People Are Freaking Out Over Celeb Sticker Scam And Casey Neistat’s Ad Controversy

‘Sup you beautiful bastards hope you’re having a
fantastic Thursday, welcome back to the
Philip DeFranco show, and let’s just jump
into it the first thing we’re gonna talk
about today is celebrities selling
bullshit and no I’m not talking about
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian was in the
news because she sold out of 300,000
makeup kits in less than three hours
making her an estimated 14 million
dollars. I’m not talking about her she’s
a celebrity using her fame to sell
makeup that does makeup things seems to
be on the up-and-up
today I want to talk about Gwyneth Paltrow,
her company “goop”, and a product they
just promoted called “Body Vibes.” “goop” is
Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website.
Paltrow’s site that in the past has
recommended products and services like
vaginal steaming, Jade eggs to put in
your vagina,
a 24-karat dildo, and now the product we’re
talking about today: body vibes. And body
vibes are essentially $5 stickers. You
get a 24 pack for $120 they claim to use
quote “NASA spacesuit material” to quote
“rebalance the energy frequency in our
bodies” goop states with the stickers are
made with the same conductive carbon
material NASA uses to line spacesuits
so they can monitor an astronauts vital
signs during wear and the body vibes
come pre-programmed at the ideal
frequency. And if you have never heard of
goop before I am so excited to introduce
you to this level of stupid. The article reads “Wearable Stickers That Promote Healing (Really!).”
Already setting us up for greatness, it’s like a YouTube title.
YouTube storytime: I almost died not
Now go to your happy place and let me show you how goop describes the concept,
the concept human bodies operate
at an ideal energetic frequency but everyday
stresses and anxiety can throw off our
internal balance, depleting our energy
reserves and weakening our immune systems.
Body Vibe stickers can pre-program to an
ideal frequency, allowing them to target
imbalances while you’re wearing them
close to your heart or your left
shoulder or arm,
they’ll fill in the deficiencies in your
reserves creating a calming effect
moving out both physical tension and
anxiety. P.S. leaving them on for the
prescribed three day period left a few
goop staffers with marks on their skin.
Now here’s where I have to give an outlet
some problems. Gizmodo saw this and,
like me, most likely saw that and said
ah well that seems like weird hippie dippie
bullshit. And so Gizmodo took the liberty
of contacting NASA, since their suits
were referenced, and said hey what do you
think about this product and the claims.
And in response a rep for the spacewalk
program said quote “The suits do not have
any conductive carbon material lining
the spacesuits” and Mark Shelhammer,
former chief of NASA’s human research
division, stated “Wow, what a load of
bullshit. Not only is the whole premise
like snake oil, the logic doesn’t even
hold up. If they promote healing, why do
they leave marks on the skin when they
are removed.” Gizmodo also asked Body
Vibes and goop if they had any
peer-reviewed papers that back up their
claims. None have been provided at the
time, but Richard Eaton, the founder,
claims “Without going into long
explanation about the research and
development of this technology, it comes
down to this. I found a way that’s
happened the human body’s bio frequency,
which the body is receptive to outside
energy signatures, most of the research
that has been collected is confidential
and is held its company private information.”
Well I guess that settles that.
And here’s what I’ll say, when it
comes to stuff like this I don’t know if
I ever feel bad. There’s part of me that
goes why would I feel bad about this;
a rich person’s going to drop $120 on
24 stickers, cool.
A fool and their money are quickly seperated.
But then I think of who goop is targeting.
Yes, they’re probably established well-off
women, but a lot of marketing goes
towards people that aspire. It seems like
people look up to Gwyneth Paltrow and
goop because they, they see this higher greater lifestyle.
These people that are part of the 1%,
getting 1% experience is getting, getting things that I normally
wouldn’t get access to, this is my chance,
and ends up feeling so predatory and
nasty to me that I end up feeling bad
for these people.
