100 thoughts on “Peter Schiff on recession warning: It’s going to be worse than 2008

  1. If you are invested in real estate then you will be glad you listened to Schiff. The investors that listened to him in 2006 and sold at the peak of the real estate bubble made out like bandits. He did predict the crash of 08 two years in advance and it was a blessing to take his advice if you were heavily into RE

  2. It’s just a matter of time guys. I am not In anybody’s camp. I just enjoy historical data. Every empire, every fiat currency, every government who claims to be the best and brightest always-always-always fails. Just reality. He may have been saying this for years but it actually looks like this is the right year.

  3. Ok shift. You’ll be right at some point. My god, you’ve been saying the same drivel for a decade. Yes, there will be another recession at some point. What else is new? Welcome to capitalism in America.

  4. Sure schiff. If you’re right, maybe you should run for President. Btw even obummer got re-elected and he did worse than bush

  5. please keep this schiff accountable for what he says. if happens credit, if not – make sure he never has a career in economics again

  6. If everyone put in 1000 every so often to keep things going not only do you keep working but you may make money on the back end also.

  7. Every year Peter Schiff says that the economy is going to suffer a major crash. Here is how he is wrong about the coming recession.
    In 2008 we had a the worst housing market in history, we had two bankrupt auto companies, and the banks were in a credit crisis. Today, we just have Trump and his moronic economic advisors disrupting global supply chains, and pissing off the whole world. In addition to that the markets have been looking for a recession for two years… it’s easy to trigger one and Trump’s China fiasco was just enough.
    2018 the stock market had its biggest loss since 2008, trump’s tariffs forced companies to stock up on inventory to beat the tariffs and Trump had to give farmers $26 billion over two years, Trump has increased spending while cutting taxes and we have $2.1 trillion in MORE debt, a debt that will grow even faster with the slow down.

  8. Doomsayer's are always predicting the worst scenarios but even I understand the cycle that some very wealthy banking families understand. They collect most of their wealth on the downside of the economy because they have enough wealth to buy up all the cheap land and false God's that were sold to the poor people on credit for much higher prices.

  9. If you keep predicting a recession you will eventually be correct. If you continually predict a boom you will eventually be correct.

  10. I know a lot of people on here don't want to believe that this is true because they support Trump. However, look at this neutrally. What do you think the The far left will do if we have a recession worst than 2008 and Trump is re elected? Now think about what Trump will do to protestors who riot because they have no jobs? How much will he blame immigrants for the recession? How much will he blame China and incite racism against Chinese for currency manipulation? Is it really far fetched that a president that has expressed the desire to put journalist and his opposition in prison would not find a way to do so? Would he be willing to shoot his own citizens like he has suggested in his rallies? Now let's flip it. Think about what America will become if there is a recession and Trump loses the election? A socialist gets elected and completely destroys our capitalistic system and people will embrace it because they are desperate. Think about in America where the wealth gets redistributed? Think about an America that looks like Venezuela question but think about an America that slowly starts to move towards communism? Whether you support Trump or whether you support whoever the democratic candidate is going to be, this is no laughing matter this is seriously disturbing and we should pray for our country. We seriously need to stop fighting each other because at the end of the day Recessions An economic collapse only affect us, the normal people. The middle class. The rich stay rich or often times get even richer. We need to stop fighting as Americans. If not it could be the end of our nation as we know it.

  11. Of course I totally have faith in the Federal reserve….created by Congress to serve the public, but now serve themselves at the public's expense. How's that savings holding up compared to your debt?

  12. Renewable energy sources will save the economy, plus recycling, electric cars, banning meat, raising taxes, shutting down airports, increasing the abortion rate, reparations (not enough conservative white dudes died to free the slaves from Democrats), plus Medicare-for-all and declaring war against Russia! We can cure Capitalism by injecting a hearty dose of Communism into America.

  13. This guy does not see what Trump is doing they are getting rid of the fed look around the world everyone is borrowing at 0% not America. Once Trump convinces the fed to lower to 0% the Fed is Done. Then you can move the dollar back to gold or silver gold wont be stopped by paper contracts its going up to its true value which most would not believe.

  14. Trade war causes economic crash that causes world war….history always repeats. This is why Trump was installed into power.

  15. idö, 7:33 kérdés –,,mekkora üzlet Ma Jézus, ??? Mint a Vatikán hatalma a világban vagy még nagyobb ,,–És Trump elnök ur e üzletett is magának akarja ??? Mert Orbán találkozásával ö ezt bizonyitotta 13,–án I, tört, k, 13–mas lecke ZEUS vagyis manipulálva legyilkolnak csak Orbán és Trump elnök meg szerezze az Én Üzletemet ????? – idö, 7.35,

  16. I'm glad Trumptards are bullish about the market. You can always count on the trading acumen of white trailer trash.

  17. Gee  we  already  know  the  fed  is  doing  this  on  purpose.  They  are  listening  to bill  mauer   who  wants  this  just  to  get  rid  of  POTUS.

