President Donald Trump Buried Under A Mountain Of Ongoing Legal Woes | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Buried Under A Mountain Of Ongoing Legal Woes | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. America Donald Trump has been corrupt since the lunatic could walk and talk. What made you think that he would be any different iff you put him in the White House

  2. Republican and Fox News drone reactions to a Democratic president behaving the way Trump has been behaving as regards executive privilege and refusing to cooperate with investigations would be quite a spectacle to witness. Unlike the Republicans and Fox News drones, however, Democrats would not behave the way Republicans have been behaving. Republicans are uniquely unpatriotic, self-serving and hypocritical.


  4. When a filthy rich American volunteered to serve his country, this is what he get. Better to do his own business. Why care for ungrateful people of this nation?

  5. Well if the 2 judges tRUMP picked let’s him slide it will be pitchfork and torch time ! For the judges and #45 .

  6. Scott Allen You cast accusations broadly, no specifics, no proof …. like a washing machine … classic MSM play, like Nicole here “corruption” … but nothing.

  7. Independence of judiciary? I doubt it. I hope I am wrong. And, come on people every educated person in America except maybe the press knows that Trump cooked the books in his real estate empire.



  9. Your time is coming to be held accountable for everything you have put the President through… Trump will be re-elected! … May all your lies and false accusations be exposed! … May all your secrets be exposed so that the truth may set us free from your evil ways Fake News and Demsocialists (Hitler was also a socialist)… You accuse the President of many things which you yourselves are guilty of, may you fall in your own trap!

  10. Agent Donald Russ trump has done worse and more crimes in 3 years , than what el chapo has done in 20 years …Free el chapo and lock the traitor and his whole cult administration up.

  11. “Himself is sooo rich, he will buy his way out of anyt(ing. Of coarse with his oh so awesome mentality. “Superb mentality? You folks don’t have a chance against “Himself”.

  12. How will the court or congress make him give up his taxes? I don't see that it will ever happen unless they are leaked by someone from within. It won't happen. The rule should be that if a candidate wants to run for office, they must first produce their taxes, easy.

  13. How many appeals the court going to let hem get away with he is making the court system look back that why have a court system when it dont work y

  14. I think Trump burned every bridge that led to a cushy white collar sentence.
    Maybe the Republicans will wise up before he becomes so toxic, no current or future official can survive association.

  15. America was founded under the principle we will have no King except for King Jesus. King Jesus has not returned yet so we have to settle for mr. Trump a man of God president. We are satisfied with his driving to be a better man.

  16. Ahhh… he doesn't want anyone to know about his taxes because he hummmm….probably NEVER EVER paid a "penny" and I mean EVER, and that he's probably very very broke 😌😌😌🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  17. Trump and the family has been corrupt all his life…….it is hard to understand how the Republicans still approve this criminal

  18. That’s why he appoints lifelong judges with no experience or job qualifications for the positions they are appointed to.

  19. The Supreme Court will answer the question if Vlad Putin has succeeded in undermining American democracy with the help of the Republican party under Trump.

  20. Lie Lie Lie.
    Trump has come under scrutiny throughout his presidency for repeatedly spouting falsehoods and misleading statements. To date he has told [ 13,435 ] FALSE OR MISLEADING CLAIMS OVER 1,000 DAYS as of October 17, 2019
    But despite evidence to the contrary, Trump insists that he ‘’tries to tell the truth’’

    “Well, I try. I do try" to tell the truth, “I always want to tell the truth. When I can, I tell the truth. And sometimes it turns out to be where something happens that’s different or there’s a change, but I always Like to be truthful.”

    It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t LIKE to be truthful at all.

  21. Why is Joe and Hunter Biden Not Be subpoenaed…what is wrong With The Not Being Talked about by the Media Oh I Forgot They Are Welled Loved And Protected By The Morons In The Media … Boy I Would not want to be them when God Almighty Reveals The Truth Of What The Democrats Are Doing

  22. Trump's taxes … Russia is somewhere in there. And of course, he's not as rich as he pretends to be. Also, he probably hasn't paid taxes in years.