Granted, this is based off an opinion where I’m showing bias
towards believing more so the people that worked at NASA,
than the claims from a person
that has a company that says that they
use NASA like nah maybe the placebo
effect will make them feel happy and
maybe it’s a win. I don’t know. I’m trying to
be more positive and not hate on things
today, but the world is not letting me
I’m going to end this story before I say
something I regret.
And then I want to
talk about a heavily requested story
I don’t- talking about the story is
potentially awkward in general but also
very awkward considering that I’m, I’m
filming this at VidCon. Thousands of
youtubers are here including
high-profile youtubers, YouTube
themselves, tons of companies are here. But I
also don’t want to dodge stories because
it puts me in an inconvenient place, so
let’s just talk this out.
There’s been some backlash and outrage recently
against Casey Neistat and the YouTube
trending page. Now in general, there have
been concerns for a while that the
YouTube trending page is not actually
what YouTube says it is,
which is all based off an algorithm, but they’re
hand-picked videos and there’s evidence of
favoritism, now I don’t know about that.
The reason I saw today of people wanting
us to cover the story was Casey Neistat, essentially YouTube’s golden boy,
he put out a video called first day of
summer with this thumbnail.
Casey who do you think you are, me from five years ago?
I kid, but it’s essentially a hot girl
front and center, video you click on it
it’s a five minute video, it’s high
quality, it’s what you expect from Casey
Neistat. That by itself doesn’t mean
anything to me he could still have ended
up on the trending normally as always
but the other thing that has a lot of
people questioning and a lot of people
angry is the last 10 seconds of the
video where it ends with this video is
filmed entirely on the Samsung Galaxy S8,
every single shot, no color correction,
hashtag no filter. And at that point a lot of
people start shouting: you tricked us
into watching an add. Also if you go into
the description of the video there’s
nothing there that says “add” or “brought
to you by” There’s not even a verbal call
out in the video, it’s just on the ass
end of it and to that I say I don’t know
what might take away is. We don’t know if
Casey was paid, but in the behind the
scenes footage we see that there is a
lot of support there. At the very least
it seems like an extension of the
already existing relationship between
Samsung and Casey Neistat. I’m not a lawyer
so I don’t know fully the legal
situation around that. But a lot of people
been saying this goes against the FCC
rules and it also goes against YouTube’s
guidelines which also brings up the
question: How can it go against YouTube’s
guidelines and be on trending? and so this
whole thing has just added fuel to the
fire, that is the question:
Do certain creators on this platform get special treatment? It’s come up in several
different avenues but it is still
essentially the same question.
And personally I have to say I’m on the
fence with this story obviously I have
to be transparent I think my bias it
keeps me from fully going after Casey
here. While we have differences politically and
with what we tell our audiences to do I
respect him as a creator, and his
benefit the final text does kind of
technically give you an idea that it is
an ad but I do also understand why
people feel like they were tricked and
that this was disingenuous
I don’t know, I’m torn on it and so I think I
actually I want to pass the question off
to you guys. What do you think? Do you
think it’s dirty? or you think it’s fine?
Also do you think that YouTube is
actually controlling the trending page?
I’ve seen some people going even further
saying maybe there is a relationship
between YouTube Casey and Samsung. I don’t know, let me know what you think. But from that I want
to share some stuff I loved today and
today in awesome and the first bit of
awesome we have today is you beautiful
bastards yesterday we launched the That’s
Amazing shirt. A shirt where 100% of the
proceeds were going to St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital. And I woke up
this morning to find that you guys were
buying this shirt so much as of
recording this video we have raised over
25 thousand dollars for charity that
is truly amazing thank you to everyone
that bought the shirt here, is going to
buy the shirt here, it’s up for a week.
Also thanks to the people that said they
don’t have money but they were they were
still pimping out that that link. Thank
you, thank you, thank you, for helping put
a little awesome into the world. Then we
got a brand new trailer for Wet Hot
American Summer: Ten Years Later, it’s
such a weird fun time I cannot wait for
August 4th. Then we got a Cyanide and
Happiness short that involves Jesus and
it’s a fun video that will probably not
offend anyone at all.