  18. It's uncanny how accurate Peter is when it comes to perdicting future events in the markets, and generally the economy as a whole, invaluable information for sure.i know the libs like PETER!

  19. He is wrong 100%😏. Because Britain & Saudi Arabia and USA going to drop Bank systems.
    and the world will change 👋😎🗺️

  20. The guy there interviewing is on point that is exactly the scenario that's gonna play out in 2020 or just before the Christmas season 2019!

  21. US is now energy independent, thats different, we make the worlds food and have enough for us. you people are stupid, trump will throttle the fed, replace them, screw the feds

  22. trumpanzees confuse cynicism with sense of humor..The difference is: How many times did cynicism get you laid?…Ha, ha, ha!

  23. Peter does not have "different" and/or "unique" perspective. He is rather the last remaining beacon of common sense in the complete darkness which American society is diving in.

  24. The Left is hoping, praying and even working to assure a recession in time to defeat Trump at the polls in 2020! And they don’t care how many every day Americans get hurt or how bad! Sick!

  25. Anti trump bastard. Fox News now owned by Disney will go more and more left as election gets closer. Disney associated with George Mitchell, Epstein, Weinstein, Clinton’s.

  26. The Anti-American Media so badly hopes for failure and is trying to create it with FAKE pessimism, speculation, and by Repeating the "R" word..

  27. This guy will just not let up. If there is no recession before the next election and Trump wins, then he will make another excuse as to why he got that wrong. But he will never admit he got something wrong. He always has to point out the few things he got right just to feed his ego. And I don't know why they have to keep talking to him. We heard the same exact thing ten years ago. The economy is going to collapse. Buy Gold. We got it. What other new information does he have for us? Are we going to have a recession? Yes. We always have periods of good times followed by periods of bad times. But no-one can predict when. If no recession comes in 2020 and Trump wins, will he finally realize he is bad at predicting things? And if he is right will he just admit he got lucky? Of course not.

  28. Peter Schiff is right we are head for a recession Peter Schiff prediction the cash of 2008 back in 2004 and people mock him but he was spot on the bubble that was created under the Obama administration has pop under Trump you mark my words we will be a recession by next year and Donald trump will lose the next election.

  29. Don't forget that a lot of that liquidity was exported to the rest of the world. If the currency drops too far all those dollars will come home to roost.

  30. OK, to all those people jeering in the comments that Peter is a broken clock, never knows when the next recession is coming etc… You're right.
    And that is completely irrelevant.
    What Peter understands that you don't is WHY there is a recession coming, HOW it will likely start and progress, WHAT sectors of the economy are most at risk. That is why he was predicting specifically prime and sub-prime housing back in '04 thru '07.
    If there is a pyramid scheme, we can all understand that it will eventually collapse; we understand that the con grows exponentially and that sooner or later, there just aren't enough new suckers. What you don't know, can't possibly know, is how many suckers are there? Will it be 1,000? 20,0000? 500,000? You don't know WHEN, but you do know HOW and WHY. So maybe try listening more to the WHY and HOW and judge for yourself when you think the WHEN will be.

  31. Well Russia hoax failed… I know let’s screw over America with a recession, that will teach those deplorables!

  32. Schiff = Perma Bear. I listen to him and David Stockman instead of taking sleeping pills when I want to sleep. Schiff is like the little boy who cried wolf too many times. By the time he's right, nobody will be listening.

  33. Fredo…is that you?? I find it hard to believe if that was the case then why are Democrats giving tax payer money away like if it grew on trees …. And why are they bringing in poor people that have no way of Supporting them self's for a long time ??? And why are they offering free health care to all illegals haha u call BS theres a lot of money enough for all except Americans 😂😂

  34. your both IDIOTS & nobody is listening to you twostupid people, FAKE NEWS, we r notheaded for a recession you idiot quit trying to scare people boh yeah & your an idiot

  35. Corporate union labor retiree pension programs were implemented in 1950 because it was determined an economic stabilizing pillar to take portion of corporate revenues during good economic period into pension program and reserve those funds for when economic slowdown occur yet still feed community small business through the hands of retired pensioners until economy rebounds. Now that pensions are totally stock market manipulated in 401k programs, Crash the market when economy slows and there is no money to help support US communities. Ending pension is policy from globalists whom want to destabilize America for 1930's depression necessary to progress for civil unrest and struggle to communism as was done under Stalin then.

  36. Peter schiff is an idiot. Still waiting on his evidence of collusion that he said he has…. if he has it isn’t he “obstructing?”

  37. For as long inflation is under control there will be no recession or very mild recession. Those who are living pay check to pay check now are living under recession already.

  38. Peter needs to stop eating so close to bedtime, and more importantly, he needs to realize that his dreams are only that; dreams.

  39. If he keeps saying it coming a recession is Coming is coming and when he it does come he can say he was right see Call it right now give me a break

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