  23. I like the way everyone assumes the conservative Supreme Court judges will vote against the law. That's frightening. Greatest democracy! Haaaha

  24. 1. 3 years.
    2. 10's of millions of dollars.
    3. DNC/killary paid for dossier.
    4. Illegally obtained FISA warrants.
    5. An illegal FBI investigation.
    6. An independent Senate investigation.
    7. A special council made up of 19 hand picked leftist federal attorneys (some confirmed killary donors) and 40 FBI agents.
    Result….. NOTHING…
    So i say… You're not looking for evidence of A crime. You half witted cowards are looking for evidence of ANY crime. Or anything you can twist into a crime.

  25. Because all of you Deep State Media were doing it. You party and happy now; but, in the next life; then, you cry and no one will hear you. It will be all over for all of you. This life is too short; and your designation in the next; will be eternal… eternal fire! Anyone who goes against the children will go down; no redemption for the pro-choice nor planned parenthood; nor all your freemason courts. Whoever finds themselves here on earth; will lose it on the next.

  26. trump is the most secretive "president" in the modern era. probably in U. S. history. he's keeping his tax, business and educational records secret. he keeps his itinerary secret. he holds secret meetings with foreign officials and transfers official whitehouse transcripts to TOP SECRET databases. and he conducts secret, covert state dept missions contrary to national interests. and the GOP just pats him on his head, rubs his bloated belly and says – that's a good boy. we like your elitist tax cuts and stacking the courts with far-right judges. we really don't care about anything else.

  27. Why Ivanka Trump got trade marks for Voting Machines? Is Trump Cartel Family preparing to get their machines all over the country for Trump to be "re elected"?

  28. MSNBC folks. Nothing but negativity regarding Trump. There is a reason MSNBC ratings are in the tank and this is perfect example. This is the news they want the American psyche to hear and not all the positive news that is coming out consistently. FAKE NEWS AT ITS FINEST

  29. "Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive." Trump would have benefited from learning to read. He'll have lots of time to learn how in prison.

  30. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. 🇺🇸♥️ ALL ABOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN…2020..🕊..🚂–🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🇺🇸🚃🚃🚃🚃🕊

  31. I have said from the first time that he said he was for president we would be in trouble and people look at me cross eyed at least like I was crazy I kept saying this is a choir the usa will regret for the of rest its history and would become an embarrassment on the world stage. None of my christian ✝️ would listen 👂 especially some those dear friends who were strongly believers of Trump and then he completely shutdown their USCIS office in manila for no odd reason and the philippines isn’t mexico and most people follow all the rules to come here, how I know my wife is filipino. It’s just amazing as to how america has falling in such a
    short period of time bc this selfish, self centered, diabolical and crooked man and yet the media, the gop, house etc…is calling him the president of which he is nothing presidential about him – yet they called

  32. was trying to say he is nothing near what’s is presidential like most other true presidents and then on the other hand and I remember they only call Obama, Mr.Obama and not Mr.President, just Obama or Mr.Obama, and i am not an Obama loyalist per sae, but still to be calling Trump the president of the usa is just crazy. The shame, degradation, the immoral decadence that he has brought to this office alone with his gop bots 🤖 is truly unbelievable and is getting worse and now this man is so rotten with animosity that he believes right is wrong and wrong is right we in a sad time.

  33. His tactic as a businessman was to hire small and mid-size businesses to do work for him and then not pay them simply because he didn’t want to and then threaten to drag out the legal processes and bury them in legal debt if they tried to fight him to be paid (you know, kind of like what he is doing with subpoenas and the release of his taxes). So, I think it’s highly poetic that his entire presidency will be marked by nothing but ongoing and repeated investigations. Whether he gets re-elected or not, one of my biggest hopes is that he is investigated until the day he leaves office so that THAT is the mark of his ridiculous presidency. I want his experiment of running for President as an ego boost to be the worst and most painful mistake he’s ever made. It would only get better seeing him in Federal prison for tax evasion/tax fraud when he is a private citizen again. I am sure he’d commit suicide and that would be the cherry on my f—-ing cake of life!

  34. Dont Believe any of this Fake News garbage Russia Hoax fakers . Its all slander & Also Propaganda . Go Trump !!! Thank you So much for being MY President , the Greatest President of all time … Thank You and God Bless #2020 #WWGW1GA

  35. All I can say to the malevolent and hypocritical republicans and other trump supporters is this …..what if it was Barack Obama as President that committed all of these litany of sins that trump is being accused of ??

  36. Why would he fight so hard to keep taxes and business documents secret unless he committed multiple crimes and fraud and it shows money laundering. Trump is a pathological liar and traitor and conman and psychopath and criminal.

