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For many people it can be hard to imagine living soley off of local resources. Now try to imagine doing that for over three months while cycling 4,500 miles across the country. NTV’s Alyssa Willard is live here in the studio.Alyssa:
Surviving solely off of the environment around us is something we don’t have to worry about in this country but one adventurer and environmental ambassador is doing just that and hopes to raise awareness on the damages being done to our planet. If you have been in the surrounding communities in the last week, Then there’s a good chance you might have spotted or even had a chat with this guy: Rob Greenfield has been pedaling through Nebraska on a journey of 4,500 miles, literally, while campaigning to help the planet and ourselves by living a more locally sustained lifestyle. Greenfield has added many miles to his environmentally friendly bamboo bicycle.Rob:
We just live in such a big, beautiful, diverse world and I realized we just have to protect it and make sure that it’s still going to exist. So I came up with: Off the Grid Across America because I thought it was a creative and inspiring way to entertain people but at the same time, teach them a little bit about the environment.Alyssa:
Journeying through unknown areas and terrains while sustaining on what he comes across is a challenge alone but adding in unpredictable weather conditions has made for an even more interesting travel.Rob:
I came in from Kansas and I was actually taking Highway 36 through Northern Kansas and I was going to shoot down through Kansas City but the winds were blasting south consistently at about 30mph so I decided to head north and take refuge in the beautiful state of Nebraska.Reporter:
But refuge was short lived as Greenfield and his documenter, Brent Martin soon got a taste of the Midwest tornadic activity leading them to seek shelter and new friendships upon more than one occasion and Marilyn, soon he will be headed through Iowa where hopefully he will have better weather but he has got a long way to go before reaching his destination of Vermont by August 1st. Greenfield’s documented journey can be followed on his blog site and Facebook page and we will have that information as well as this story on our website at: nebraska.tv Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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