News in Levels

Hi everyone misses Brad I’m on news in
levels calm and what they’re doing right here is they’re asking you
they’ll show you a picture and you’re supposed to answer the question so in
this case I’m going to say it’s a book there are 15 questions that come up I’m
going to go through and shall I of them I’ll come right back in a second okay so
I’m finishing up here just saying if that’s a candle and then we’re going to
have hook and last one I believe root and then there may be a column coming up
here there we go all right so once we answer these what will happen is you’re
going to see the name comes up so let’s just say name is Jack and email is
Reggie tail now will happen is this will send you an email with the results that
come up so and with the name right in there which is a nice feature to have so
it can send to your Tricia to teacher count into your personal account now
what will happen is you can see that there are three levels and then you can
see under each one are ones that go along so let’s just go to a funny one
and when it comes up here sometimes it does take up a little bit of time you
can see the French spider-man so we’re going to check out let’s just say maybe
we want to do level one even though we chose level three it can still give you
three levels here so if we select level one you can see there’s just it’s very
kind of short and then the students need to they can listen to it as well a man climbs a building it is the fourth
highest building in Barcelona it knows in 29 stories the man climbs it in 20
minutes so we’re going to pause that right there you can see that then you
can also come up with if that is their correct level that’s great that works
out well you have level two which is a little bit longer and then level three
as well this is a great site to to check out and use especially for those English
English language learners that you may have or younger students sliced it for
them to hear the story read aloud to them as well there are no quizzes or
anything like that in there it’s just for learning to read there is an app
that is for iOS and for Android and it works very nicely it’s a very clean site
there aren’t any ads and things like that on there if you have any questions
let me know thanks for watching take care bye bye

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