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  1. Instead of cooperating with govt to look into Epstein death, the media and their support tycoons TRIED to downplay BARR , they were so scared that BARR will uncover all the truth . Dont think American people are stupid.. i bet they hired millions people to bring up the name BARR and try to influence to stop him. Don't even dream !!!

  2. For the record
    All the William Barr haters should know he Never flew on Epstein's jet ever. Bill Clinton flew 26 times with Epstein

  3. EPSTEIN is Dead !! Because they said so ! " I saw the gurney and the Ambulance " OK, now I believe what MSNBC and the controlled lamestream media is passing on to us .

  4. If she knows that her allegations against AG Barr are not valid or good enough, then her only reason to bring them up is to muddle the waters, not very professional. Just another crook.

  5. The multi millions, 5 stories building in Paris own by Jeffrey Epstein. The address : 22, avenue Foch, Paris, France. Check it out at Google maps.

  6. This is done to hide the truth!! The court will busy dealing with the lawsuits that the criminal court will not deal with who was involved in the criminal ring !!

  7. I would just like to see all the names of these pedophiles come to light and that they are known to the public and put to shame

  8. Why have the guards not been given a lie detector test….really. What are we now the Saudi of North America maybe they should have just chopped him up a flushed him.

  9. Clinton's case of impeachment. maybe. did not go deep enough. in case! they might of found/ that Clinton was in on it. at the time. with Epstein, at the time of impeachment. just a guess.

  10. They broke his neck while they strangled him 😆. Nobody was more shocked and appalled by Epsteins suicide then Epstein

  11. Really? Barr's ENTIRE CAREER is based on actual, real and hard impropriety, on breaking the law to shield presidential crimes, on cheating and lying to the public, and he has been doing that successfully for DECADES. He is so corrupt, even the birds on the trees know that, so why should he bother about mere appearances? His back is well covered by Heritage Foundation, Donald & co, so he has nothing to worry about. And he is getting feistier and stronger. He'll keep doing his dirty work until someone handcuffs him.

  12. This is a good law they did,👍 and I agree getting an outside investigator, can’t be a Democrat either because there’s so many Democrats involved in this … just look at Epstein’s black book..

  13. Next time America should vote for men of integrity like Dr. Ben Carson for President. Someone with an open book past.

  14. I am sure there are going to be many, many more to come out and say he took pu$$y from them too, now that everyone knows just how much he was worth!! They will try to get their hands on some of that wealth that he once had. By the way, America already knows why Trump has ordered an investigation. He wants to be sure that the investigators make sure his name stays hidden from what he and Epstein were doing in the earlier years.

  15. why haven't the victims of trumps say he was there too.  We know that trump and Epstein use to hang out and party and they even talked about young girls.  Trump knew and he also walk in on young teenage virgins at his  pageants while they were getting dressed

  16. Love Joyce Vance! She is absolutely correct about Barr recusing himself. Also confidence in Barr, just isn't there! He has burned his bridges to truth long ago. His reputation stands true today about being a cover up, dirty, criminal player. Actually it would be great if he resigned but recusal helps. He is putting his own spin to early on in the case to be believable! Give it up Barr!!!

  17. Yeah, Barr has damaged the rep of the AG and the legal system. He's untrustworthy, a liar and covered for Trump by misrepresenting the Mueller Report. HE IS SUSSED. He cannot be the investigator without EVERYONE knowing he is quite capable and WILL cover again.

  18. The public might loose confidence ??….dude that happened in the 1960s……the gov's only worsened..

  19. Oops⁉️
    The Priests can’t be protected anymore by the pope who has been very silent about child abusers
    – and the Religious Right has a very Huge Target on their backs now…

    Everything is on a Perfect Schedule before the beginning of 2020

    But what is even more interesting, the Guns are even waking up the police, that they are at risk now after the Philadelphia shootings … That police Chief couldn’t even give his interview without looking like a mouse caught in a trap.
    – He just kept repeating himself with the look of fear in his eyes, that they are also a target of the white supremacy robots.

  20. Roman Catholic Church? There's not enough space in all the prisons in planet earth to accommodate those sick pedophiles.

  21. Barr will not recuse himself because he has to make sure Epstein's association with his father will never be investigated…too many coincidences

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  23. Credit has to be given to Trump for bring out the darker side of America. It is now a total bubbling swamp, full of swamp things.

