Psychiatrist Warns Trump’s Unhinged Fox News Rant Is Evidence Of Mental Decline

Last Friday, Donald Trump called in to Fox
and friends for a 53 minute long interview because as we all know, being president of
the United States, you have nothing better to do with your time than to spend 53 minutes
talking to the morons at Fox and friends. Well, this performance that the president
put on a week or so ago caught the attention of somebody who knows a lot about mental health
and that person happens to be Yale psychiatrist, dr bandy Lee, who also happens to be the one
who put together the phenomenal book, the dangerous case of Donald J. Trump. And if you haven’t read that, I sincerely
urge you to do so. But Dr. Lee watched this 53 minutes segment
where Donald Trump was on the phone ranting and raving like a lunatic. And Dr. Lee points out the fact that he was
going through these conspiracy theories. He was going through things that we know are
simply not true, making things up, lying about other things. It was in my words, nuts, but in the words
of actual mental health professionals like dr bandy Lee, she was a little more diplomatic
about her diagnosis of the president and here it is. She wrote a recent op-ed. You can find a link in the description of
the video. Um, I have to read this because it’s so amazing. The president’s cognitive functioning alone
in terms of his ability to process information and thoughts has deteriorated to the point
where he has difficulty stringing together a single coherent sentence. His word finding difficulties, repetitions
and loose connections are only superficial indicators of a more serious, deeper process. He has additionally shown multiple neurological
signs including slurred speech, movement abnormalities, and confabulation is filling in gaps of memory
with fabricated stories. Now, she also went on to say something else
that I also found remarkable. His erratic decision making is sparked by
times of increased stress and pressure. For example, she talked about the fact that
during a Michael Cohen’s hearing when he was dishing all that dirt on Donald Trump and
implicating him and financial crimes at the same time, he became so stressed and angry
and unable to process things that he essentially ended the nuclear talks with North Korea and
we’ve seen how much that deteriorated, so there are real consequences to Donald Trump’s
actions. At the height of the impeachment hearings
just a week or so ago, he pardons three war criminals. His erratic behavior, his cognitive malfunctioning
is very real world consequences and that’s what Dr. Lee is warning us about. This isn’t just about her attacking the president
because she doesn’t like him. None of the mental health professionals who
contributed to her book are doing this just because they hate him. It’s because there’s very real consequences
from the fact that we’re ignoring the mental health issues of the president of the United
States, his doctors, the white house doctors, the one that does started it off and then
immediately got it replaced because he was so awful, didn’t do the proper tests to see
if the president was all there. The current white house physician who took
over has not done adequate testing to see if this man may actually have alzheimers. This is not to mock the president. This is not because we all hate Trump. This is because the man controlling the nuclear
codes, making decisions that affect the lives of every single person in this country shouldn’t
be in the hands of somebody who can’t trust their own brain. And as these mental health professionals continuously
warn us, that person is Donald Trump and there is something wrong with him.

100 thoughts on “Psychiatrist Warns Trump’s Unhinged Fox News Rant Is Evidence Of Mental Decline

  1. REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* and Moscow Mitch betrayed our country for money. Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith, Real Justice. Grand Old Party is now a Russia bought entity. PartyB4Nation. Let's clean up congress. VOTE2020 for Americans not Putin Puppets. Look where we are today America.

  2. This is the fall of the u.s.a.
    I.never my life time. There whould be a the white house. .wake up you Republican.. .and take your head from up the orangeman..asd

  3. Please you fukin progressive kooks , vote democrat this time…..please no green party , no Barney Panders write-ins

  4. Confabulation is a symptom of various memory disorders in which made-up stories fill in any gaps in memory. German psychiatrist Karl Bonhoeffer coined the term “confabulation” in 1900. He used it to describe when a person gives false answers or answers that sound fantastical or made up

  5. On the subject of the Launch Codes, the US has many levels of protections to prevent an atomic event. The only one most would say it is OK to point out is that the codes (passwords and the like) change daily, and are carried in a secure manner by military personnel the accompany the President 24/7. Just because a President demands access to them, the carrier, if the situation warrants, can deny them or provide the code that will let higher command know this chain of events is wrong. There have been mistakes in the past, but I assure you the government and the DOD have put in place a structure that prohibits a single person from setting off an atomic war.

