PVE: Closed Beta in Season 7 – Guns of Boom News #9

PVE in Guns of Boom?!
Today on Guns of Boom News!
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Hi, Stanis here!
Guns of Boom Community Manager.
And welcome to the nihth edition of Guns of
Boom News.
The most bombastic and relevant news outlet
Today we’re talking about:
PVE the closed Beta
Season 7 and some tips you might need
And Community News
Guns of Boom has always
been an amazing PVP game, but we are about
to shake things up and make it even cooler!
By introducing a completely new type of gameplay:
If you’re not strong with the gaming lingo
allow me to explain.
While PVP is Player Vs. Player with people
battling each other all around the world,
PVE is Player Vs Environment.
Which means you’ll be fighting through levels
full of all sorts of enemies and dangers.
This type of gameplay requires completely
different tactics, so you will have to get
creative with your Guns of Boom skills and
We are developing this new PVE mode as we
speak and we’ll be rolling it out in phases.
Starting with a closed Beta for a limited
number of players coming out next week, with
two different open Betas following it over
the next few months.
We’ll be working on making PVE an important
and regular part of the game in 2020.
We’ll be collecting feedback from you this
entire time so if you want to help us develop
the Guns of Boom PVE and be the first ones
EVER to try it out:
stay tuned to our social media.
We’ll be announcing the registration for
the closed Beta soon!
Now some Season 7 tips!
7 is out, and considering there is a lot happening
in the game right now, let me give you a quick
rundown on where to direct your attention
Let’s start with Battle Cases!
The first ones are already out and, as you
know, Dolores is the gun you can get there.
A powerful skill-heavy shotgun that has a
considerable fan club.
The second Battle Cases will be carrying Mirage.
A must-have for any stealth lover.
So if you wanted to assemble this helmet:
this is your chance.
Also as you might’ve noticed Battle Career
has a lot of Battle Coins in it this time.
Especially the Elite one.
And considering that you can get the Elite
Career for free in the Battle Trials grinding
those ranks can be very useful.
Not even talking about all the swag.
And the last tip: just have fun with it.
Cause there will be more cool things in the
future, there is no need to rush.
Now on to the Community News!
We have some great news:
Guns of Boom is proud to be a part of Armistice
for a second time.
Armistice is an annual charity gaming fundraiser
encouraging peaceful gameplay in support of
children affected by war.
From November 5th to November 13th there will
be two special Insignias available for purchase
in Guns of Boom.
100% of funds raised from
these insignias will be donated to charity.
And to support the fundraising campaign we
will be holding a special charity stream on
our channel on the first day of the campaign.
So stay tuned!
I would also like to remind you that the deadline
for the comic contest on Facebook
is November 3rd.
We have already received many incredible submissions
but there is always room for more.
And remember the prizes are pretty insane.
Link in the description.
And finally: here’s a really cool Haloween
video by one of our deadliest esports players: KM.
Full video here.
Right above my head.
And now the Giveaway!
Here are the winners of the giveaway from
the previous news!
The question was: Which is your favorite out
of the 6 Guns of Boom Seasons so far?
And why?
Pause the video to read their answers.
Now as for today’s giveaway.
Answer the question in the pinned comment
add your ID to the answer this is very important
and the 3 best
three will get 10,000 Battle Career Experience
as a prize.
The winners will be announced in the next News.
Now go to our Discord to join the discussion.
Subscribe and ring the notification bell,
as there is more news coming to our news station.
I am your newscaster,
Stanis out.

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