Then we have
Youtuber Lewis Spears trolling some
anti-vaxxers at a protest. Well not
even really he didn’t troll them as much as ask
if any of them were a doctor.
Lewis: are you a doctor?
Man: no not at all
Lewis: but you have done your research?
Man: oh my word absolutely yeah
Lewis: Is that research part of like a 6-year doctorates degree or more just google?
Hats off to you Lewis.
And if you want to see the full versions everything I just shared, the secret link
of the day, anything at all, links as
always are in the description down below.
And then let’s talk about 33 year old
Rebecca Berger. Rebecca was a 33 year old
French fitness Instagram model. She showed her
lifestyle and photos, gave workout
fitness and diet advice, and she’s been
blowing up in the news for the past 24
hours because she died on Sunday in a
freak accident. Reportedly she was killed
by a whipped-cream cannister. It’s one of
those pressurized whipped cream
canisters but as the CO2 in it. Reportedly
it exploded, hit Rebecca in her thorax,
she then started having a heart attack,
and she died. So a seemingly random accident,
although there are reports that this
canister may have been part of a recall.
The canisters appeared to have been made
Ard time and back in 2013 they
recalled 200,000 canisters so they had a
recall back in 2013 this was thanks to a
string of accidents that have been
reported since 2010, but reportedly out of
the 200,000 canisters that were recalled
only 25,000 were returned. And according to
60 million consumers magazine, there have
been accidents from these products in
the past. Those including broken teeth,
tinnitus, multiple fractures, and the loss
of an eye. And really I only have two final
thoughts here: one, this is unfortunately
our seemingly daily reminder that life
is fragile and you could lose anything
at any moment so live your life to the
fullest and love who you have while you
have them, and two, hopefully anyone that has
this same product that’s watching right
now notices this and maybe by watching
this video I saved a life and I’m going
to hero and oh my god I’m such a good
guy. There we go I made the story about me
really isn’t that the whole point of the show. Now I want
to talk about two stories coming out of
the UK because of a recent heat wave.
Right now it is getting hot in the UK, so
what do you do when it’s hot you, you
usually wear less clothes. Say no to
slacks say yes to shorts you sweat a
little less but there is a problem at
some schools there it is against the
dress code for boys to wear shorts. It
was against the rules but that didn’t
make sense to a fifteen-year-old at the
school by the name of Ryan. And he asked
the question to the administration there
if the girls can wear skirts why can’t
we wear shorts. And to that according to
one of the moms the headmaster said
quote “Well you can wear a skirt if you
like” but I think she was being sarcastic
But Ryan and a few of his friends did not
take it as sarcasm and five of them
showed up in skirts. They said it was
quite refreshing, there was a nice breeze
the next thing you know there are reports that
there were fifty to sixty boys wearing
skirts. My favorite thing about this
picture is the only boy who looks
uncomfortable is the boy who looks like
he forgot that it was wear a skirt day
look at that face he’s like really no one hit me
up in the group text no no it’s cool
it’s cool and to the school’s credit even
though they have not changed the dress
code they haven’t punished any of the
boys for doing this so as of right now it’s
hard to gauge how successful that
protest is but that wasn’t the case with
a similar story to this that didn’t
involve a school but a workplace. This
story involving UK call center worker
Joey Bard he was sent home because at
this workplace shorts were against the
dress code so instead of going home and
then putting on heavy pants and then
sweating to death he decided bitch I’m a
pretty pretty princess I’m gonna wear a
dress I’m going to wear a pink dress and
he did and he actually wanted to work
like that and almost immediately the
bosses didn’t send him home kick them
out they they released an email to the
company saying gentlemen in the office
can wear three-quarter length shorts in
black navy or beige only. Which I feel like
Joey should feel proud about but also at
the same time I mean if you think about
it what was the last time you dressed a
certain way and then the place that you
worked or went to school was like let’s
just change the rules what I’m seeing
should not happen. So congratulations to
Joey for two reasons the first is
finding out that pink is definitely your
color, and two for standing up to the man. But
