President Donald Trump Makes First Visit To India As President | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Makes First Visit To India As President | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. 😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣.,. trump called hitler modi”chai wala” tea boy on his face… Trump got no chill.😂😂😂

  2. 125,000 honey … 25,000 more than your fake news statement … and biggest Trump rally in history. All while D’s nominate a Socialist non-D as their “standard bearer” 🍿🍿😎 This is great!!

  3. 😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣.,. trump called hitler modi”chai wala” tea boy on his face… Trump got no chill.😂😂😂

  4. 😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣.,. trump called hitler modi”chai wala” tea boy on his face… Trump got no chill.😂😂😂

  5. Morning Joe’s thinking of switching back to R 😂😂 …. at least until his inept crowd can figure out how to count enough non-votes to screw Bernie out of the gig 🍿🍿🍿 .. got my popcorn 👍🏻🇺🇸

  6. Joe and his chumps are sad to see Trump greeted so well abroad. Their petty attempts at bashing him show how small minded and resented they are at his success. They are making themselves irrelevant like the Democrats are, sadly. They have nothing left to offer except anti-Trump bashing.

  7. Когда я был – сам приговорённый, (как я сам – узнал), вступаясь, убедившись – то есть приговорён, как они, – те которые, были – жили, уже тогда, здесь очень долго, как на кладбищах,
    определённые для них – этими, невыясненными давно организовавшими террор,
    и организовывали здесь
    для их выбранных,

    их выбравшие и их выбранное,
    – мной увиденным, тогда в 1996 году.

    как я понял, потом

    для убийств

  8. modi could or should reach out to china's xi jinping who are india's neighbour. with the west modi is selling india with cheap labour like gandhi did. whites encourage division and strife like never ending war between hindus and muslims.

  9. Do Joe and Mika get bonus mockingbird pay from the CIA when they are require to sit through a report with hundeds of thousands showing adulation for Trump?

  10. Did you think that the "Donald" went to India for the sake of America? More evidently he is there for his private business. That's the way the "Donald" is.

  11. Morning Joe, the Cry Baby is acting like a five year old. Have some spine Joe, try to be at least half of the men of Modi and PresTrump. Poor Mika…

  12. Its okay, why people worry about pronunciation of Namaste and Gandhi, leave it. Indians cannot pronounce a lot of English words as it is and American s cannot pronounce indian languages as it is. Isn't it normal. Spending time on talking about this is stupid. We have a lot of serious matters going on around the globe to worry about.

  13. 6:40 time stamp, what's he going to eat? Since Modi is a vegetarian! Cows are ancestors! He'll eat on AF1, his own KFC!

  14. Sorry ( f… off) to u guys who are very sad about the news Reader for not pronouncing the name "Mahatta gandi"( I might wrong too) right way!!!!! They are English and they pronounced In their way. If you don't like that or get sad ignor it. That's it. Boolshit.

  15. I'm not even American an I can just smell the prejudice wreaking from the MSNBC reporters… Lol can you at least PRETEND to be an unbiased professional news outlet?!

  16. We trust TRUMP not Americans..we still remember what they did to Indians on 1971.. we'll never forgive and and we'll never forget.. are never friend to INDIA but we love DONALD TRUMP

  17. Don't talk about Kashmir..where were you when Kashmiri PANDITS were slaughter in Jammu..stop being yourself…😂

  18. NBC bringing up "human right violations" is a complete joke ….. These guys openly support Anti-Fa and other lawless organizations in USA …shame on FAKE NEWS NCB ….

  19. Hindus knows how to charm a leader by Worshiping them that's how Muslims lost their Empires kingdoms Territories Countries Wealths and in the end lost respect and life. Hindus are taking over America through Trump and their fake flattery's…

  20. Why islamic terrorists commenting here in the comment box ? Get out from here. Don't put negative comments here knowingly.
    Long live india america friendship

  21. Veg. food in India is quite tasty. I've come across some people in Europe who have tried it. And they were like, we never knew that Veg. food can be so tasty. It might even get Mr. Trump to cut down on hamburgers.

