Nunes says Trump will be acquitted, but here’s the bad news

100 thoughts on “Nunes says Trump will be acquitted, but here’s the bad news

  1. Everyone knows nothing will be done . Such shame I would love to see these people paying back all the money it’s cost me for them to play games so I’ll take a check money order or cash thank you

  2. The attacks will not stop till the republicans go on the offensive. Indictments need to be made and corruption exposed with those involved convicted and removed.

  3. All a complete load of bollocks , waste of public funds. Greatest power in the World? LOL. USA Politics like a Disney script. States runs on corruption and lies.

  4. I want my tax money back for the Democrats wasting the money that I put in to try an impeached and constantly try the president that I voted for

  5. Even if they allowed witnesses , this wouldn't end . Democrats are so full of hate for Trump they are rabid and out of control, and most of them couldn't even give you a sensible reason why. This part will only end when Trump is no longer in office, but then the Democrats will have to find another Republican to focus all that hatred toward!

  6. Does any human truly believe any innocent human would act like chump and the republiCON party? Seriously…let out all info if you're innocent…lmao

  7. Why are republicans always on the defensive? How about going after the Bidens, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer et Al. Bring some of this “bad news” to their doorstep. Would a fireman who sets fires be allowed to run around unchecked falsely accusing others of doing what he’s doing? If this is treason on the part of the dems, and I think it is, why are we not going after them with the long, strong arm of the law?

  8. Nunes where have you been???!! We the people knew that the corrupt will continue their evilness and therefore DEMANDED for immediate arrests so it would stop!! Yet no one of significance arrested like Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Mueller or Comey!! We want military tribunals because Congress worthless, D OJ worthless, FBI Worthless and state dept full of corrupt Obama holdovers. Until these traitors hung the evilness will continue because there is no deterrent against criminal behavior, and a slap.on the wrist such as firing is just unacceptable!! Until all held criminally accountable there is absolutely no reason for the people to abide by any laws!! We are special and elite also so get Ready! People have had enough.

  9. My concern is that the Dems will try to put a hit on President Trump when he wins with a landslide victory in November. I have a very uneasy feeling about it with all the hatred they have for him. If you are a prayer warrior, lift President Trump up in prayer to God for health, safety & victory. God chose him to represent our country & get it back on track, but we need to pray God's will be done. God bless America & God bless Trump/Pence 🇺🇸2020🇺🇸

  10. Nunes is the worst of the gang he is corrupted and has no business speaking here but of course this is Fox the worst media to listen to.

  11. It’s time for u fellow true American citizens to fire your representatives who do nothing but try to get rid of our greatest president… Do something

  12. a Mike Bloomberg ad before this video… gtfoh!!!! how do you let that gun grabbing weasel infiltrate your channel?

  13. They already said they would still be investigating and they are going to impeach again unless people are smart enough to vote them out. Many are coming up for re election. If you can use the recall, recall them.

  14. Yeah. Should have let Trump testify it so he could shut it down. Btw Nunes is implicated so why are we talking to him?

  15. In which other lawsuit will the judges say he will acquit the defendant in advance. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans are incompetent to vote. Change the rules – now.

  16. It's been everything the demoturds have done they are accusing president Trump's of the Senate should have aquited him last Friday instead of letting the demoturds control that too grow some balls Republicans

  17. When THE DONALD started probing Biden-Ukraine corruption, the deep-state rats had to fight back-the SWAMP can't allow an outsider to come in and expose their corruption-so, like the lawyers they are, fight back with Distract, Distort, Deflect, Deny, Deride-the usual tell the lies over and over through control of propaganda media

  18. LOL…of course trump will be acquitted. The republican controlled made that very clear long before they even saw the articles of impeachment. Total sham of a trial. Disgraceful

  19. Its obvious the are doing this as payback to the people who voted for trump! They waste the money for this fraudulent impeachment circus to waste the taxpayer money! So you flip them the bird and RE ELECT DJT 4 MORE YEARS!!! TRUMP2020BABY!!!

  20. This is enough…let's all storm Congress and loudly protest enough is enough, stop wasting our money!!!!! We are not leaving until you stop this crap!!!(of course it wont happen) but could you imagine if we all came together!!!

  21. If the will of the people in our country, is to have a dictator nobody argues with, that very will must be held at bay.
    The NATIONAL Constitution come FIRST, or, we are neither United or a country any longer.

  22. Of course the corruption in chief will be acquitted by his gang ,no witnesses ,no evidence ,no documents it's not a trial it's a shameless cover up. And corrupt Nunes was part of the Ukraine scheme Lev parnas exposed him. A criminal is a judge on a trial of a criminal. Trumpy control white house ,DOJ with his guard dog Billy Barr ,Senate with his corrupted surrogates ,trump is just Vladimir Putin ,kim jong un or MBS absolute power =dictatorship.

