Rep. Collins joins Fox News before testifying in impeachment inquiry

100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins joins Fox News before testifying in impeachment inquiry

  1. I predict that sooner or later some key democrats will be assassinated. It's just a prediction. The writing is on the wall. They are way out of bounds and need to be put in their place. Seriously hard days are coming for democrats. They are the worst democratic party in u.s. history.

  2. First he says he has not been allotted any time to make his case and then he says he has made his case very clearly and firmly…. ?

  3. the orange said in his letter to pelosi 'you do not know, or do you care, the great damage and hurt you have inflicted upon wonderful and loving members of my family' including the three wives i have cheated on with porn stars and models lol

  4. All of this mess will not be over . These demonrats will try something else to remove PRESIDENT TRUMP and the demonrats will keep doing what they've been doing until the President is finished . Just think how much better things would be if the demonrats worked with Trump . It's a shame❗💖🇺🇸

  5. A vote for Trump is a vote for depravity. Send him back to his lizard lounge at Mar a Lago – that is where the depravity began.

  6. The population of the USA is over 327,000,000 yet the republicans keep on saying that 60,000,000 voted for Trump. but 267,000,000 did not vote for him.

  7. Either the establishment Democrats are unable to see how this is helping Trump or they want to help Trump. Considering what Nancy Pelosi set about how much money the Democrats are raising off of Trump, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter.

  8. If we the public were to have a job and do nothing for 2 years, we would probably be fired or in jail for fraud, the past 2 years of investigations should be paid back to the public, by something like breach of contract to the us. I think we should hold politicians to task, career politicians are 2 words that should be politically incorrect. Fire by vote, hire by vote, know one in politics should be there more than 2 terms, it’s to easy to forget about your constituents.

  9. SO, SHIFTY played hooky and sent a staffer, AND NOW NODLER (remember he keeps falling asleep) is pulling the same thing! What's the matter boys? Afraid of having to answer questions?– wish I knew how to play the "chicken dance" on here 😜

  10. I’m waiting for trump to actually lose his temper, now with what he’s accomplished over the last three and a bit years I recon he would be awesome, and pity the ones in his way yea!

  11. The Vaccine debate is not that complex. You either BELIEVE that the government should have FULL CONTROL over what is injected into you and your children OR YOU DONT. Its Medical Tyranny vrs Medical Freedom.

  12. Since 1789 congress has been working on a plan to make USA a one party givt. Lieing to people tell them they dont have to work we'd take care of you. Don't like your baby or change your mind in 9th month we'll abort it for you. (This of course are lies.)To get there we need dumb voters so we need to keep the flood gates open let uneducated poor people in, they will vote for us. Then Trump comes along in nick of time….

  13. Collins is laughable….we now how politics by television….he's using impeachment to get free campaign advertising. He is using his public office to get gifts.

  14. The disgrace Collins did not testify. Collins only bowed to dictator trump and said why are you picking on poor little dictator trump. Tell the knee dweller Collins to do his constitutional duty and impeach dictator trump for the crimes he has committed.

  15. This is the Democrats kamikaze smoke screen, while their foot soldiers are working up illegal votes down southern borders. In case of a recount, boxes of uncounted ballots will be inside a demonrat election committee's trunk. I remembered this trick, when defunct comedian Frankel lost. He won when a committee member opened her vehicle trunk, loh on behold boxes of uncounted ballots. After arguments of it's validity, the ballots were counted and Frankel WON the seat! I'm not sure if it was congressional or senate. Frankel was a CLOWN 🤡🤡 who couldn't even speak🥴😱 or sound 🤔😝 professional. TOTAL LOOSER!☹😭

  16. Like I said America under attack from Democrats they're abused power doings phony show impeachment President so bright so clearly President was doing nothing wrong but make America Greater. Democrats representing for Communist wants to take down United States of America . Wake up American wake up America freedom is not free

  17. They never stop hunting him down,2016 as I recall…they just can't accept president Trump win the election.
    And now they trying to stop him from entering the next election so they throwing everything they can to him to get rid of him. PERIOD…

  18. Tell the truth? Would you/do you want 'uncle Finger' Joe Biden to be your president? I don't I don't want to even see his criminal face anymore! Hope he crawls off and finds another rock to crawl under

  19. I love this guy! I love to listen to him almost more than Rand Paul and Jim Jordan. That accent is not only charming, but it's like some accent on his frank speak. I love it!

  20. That's cuz he's messing up their plans. Plans to rob the taxpayers of their money. That's why they are all worth millions.

