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  1. Student loans are the biggest ripoff in the history of the United States banks are the biggest mofia of the world always have been

  2. The guys working on that building where where not not speaking English so you know why to it fell shabby construction work no over site and who where the inspectors payed off easy right

  3. LOL, badge of courage! Pelosi acts like a child. Make your point like an adult and do some work. We get it, you hate Trump, what else you got??

  4. Turkey needs to secure its borders or bombs will constantly explode in their city squares and the US needs its troops home.

    Pelosi is able and most likely willing to babysit toddler Trump, I’m sure she disciplined many children before. Maybe next time should spank or give him timeout, or maybe make him stand there on a corner.

  5. What parents need to understand is that the owners and investors children are eating non-contaminated foods. They're producing these products in Asia where there is little regulation and uncontrolled corruption at every level of government. They'll damage your childs health, to position their children for supremacy over them. And they wonder why there's no trust of officials. They lie and enter into detrimental agreements with corporate and foreign governments to increase their own earnings and savings. Leaving the rest of the country to suffer through the debacles they create with their stupid policies.

  6. It's better to humble yourself and dig ditches and get paid $10 an hour instead of paying a debt student loan to Sallie Mae for $304.000

  7. Ugh why is there toxic metals in baby food? And we wonder what's wrong with children and their behavior… We are poisoning them.

  8. Trump's right, Biden's offspring ought to be scrutinized. So should Trump's kids. Neither will happen. Government fails society on practically every level it was created to assist and should be eliminated.

  9. Well, let's see:

    -The leader's authority is seen as absolute by their followers, without meaningful accountability. (Yup.)

    -Hatred for and targeting of individuals involved in any critical inquiry. (the harassment and terrorism by white right-wingers)

    -Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies, and persecutions. ( @t )

    -Whenever the leader is criticized or questioned, it is characterized as "persecution". (See the link above, as well as screaming about Coups)

    -The leader's followers will attempt to justify anything the leader does, no matter how harsh or harmful. (Oh yeah…..)

    That plus the fact that a Trump supporter tried to claim in court the his MAGA hat was a holy symbol has me thinking they should just start calling themselves the first church of Trumpology, build a golden statue of him to pray to and be done with it.

  10. Elijah Cummings was NO, civil rights leader. What did he do for Baltimore??????!!! What did he do for the poor Black people in Baltimore?!?!?!?!?!

  11. How can a mother give those horrible food for the kids anyway??? Lazy mother…those things taste awful, even my cat refused…

  12. 18:40 Hello people!!! Hidden dangers in all our food is not surprising, read the chemicals on the labels and start making healthy decisions. We are on the 3rd?4th generation of preservatives, corn oil, corn syrup, Monsanto. Eat cleaner, get rid of flour and wheat products ( undoctored, wheat belly). You will peel away the layers of desease, plus feel better, look better!
    FDA is propaganda, food pyramid is a big fat lie…. no control over any of our foods.

  13. Beware the Gynocracy ie. women Carrie 80 % of student loan debt they look to marry to straddle men with all their debt MGTOW

  14. Keep it up Holt, the more you yack, the deeper the hole. I infiltrated the FCC a couple of days ago. It's amazing how much liberals talked when they believed I was a Trump hater. I know who is squashing the complaints against NBC. She's the head of the Enforcement Division—she's going down—and so are you!

  15. About the hard rock collapse. What kind of 1800’s camera phone was this video? Christ! Can’t see shyte. Is that on purpose?

  16. Wait… there aren't special farms for growing baby food. So if there are toxic metals being found in baby food, that means those toxic metals are in ALL our food!

  17. When is NBC and other big news going to stop making our beloved country the laughingstock of the world with all of this fake impeachment garbage that is a result of political mudslinging by dems for the upcoming 2020 elections. Enough is enough! It gets worse every 4 years and it has got to stop!

  18. Nightly News with Lester Holt is nothing but a sham and fake news media we the people see right through your b***** and you should be ashamed of yourself

  19. We all know impeachment is a bunch of BS hold the vote if you want impeachment and even if it passes in the house it will definitely fell in the Senate the news media is playing the public shame on you Lester Holt

  20. Anyone with half a brain knows impeachment is a big waste of tax dollars and the people's time shame on you Lester Holt

  21. To me this is B.S.! You go to a college to get a degree so you can maybe get a good job, but now you have a $300K college bill to pay before you can even start your life! Something has to be done to stop this!