  6. For fucks sake!! How much longer are we going to point out the obvious about Trump and pretend that it’s news?! Every non-MAGA American knows, without a question or a doubt that Trump is the most awful (and illegitimate) POTUS in modern history. He is every vile thing we can think of and then some but so what? NOTHING has happened to him and nothing has moved his Nazi base. So what’s the point of all this? Let’s face it. The American system of government wasn’t designed to deal with a political cult and it doubly wasn’t designed to deal with a Trump. The system has failed and continues to fail because all politicians are expected to operate in a predictable manner. That’s been gone for 3 years now and no matter how much we complain and point out how disastrously awful this lunatic is, nothing changes. These impeachment hearings are nothing but another media bonanza. Trump will be impeached but not removed so what is that going to accomplish? The 60 odd percent that already despise that fat Hitler wannbe won’t ever change how we feel and the less than 40% of the MAGA Nazis will, likewise, also never change how they feel. They will turn out to the last man to vote for their cult leader and the Dems will scatter in all directions because the eventual nominee will be someone most Dems will reject. So stop all this Trump news crap and hope he suffers a fatal cardiac infarction instead. That’ll be about the only thing that will rid the world of the malfeasance….this ghastly specter of a putrid, rotting, dark convoluted soul.

  7. Why all this moaning in the comments? What do you expect of an old TV star without any experience in politics as president? Think twice who you vote for next time.

  8. Tramp is a caricature image of what this country has become over time, 40 percent of the country support this lunatic, that says a lot.
    We're screwed, these people are not going anywhere after tramp is long gone.

  9. If psychiatrists think President Trump has mental problems, then what about Pelosi, Schiff, Maxine, Schumer, Comey, etc.
    I'd far rather be thought to have mental problems than be seen as tools of Satan… Democratic liberals who are obstructionists, liars, bullies, rules for others (but not me), obsessed with hate…

  10. There's a thin line between idiosyncratic responses (congruent with personality) to stress n actual cognitive decline. Psycho-analysis is not an exact science.

    But truth be told.. it matters not what the root cause is; any avenue to remove Trump should be expedited. Kerrr-azy. hazy or just plain lazy – presidential he ain't – that's no maybe.

  11. Trump's doctors reminds me of a cult of sycophants surrounding Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, and various gurus. The exception is Trump has no talent.

  12. I agree as a professional in crisis intervention over 40 years his President's behavior is out of control. He has no capability of boundaries.

  13. It is frustrating that those with the power to do something don’t pay attention and do something about it. It is like the entire country is co-dependent.

  14. White supremacy in power IS PATHOLOGICAL!
    Fear inherent in it will try to manifest in another genocide…in this case targetting immigrants…like the Jews in WW2! Trump must be removed from office AND the REPUBLICANS who are COMPLICIT in supporting him!!!

  15. Didn't need a psychiatrist or a rocket scientist to tell this to the majority of black folks. Commonsense told us trump was every bit of a sorry piece of shit before and after his disasterous betrayal and illegitimate presidency.. It speaks volumes of these deplorables and MAJORITY of white folks who voted for and still support this son of a sorry bitch regardless..

  16. Trump 2020, You suck. You people got nothing. Obama was the worst president in history. Funny you all are supporting the Democrats and they are the ones who are keeping you down and have kept you down in the past. Slavery, right to vote, segregation are just a few of the things Democrats fought for. I would rather and have lived under a bridge than live on welfare for the rest of my life, you should too.
    Time to start doing the research and thinking for yourself. Trust me it ain't pretty but it's what's necessary if you love your kids.

  17. his mental state was on the decline a long ,long time ago and its getting worse by the day . america has a madman in the white house , what an amazing country .lol

  18. In some ways it's similar to when Hitler assumed power.The traditional politicians around Trump all believe they can control him and that they can be the power behind the throne. The Conservatives who formed an alliance with Hitler all thought the same,and it was a fatal mistake for most of them…

  19. As for the nuclear codes you can be certain the top brass in the forces have something in place so they dont blindly follow some crazy out of the blue order to nuke somewhere. It wass the same under Nixon,the generals had an understanding that they wouldnt follow any military order from Noxon without talking to Kissinger first

  20. Dear America…… Canada here.
    We beg of you our dear sisters of the land.
    Please get everyone you know to get out and vote in Nov 2020
    We don't care if you vote for Mickey Mouse
    Just get Donald Duck out of that chair!
    Love Canada

  21. Absolute bollocks! No psychiatrist worth their weight would make such assumptions from a video, get a life or better yet a real psychiatrist.