  24. How does someone get enough momentum in a prison cell to break their neck by hanging? What's up that high to tie a rope to? Hang yourself from the top of a bunk bed and I would imagine you would choke to death.

  25. hmmm.. can't rip up a pleas agreement? the native Americans would disagree. every treaty the U.S. made was broken. 40+…. not applicable?

  26. Every time it's the same story. Many "victims" kept going back for years until one finally got cut off from the golden teat and spilled the beans. Then they all jump on the gimme money train, and suddenly they have parents?? Who are also traumatized to learn of what happened, for years. :-/ Any time a wealthy man has any crack exposed, the cockroaches immediately try to crawl through it into the vault.

  27. Go to Whitney Webb's four part series on this sexual blackmail ring…Epstein inherited it, at

  28. It has been a week and I have not word ONE WORD on ANY news what Epstein hung himself WITH.!NOT a single news source has even questioned

  29. Make America Great Again: Sue those who cause irrepairable damage to Vulnerable Child, Youth. No paper agreements, more court action. Inexcusable and probably more still at risk as usual.

  30. I don't say this lightly, but you should stop featuring Joyce Vance…unless it's for a daily apology for vouching for Barr before his confirmation. She's already done enough damage

  31. Why should there be any statute of limitations in sexual assault cases anyway? Or for that matter obstruction of justice?

  32. Let’s see how you defend the Clintons when the real news drops!

    Oh I see it now you will attack Bill Barr and try to say he needs to recuse himself just like you did on the last investigation.

  33. Where is Madam Maxwell, her extradition request and draft Indictment? Will Billy Boy Barr do as an excellent cover up job as he did on covering up the Muller report? I'm sure his dads employment of the non college graduate teaching the kids of Dalton won't get a mention

  34. Strangle or hang the sexual offenders. F*** off Barr. You are a known faker and an a**hole as most of America already knows.

  35. you fooled me once with USS LIBERTY shame on you fool me twice shame on me. He is escaped. Show us at least some grainy Camera footage ! Any pictures of his autopsy? BS

  36. With all the governments we’ve toppled or destabilized, this shouldn’t be a surprise. America and it’s elites are pro at taking people out. This time around just seemed so blatant and nonchalant

  37. Breaking news: jail guards who held slumber party while Epstein committed suicide found dead on brand new luxury yatchs from apparent suicides.

  38. This attorney has given no basis for Barr's recusal. She did not define a clear conflict of interest. His association with Acosta as cabinet members? So ridiculous.

  39. Barr organized the murder of Epstein. He's so darn corrupt and Trump and both Clinton's are also guilty. All of them are ruined by the black book documents. Barr will destroy the evidence. But psychics say Epstein had a small house in Australia packed full of these books and documentation. Someone get this "place
    In the right hands now" NOT UNDER FBI BARR…. thank you.

  40. Why William Barr paid a visit to Epstein hours before this so called “suicide”? Barr must explain this to the American people. That visit has an eerie similarity with the one that Tom Hagen did to Frank Pentangeli in the “Godfather 2” movie. Remember? Hours later, Pentangeli cut his wrist veins with a lettuce leaf. Or was Barr just carrying the rope or whatever? Call him to testify before the House of Representives.

  41. All were involved USA Dem, Rep, Royals, Israel, Saudi Arabia and so many other elites. David explained very well. So sick of people victim blaming and "what I would have done statements". This is so beyond any minor child can deal with.

  42. Ghislaine Louise Maxwell was seen today together with her dog having a burger at the Universal City reading a book called The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. 
    Her message/intention is for the public to believe "Epstein is DEAD!" & that he was a CIA agent and not a Mossad agent!

  43. Civil lawsuits are all good as long as the criminal investigation results in arrests and convictions of the wealthy pedos involved !

  44. DOJ has loss the trust of the people that happen when the corrupt attack innocents like Trump just cause they can

  45. Its simple. They need special counsel who has full power to go into deep state criminals that is in the media. Yes this woman is a deep state operative.

  46. William the Shredder Barr and the whole world knows it. I think the "Big Donors" and Trump are yanking his chain. I believe the pedo Island raid was just for show. AND I hope Bill Clinton faces down Trump in court in a case of "I'll tell all bc it will bring you down!!"

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