  22. To me this is B.S.! You go to a college to get a degree so you can maybe get a good job, but now you have a $300K college bill to pay before you can even start your life! Something has to be done to stop this!

  23. Why is it so hard to post in any sort of timely way? It's now the 19th. is it possible someone simply forgot about the 18th?

  24. Again, late with the next day's posting! Is there another news site that is on time and that I can subscribe to? I'm cancelling this one…

  25. so foxtube why did my comment fail to post the treason act will end trump he sold us out to putin get his tax records

  26. She never took Econ 101…Cmon resposibility for ones actions, a college degree ,masters degree not smart enough to ask cost effective?

  27. I took a few student loans for college between 2000-2003, $8500, then I got 100% disabled. "They" said if you were 100% disabled for 5 years your debt would be wiped clean because you're low income on SSDI. 3 times over the years I have done all the paperwork only to be passed on to another collection agency. As i approach my 60th birthday in the year 2020 i'm struggling to keep my home/car repaired. $4,000 has been forgiven but I still owe $4500 according to them. Do ya think I intentionally got disabled? Most of us handicapped folks would rather work! YA AIN'T GETTING PAID!



  30. When they impeach Trump when they get him out and the vice president out of the office out of the White House they need to get all those people that supporting him out of the White House they all piece of crap taken advantage of their position in the White House to better themselves not realizing that they are hurting America and so many ways these people are blind and this Malvini guy has the nerve to say get over it ,

  31. There’s no way Trump is not profiting with what he’s doing to have that meeting that they have every seven years in one of his facilities just tells you that all it is is about him everything to put more money in his pocket and The American people are paying for all that ,

  32. Obama and Red line is "worse" than Trump "forsaking" the Kurds? Trump always uses, childish, discombobulated, excuses to justify his sins. RED LINE has nothing to do with Trump forsaking the Kurds. Trump's spontaneous decision to forsake the Kurds will allow, Iraq, Isis, and, Russia perform a mass genocide on the Kurds, and Obama has nothing to do with it. Stick to the script, hypocrite.

  33. So, it's Sallie Mae's fault these fools wanted to borrow money? I am sure no one coerced these borrowers to have that money, it's their decision, live with it and take responsibility in paying it back.

  34. How about if the USA just gives a twenty mile wide strip of their entire southern border to Mexico? Yeah, that sounds fair, huh?

  35. Hey guys.. I'm looking for friend, he was last seen talking tough and waving solid proof on Biden taken from a conspiracy blog all over FOX news last week… has anyone seen him, please!

  36. GOP or Dem ALL should respect and support this impeachment. We need to know the facts and as Americans we need to know if our leader is a crook. We can already see he is completely incompetent

  37. Years ago earthquakes just
    happened without very much warning. Now, today they have the technology to
    warn people when they're
    going to happen. They've
    also got the technology to
    make them happen. It is
    called Haaarp.

  38. Its not just a resort that he Trump owns, and probably saved. Doral is an Amerrican legendary golf course that is A National Landmark!! in any golfers eyes! Its also within 10 minutes of the airport. Another Historic resort called the Biltmore is nearby. Im beginning to really dislike how this station is sounding anti Trump. Screw You!

  39. No doubt the communist agenda is behind all major media. Maintain your rights, liberty, and independence from liberal Democrat commies

  40. The President instead of believing CNN and NBC you could judge for yourself. as done a amazing job. If you would check his accomplishments he has achieved after all it's not about what news net work can say the ugliest things about him but what he has done for our country.

  41. Trump has to put up with far more contrived ,manufactured B'S against his every move that would wear down a lesser man. Yet he's still able to accomplish more than anyone thought possible , A force of nature. Thank you President Trump

  42. Dem Leaders who support nobody, don't work at work, support open borders, sanctuary cities, socialism, regulations, higher taxes, taking away my gun rights, and investigations that prove time and time again to be wrong. That's never going to win the public's vote vs. The Best Economy in History Right Now. Whoever backs trying to stop that is NUTS.

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