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  1. Those who cry are those who would lie or cover up something for someone!Barr should get tougher!New laws should be made to protect people from out landish sentences of to much time for simple crimes,I'd say 3 years or a large fine and at least a year for lying.But 9 is out of a reasonable range of a justice area!Next he's not a young guy and of course should know better!What about 2000 hours of community service,Hmm.That would be worse then the time!

  2. The DEmocrat party should be outlawed and wear red badges for what THEY have done against the rule of Law in this country, their continual conspiracies, their Acts of Sedition, et al.

  3. why do these "therapist" telling others how to live their lives, always screwing up their own so badly? Read the bible, all the therapy needed.

  4. I noticed that not one of those people have an IV bag hanging by their beds. I’m sure part of the reason most of those people are dying is because of dehydration. Also there isn’t a nightstand with any water for these people actually should be drinking lots of. Most people over 50 can die just from dehydration if they are ill.

  5. The future of flight, is undiabe thats its awesome….. like straight u the coolest thing in the world was halo jumping at one time or some reason…but a jsiet pack, you can just fly on over to another island, or have gang of people flying in the sky instead of motor cycles or kyaks and 500k's or 5k's turn to 500k's maybe thousands f them… Yes i think we have races or know that we will have people flying kinda like car race but similiar to nascar there will be 70 or 80 people flying in loops, then like other things theres going to be go cart versions, like people just flying in there backyard for fun or derbies..

  6. To heck with Apple and it's Revenue Forecast. Apple has taken advantage or China for so long. The only thing Apple cares about is the revenue Forecast, not the people in it's supply chain.


    Gotta PAY to REINSTATE it
    is just GREED of the legal department …
    Leaving High Risk for Murder!
    How many more people are
    Being Murdered BECAUSE of
    Expired Restraining orders.???

  8. So , , Attorney general Barr is about to start legal actions against the liars NBC News supported.
    So , , NBC News is now on an agenda to remove Mr. Barr to prevent prosecution of treasonous Democrats.
    More egg on your faces NBC, after the Mueller Hoax & Impeachment folley you supported both crashed and burned.
    ~ You are a disgrace to the traditions of American Journalism NBC.

  9. due to all of the diseases that money is spreading we may have to switch to the chip yes it works exactly like money if we don't have it we cannot buy or sell sorry Canada that is a cool Bill though we will all be forced to take it and fooled into taking it sorry world but it's the last resort God bless us all

  10. A restraining order placed on a immature narcissist with OCD, will inflame the delusion that if only the laws wouldn't penalize them from feedi g off the fear of anotherhuman being, they could reignited the old pray to e energize from. The more independent the supply or human pray, the more dangerous for all human beings the restraining order is. In my opinion, the only way the restraining order works is if mandatory in voluntary mental hospital cooling off stays are in place. Like the three day gun hold law.

  11. I think they should subpoena one of these infected coronavirus people to testify b4 congress on the conditions of this disease in china. Be sure pelosi give them a warm welcome! Hand shake, hug and a kiss!

  12. Prosecutors Quit the case after he lowered the sentence. Did he have the authority to reduce the sentence? If so, shame on those who quit. There are other avenues to address this. This is just too much drama for the U.S. and respectfully our POTUS should STOP tweeting on such matters 😳

  13. I have a feeling a Caribbean cruise
    Just got a little more affordable now that all their ships are laced up with the wuflu

  14. So you can tell this bug is going nowhere when the best worldwide coverage of this epidemic just happened to land on the love boat.

  15. Did anyone notice? the protesters stopped in Hong Kong and whole cities been shut down ! I heard they was going house to house and seeking people who are a threat and removing them from their homes I believe their slowly killing them off with the virus!

  16. Biden is a pedophile. He likes little girls, why are people supporting him! Prob tge Deep soutg seeing many are involved in incest! Evil

  17. I don't believe there is any way possible, that the Corona virus has been contained. I believe that carriers of the virus, who show no symptoms, have already mixed with enough people, to spread the virus to everyone. I also believe that the virus can remain dormant , for several weeks , or even months, so that people who are infected, don't know it until it's too late.
    People need to realize, we are all in danger of being infected.

  18. They did over charge him to get to the President. I’m glad President Trump spoke up about it. That’s how they over charge black people in the system everyday. They serve long sentences for very small misdemeanors like a year in prison for stealing a loaf of bread or a sandwich from a 711 store. That’s because Bill Clinton privatized the prisons and gave the contracts to his friends which required the prisons to be populated 95% full everyday. That’s why black people get such long prison sentences for minor offenses. They should have resigned in protest directly to prison themselves. Good for you and Mr. Baar President Trump. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE BLATANT LIES THE DEMOCRATS HAVE TOLD?

  19. Help Stop Gangstalking in America , Tuscaloosa AL, people are being Murdered by agents in the C.O.P.S neoborhood watch groups , its Hundreds of these people trying to cause accidents , running people over with cars, following kids around ect…Please help put an end to Fisa and their secret courts watch list community harassment ect

  20. So if the 14 are here in USA and we have 15 confirmed. Why is the posted number still at 15 and not 29 as it should say .

  21. Has anyone heard that this Corona Virus was leaked from the huge government lab that happens to be in Wuhan because they had to have a reason for why people are getting so sick from the pollution in Wuhan?I heard that and didn’t really pay attention until I saw that video of the one girl from Oregon who was in quarantine in a hospital and said all she had was a little cough but that she didn’t even know she was sick or even felt sick…made me think that maybe this thing WAS released by the Chinese government…tell ya what though…those riots sure did stop🤔

  22. What, no terrorists? Bring back Obama….
    Just kidding in case you think I'm serious. Don't ever bring back Obama.

  23. Boo Hoo poor little midget troll billionaire doesn't like it when he has to talk to common people. As for William Bar you know that you are over the target when you start getting the flack and he is evidently right over the bullseye , what are they hiding

  24. Why did these ex DOJ members sit on their thumbs when loretta lynch met with Billy boy on the Tarmac? Bar isn't going anywhere until justice from the other side becomes equal

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