  22. You'll get 2000 dancers for your music video for $3K in Pollywood. Another photo up for FOX.
    Sanders2020 The only way for America to redeem herself.

  23. Wow and I thought you are ought to study more general knowledge to become a news reportor (couldn't take it beyond gaadni)

  24. Why is no one wearing face masks ?Don't they know Covid-19 is airborne? Will they bring the virus back to America ?

  25. Impeachment 2.0, the reality series is coming; with special appearances and story lines by Mueller and his Report, Bolton and his book, corrupt criminals and their pardons, the Supreme Court and months of court delays over subpoenas for Pompeo, Mulvaney, Barr and Pence and endless lies and obstruction by the biggest conman on Earth, Putin, and of course the constant sideshow by his court jester and everyone's favorite clown, Trump.

  26. Modi, BJP, RSS, Congress, all Hindus have demolished and burn down what they couldn't STEAL and ROB all Muslims Palaces, Monuments, Architural Heritage Buildings, Mosques recently and Historical Babri Mosques along with 400 other beautiful Architectural Mosques and now also wants to Demolished TAJ MAHAL and the remaining Monuments and seized and confiscated all Muslims, real and Personal PROPERITIES what remains. All these were Grand planned by Gandhi, Patel and all Hindus (which Trump mentioned in his speech.) And it's ironic all Hindus and now Modi, BJP, RSS, and Congress wants to take away all Muslims Nationality, their citizenship and put them all in concentration camps. Muslims forefathers build the Grand TAJ MAHAL and all of India and Ruled India for 1400 years made all Hindus very RICH and PROSPEROUS. and Trump had his casino named Taj Mahal…

  27. but trump ruined modi's dreams when trump praised about pakistan ,when a little girl shout on stage PAKISTAN ZINDABAD you coward people humiliate her because she was a ordinary girl you can even interrupt your pita jee i mean trump😂😂

  28. Make fun of Trump’s accent as much as you want. Majority of Indians like Trump. Both countries understand what a massive threat radical Islam is. This is the thread that unites India with US as well as Russia.

  29. the great hypocrite, torturer of immigrants, who harbors the little Dracula look alike, little hater, Hitler wannabe, White Nationalist Stephen Miller, head of immigration, telling Modi to quit discriminating against people?!! trump wouldn't address the Muslim's plight, he hates them!! I wonder does he have hotels with his name on the, in India?!

  30. Trump is winning in November.
    #LatinoForTrump #Trump2020

  31. Please India keep desperate despot fat tiny dumpy trump! We people who are good Americans do not want trump in the USA ever! trump is evil.

  32. "Strong men TENDENCIES"? What you mean, is they're a man's man… REAL men who aren't afraid to throw their weight around in the name of doing what's right.

  33. Shri Modi is systematically killing off any person who is not of Indian decent, very similar to what Hitler did in Germany. The people there are there to see Modi and support him in his quest to legitimize those killings buy seeking friendship with the leaders of the world. Trump in India is doing just that and not to be outraged by his stupidity to be duped into a religious confrontation in another country should be condemned. All to boost his ego.

  34. typical CRAP MSNBC… about panning the crowd 100,000 All standing and Cheering. Your bias is so sickening and its time you sacked Mathews.

  35. President Trump as he promise will Make America Great again. I praise him as the greatest President of the US. He love His Troops and love his country and love to make US Great again. I live in Canada And I wish We have a Leader as President Trump. God bless you President. India showed the whole World of how much President Trump is Loved. 100 000 People Attend the rally to show Respect to the US president. Once Again god bless president Donald Trump.

  36. Today's trump-modi namaste instigated the RSS goons to attack them, it's all over twitter you can check. I doubt mainstream local TV covering it live..

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