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  1. Wait he didn't even mention Bill Clinton's 26 trips on Loleta Airlines, and his trips to his private Island He also didn't mention Trump had Epstein banned from Mara Largo because of allegations with under age girls.

  2. Falling out when he stopped inviting Trump to his fantasy play island. Trump spoke of Epstein liking young girls, thus broke the fantasy play rules.

  3. Puh-leeezze. He couldn't tell that window, which was not near the ground, was open, and he LEFT HER sitting ON A RAIL near it?!!! MURDERER, plain and simple. If he couldn't see well enough, then he shouldn't have HAD her in his arms IN THE FIRST PLACE. That's her parents' bad for letting him have her at all, if he's so blind he can't tell that a window is open. Wow. Just wow. Makes me think they all did it too her, KNOWINGLY, ON PURPOSE, just so they could sue the cruise line. #RichPeopleProblems.

  4. 2020 USA New president ,Http:// The US_ China trade war has brought Trump’s brain Influent water, and the idiot’s president helped Ren Zhengfei promote 5G free advertising, lifting stones to hit his own feet, prevaricator and stupid President Trump will not be re-elected 2020,no more Trump, 2020 USA New president

  5. I know how he felt, Country Western music from the 60's made me feel unsafe. My Dad played it constantly on his pick-up radio.

  6. I hope he's that guy. That the girl talked about the rich guy that bought her when she was a baby. Anyone interested look into Dr. Phil human trafficking. She calls him the man that owns me. If it is him I'm glad. What goes up must go down at some point. I hope it's him. I'm happy.

  7. Do not agree with this man's approach or his crazy overreaction. What song was playing? This may have a signficant effect on this case. Rap music is known for racially charged content and violent nature. Heavy rock music is no different with their mosh pits. People need to recognize the power of music and subconscious influence over behavior. Freedom of speech is not freedom to curse! Cursing has its place but not in public. Other people may have little ones ears not ready to hear such profanity. We all should learn to respect each other and each others space. Violence only produces more violence. You do not fight fire with fire but with water.

  8. women struggling to get pregnant. wounder why .. could it be all the meds and poisons they're being exposed to ? NBC acting surprised.

  9. Only when you have money you do nasty things too young girl's and get off what time did he do in prison let's see what happens now..hummmmm

  10. He was threatened by his music that us crazy he knew exactly what he was doing stop trying to make up excuses for people like condolences go out too the teenager's family so sad..😪

  11. Sorry a parent is always responsible for their children. You have to watch them always. Because you can't watch your own children you try to place blame on someone else. Sad.

  12. Why did grandpa drop the brat eh that's who's guilty the cruise line didn't hold the kid out the window gotta sue I'm betting it's a scam to get some cash I say drop Gramps out the window n be done with it move to another port

  13. The guy who killed for music can not contain his reactions. Whether jail or hospital he should get either according to the severity of the result on human beings because it was not an accident or a misshappening.

  14. Are you tired of the establishment and people like These? The Main Stream Media can push the agenda of the 1% but you are the change. Join our revolution now. BERNIE 2020 ​@​ Me. Us.

  15. Acosta should be jailed and barred from any government job due to his complete negligence and unlawful conduct in Epstein's first trial and sentencing. He should be held accountable to those young women that were abused due to his malfeasance. Epstein and anyone that enabled or assisted in his crimes should be spending the rest of their lives in jail.

  16. Acosta, the enabler. This is not complicated stuff the crimes are sickening , especially the way the victims were invalidated. We should al care about this moral depravity.

  17. Trump and Barr are the good guys … they're the ones going after the filthy pedophiles … Trump said Bill Clinton was going to have a lot of trouble with Epstein and his "Island" at CPAC 2015.

  18. I love how they mention the impending storm dead last. It got booted to even after the travel deals.

  19. Call me racist if you wish, but I also have never liked rap music and I specially don't care for those who blast their car stereo and disturbing the neighborhood's peace. I my neighborhood it happens once in a while and the perpetrators are always black.

  20. Its not why a window was open on the cruise ship. Question is, why did the person with the baby go to the window with the baby?

  21. Gonna blame the cruise after you recklessly set your child up to die. I remember Michael Jackson held his son Prince NEAR a window and he got roasted and kicked out of Germany.