  22. I am sure they knew along time ago this man is very unstable. ✌🏽💯

    Dementia, not my dad has it but him Hell No, he’s just evil as fuck.

    Nothing wrong with this fool just over weight fat fuck 🤘🏽

  23. This fucking democrap ass licking idiot moron loon loser asshole lunatic fringe mental case and all you libtard retards along with this clown will get it stuck up your stupid asses again in 2020..

  24. There's nothing wrong with Trump, He's what America deserves. People have said for decades he was not all there so if America voted for him then they knew what they was getting themselves into, I have no pity since they dug their own grave

  25. Trump, as his actions clearly show, supports criminals and their causes regardless and thinks that clearing their crimes away makes it A-OK!
    If you aren’t an underhanded criminal thug then trump ain’t got time nor use for ya!!

  26. Trump alone in the bathroom late at night crying and wondering why he is not worshipped by the world softly strokes the nuclear football looking for an orifice to accept his semi stiff mushroom

  27. QUACK QUACK! This doctor shows little common sense, diagnosing a person without lab test & multiple sessions, only QUACKS "shoot at the hip" when it comes to mental health. Hard to believe a so called Yale psychiatrist would make such a foolish statement without even meeting the patient. I think they are giving degrees in psychiatry to people that are woefully unqualified to hold such a degree, & definitely unqualified to make any such diagnosis about someone they never even met once. QUACK QUACK! The so called doctor may be experiencing his own mental decline!

  28. Maybe..Trump is being exactly how they want him to be..the man who orders the button and bammm..depopulation in full swing and they will have someone to blame. Just a thought..

  29. Great video. The real concern here is not just an aging, narcissistic man of limited intelligence losing his mond…. But the underlying reasons as to why so many people in the United States actually voted for and continue to support Donald Trump ? Millions of Americans love this " man " and that's the real problem with the entire Donald Trump ordeal. As a Canadian, I can tell you that the rest of your Western Allies now view you 🇺🇸 as a laughing stock.

  30. The only thing I find dumber then a Yale psychiatrist making a diagnosis on a person they don't know, & have never met, is THE STUPID RING OF FIRE idiot that posted this trash! Yale, my ass!

  31. Alzheimer's Disease is Type 3 Diabetes. Not a surprise if you know anything about nutrition and it's effects on brain health.

  32. And the GOP didn't know the transaction they made with Donald Trump when he passed their tax cut for the rich; they now work for Putin. They have abandoned their oath of office by committing treason and lied to the American people.

  33. I suspect that his family are currently, trying to have him step down from leadership of the company, before he looses their inheritance.

  34. Thank god I live in Australia !… America's obese orange, "sane, stable genius" in Chief (only if Putin approves); apparently is going to be "King Donald the 1st"… Isn't that "a cheerful thought", for everyone on Planet Earth to look forward too !…

  35. i,m not a doctor but i have seen plenty of actors play them on tv and movies and I don,t need a degree to know how unhinged the man is, gets worse every day,,,

  36. Question,is it just me or does it seem like all trumps been doing since he's been in office is running one long destructive campaign to try an get reelected?lol good riddance

  37. I would trust an unsupervised five year old with a box of matches and a can of gasoline more than tRump with the neculear codes.

  38. I’m going to keep saying this:I’m worried/scared for either when he’s impeached or doesn’t win that second term…do you hear his supporters? Their freaking nuts! What’s to say the basket of crazy won’t get together and do anarchy?!

  39. My husband has dementia, he can no longer drive. This idiot clearly has dementia, and he's in the driver's seat of the whole country?

  40. Brian Ladd on YouTube predicted the South Dakota plane crash. He is a diagnosed schizophrenic and has premonitions in his dreams.
    He predicts Trump will have his third heart attack and pass on Feb 8, 2020.
    Also predicts Igor will hang himself. We shall see. 😯

