President Donald Trump Cuts NATO Trip Short After Trudeau’s Hot Mic Moment | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Cuts NATO Trip Short After Trudeau’s Hot Mic Moment | NBC Nightly News

  1. Macron, Two faced Trudeau and Johnson were mad that Trump demanded they pay their fair share. The widdle girlie men are mad that Trump – an American – IS standing up for America. (Unlike his tragic predecessor Barry Soetoro!).
    NONE of the jealous girlie men are even capable of holding a 45 minute IMPROMPTU press conference…lol

  2. Macron, Two faced Trudeau and Johnson were mad that Trump demanded they pay their fair share. The widdle girlie men are mad that Trump – an American – IS standing up for America. (Unlike his tragic predecessor Barry Soetoro!).
    NONE of the jealous girlie men are even capable of holding a 45 minute IMPROMPTU press conference…lol

  3. The little pu$$ needs to be impeached,,,and his enabler’s the Republicans need to be voted out every time there’s an election and while we’re at it his Nazi henchmen buddy Barr needs to be impeached right along with him.

  4. Just recently the governor of Puerto Rico, Rossello, attempted to imitate Trump via venting on the Internetand the entire island population is calling for his resignation for an uncouth comment he made. The interviewer told Rossello that only Trump could get away with those things and that the Puerto Rican governor had made a serious mistake in assuming that he could do the same. Rosello was forced to resign.

  5. While small minds gossip our President is going about doing the work of his people! This reporter is stupid! American tax dollars have been carrying these countries with other countries there military hardware, budgets, and protection by American troops. These countries have been gaining speed while Americans suffer from fractured families and working 3 jobs to make ends meet! If we stop being the worlds police and start reigning back on giving to EVERY country and only those who are truly impoverished we ourselves at home could provide better lives for our children. The American Christian family is becoming extinct and will completely die out ( as globalist would love to see happen, it’s part of there plan) It is through the American Christian families that we were able to send missionaries throughout the world, give charitably and with loving hearts to countries who were still living as ancient cultures did and pull them out if poverty. The problem is that after world war 11 a large number of the Nazi war criminals and scientist were taken out of Germany and brought over to the USA and infiltrated into our universities, government and businesses. Then… as you can find out by reading “ The Intentional Dumbing Down of America” a Soviet, Carnegie, & communist registered Americans (who had already infiltrated America from Europe and placed themselves into our education systems) signed an agreement to replace American culture and American History that was being taught in our schools at the time, with this tainted, less honorable version of our history meant to brainwash our children and dumb them down. The truth is Americans have provided the huge percentage of the WORLDS wealth. But socialist / communist governments are like snake charmers…. they hypnotize by dangling free everything because once they get societies to hand over their money to them get a minor allowance and an extremely overwhelmed and poor quality of health care the majority of the money goes into politicians pockets. Even now…. our system has been so tainted by these people…. the politicians who, Iike the President should have a limit on their terms in orders to avoid corruption and the temptation to accept money in exchange for political favors ( bought and paid for by you and me and every other taxpayer in America! America’s Constitution has been the envy of the world because the founders gave ALL OF THE FREEDOM AND POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Rights given, as they saw it , from the creator not from individuals! The people are to govern the government not the other way around as it is now! How do these lifetime Washington elite retire BILLIONAIRES??? It’s not to hard to figure out if you put your thinking caps on! And the press (journalist jobs were to KEEP THE GOVERNMENT FROM BECOMING CORRUPT BY DIGGING AND FOR THE TRUTH AND “REPORTING CORRUPTION” TO THE PEOPLE! Instead they now sit behind a desk never leaving the warmth of their offices and they ALL get the same taking points from one source! Thus the “mockingbird media” . They are now political activist bought and paid for by the underhanded politicians. They serve the Washington elite rather than the citizens! Journalist are suppose to not be slanted in their stories and to have no opinions when reporting! Opinions are only suppose to be found in the editorial page! Another problem Americans have is that our intelligence agencies are corrupt to the max! They To were initiated by the communist within our government! They now spy on citizens along with there offspring Big Tech companies who were funded by intelligence to help them and communist China to spy and gather information on the private lives of everyone. Why dies communist China monitor there people and throw them in jail for views and private conversations they may have? Because they can… and they must in order hold down dissension! They power is held completely by the rulers. This is exactly what Americans fought and died to get out of and to avoid ever being a part of again! This is why we came to America …. looking to give our families a better life and one if self discovery , self growth and self worth! This is what made us inventors, dreamers, fearless achievers. I just wish that our youth would realize that that have been brainwashed and sold a bunch of lies by people who do not have their best interest in mind!

  6. Does Trump not understand that all over the world, there are groups of people standing in the same fashion at cocktail parties, or in a bar, or at a party, mocking his stupidity?? Trump should not be getting upset by what millions of people all of the world do every day when they mention him..

  7. Trump has no allies, except those idiots like himself that attend his KKK political rallies to hear his Nazi hate speeches, ugly name calling and endless threats. WOW!! Trump is still on a huge wave as he rushes back to his impeachment and removal from the Oval Office.

  8. What we have here is a lack of respect for our president. You might that as well deal with it. There is no respect for the authority in this country left! Wake up people! Keep insulting yourself.

  9. Well… most of our allies are two-faced. Hardly any of you pull your weight when it comes to NATO. So like Trump says, it must hurt getting called out on that, it must hurt being put in a position where you have to make tough political decisions that you would rather push off on America. Why don't you all just step up and do what you agreed to do? Spend the 2% you agreed to spend.

  10. Guess whose overdue NATO bill will soon get handed over to Collection.

    There are cheap shots, but no free shots, Justin.