  37. If those judges don't do the right thing, they will forever taint the highest Court & our democracy & constitutional rights r no more! If they don't get rid of those judges too! Kavanaugh has got to go!

  38. He’s putting off what will eventually be outed….and hopefully he will be held accountable with all his fears coming to fruition. He doesn’t walk on water.

  39. Release his taxes, release the full transcript and release the full unredacted Mueller report. Trump is the least transparent and accountable yet most corrupt president ever.

  40. Da ..there wouldnt be an impeachment process or mention in constitution if a president was ammune to any investigation. A kindergartner knows that .why is impeachment allowed .why did Republicans violate the constitution and investigate and impeach clinton if a president is as mmune to investigations ?

  41. When you have clowns defending a clown you get a circus .lets see if the ring leader of the circus roberts be professional and take his oath seriously or will he allow the clowns to take over ?

  42. Live by the sword, die by the sword
    Pushed for Obama to prove he was a US citizen, pushed hard
    hey Trumpy, show us your taxes..but no
    You are above the law…sure you are
    Blue tsunami 2020..he has at best 14 months to go to January 20th, 2021

  43. According to trump Republicans illegally investigated clinton and impeached him illegally since any president cant be investigated let alone impeached .

  44. Donald Trump has painted himself into a corner. Donald Trump has hit a stone wall. Donald Trump doesn’t know the person he sees in the mirror.

  45. Trump is gradually dismantling US democracy and the Republicans are supporting this. Bit by bit the US becomes a banana republic, powered by corruption and self interest instead of duty and oath to country and office

  46. The fat guy, Used the word circus instead of circuit and that is exactly what this fake news is. Trumps no saint but ALL the dumocrats are a gang, This is the reason I tossed my TV in a dumpster in 2000 and have gotten all my news from the internet ever since. Nixon was impeached, and Clinton and Bush were to. Only Nixon quit The house is acting like a gang, There is no justice in this illegal impeachment. JUST-US.
    The Senate is controlled by the republicans, There's no to way impeach Trump.
    After this circus has ended and Trump wins a second term by a landslide we the tax payers need to pressure the Senate to pass a law to attach the wages of all the house members that voted for this phony impeachment and make them all pay back all the tax payers money they wasted on this hopeless impeachment based on lies.

  47. It's like when a guy gets caught stealing the officers have reason now to search his house and find the three kilos of coke and the guns and the PEDIPHILE pictures ECT ECT

  48. From Ireland . can anybody in the USA put their hand on their heart any say donald is a decent honest human ? Why why do so many people actually believe in him ????? scary

  49. “Taxes ! Taxxxessss” “What’s up with this “Taxes Thing” “It’s all fake and a hoax!” … sigh …. shaking head in disbelief how cadet bonespurs would announce this at one of his nutty rallies.

  50. Why are we pretending Trump will obey a Supreme Court decision if it doesn't go his way?

    It's all a play for time: drag it out as long as possible and then refuse to comply anyway.

  51. As an ancient Rome buff I fear that what we're seeing is, mutatis mutandis, a replay in the US of the passage from a republic to an imperial dictatorship. If the Supreme Court votes that Trump is effectively above the law, it sets the stage for a bonafide coup d'etat. All the pieces are there and just need to be put in place. Between a total presidential immunity sanctioned by the Supreme Court, and the Republicans' gerrymandering and throwing millions of voters off the voter rolls, the next steps could be invalidating the election if Trump loses, then mass arrests and even death lists. Exaggeration? I don't think so. Just seeing Trump's henchmen (and henchwomen) like Bill Barre, Kellyanne Conway, Lindsey Graham, etc., rant defensively for Trump against all logic is enough – or should be – to send chills down your spine. So, although the pundits at MSNBC are laughing over it, I think it's no laughing matter, especially since their names would probably be among the first on the lists. Let's remember that, up to the point that Hitler came to power, most Germans believed they were still living in a democratic republic, and many were probably laughing at the idea that it could ever happen there.

  52. Trump is saying he's better than the forefathers who penned our Constitution and signed it. He is exactly why they wrote into the Constitution the laws that prevent him from doing so. Trump in all his life has not had to be held accountable, well it's time we hold him accountable for everything he's done. May we indict him and throw away the key, and he can have his kids along with him.

  53. If a normal citizen would even dare to hide or scam the IRS. What would you think on what would actually happen to you or me???? YEAH! We would be buried in a dark hole.

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