  41. He is setting the stage for an oscar performance should his loyalists betray him. He's been a con a long time & still pushing his made up conspiracies along w/complicit gop who help push theses flat out lies! Sorry, this isn't a debate(complaints about not being "allowed" to have actual factual evidence, + witnesses, bringing forth actual truthful evidence in a timely fashion. This grandstanding, stalling, making up conspiaries, and having actual govt. officials + his crime family repeat this rhetoric, & attempt to confuse, or create a false narrative that simple minds can't discern what he, & this circus atmosphere he's created to trample the constitution, laws, facts- yet will be the first to accuse others of doing it to him or his parroting loyalists- pushing the exact ns they're accusing the other side! Ive sd. it numerous times he should've been disqualified from even being allowed to run. Every govt. job(*even regular jobs)do a background check. This should've disqualified him, because of his extensive criminal history, many still in court records. His hundreds of thousands of civil lawsuits(*many were still open & unpaid), and the same with unpaid U.S. bank, foreign banks, govt.'s & criminal mobsters/dictators who have loaned him money- and he's never repaid. When he campaigned he would not follow rules, guidelines, & etiquette/behavior-or the procedures. He still hasn't released tax returns, the counter suing to bully private citizens, + banks.
    The wreckless abandonment to our troops & allies he's put in harms way- to suit another country's agenda. It does not benefit the U.S., or its citizens, only to "wheel + deal" to line his own pockets & repay those foreign loans, while still enriching his life. He has played the justice system for a lifetime, has never had to answer for any of his crimes, and needs to be exposed, and every cold, calculating, detail, gone over in great detail, and face an actual justice system for the acts of treason against the U.S., our people, environment, and irreparable damage he's created, caused, continued, to help foreign govt.'s to repay his unpaid loans. This IS a crime spree, and being done to repay his many unpaid loans + debts. It is TREASON! I believe everything we are seeing is exposing what lengths the gop will go to feed their greed(*Trump was a Democrat & just what if he pulled off the biggest scheme to expose how criminal they are, & how far they'd go? To keep that power, greed, + even criminal to stack courts w/unqualified judges who've never tried a single case?
    He practically owns FoxNews & their propaganda- it's all paid for! Everything/everyone has been a paid for actor promoting his rhetoric.
    He repeats, brags, boasts, bc it helps the simple people- it's actually insulting, but he thinks if he repeats lies enough they will become fact- but no matter how many times a lie is repeated…still lies.
    I don't believe he is in any mental decline, he is a very shrewd criminal con man who has had lots of years of practice! This started with his German grandfather who came here- lied, conned, scammed, stole, preyed on people, from the opium, brothels that bartered.
    There is proof his father also had buildings w/models living to entertain, travel + massage escorts!
    Don the con has been around the lies(* buying junk tearing off that company's label & slapping on your family logo to lying to the IRS as a child about the value of a gift. He was taught to devalue & when their name goes on say it's the best made. He is a criminal, with a criminal mindset, and needs to be removed for so many reasons. He can have "his alternative facts in an alternative reality behind bars w/the entire complicit crime family, paid propagandists/loyalists/obstructionists/and all those complicit ties who have helped commit crimes against America for their own selfish greed!
    #Don't be fooled: All that glitters, isn't gold.

  42. The Americans are even too close to the whole thing. To them there is a new 'normal'. Being outside of USA I notice in general for instance with computer games, in discussion areas, the people are plain mean, nasty and deliberately 'contra' of everything.I also note the education problem in USA as mentioned in FareedsZakaria's program. You guys there don't notice it yet, you are too close! Sad. I am blessed not being in USA. Sorry.

  43. The psychiatrist quoted here, Yale professor Bandy Lee, has offered her and her colleagues' aid to Trump's White House physician, but this aid was not accepted. Then they went to congress, whose members said they could do little without public awareness. As a result of that, they decided to write a book together about Trump's mental health, which was written by 37 specialists.
    I suppose the counter-argument is that these people didn't know what they were doing.

  44. Yes, Trump's mental health is a serious threat.
    But the underlying cause of this problem may be a political issue, not just a mental health issue: why does one single person hold so much power??
    Since the American revolution, several new forms of democracy have been invented and not all of them are based on having a president with wide ranging powers. There are several examples where responsibility is carried by a group of people. Such a system would immediately mitigate the damage that can be done due to the mental health problems of any one member.
    While the US keeps its current system, it stays vulnerable to the effects of having a mentally unstable president.
    Maybe this centuries old system needs an update.

  45. Andrew Yang proposed that the White House should have a personal psychologist or psychiatrist for the president.

  46. Haha, it´s so funny to see those comment from the leftist under such videos.
    Keep on searching, guys. Like you are doing for 3 years now 24/7 a day.
    Trying to getrid off the best President you Americans have ever had. You just don´t see it or don´t wanna see it.

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