New COVID-19 cases in S. Korea rise by 334 on Thursday bringing total to 1,595; 1 additional death

alarming numbers of coronavirus cases
here in South Korea the country reports over 1500 confirmed cases as of today
with the total of 13 deaths from the virus for the latest on koban 19 here in
South Korea we connector which is immune who’s on the line for us
now Chung UN hundreds more people were confirmed to have the virus yes June
South Korea confirmed 334 new cases on Thursday this brings the total number in
the country to 1595 since the country’s first infection on January 20th this is
the highest number of infections in a single day most of the cases were in
tegu and the southeastern part of the country 307 of the new cases are
integral and for each from chong sample store and chungcheongnam-do provinces
south korea central region also saw new cases six more in Seoul three intogen
and foreign Changi de province South Korea also reported at 13th death on
Thursday the 73 year old men from tegu was one of the dose related to the shin
kanji religious group he was tested for the virus last Sunday
and the results came back positive on Tuesday he seemed to have no special
symptoms other than fever and a cough but started to have difficulty breathing
on Thursday morning and died after CPR now because of the rapid spread of the
virus are places and venues have been closed or a close contact with other
people is impossible to avoid so how are things going in that regard well seoul
city has bent all assemblies scheduled to happen in the center of the city it
has expended the area where assemblies are been to now include Tohno so
protesters won’t be able to gather in most parts of central seoul rows near
Seoul Plaza had already been restricted the government said those who hold
assemblies in the area could be fined up to 2,500 u.s. dollars and in the spread
of the virus all sixteen diathesis of the Korean Catholic Church have halted
all messes such measures are a first in 236 years of Catholic Church in Korea
the nation’s railway operator Korail has also temporarily stopped lines that are
mostly used by group tourists lines include the O train which circles
through central region and the S train that runs along the coast of southern
parts the number of National Express busses suitengu have also been caught as
passenger numbers have plunged due to the outbreak there

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