79 thoughts on “Refugees flood Turkey’s border with Greece

  1. Descendants of ancient Spartans and Athenians know that letting eastern hordes into your homeland is not a good idea

  2. I am proud of Greece for finally standing up and defending their border. All the hell caused by these invaders could have been avoided if they did this years ago.

  3. This report excludes information from other channels. People at the border comprise many nationalities. Some have been in Turkey over two years.

    Why is she talking like they are still in danger. Turkey is a place of safety.

  4. turkish people stand with greek friends. they have right to save their borders. but turkey wont feed these people any more.

  5. So-called refugees at the Turkish-Greek border, among them, or even the majority of them, are Afghan, Iraqi, Chechen fighters, Uyghur fighters and the minority are maybe Syrians. Where are they from? From all over Syria’s Idlib province, Turkey and the refugee camps inside Turkey which are a safe place for jihadists from around the world. Also, the remaining surviving terrorists fled with their families from the Syrian Army after being kicked out by Syria and Russia.
    President Erdogan is doing it again, playing a double game with both Russia and the EU-US. This time it’s about what he calls refugees. But are they really Syrian refugees? No, of course not, after investigating various videos on different channels, from Russian to Western Media, it’s very clear they are a bunch of “everything”, the majority at the border were masked young man.
    In the first 24 hours of the so-called border crisis, 4,000 people were stopped from crossing into Greek territory, according to the Greek government. Footage from the scene shows large crowds of masked men walking and running near the barrier chanting “Turkey, Turkey, Takbir and Allah Akbar“, jihadist usually say these words, especially Takbir.Clouds of tear gas could also be seen, the Greeks are doing what they can to stop another flow of so-called migrants entering their country.
    A video clearly shows what is happening in Evros, the border between Turkey and Greece, during the first hours of opening the border from the Turkish side. Groups consisting of dozens or hundreds of desperate immigrants, mainly from Central Asia, led accurately and methodically by Turkish media and mayors of Turkish cities, trying to "break" the border and enter Greek territory, chanting "Allah Akhbar and Takbir". They fought with Greek soldiers behind the border and with the Greek police or tried to attack the vehicles of the Greek army.
    A statement from the Greek Foreign Ministry
    WE DO NOT ALLOW TURKISH SPEAKING WITH TURKISH PASSPORTS TO ENTER GREECE. Please, we are not racist. We have many Muslims inside Greece but we have been watching this war for nearly a decade. The Idlib takfiris are extremely dangerous. The Greek islands are at a breaking point, especially Lesbos and Samos.We have prevented more than 4,000 attempts to cross our borders illegally over the past 24 hours. Reinforcements were sent to land and sea borders.
    Uyghurs and Chechen Takfiri
    The Syrian Army is in the last stages of liberating Syria‘s Idlib Province. Idlib is the last “bastion“ of jihadists fighters from all around the world, including Europeans, Afghan, Iraqi, Morrocco, Algeria, Tunisia, but especially the Chechen and Uyhgur fighters from the Chinese province of Xinjiang, they are a Turkish speaking minority in China and Turkey and large groups went to Syria, mainly Idlib to conduct Jihad. Turkey has been a destination of choice for so-called Uyghur refugees fleeing China since the 1950s, and is now home to a sizable Uyghur diaspora population (estimates put the number somewhere between 15,000 and 50,000). Many of them joined the Jihad as well and are supported by the Turkish regime, quite an army you can say! The “fresh“ group from China are the most ferocious fighters,they know China will give them the death penalty upon return. Their chance is there, to migrate to Europe, because Turkey is opening the border with Greece.
    Chechen or Caucasus fighters
    Chechen, Dagestani, and other foreign fighters from Russia’s North Caucasus region (and Georgia’s Chechen-inhabited Pankisi Gorge) have formed some of the most formidable terrorist groups in Syria’s conflict. This is one of the reasons Russia went to help Syria in combatting the terroristd, they come from former Russian Republics. The most famous and brutal leader was Abu Omar al-Shishani, who was killed in Syria. Also, the connection with the brutal killing in Germany, recently, which was swept under the carpet in Germany, which blamed Russia for killing these terrorists on German soil, was a result of the Syrian conflict. On September 19, 2019, various Western MSM published an investigation into the circumstances around Khangoshvili’s murder. Khangoshvili, an ethnic Chechen in possession of a Georgian passport who was a veteran of the Second Chechen War and most likely fought in Syria under Abu Omar al-Shishani, was murdered on August 23, 2019, in Berlin’s city center. The number of these feared fighters is unknown, estimates are between 1,000 to 5,000 thousand. With the war lost, the surivivors will try to emigrate to Europe and are waiting at the Greek border.
    If the EU and NATO will not change their policy towards Turkey and its dangerous President, a new migrant crisis is imminent. But this time, the Syrians are not coming, but the Turkish mercenaries who fought a ferocious war in Syria and killed many Syrian soldiers and Syrian citizens. Also, if the EU doesn't change its policies towards migrants and most of all towards Syria, Turkey and Russia, Europe will be, once again, a harbor for all kinds of terrorists, facing terror attacks everywhere, and the lost continent might even see a war on its own soil. The conditions are there: a totally ignorant population who are occupied with LGTB matters, plastic and climate, too blind to see the danger coming, and on the other hand, the right-wing extremists, especially in Germany. One spark and you have a full-out explosion.

  6. The EU expects Turkey to just take in over 3 million refugees. Europe went crazy trying to deal with a million.

  7. This isn't reporting… THIS IS PROPAGANDA! Why don't you ask how the farmers feel when their fields are defiled?

  8. FUCK CNN!! My country is under attack by Turkey and its Nazi Dictator Erdogan using MIGRANTS as a battering ram , if this continues war will follow the West needs to Wake the FUCK up!