  22. This is proof that life IS Created by Man. And I don't mean that in the sense of SPirituality, but in the sense of The Sperm is alive the egg is not in Human Reproduction.

  23. Good lesson to many Americans: No one else wants to hear your adolescent "music". Keep the windows up if you insist on hearing loss.

  24. NBC IS LYING TRUMP HELPED PROSECUTOR IN EPSTEIN CASE AND KICKED EPSTEIN OUT OF HIS HOTEL These reporters and networks have been named in the Wikileaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:
    ABC – Cecilia Vega
    ABC – David Muir
    ABC – Diane Sawyer
    ABC – George Stephanoplous
    ABC – Jon Karl
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  25. Put him under the jail, how many times as a young person he blasted rock music or some other loud music, that’s what teens do, evil, all this white hatefulness is epidemic. It must be dealt with harshly. Killing kids and men because your hearts and minds are dark, sick with hate.

  26. Go ahead, Spin It.
    The original case against Epstein was in the juristiction of The State of Florida DOJ/CJS not that of the US/DoJ.
    Acosta's Dept intervened (not normal practice) only when The State of Florida's AG was basically going to let Epstein walk. At that time US/DoJ did intervene and demand further conditions in the adjudication.
    SEE the Unedited Press Conference by Acosta.

  27. The problem in today's society is the lack of accountability for one's behaviour. In Germany windows in high rises can be opened because we don't have air conditioners in residential buildings. We still don't throw our kids out of them. So whar if a window is open on the ship, the decks are also open. A ship is not an enclosed bubble. However, I have deep sympathy for the parents.

  28. What is the relationship between Epstein's sweetheart deal and Hillary's run for president in 2008 ????? Epstein's entourage got immunity …….oh like those in Hillary's entourage of "the server" got immunity ???????? Hmmm……….




  30. Is all about bring the president down, with Comey daughter headed the charges as a lawyer the gold is to bring the president down in one way or other is the goal of this arrest of this man but the target is the president .

  31. Trump kicked him out of marl ago. Bill Clinton flew to his island 27 times. Big Democrat doner like Winestean. Lot of msm were at his get out of jail party. sad

  32. Clinton knew what was going on ,he took that trip many times times.look what he did in the White House to that young girl.he want tell the truth because his pants are on fire.

  33. You can tell Democrats and Republicans are looking around their circles for who they can burn for political gain. We thought this was gross a decade ago but under Obama it slid under the carpet to help the Clintons. Now that its re applied to present. You can tell its being used as a weapon to justify a turn in the election.


  35. The Elite of this World always buy their freedom. If he was a man of color they would've ask for the death penalty. He's a disgusting human being.Our prayers are with the victims.

  36. Get off the #Trump knew and hung our with #JeffEpstein crap! So did #BillClinton but you mention his name once or twice but keep repeating this crap about how he liked younger women and so does Trump. So! Most old men prefer younger women. Stop hatin. Many older women prefer younger men too. And?!

  37. I think acosta gave a extremely light sentence for pediphile because there are numerous men who are apart of the ring

  38. Keep in mind that you’ll never find a doctor that’s an organ donor. Why? You can’t harvest an organ from a corpse and implant it. It necrotic tissue (dead). While, to the standards of the practice, they ‘declare you dead that’s just to fulfill legal requirements. You may feel everything. Also… why would they waste Anastasia on a ‘dead person’? Hospital love money so they don’t. Keep that in mind. They’ll never tell families of donors this ever. If they did they’d run screaming.

  39. How do you feel about the pain and terror the victims have gone through and still carring with them years after.
    Are they not human….do they not deserve JUSTICE? Trump, journalists have know soul….how dare you ever appear on TV carrying a bible to show what a good Christian man you are. Disgusting!

  40. America protects sexual predators and child rapists! What else is new??? NOTHING! Ameica is bottom of the gutter trash!!!!!
    yOu people did this to native children for centuries. Now you are the Indians now! HA HA HA HA HA Poetic justice you scum!

  41. Epstein is a major contributor to the Democratic Party, his money wasn't too dirty for them then. President Trump has been distanced from Epstein for almost 20 years. He has met lots of people, notorious and otherwise, that does not mean he had a close relationship with any of them. Fake news here folks.

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