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  1. No wonder everyone is losing their minds ….bad , bad , and nothing but doom and gloom ….maybe everyone needs to just smoke weed or eat gummies ….

  2. “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.”– John Maynard Keynes
    The lesser of 2 evils… Democratic or Republican.. Democratic is Socialism-Republican is Capitalism.. America is to the Republic for which it stands ' one nation… keep the wall.. under God.. means God is 1st.. indivisible with liberty & justice for all (Americans). Cash is paper… Money is resources(Gold & Silver). Capitalist DJTump has cash(USD Billionaire)he wants resources.. more resources = more power "For Us" "The people" – [Bane Voice]

  3. This is why I hate NBC news.She say the impeached President .He's not impeached til Nancy sends the articles to the Senate and they won't impeach him.NBC is fake news.

  4. where you know Donald Trump just wanted to take some pictures with the North Korea leader and he played them like a ping pong machineevendale United States citizen knew he wasn't going to get rid of his nuclear weapons what Donald Trump was on national TV lying to his base but the educated people knew he was lying the North Korean leader played Donald Trump like he was nothing because you can see your food coming a mile awayand you can tell if you educated and then you with someone who's not educated this not up on politics or what's going on you can just telland you wonder why all these national leaders or laughing at Donald Trump and his Republican party in the Senate and those on the Republican committeeyou can see how how uneducated and stupid he looks when he's around those leaders and then you look out educated that these leaders or and when you educated and not up on things they don't want you in the mix because you don't know nothing

  5. He is NOT impeached because Pelosie has multiple personality disorders and has manipulated the people in the House as well as liberal and Dem. Americans. It's all spiteful and dishonest, a coup is not impeachment!!!!!!! Wake up!!mm

  6. under this President it's just going to be war at the war after war cuz he don't read briefings he don't know what's going on he got all these uneducated professionals in these positions that don't know about the positions they are in

  7. I thought Donald Trump said that the North Korean leader was playing this man don't play games Donald Trump read your briefing you need to learn to read

  8. Donald Trump impeachment is not a host it would go down in history that you are in peach stop trying to play this game that black people play like you don't know what's going on we have been playing this game for a long long timeyou are compromised by foreign governments in dictators that's why you do not want to show your taxes you beating the people out of their tax money you're getting rich off the government because you haven't done anything for the American people pass the minimum wage raise it upif you want to do something for the American people and stop harming those in need infant babies toddlers and kids and teenagers have you told your base yet that y'all are cutting social security that they pay into why don't you just get up and tell them the truth about everything you doing behind closed doors you in the Republican

  9. I think Donald Trump meant to say we wish all foreign dictators and governments a merry merry Christmas cuz they're getting big money to pass deals of these foreign governments

  10. After ALL of the lies and fake conspiracies – Trump WILL remain President and win again in 2020 – so what WAS the point of impeachment? Just to "try" to put a "stain" upon his reputation? All a huge waste of time, effort and resources that could have been used to work with Trump and HELP our country even more than he already has. Most mainstream media is propaganda and outright LIES. *Please, just do your own research. Just look at other countries and how they've mastered the art of propaganda – all thanks to the teachings of Edward Bernays. Nearly all mainstream media is truly fake and slanted against our President.

  11. I'm so tired of listening to all the BS going on in our gov't. Its like all the branches of govt r small children …arguing and making accusations. Its gotten so annoying to listen to

  12. OMG! Prince Arthur (Prince Harry & Megan's Baby) is a reincarnate of King Henry VIII. I'm sure Elizabeth II is aware of the resemblance. Stuart blood!

  13. whats absurd is the jurors are in cahoots with the defendents. perhaps the judge could get involved to preside over a fair trial?

  14. Who doesn't know The Christmas supprise is North Korea dropped out of the nuclear talks because the Trump impeachment . duh what deal can be made with Trump when he's impeached?

  15. Until the articles of impeachment are delivered to the Senate…..Potus is not impeached…. When he gets a fair trial like any other citizen , he 'll not be impeached either. You can say it over and over but the Senator says there are prodicals that have not yet been carried out. Don't care how many times you say he is impeached, it ain't happening.

  16. I was told this winter was going to be awfully cold but it’s been very warm lately, kinda hoping summer comes sooner, I hate the cold

  17. That Notra Dame should be torn down period as it is a cult sect any way and has nothing to do with Christianity. Listen to the Pope as you will hear it for yourself. Their god, is not the God of the Bible but they do worship Satan in their practice of the mass. If people just wake up to the history of that cult, there would be less fuss about that old building paid for by the selling of indulgences.

  18. The people want a fair trial in the Senate. This isn't a partisan "game"–this is the way the people root out corruption. NO ONE is above the law. Our Constitution must be followed, their oaths must be faithfully upheld. Call your representatives and let them know they work for us. This matters. Your democracy matters!

  19. Mr. President “ no nothing “ means something. A double negative becomes an affirmative; and no, it’s not grammar. It’s a branch of mathematics called logic.

  20. Trump is on a golf course while America is being threatened by his lover Kim in North Korea. Who have been listening in on his phone calls. If your an American that feels safe while he is in office then you have your head in the dark just like Trump.

