100 thoughts on “Pelosi swings at Trump: He’s trying to ‘make American white again’

  1. The Dems have used racism so often that it no longer means anything people don't even flinch at it anymore. So the MAGA hat is about making America white again Nancy, REALLY. What a nut case you are. Make no mistake the reason the Democrats are fighting the addition of this simple question to the census so viciously is not because it scares people LOL.

  2. Just when I thought that she's fine she goes around and say these things. What's wrong about being white? And that's coming from a brown person.

  3. Americans are so sick of hearing about racism, the white race by far is discriminated against more than any other race there’s something free for any and all unless your white so stop whining and let’s all be Americans , same nation same preference equal treatment Trump 2020

  4. And AOC just accused Pelosi of sexism and racism because AOC and "The Squad" of 4 freshmen Dem Rep's caught criticism from Pelosi. It's a crossfire mess of shouting to pose as victims of racist enemies. And we all know that they're tongue-in-cheek exaggerations. They don't truly believe it when it comes out their mouths. That's lying, folks.

  5. How many illegal voters with the same address. Census is a democrats nightmare. It will affect the illegal voters. How the divided Democrtas w/c Leftist and Corporate agree in one thing, Impeached Trump.

  6. Citizen means white? What an idiot. In other countries, citizenship question on census is common.
    To correctly find out representation on Congress, exact number of citizens is crucial.

  7. Only citizens should have representation. The revolution and the 3/5 compromise both had to do with this fact

  8. I’m Latino and a Naturalized citizen. I’m all for having the citizen question on the Census!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!! TRUMP 2020!!!
    TRUMP 2020!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  9. Not enough violence lately against people who sport the Red MAGA HAT since the Smollet Truth came out….So Nancy is trying to Trigger the Imbeciles again to Freak Out over a F'n Hat…

    She does not want the Census to state Citizenship because they do not want the truth to be
    shown or known….They are playing the Smollett Game at Nancy's House once again to keep their own voters and supporters Dumb and Stupid and in the Dark…

    .If you are a Democrat supporter don't you feel just a little like you are not worthy to know the real plan… President Trump laid all his cards on the table about what he wanted for the Nation …Because he thinks his supporter are grown up enough to decide from the truth of facts …The democrats govern thru conjecture , illusion and delusion…

  10. Your forefathers were racist just as your selected president is racist. You can be sure tRump is looking to get rid of Black and Brown people. (making America white again) At the same time european looking illegal are slipping through and not being harassed at all….like his mail ordered slant eyed 3Rd wife.

  11. ☯ America… This is your Daily Reminder It's O.K. to be White 🎵🎵 The Ink is Black. The Page is White. Together WE Learn to Read and Write! (You guys are so patient with Juan. It's sweet how you were trying to eXplain counting to somebody with "special needs.") LuvQ'all! 🌈Rainbow Warriors (🦄's too!)

  12. The numbers should be known. Its about representation for all. Nancy's trying to sound clever with " make America white again" but she sounds like a fool

  13. I kinda feel bad for Jaun sometimes, I like the dude, to bad he represents such an awful bad batch of politicians.

  14. I wish Katie Pavlich was the speaker of the house instead of Nancy. Katie is a thousand times better looking and speaks quite fluently.

  15. Leftists Answere to everything….its white supremacy! This has gone beyond insanity. BTW America is 57% white

  16. Nancy been hitting the bottle again. Hate to tell her but alcohol doesn't cure senility. Throughout the history of this great country the census has asked the citizenship question. Dims don't want it because they will lose seats. Seats that they shouldn't have.

  17. What is disgraceful, Nancy, is your constant attacking our duly elected president. He has never been about making everyone white. Just making the country great and no longer controlled by the sick elite, pedos, 13 family bloodlines who think they are our gods. I got news. You are wrong and so are all your bloodline fools. In this country, We the people rule. This president is one of us.

  18. The "woke" left says the dumbest, most ridiculous things, and they get away with it. HOW???? Peeloser is exactly that, A LOSER. She's a disgusting, in your face, LIAR. We either get rid of this disease, (liberalism) or we kiss America goodbye. Up to you democrats.

  19. Hey dumbass. They should be scared because they broke the LAW and are here ILLEGALLY ! JUAN IS A DUMBASS !

  20. Nancy, help make American less White….leave! I'm guessing Nancy's Wine Country estate employs plenty of people who aren't White. But I doubt they're sitting around the dinner table after serving her. Wow…as a Californian it's always 'fun' to see these duplicitous Leftists talk about the poor and minorities when they live like kings here; most people have no idea how they live. Meanwhile, their 'compassion' shows in the huge tent cities all over our state in the major cities they could care less about.