  9. God bless you, Greece. The spirit of the Spartans still lives within you. Defend your home, your people and your way of life at all costs. Leonidas and his men did not die in vain!

  10. I want BMW, I want mansion, I want Bezos' money in my bank account!!!! I just want a BETTER LIFE!!! Greeks, Poland is with you!!!! Nobody listen to CNN's BS!!!

  11. You screwed Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries and now you expect Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia will take them….US logic man… go take them tou your fucking Liberty Island or somewhere you fuckers!

  12. Law is the law. Only machine guns can solve "refuge" problems. Greeks don't hesitate to take care of YOUR homeland!!!

  13. CNN should do their journalism with a little more research before spouting nonsense(at least in this video most of it is trash)

  14. They're mostly fleeing from the countries the fucking US dared to step into. Take them to your shithole and feed them with hamburgers you pricks.

  15. USA, UK (And all of its colonies such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc), Israel, EU, Russia started the war in the Middle East for sucking the petrol from there, controlling water sources, getting geopolitical advantage, dominating mediterranean sea, starting a ethnic and religious war in the middle east to cause ethnic cleaning, genocide, that has been going on over 30 years (Actually going on since more than 150 Years!). However, Turks has been paying the price/consequences of all these bullshit Western actions!
    Now whole planet gonna pay the price. so do not complain because complaining will not change the result.
    A-) Including Russia, they all have to be in full coalition with Turks to clear out all that mess, which including completely getting out of the Middle East for every single country that has no border to Middle East
    B- ) Keep being hypocrite and keep running Turks crazy, which will lead in to even heavier price that nobody will be able to pay. West and Russia has been playing the terrorists (PKK/SDF/YPG and Isis etc. all of them!) in the middle east like a computer game from their home, without getting affected by the destruction of the war! But not, they will have to face the consequences of starting wars in their own home countries at their own homes. So, nobody have right to complain about it!!!

  16. American people know truth,but have politics,who like only money,and no else!where was brave usa army,when isis cuts heads in syria and crush museums..i answer,only oil and money was important!thay soldiers of devil..thats awfull..good wishes for all from Russia!

  17. Fake news CNN is lying again, as always. These are not refugees, they are economic migrants and should be kept out of Europe!

  18. The Greeks have had ENOUGH. Why don’t you interview them? These “refugees” need to go to an Islamic State, like Saudi or Egypt or Jordan or Dubai!! Why don’t they take them in?????

  19. "… tore up his ID and took his phone" Well this is one way to explain why he has no official papers. The other, and more likely, is that without official papers, the Greek authorities would not know where he is coming from and would have trouble deporting him. Most of these people are not from Syria. They are from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Iran, and other Asian/African countries. We are not even there and we know more than this so-called reporter, which I guess is in line with what we've come to expect from CNN these days. Fake News.

  20. It's a chess move by Erdogan. His futile acts of war have no bounds.
    If you try to cross into Israel with no papers you get a bullet in the head but when we Europeans want to defend our border we are instantly called Nazis.

  21. CNN it's known for it's propaganda news. The people nowadays are not stupid like 15 – 20 years before to believe these news with poor and adorable kids with mothers.
    I'm challenging anyone who is not believing to come and see what is happening in reality. 90% of immigrants are young men 20 – 40 years old from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and other African countries destroying everything. I'm also from an immigrant family and i have born in Greece and i can say for sure that the majority are not "poor war immigrants" but "dangerous war criminals".

  22. Find a better life where you are accepted legally. Dont try and break into a country forcefully and illegally. As a citizen when you are told that something is illegal and you continue to do that something with force you are at that point considered a violent criminal. Do you know what a violent criminal deserves? Especially one that is trying to break into your house.

  23. Erdogan is using people as weapons to do his dirty work, the sooner he is taken out with a drone strike, the better it will be for the world.Fact


  25. Make Turkey stop bombing Syria and take advantage of the refugees…Can Greece face a mass wave like this alone? Also consider the fact that at the Boulgarian borders the number of refugees is 0!

  26. This kind of migration is insane and impoverishing to european worker class. It´s enough, no more, stop invasion.

  27. Wake up leftists europe is being invaded. America is next vote trump and rule of law. Those people should make there own countries great!!!!

  28. It's international law, Europe should allow them in, you should've thought about this situation when NATO and Europe supported fighters in Syria, btw it's human nature, it wants better life

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  30. Most of them are illegal immigrants not refugees most Pakistan Afghanistan we are trying to defend our country don't give people fake news its all lies

  31. Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion. This so called 'migration' is part of the Muslim/Koranic command to take over the world. What these Muslims failed to do by force are now using 'refugee status' as their Trojan Horse.
    So many of these migrants look to be young and healthy men. Why insist on coming to Europe? If I understand Islam correctly, aren't Muslims supposed to be charitable towards other Muslims? Shouldn't they be trying to get to other oil rich Arab countries where they should be welcomed? And just how charitable are Muslims towards Christians and Jews? But yet they come to Europe and gladly accep their charity. Then eventually turn on their new host countries.

  32. Freaking CNN – why don't you focus on what Turkey has been doing? So Greece is supposed to deal with THOUSANDS of "migrants"?  Why doesn't the reporter go and interview the Greek side?  Freaking ridiculous…

  33. It's almost like the left wants to start major civil wars all throughout Europe. Oh wait, that's exactly what they want.

  34. Not refugees but illegal imigrants, their culture and religion , their problem , why europe is involved in this, let them fight for their countries and their rights not run to other countries, if they so poor why the heck they mating so much.

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