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This industry means everything to me
I owe everything to it
When I’m on a shoot
Whatever the character may be
I play it to perfection
Yes, I smoke and drink
But I’ve never made a ‘compromise’
I don’t even do full nude scenes
Because my body doesn’t look that good when
it’s exposed
When you show something while still hiding
That’s what looks good on me
The kind of family I’m from
Even if the drape of a saree were to fall
from your shoulder
It would be considered cheap
So when they came to know about my work
They were bound to be shocked
Look, she enjoys this line of work
The family didn’t like it too much, and neither
did I, initially
But it’s what she wants to do, and she’s talented
at it too
So she has her full support
If we don’t support her, who will?
I have no problem with what she does
I’ve accompanied her on shoots several times
I only feel bad when my friends tease me about
what she does
Because they’ve all seen her movies
On a shoot, you’ll usually find me
In shorts
Upper nude
Showing my neck
That much is fine
At first when I saw Mom’s work, I also wanted
to become an actor
But everyone keeps scolding her about what
she does
So I don’t feel good anymore
Back when I used to live in Kailash Nagar,
my neighbours found out
That I’ve done ‘hot movies’
So I asked them
Are you so ashamed that someone from your
neighbourhood does this?
They said, “No, a lot of people do work like
Then I asked if they were jealous that I slept
with others and not with them
When I got married, I was just 14 years old
At such a young age, I had no idea what a
marriage was
Since the beginning, I didn’t see eye to eye
with his family
After my younger daughter was born, my husband
sent me divorce papers
And we got divorced
For almost 10 years, I was a makeup artist
In 2016, there was a surge in hot movies in
That’s when a casting director called me for
an audition
Saying there was a scene requiring a little
And asking if I would do it
I said yes, I have no problem with it
He really liked my acting
My main motive was that people should look
at my acting, not my body
That’s why I now do movies with double entendres
I just want to show my passion
And to show what I am capable of
So I had this trick
Where I would tease my male co-star’s legs
from the toes upward with my tongue
Most of my co-stars would get aroused
One of them got too worked up
Asking the director to tell me to control
Mostly, when it comes to scenes like this,
male co-stars all say
“Pooja Madam, no one can do a scene better
than you”
A director once asked me how much I was willing
to expose for a role
I asked him how much he wanted
He told me to show him my legs, to make sure
there were no marks on them
So I lifted my saree to my knees
He asked me to lift it further
So I lifted it up to my thighs
And I told him that I would go no further
He said ok
So I asked him to at least tell me about the
He asked if I had seen ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’
In which there is a mother who gives a child
milk, and her chest is exposed
And that it was a similarly bold scene
So I asked him, “Did you ask to see my legs
for your own pleasure?”
Why did he ask me to show my legs?
If he had asked to see my chest, I can understand
Today, I’m so bold and so strong
I’m as good as 10 others
A woman is never weak
If anyone’s daughter is in this line of work
Please support her

100 thoughts on “Pooja Gupta: Star of India’s Hot Movies | Unique Stories From India

  1. Ray yeh raat mein pilti hai
    Rate hain 5000 full night ke
    Bhosda ban gya but iska fatt kr maja nhi ata bas daaru pila kr moh mein dena shi kr legi hai suckinh

  2. Star of India… R u serious??!!!
    These kind of dirtiest people spoil the Indian culture and attract the young youth to get choose wrong path

  3. There's no difference between this and any other bollywood movie.. these girls are strong and independent and her kids can learn so SO much from their mother. What an awesome woman, got married as a child, had a kid, got divorced, but never gave up..amazing ! All the best to you 🙂

  4. Most of the negative comments coming only from North Indians , we south Indians can understand ur not that educated and open as us !!!

  5. wat support… ye kya naya natak shuru hai ….itx nt wat women is all bout ….c cn apppear strong if c maintain her dignity througly

  6. Jin logo ko aisi heroin ya aise hero pasand hai to plz apni beti bahan ko bhi aisi filme krne ko bolo. Aur unko nude body k maje le. Namo buddhaya

  7. l like her serial, Sona aunty ka vasna bahuth Maja Aya beautiful, kitchen mey chay banathey samay gand mey hath lagathey Na halke halke, saree mey(red) bahuth sunder

  8. l like only Pooja Gupta, she is my dream girl, beautiful,good figure especially the beautiful background superb, l like her in saree only

  9. she says 'mujhe apni acting dikhani hai' then says 'pura suck karte huwe jaati thi' how is that a talent?

  10. No madam Ji. You were married when you were a child, this causes trauma. Mai tu Kati hoon pyscoligist ki paas jao. Upni dil ko sakoon daeeed do.

  11. Mam jo Aap Hard Work Karti Ho Usme Bhi Bahut Himmat Sahas Chahiye… Aapki Comedy ka Expression.. Ka koi Zawaab Nahi he Mam Aap Bollywood Movie Me Comedy k according Script..Roll.. Kyun Try Nahi karti Ho.

  12. Zindgi bhi ajbe hai jab koi work nahi karta to log kahte hai ki koi kam nahi karta or jab kam mil jata hai to log usme kamiya nikalne hai

  13. ise dekh ke to khada hua v beth jata he.insan k roop me hathi lagti he ye moti.sale mood kharap kardia subah subah.1000 dislikes for her

  14. People abuses these type of actress and porn models but love to watch bullshit fake nudity of Bollywood . Fuck off hypocrites , I give more importance to these models than mainstream .

  15. She is doing very vulgar cheap scenes ,the dialogues,the script,the plot,the characters,just watch her movies and videos you get to know nothing bold , daring, nothing confidence, nothing talent, nothing, passion , just an attention seeker,watch her videos ,even carryminati roasted her videos,just by telling she isn't afraid if doing bold scenes and coming from a conservative family doesn't make her right
    She is very cheap, vulgar,no Morales,all her videos are same

  16. Pasand toh kisi ko nahi, par apne chaddar mein chup chup ke sab yahi dekhte hai aur bahar se baat karne ke time pe bolte hain ki ye sab galat hai

  17. Salute to u madam…work is work, its have not a meaning and ur efforts giving ur house or family a support…..but keep its in a limitation bcz ur family and society also watching its..u great…….

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