  23. Arrest these crooks. They are all hiding something…Nadler and Adam Schiff, etc…find out their crime and prosecute them!!!

  24. what emboldens them is that good people dont' get mad. "the kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force" we need to get a bit violent without going against the law. that's what the enemy does

  25. When the people you have elected to exercise power over one of the greatest nations of the Earth are so lacking in integrity that they are quite happy to vote guilty in a matter which is of the greatest importance to your constitutional democracy when anyone with a working brain can work out that there was no crime alleged in the first place to back a guilty vote, then your whole system of government is a laughing stock. Heads need to roll.

  26. Prepare??? You mean polish weapons? The people against the Constitutional Sovereignty are terrorists. Why we not investigating the election process?

  27. Well, Trump was acquitted and this part of the Democrat's coup. Now how to cure TDS? Even when Trump gets reelected DNC is not going to give up.

  28. I'm not rooting for Bernie but the dirty Democrats will do all they can to keep him from getting the nomination even if that means stealing it from him with a brokered convention.

  29. These people cannot be forgotten! Nunes, Gowdy, Gaetz, Jordan, and host of people cannot be a footnote in history. They MUST be at the forefront of this country's trajectory !!! Thanks to the donkeys we -re still in need of help and if we can get 12yrs. of conservative admin we can get this country in a groove that will KEEP the donkeys at bay.! The Border is the next thing that Must be addressed.

  30. Why continue this b.s.??? These people that keep this up have sold their souls to the devil. ( Democrats). U know who u crybabies are

  31. Brown noser where do you get the brown from Trump .I wish Trump would wake up some morning as a black person then we will see how racists. Trump is and Shawn Hannity I hope you get together and both of you should be investaked

  32. Dear Congress:

    You work for the President and you work for the People. Let the people vote the President out.

    In the meantime, do your job.

  33. I feel it was a big coup from the whole lot!!! No one is innocent in my eyes. I say sue the whole lot of them I pay my taxes.

  34. I'm ready for the new election to get rid of Pelosi Nadler liar Adam Schiff. This constitute harassment is it just on Trump it's on the whole United States.

  35. It seems as though the Democrats will not stop until they bury themselves & the actual Democratic Party 6 feet under and will have handed their Party over to a Socialist Party. Future voters will have to choose between Capitalism & Socialism….not the Democratic Party & the Republican Party.

  36. Thank God for Fox News out of ALL the news agencies, world wide, recognizing what a great leader Trump is! Bahahahaha!!!

  37. ORANGE POWER REIGNS SUPREME. There really is NO DOWN-SIDE here. No one cares about Schifty and Bungler. C'mon Man!! Even Mitt made a fool of himself.

  38. How about Nancy pelosi, Rashida talib, ilhan Omar, AOC, and the rest of the Democrats pay for this trial OUT OF THERE POCKETS! that probably wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers money.

  39. This is why we need term limits for Washington D.C.. Both parties need it. The only way to win is VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

  40. Its against the law to rip uo a president speech so, we want nancy to face punishment. We would be punished,, everyone is under the same rules.. No exceptions

  41. There's something about Devin I just do not trust!! Especially after he told us he doesn't know lev parnas but we see they spoke several times on the phone and went to Vienna together , I'm just curious why he lied about that and has yet to explain himself. It also now makes sense why Jim Jordan came in and took over his committee because they knew Devin was implicated! Go do your research people , your being lied to by the president and this party and sure as your reading this ,Devin!!!!!

  42. Pelosi is a incompetent person who should go back to her city and step into the piles of her liberalism she herself created!
    Her new slogan SOS America! …"Sheet on out streets" She is nothing but corruption!!

  43. Listen you fools, nobody is getting voted out, because straight ticket voting won't allow it….on both sides!!!

  44. The whole freaking gov and all the news ch are corrupted. Who ever thing the government is working for them they are stuck on stupid. The government work for whoever's got deep pockets.

  45. Thank you Tucker. Thanks God for you and others like you that are in “public life “ to help us to go through the lies they produce constantly.
    I hope the obvious is investigated. Like the facts that will show us why Biden’s son got so many millions.Surely there must be a reason.

  46. Funny how Faux news treats Devon Nunes as though he has an honest functioning brain.
    Most news outlets only interview this jackass if they want a really stupid opinion.

  47. Rep. Devin Nunes the only politician we are proud of in CA as a true patriot and servant of the people and the truth.May God bless you always Congressman and thank you for all your diligent research work that exposed the real felons now in the process of indictments.

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