  11. 😭😭😭😭THEY WERE MEAN TO HIM😭😭😭😭AFTER he was mean to them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    Go figure.😒😒😒😒

  12. trumps pupils very enlarged ,check it out , angry 😡 face… things are not going his way at all … good…the end game… finally…. k.c.

  13. Hang in there Donald Trump my prayers will be answered you'll will be re-elected the prophecies are near in my vision will have to stand by Israel alone. My vision of the EU will be on their own, that will be the 10 pillars.

  14. Trump has been rude to other world leaders and he is always belittling others; calling people out of their name. And no one can say anything about him; bite me!

  15. Well done Mr President! Let the two- face in charge of the rest of the NATO summit so he can expose his two-face personality…and see how the NATO doing without the US.

  16. Boy there must be something pretty bad in trumps taxes to make him drop everything and run back home and beg the courts not to release them,,, well that and trump found out he’s not good enough for the big leagues he’s got to stay up on the porch with the 🐶 🐶🐶puppies he can’t run with the big 🐕 🐕🐕dogs.

  17. America can stop paying for foreign countries security to sell its countries natural resources out from under the native humans. Stop funding wars and look for the American Union label when buying.

  18. "There is only deep respect." …right, Cheeto-in-Chief — so deep that it can't be found. Grow up, you thin-skinned little snowflake, and do your job instead of making everything about you.

  19. Trudeau should really not be disrespecting anymore people. He already did the blacks in numerous black face. He should probably not their stones anymore.

  20. Trump is basically the real life Cartman saying "Screw you guys i'm goin' HOME!"

  21. Prince Charles flipping the bird at Donald Trump has united people across the Atlantic more than 70 years of Nato summits ever has.”
    When Trump appeared, the Prince of Wales was seen scratching his nose with his middle figure, and then noticeably failing to shake hands with the US leader.

  22. Poor dumpy wumpie. His feeling were hurt so he left. The interests of our country were irrelevant, his feelings were hurt so he left.

  23. Listen, I am Canadian and President Trump is correct, that Justine Trudeau is a two face. In addition, he is a racist. President Trump has no time to spend at the NATO summit. All their doing is spending their country' money, having fun and most of this leaders are cocaine addicts including our prime minister Trudeau! President Trump is a serious man and, he only cares about keeping America great and, he has no time to waste at the summit, in addition most of these leaders can not even pay their share of NATO. I never seen in my life some ignorant Americans like this disrespecting their President! You should be proud to have President Trump for your President because he is really fighting for the American people and trying to bust all the government corrupt politicians! Wake up people!

  24. When other nations mock the president, they are mocking all of us! and we certainly deserve it for electing this guy in the first place. I sure hope we can do better the next time??

  25. @2:02 Kim jong un is their backdrop. Wow, not even hiding your communism now? Basically the Chinese Russsian North Korean news network.

  26. Such good journalists.They really had to dig to find some crap to wave under everybody’s nose.I wonder if they could find some news, or tell something good about our President? Nope. Gossip sells.

  27. How can you tell that the trainee Trudeau no Adam's apple look, is lying his lips are moving. He's a CIA asset they sit right beside him in Parliament.

  28. Blackface guy Trudeau and The worst president of France in history making jokes about a largely successful underdog US president is not necessarily embarrassing at all. Neoliberal policies are a failure and world neoliberal elites should wake up.

  29. Waaaah, the media is making up fake stories about me! Waaaaah, they hurt my feelings! Waaaah, I'm gonna take my ball, and go home! Waaaah I going to make the world respect the USA again. Clue for you Trump, the only people who aren't laughing at you, are the Trump Trolls, and that's only because they are to stupid to win a Darwin Award!

  30. I know we – Denmark – is a small country, BUT just before the "talk" with tHrump and our Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, tHrump would'nt allow the press to be there !!!!


  32. PM Justin Trudeau is deceptive and rude towards President Donald Trump and I have zero respect for immature Trudeau. Trudeau is a smooth talker but has no substance. Right now the American economy leads to world thanks to Trump and Trudeau is just riding on America's success.

  33. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Justin Trudeau missing the press conference was due to his pregnancy test reading positive!

  34. President Trump, get us out of NATO. They look at our country as a free meal ticket. Close our bases in Europe and in Turkey. They all can fend for themselves. Get rid of the Canuk officers at NORAD too. We can take care of ourselves.

  35. Trudeau is nothing more then another Obama. Trudea what has he done for Canada??? Trudeau is taking advice from Obama as he has promised obama amnesty when Obama's arrested but that wont happen either

  36. stop making fun of President Trump,when you travel like he does ,of course he is going to be late, nothing those comments are [NASY,NASTY NASTY] jealous,jealous,jealous,envious envious,envious,hatred hatred ,hatred,and those are very bad and call yourself a Human being

  37. President Trump should wait until after the 2020 election before making the USMCA trade deal. After all, we don't need to help Trudeau keep his job as PM, do we? So I'm glad that Pelosi's stalling. Let her stall until December, 2020.
    Did Trudeau not put on his eyebrows right?

  38. NONE OF those laughing at TRUMP could stand UP to CHINA…and they are laughing at the only guy who could.Its a sad day for Western civilisation…I guess its CHINA and PUTIN who are really laughing because of the Fall of NATO

  39. When you are all man , how could you want to stay around a bunch of do nothing children ! Trudeau , how's your country doing ??? TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND ! Lots of Trump boys or girls to follow !!! Kennedy to ! WWG1WGA WW

  40. Trudeau is just dreamy. I feel like any videos of him should be edited with cartoon Cupid’s and birds floating around him and harp music in the background

  41. Aliens warn that the blast of nuclear war causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes more than 10 richter magnitude scale around the world 1 in 3 human survivors.

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