also the story makes me wonder about
gender. There are a lot of places in all
society they have gendered rules
going to the restroom, dress code,
ladies night ladies drink free. Bitch
sign me up! Joking aside, it seems more
and more people are wondering why why do
why does why do we have these gender
rules why is a male nipple on Instagram
fine but a female nipples risque oh my
god it gives life
disgusting! It makes me think of this
story coming out of DC right now
beginning next week DC will
allow gender-neutral designations on
driver’s licenses and ID cards, and DC is
not the first place this announcement’s
coming out after Oregon was the first
state in the country to allow
gender-neutral options on their ID card
California also has a bill under
construction around this and so on your
ID card instead of said saying M for
male, f for female you can just put X and
so for me personally this falls into
that category of I don’t get it but does
it hurt anyone or does it mess anything
up does this introduction of an X
change anything other than just for the
person it’s for. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter
much to me I know that there are very
passionate feelings about this though
and so that’s actually I’m going to pass
this question on to you again what are
your thoughts you care you don’t care
you’re for it you’re against it are you
about genders being binary or fluid
leave those comments down below I want to get
a peek into your mind. The last thing I
want to mention is that the Republicans
finally revealed their Senate health
care bill in the United State. There’s a
massive document myself and others are
tearing through it this is also going to
be a developing situation because there
are already four Republicans that are
standing against this health care bill
Republicans only have 52 seats in the
Senate so they don’t have a majority so
there is going to have to be some sort
of compromise that is going to take some
time to properly go through I did want
to mention it before I ended this video
so you weren’t like what the hell. But that
said that is where we’re going to end
today’s show I got to run out and do
some, some VidCon stuff if you’re here
hopefully you come to my events or I bump
into you or we give each other knowing
glances from across the parking lot or
not. And that’s actually where I’m going to
end today’s show remember if you liked
this video you like what I do on this
channel hit that like button if you’re
new here hit that subscribe button also
if you missed yesterday’s Philip
DeFranco show you want to catch up you
can click a cap right there to watch
that look if you want to see the newest
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right there, but that said of course as
always my name is Philip DeFranco you’ve
just been phill’d in i love yo faces and
i’ll see you tomorrow possibly with a
live stream around noon Pacific Standard

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  45. There are only two genders. It's engrained in our psychology and physiology. Saying there are more genders than male or female is like saying there's more than two different charges (+ or -) in chemistry. And to pretend that gender is this super fragile, flimsy thing that changes based on how you feel that day or what's trendy at the time is flat out disrespectful to those that ACTUALLY suffer from gender dysphoria. It cheapens the gravity of how psychologically damaging it is to truly feel in your heart that you were born the wrong gender. If you don't want to be labeled as male or female then whatever, but you still HAVE a gender. It is inextricable from our species.

  46. My opinion goes like this: did Casey talk about Samsung and how great they are in the video? Did he do anything other adding something into the ass end of the video talking about how great Samsung or their phone is? If not, then all he’s doing is basically saying “Hey, you guys want to know about my gear, so here’s what I filmed this on”. If so, then it’s an ad and then must have been declared. That’s that.

  47. I am watching and writing this in Feb. 2019. In today's PDS, you slammed "influencers" for promoting companies without indicating that what is being seen is an ad. It's come up in the last several weeks and you've slammed ALL of them. I think you're right about feeling torn as Neistat is a fellow YouTuber. Glad you kinda saw that.

  48. ALSO: good for the boys who wore skirts to school in response the dress code! It's good to see that these young men didn't see this act as too "gay" or feminine…or whatever! Love seeing boys with confidence!

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