  21. After watching Trump say Merry Christmas with his wife next to him, it looked like she was ready to cry. I think she realizes she made a mistake for money and becoming an American citizen by marrying him.

  22. The Senator said McConnell should not have revealed that the Senate will deal with the issue like the House did. So don't hang on that.

  23. THANK YOU PELOSI FOR ROLLING UP YOUR SLEEVE WITH THESE CRETINS> KEEP EM ON THE ROPES. They want to play rough? Lets give em rough. Pelosi is a LION. I love her.

  24. Kim Jong Ung and Trump should keep the people out of their personal differences. If Ung has something against his friend the orange dotard …..he should deliver the surprise he plans to deliver to him and him alone.

  25. Your ❤ most be set and cure and them you can build the church because you are the church not the building you are the building pilar but a building can stand it there eny pillar strong to holded

  26. NK: Prepare for a chrsitmas surprise.
    US: flies over where is the surprise?
    NK: We don't have christmas.
    US: DARN YOU NK!!!!!!
    NK: 🤣🤣🤣

    As for the cathedral well… they wanna snatch more money out of it.

  27. Notre Dame: not all man made structures can last for ever if it is so badly damaged tear it down build another and hope that it last as long as that one God has already stated that he does not dwell in hand made temples but on the hearts minds and actions of those who love him!

  28. If Mitch Mconell were an animal, he’d be a turtle…He looks like a turtle, poking his head out just long enough to speak…I need to move because it’s never warm here…even in the summer. If 20F is a high (which it is here I suppose) then we also had a “beautiful” & warm day! 🙂 And Trump is not impeached! He’s still got access to that red phone! And the shackle sheets to launch! No, until he’s waving bye, bye as he & Ivanka & their little dog too…all load up onto Marine One and lift off…to start his new show, “The Presidential Apprentice”….he’s still our collective president. Wait, I meant electoral president. (Cough, cough) Merry un-Christmas America! We made it!

  29. Yep, Nightly News tackling those hard hitting stories. We would all be lost without you guys informing us about the return process at retail stores.

  30. 11:18 They're pajamas! It's not like anyone is going to see them except maybe your mom, sisters, brothers etc. How ungrateful!

  31. The “ Christmas gift “ is a US media fabricated story There is nothing anywhere that mentioned anything about attacks, nuclear weapons or launches and this outlet used footage of a US industrial park claiming it’s in NK .It’s NOT it’s in the US.The sentence “ Christmas gift “appears NOWHERE and is impossible to mistranslated and the story should be removed by Google since it’s propaganda and has an intent to terrorize civilians deliberately with fantasized stories and an intent to cause panic and deliberate harm innocent people with non understandable ranting propaganda

  32. Brainwashing NBC calls "concerned" Republican Senator "key" — projection, projection, projection. This is the same Senator photographed shrinking under the bullying of Dianne Feinstein — remember the Senate Intel Committee member with the Chinese spy on her payroll — oh yeah the same Feinstein who stood alone on the SF City Hall floor as SFPD Officer Dan White breezed past her and shot Mayor George Moscone dead, then walked past her again. And of course after he was acquitted in the infamous "twinkie defense" he was found in his car in his garage, dead of carbon-monoxide poisoning, silenced forever. And Dianne's husband got all the US Post Office properties across the country for pennies on the dollar. Better if they were all dead.

  33. Propaganda effort of course to negatively portrait the chief of office. Covering the subject longer then the national weather's extreme.

  34. Nearly 1 billion dollars was raised to fix Notre Dame and there’s a 50% chance??? They could build 3 new ones from scratch for that much money. Disgusting

  35. Yeah, Trump's really in control of the North Korea thing… lucky for us we had him to sort it all out a year and a half ago.. He whipped that Kim Jong Bigboypants right into shape with a dominating application of his lips to KJ's sphincter alrighty …complete mastery of the situation is what Trump has

  36. What the Democrats have been doing, if in earlier years of this country, especially what it would be considered by our forefathers, would properly be called "Sedition" at the least. I hope the entire Democrat Party fades from existence in the near future.

  37. What are the EXACT US Laws or Constitutional laws broken? Still have not heard them, and the last three impeachments had Exact laws written down…Tried of Donkeys and Rino's and Lamestream media!

  38. I'm shaking in my boots , not at the threat from Korea , of the threat from the Media . ROTFL . On Alert ! The sky is falling ! Another verbal fart from N. Korea and the media blows it up into a hurricane . The U.S has something like 6,000 armed tactical Nukes , the largest military force in the World , and Kim Jong is still trying to get ONE rocket off the ground . Give me a break .

  39. I'm shaking in my boots , not at the threat from Korea , of the threat from the Media . ROTFL . On Alert ! The sky is falling ! Another verbal fart from N. Korea and the media blows it up into a hurricane . The U.S has something like 6,000 armed tactical Nukes , the largest military force in the World , and Kim Jong is still trying to get ONE rocket off the ground . Give me a break .

  40. Murkowski is being blackmailed……they must have something on her. She'll have to resign or be exposed for whatever she may have done. There's nowhere to hide anymore. Goodbye Lisa……You should never have been in the Senate in the first place. We know about how the globalists railroaded and got rid of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens and then Bill Clinton drove Senator Stevens to catch his flight, which crashed and murdered him.

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