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  2. F…. ing slave owners…burn them at the stack ! America has been crucial to it's own people, when will it stop ?

  3. Same thing with Trump "I've done nothing wrong" he is never wrong in his head and if it involves him: "it's a witch hunt!" Are our citizens that ingorant and hateful to love a powerful narcissist…? Why is are country getting more pathetic and sad…

  4. In regards to the new jumbo sized Mall, i certainly dont think an increase in size is the answer, Yes.. there is something to be said about including amusement rides and likewise Park attractions, but overall the failure of Malls is due to the fact that people dont like the shopping experience. Specifically much of the problem comes from the retailers not improving their stores, the layout , the look, the whole process is mostly antiquated, also the stores must provide whats needed by the customer and not pick and choose via demographics. Many of the once top retailers have either gone bankcrupt or near bust because their business model was to exlude many potential buyers. Creating clothing only for what they considered better looking people. Young Thin so-called model like. And charging enormous prices for basic clothing. It was a formula that worked for many years until the nations financial crisis occured. Niche luxury retailers took a hit while bargan retailer like OLD NAVY began to flourish. As for the malls itself, they need more attractions that offset the shopping. Many malls, even many older but larger malls have long included things like iceskating rinks, Mostly coming to an end in the late 80's Malls use to have Video Game Arcades. but due to increased crime, many Malls began closing them in favor for eating venues.

  5. Trump must be removed from office, but who are they that are tasked with this? Some very crooked individuals. Our nation is sharply divided against itself and will fall.

  6. Cummings backed HER and lied that he never saw Bernie Sanders at any civil rights marches. Cummings stood back as Bill Clinton signed a law that would put more black people in prison.

  7. By far my most favorite anchor- where did NBC find Lester- great name also, I went to kindergarten with a Lester, who is a formable man also.

  8. Noctice all these older corrupt politicians are dieing at a crazy rate ? Theres getting there wrath from god finally !!!

  9. 6:10 "The context of that comment is unclear." But we'll imply it is about exactly what we want you to think. Way to go NBC!

  10. Political stage in US and whole world are so real like wars in middle east the same . Thanks for high technology of Good POWER .

  11. Pray for all the wildlife and little animals that are overtaking in these fires. The excruciating pain must been unbearable, may they die quick death

  12. It would be cheaper for PG&E to simply put the power lines Underground, then to continuously be sued for for them constantly putting people and animals in danger and all the deaths.

  13. Loyalty to a man, loyalty to a nation, how about loyalty to humanity? President Trump is a negative. We need more positive in the world.

  14. Mr. Trump, you being elected was the worst hoax in the history of this country. That swamp you were going to drain is overflowing. The American people thank you for the great roads and bridges, the excellent healthcare that replaced Obamacare and oh let's not forget the great big wall that was paid for by Mexico. NOT!!! The best part of your presidency will be when you leave office!

  15. Lester should have said "a few thousand Californians and tens of thousands of illegals" were forced to flee their homes.

  16. People need to start waking up.. never has there ever been this many fires ever this is terrorism.. it makes good news to distract everyone with

  17. Good morning everyone I'm not surprised how forty five have people lie and go to jail for him knowing he is dirty let's as longs as you are white and rich you can do what you want

  18. You want to protect Kurdish people get off that podium at your news stand pick up a gun and go over there we won't stop you just make sure my brother passes by you coming home from there because he doesn't need to die over there.

  19. As a Canadian, I knew who Elijah Cummings was and respected the man for his morals and compassion. A true loss. My condolences to the family.

  20. This is exactly what that young prophet Diego Ortiz said, God would punish the US with water and fire 🔥 and this is just the beginning 😢😢

  21. Grew up in Maryland, I had an amazing history teacher. Because of him this 53 year old white woman saw the life of a true hero a girl could look up to Ms. Tubman. This was in 1983…thank you to the great educators out there.

  22. The fifty or so troops Trump pulled out of northern Syria were fairly safe human shields since neither the Turks or Kurds had any real incentive to harm them. But the thousands sent to Saudi Arabia definitely are. Apparently the Iranian missiles easily found their way through an ineffective missile defence system. Why can't they do it again, taking out the oil installations and the troops?

  23. I find it sad and disgusting that we abandoned our allies,that poor girl fought and was injured for us,just like our own troops.god help them .the horrors of this is unfathomable

  24. Wow! I am for getting out of the Middle East, completely but to stay to protect the Syrian oil fields takes on a whole new level in our terrible foreign policies! Our presence there has always been about the oil and the money. That is why the Congress here was up in roars about leaving there.

  25. Cicely Tyson as Harriet Tubman was a powerful portrayal. Not sure this movie will top that. But nice to see a whole new generation learning her significance in history.

  26. No Mr. President no, YOU are the worst hoax , the worst joke in the history of this country, but the donkey will have the last laugh.

  27. Thanks for another night of the news. Even though it’s the morning for me 😆 I definitely will be buying that book. Looks to be a good read.

  28. Yeah so the Dumbocrats win an impeachment order by a Judge who is probably a Catholic Jesuit! What a travesty…all the dems want is to destroy America with civil war to start with!

  29. 100,000 middle class tax payers have left Los Angeles this year. With 100,000 homeless Garcetti can just move them into those homes. California gets more liberal Democrat voters . Win Win

  30. Prayers and for America let us 🙏 repent and confess and turn back to our Lord Jesus. Enough with the immorality. God is not happy with what is happening with sinful behavior.

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