the Eastern Seaboard isnt disguised as the 280 sq mt' at the end of the Privatized ToLL RoAD, TX130….
    Come one, come ALL!ENGland. ALS0
    I'm curious to the fACT tHE shot of the cruise ship in the bay is PHoTOshoPPed.
    Is the wATEr level too hIGh to get it PAST the bRIDge? Or did the all paSSengers fall into the MYsterious VENTures of the 7 SEAS?
    The light is always red on someone bringing to surface the lies. From Erie to Michigan, and Superior still isn't listening to MOTHer uniVERSE.

  20. This is Deja vu with Diamond Princess and now Grand Princess being quarantined. Japan quarantine failed. This one will too. You cannot isolate in a cruise ship. The rooms are not designed for it. That is why we isolate people in rooms with negative air pressure now. I suggest you jump off the ship. Rather spend a couple days in jail and a fine than weeks on that ship.

  21. If you drank Boone's farm as a teenager your going to be safe from the virus and please stop showing NYC Bodegas as if that's the big chain store's empty shelves..

  22. How about people handling Paper currency or even coin currency and as dirty as it is?? ..PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS AND KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR FACE until you wash and sanitize!! No need to hoard everyday items ..chill a little!! At the same time being careful of public tasks.Simple thought will help alot.

  23. Hey Warren, you're not out because of sexism. You're out because of lie-ism. Who can trust you? I sure don't.

  24. People are not devoping immunites to this so even if they show no symptoms today they can become infected again tomorrow.

  25. To develop the vaccine of Wuhwan Corona Vurus, CCP must open Wuhwan Virus Lab, the epicenter, immediately without hiding any information and data, where the corona virus had been leaked. Othetwise, CCP will be considered the criminal who had manufactured such virus as a germ weapon for a malevolent purpose.

  26. I don't feel bad for the cruisers. It's not like they didn't know. I love cruising, but I love being alive more.

  27. What’s the price of Everclear right now 🤣😂. The WHO have published a recipe for an ISO based hand sanitiser. Designed for developing countries, just like the USA. 🤣😂🤣😂

  28. Amazon doesn't need to to just pull the product listing, they need to shut down the account of the seller. Seriously!

  29. Never underestimate the influence of a woman over a man…itz been known to pull a king right off his throne.

  30. They should ask the recovered passengers to donate blood plasma, their blood contain antibodies to fight it

  31. Go figure mass panic in the USA and here I am in Veneto Italy and I haven't got a worry except the US not letting me back in despite everyone there in a cesspool of infection with no plan 😂😂😂

  32. Why do you say it's news that we don't have enough test kits? The U.S. has NEVER had enough test kits. We are behind other countries.

  33. NY is asking people to isolate them selves for 14 days. That's great NY , if this virus would have been more deadly just dont find yourself on NY.

  34. Oh poooor meeeeee.im out here going in circles.wtf did you go on a cruise after what happened infecting us world wide. I guese your entertainment was more important than the publics safety.what a joke

  35. The president does have a point that the 3.4% fatality rate is probably overstated, at least in the United States. There is strong evidence in Seattle that the virus has been spreading undetected for six or seven weeks. This indicates there may be a larger number of milder infections than previously believed.

  36. All of those clowns standing around Trump as he spews lies about the corona virus, starting with his czar of the C virus Mike Pence and his truly sleepy brain surgeon 😒 in charge of whatever, need to grow a good pair of cojones. Whatever deaths happen because of the Corona virus is attributable to these spineless Republicans.
    And now the Democrats have colluded to once again deny Bernie Sanders! God help us all!

  37. Who thought I would ever be grateful to be a retired bedridden person… thus almost NO chance of being exposed! But worry about my son who is with a nationally known band traveling to cities around the US exposed to thousands!!! Pray for my son PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  38. I'm going to need high blood pressure medication before this election is over. This corrupt government needs to go.

  39. Coronavirus can save the human race from a worse fate.
    We can have 10 billion humans living in a highly polluted atmosphere and a toxic ocean in 30 years.
    Or coronavirus eliminates the old, sick and weak and leaves behind a younger, healthy generation and children to start fresh.
    Mother nature is fed up with humans destroying her planet, so she is doing house cleaning, sorta like a Noah's Ark clean up.

  40. What is wrong with American media ? ! This virus is very contagious and one person has managed to infect whole 200 person in closed environment, within church. They should be ringing bells already. Next week, over in America, this will go ballistic.

  41. Get them isolated onshore ASAP. Haven’t their learned anything from the Diamond Princess in Japan? Get the elderly off first. They can’t stay there till April Ttrumpf ffs.

  42. Should we buy extra food and keep it as stock ? i heard shipping and logistic are starting to stop. no import food n drugs. so Food will get shortage in few weeks. My famiy already stock foods for three month.

  43. This is just a dry run like a lifeboat drill because when the truly virulent pandemics arrive due to climate related factors there won't be any doubt.

  44. Are they not aware that Chuck was calling back comments made by the Republican justice they just shoved down our throats?

  45. Weinstein at Rikers Island days before he was to check-in….. doesn't want to catch the coronavirus. So watch Dim Donny catch it and not know it.

  46. Don't listen to CDC they are telling healthy people not to buy masks because it won't stop you from getting it. Then they say they need them to protect doctors from sick patients so they don't get sick. Ok that means masks will protect healthy people from getting it like it will protect doctors. 2 dogs have tested positive overseas. Dogs can't cover their mouths and noses when sneezing. Geez they think people are stupid.

  47. When this virus was hitting China so badly in Wuhan, most  US medias and Americans were critsiizing China on everything.  Now we will see how The  allmighty America will contain this virus. Esp with D Trunp as band master.  Goodluck

  48. Warning some people are saying, for those who died from Coronavirus will rise up as zombie to bite and infect others! That is FAKE NEWS!!!

  49. See it's only when this virus hit you then you feel it eh!  But i know most American people agree with what I am trying to say.  Dont ever make fun of others when we don't even know what will happen to us 2moro.  God bless America!

  50. Hey NBC, why don't you plaster video of folks talking about the virus overtop of images of the virus on a microscopic level so as to try to instill more fear in your viewers minds. This is what you do on purpose huh? Why not show images of dead people laying in hospital beds? That would work better to scare your viewers into going out and purchasing unnecessary things like sanitizer and masks. One might think NBC owns 3M that makes masks or the companies that make hand sanitizers. Keep up the good work with your Propaganda effort and your scare tactics. Maybe the folks in the graphic department can create a video game with those virus balls attacking people. MSM makes me sick just watching the way they try to shock and awe the public into going out and "stocking" up on anything they don't need. This virus is no more deadly than the common flu which kills thousands per year.

  51. We in Canada we are prepared for every eventuality.  Canadians don't make fun of others.  We help and assist those who need help.

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