  21. Juan, the examples you give for not wanting the "question" are extremely poor. All the people means Citizens else they would have said so. If the founders wanted to specify people instead of citizens they would have said so. The 2010 census cost 13 billion dollars, the cost of the 2020 census will no doubt be that much more. Why shouldn't we want the data to show approximately how many US citizens there are? I don't really care about how many swimming pools per capita there are in the country.
    Why would you want to know? So you could get an accurate count of Illegal aliens in the country. We have been using the same numbers for years, we need to have better data in order to make informed decisions. And we as US citizens have to decide whether or not we want to uphold the laws our representatives create. You can't follow only the laws you like and not the ones you don't, else change the law. The same laws the Democrats refuse to change. My biggest beef when it comes to Democrats and it's media partners is the misrepresentation of the truth to support a radical left agenda. It is one big hoax. They have succeeded in brain-washing a very large part of the population. How effective were they? They have taken some of our smartest people behind issues like Woman's Rights, Global Warming, and Socialism. It's all coming down like a house of cards.

  22. certain people are counted? ya, citizens certainly. I do believe the citizenship of the people is valuable. 🙁

  23. Uuummm are black not citizens? Are latinos not citizen? Does the US have a rule that says "only white people can be citizens of the USA!"

  24. Silly Nancy….it's NOT about color, it's about CITIZENS. YES drop the race questions off the census, they are less relevant than citizenship question.

  25. The sad part in all of this is how tRump supporters are fine with their children being raised to be racist, lawless, inhumane subhumans with no moral values.

  26. 2 Things: FIRST the Constitution is for people of THE USA not illegal immigrants so they should be asked what nationality they are in order to determine whether they are legal or not…or show identification of such. and 2nd: Pelosi is a race baiting senile moron who needs to be removed from ALL public offices for starting a race baiting war about anything and everything the president says and does! I'm totally SICK of the left!!!

  27. Juan, the Democrats want to use the total count of people to stack Representatives in Liberal States.
    Yes, everyone should be counted but illegal immigrants should not count for statistics that determine how much money a state gets or for electoral college adjustments.

  28. Liar juan, right out the gate' Kate' schooled dem con juan.. but he as usual refused to get the sense of what anyone says' juan has successfully suppressed its own God given most basic of element-ary common senses to the point that no amount of logic works for him, signature with all members of the glinton obumer gangsters..to-day what is in reality a communist so-called democratic and heavily influenced by socialism of the failed southern nations.. of which enemies of freedom is duping' fooling' tricking' bribing' paying' ones to play in and participate their deceitfull game of treason with them… Disgraceful..

  29. Nancy is not what is scary. What is scary is she is being elected over and over what the hell is wrong with the people voting.

  30. I'm zick and tire of listening to Pillheadosi and her race baiting BS. She needs to be indicted for insider trading. That's how that traitor got rich just like Maxine big mouth Waters. Arrest them under the RICO act.

  31. What is Pelosi's IQ? You don't have to be white to be a citizen. So, how is it racist to ask if you're a citizen?

  32. being white is a terrible thing…keep thinking that! dems want to hide the clan mentality of other races!

  33. Please let Juan go somewhere else IF he can find a job. Totally unreasonable. Census is about DEMOGRAPHICS. Obviously there can be a value on collecting information about non-citizens as much as there is about citizens. Illegal immigrants should NOT be used for gerrymandering and assigning congressional seats by population number. The Democrats are phony that they are NOT the racist party and the Republican Party is. I hope a New Democratic Party.

  34. How ironic that Nancy Pelosi has been labeled a racist by a member of her own party (AOC) while she has been trying to label the President as a racist for the past 3 years. The Democrats talking point every 2 and 4 years has boomeranged on them. Hello uncle Joe are ready for Kamala Harris just in case she indirectly accuse you of been a racist?

  35. I expect nothing less from this idiot Pelosi.. She doesn't believe that, but she knows the idiot left wing civilians will

  36. the dems make america white too…white trash on the inside…dark skin outside…Trump has a values agenda….dems are appealing to flesh desires

  37. @0:22 They want to make sure certain people are counted. RIGHT!!! SKELTOR!!! They are called CITIZENS and other LEGAL RESIDENTS

  38. According to Juan's argument, if 100,000 Leftist Lunatic tourists moved to a certain politically delicate area of country just to complete census forms, those tourists should be able to complete census, not declare their legal status, and distort electoral map, before returning to their own countries.

  39. Everyone should listen to nancy!! "This is not what our founding fathers would want"… Now, everyone knows that nancy was Hancocks mistress, during these signings so who knows better what these individuals would want, better than Nancy friggin P!

  40. "Whether you're black, white or brown, we all bleed the same red blood, we all salute the same great American flag, and we all come from the same Almighty God" President Donald J Trump- Kentucky town hall 2017

  41. If you're against a citizenship question on the census you're either a communist or an innovator or both.

  42. Nancy's acronym doesn't work! Trump want's America to work again!! not white ( unless we look at Nancy's Neighborhood )

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