Partial Truce Between U.S. And Taliban Set To Begin Ahead Of Broader Deal | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

62 thoughts on “Partial Truce Between U.S. And Taliban Set To Begin Ahead Of Broader Deal | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Tell 'experts' that you cannot win any war except battles, they will say otherwise. It has long been coming. May the troops have peace and the Talibs resort to thinking better and avoid killing their own people.

  2. From partial to definitive, just one solution: To send Big-Muscles-in-Chief to Kabul next weekend instead of playing golf at Mar-a-Lago resort.
    They don’t have belly dancers in Afganistan but I am sure Fatty-Diaper-Baby can eat some juicy stuff instead.

  3. Oh! So all this time it was a war against the Taliban? Too bad the Afghan government and people have been destroyed by the USA!

  4. If this works under Trump? The Taliban will be regular guests on MSDNC they will work to convince the Taliban not to give up! Orange Man Bad!

  5. So basically it's like Mexico paying for the wall. Trump will claim that the war is over and he and he alone was victorious in the war.

  6. Have you ever seen a half of a billion man Army full throttle with one mission? I'm sure that's a sight to see…

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  7. So how does that work? If the US troops find some guys killing people, they show each other an id of which organizations they belong to and move on? I mean there’s also ISIS and Al Qaeda troops out there so how do you tell the difference or just the one not shooting at you? lol

  8. So basically it's going to be like the time Trump declared that Kim Jung Un had dismantled his nuclear program and NK was no longer a threat. Got it…

  9. Black Jesus Obama did nothing yet TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome) patients are mocking Trump for trying to bring peace.

  10. Just send Afghanistan american tax payers money to make Afghanistan appear better cause that’s what the rich Americans do to their people as cover up after government mistakes.

  11. Where Nobel Peace laureat Obummer was collaterally damaging America's reputation with all his drones Trump negotiates. At least he tries to make peace despite all these liberal war-mongers.

  12. Taliban opium —> Chinese fentanyl and Oxycontin —> Sinaloa Cartel transit —> gang shootings in Chicago –> overdose deaths in Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, and Kentucky —> $ to banks –> $ to Taliban

  13. Hey… I thought the US didn't negotiate with terrorists? What happened with that?

    And start counting down to the fall of the USAn Empire from the moment they pretend to pull out. Empires go to Afghanistan to die, hence, the nickname The Graveyard of Empires. I still say that Trump's legacy will be not his unbridled & utter corruption but the fall of the empire. I can't wait how the GOP & FOX spin that one & blame it on Obama.

  14. I still remember Deseert Storm back in 1990 when the US went into Iraq and defeated the world's second largest army in 24 hours…

  15. just more trump BS. U.S. military deaths due to accidents are FOUR TIMES GREATER than those that occurred in afghanistan in 2019. the U.S. military deaths in afghanistan due to combat was 22 in 2019. twenty-two. that means that there were about 88 military training deaths last year. look it up if you don't believe me.

  16. The US does not negotiate with terrorists. Correction: the US has always negotiated with terrorists as they have always been at war with Eurasia.

  17. Yeah right!!! Trump has done F***ALL for 3 years, except play golf and shred the Constitution? Given that he's losing badly in the sane world's polls, and is now only the 3rd President to be impeached in America's history, I find it somehow ironical that, in the middle of all this scandal and corruption, he's miraculously single-handedly brokered a big, beautiful, perfect deal with the Taliban without bragging about it???
    Hmmm… excuse me if I'm sceptical!!! This is the guy who couldn't even get his stupid wall built, and we ll know he definitely couldn't point to Afghanistan on a map if his precious Ivanka-baby's life depended on it has done this??? I thnk not…only a MAGAmoron would believe that, so sadly, I'm not holding my breath on this one!!!!
    Donald Drumpf… you're fired! Go straight toJail! Do not pass Go!! Do not collect $200 million dollars!!!
    Vote blue 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sure because the Taliban would never lie to the U.S. and Donny diapers would never lie to them. #VoteBlueNoMatterWhoForCONGRESStoo!!

  19. Trump doesn't care about geopolitics; just re-election, as he's pandering to the masses who didn't serve… and are glib. I really wish people would stop saying "Bring [us] home!"…
    There are things civvies aren't privy to.

    And if such people don't feel like enlisting now… then i highly doubt that they will want to be drafted. So enjoy the American dream… which necessitates a certain degree of "sleep".

    I know there is a whole "woke" culture of sleepwalkers. But the countless sleepless nights are part of the sacrifices we make. And to demand the endangerment of our national security based on sentiments… is entirely inappropriate…. and an insult to the lives lost.

  20. Now the Common American and US Federal Court should ask G.Bush and Cronies to provide solid evidence that Osama Ben Laden and Talibans were behind the 911 Fake Attacks. Otherwise face 20 years of jail, for killing half million Afghans and 25000 US soldiers and 2 trillion dollars.

  21. Your Reality TV Idol god, drumpf will agree to anything that will make him look good. Doesn't matter that we'll be back fighting a strong Taliban in 5 to 10 years. But it will be good talking points for the peasants.

  22. This is a joke Taliban want America out so they will take the country over more easily wake up people, the Taliban are Terrorists

  23. Sound like tump is trying to get something positive to use in his campaign.

    Who is supplying The taliban and ISIS with weapons.

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