  21. Watching this inquiry from Europe, my primary observations are two:

    1. So many GOP members gyrating, yelling, and very condescending.

    2. Those same GOP members apparently believe "This is not fair" is a defense. I have yet to hear any hint of a 'defense'.

  22. We the people… demand a fair and open trial!
    WE are not stupid. WE are not blind. WE not pawns.
    WE are not sheep. WE are the judge and jury!
    Let truth and justice reign.

  23. The truth is, the Democrats don't hate Trump. What they are doing is trying to cover up their criminality. If Justice is served, they will all be arrested!

  24. ********************************
    Stop with the "…hate Trump".
    Stop with the "…open borders".
    Stop with the "…next election".
    Stop with the never-ending spin.


  25. If the president gets impeached in the house, but not in the senate, can he run for office in 2020? If so, I would vote for him again. Wow, that would truly be an historic event…lol

  26. Apart from being a liar, and immoral, and a crook, Trump is guilty of being maybe the dumbest President we have ever had. Just read about how India cannot “decarbonize” fast enough, so cheap has solar electricity become. Is Trump trying to make America a failed petro state? How can we possibly compete with the rest of the world when they are plugged into what, after initial infrastructure costs, will be free energy (the sun and wind don’t invoice us). Trump is a dummy.

  27. The dems are following Obama order to impeach since they have won congress and Obama has the support of people of color just look at Chicago, CA, NY etc. cause they do not want to loose all their freebies. Obamacare = free babies = more freebies.

  28. Election has consequences.
    Don’t blame Chavez. Blame the voters.
    Venezuela people deserve poverty!
    Democrats = Socialism = Venezuela!

  29. This is exactly what the Dems wanted. They know there is zero chance for the Senate to convict. They did this entirely for the 2020 election so they can go to their little puppets and say, “see, we did it, we impeached Trump. Not our fault the evil GOP didn’t remove him.”

  30. “It is essential to such a government, that it be derived from the great body of the society [regular people], not from an inconsiderable proportion, or a favored class of it; otherwise a handful of tyrannical nobles, exercising their oppressions by a delegation of their powers, might aspire to the rank of republicans, and claim for their government the honorable title of republic.”

    ― James Madison

  31. “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries." – James Madison

  32. Collins is like a Racist caught using the N Word and then trying to Defend it by saying it's okay since he actually wasn't talking to anyone ! 😏

  33. Moscow Mitch announces with Lindsey Graham that the senate trial will be a non-trial. Where is the fairness? Bring the witnesses if there is nothing to hide and let the president testify himself, if you believe he would be able to speak in the senate in front of the American People.

  34. The ENTIRE Democrat Party is a Russian Asset. Their unity and single-minded criminal activities to Impeach PROVES Putin is controlling The Democrat House Leadership. Pelosi hasn't got the intelligence to orchestrate such a Communist inspired Impeachment Effort! Putin must be paying Pelosi millions for her treasonous efforts!

  35. Back in the kangaroo court when numerous "witnesses" testified that Trump stood in the way of them carrying out policy why did no one ask who's policies they were trying to carry out at that point because the president sets foreign policy and that point needs to be clarified.

  36. Thank you Mr. Collins for your strength to stand up against the
    Dark agenda the dems have. This is getting ridiculous and looking like a real sham …. they. Are deceiving… story tellers. Making up whatever they want and using no regards for the American people. They just want us to except their. Lies like witches at a witch hunt. They are getting more and more inhuman in their behavior. The American people do not want anything to do with that party. Get out dems.

  37. Over the years I have watched the democratic party become the ‘me my party’. When will they return to the ‘American party’? Won’t happen, because there is a total lack of ‘for the people’ attitude!

  38. he may not leave office and he might get re-elected, but this is just enough for me 🤷🏽‍♀️. I feel vindicated because he is so concerned with his image and his legacy…. it’s everything to him! he is destroyed on the inside. He talked about Obama every chance he had and did an interview about Obama needs to be impeached …. he loathed Obama and is so envious of him… but one thing he can say whatever he wants about Obama, but he can tarnish his legacy, like his will be and it’s killing him!!!

  39. "Debbie Dingell responds to Trump's attack on late husband" (comments shut down)
    FOX evidently doesn't want Trumps Congregation commenting or reading other comments regarding another one of Trumps attacks on a dead man. Evidently a man that received MEDICAL DEFERMENTS to get out of SERVING HIS COUNTRY is healthy enough to attack dead people like John McCain and John Dingell. Both MEN SERVED THEIR COUNTRY. In 1944 John Dingell was working as a page for the House of Representatives, John Dingell joined the United States Army soon after serving his country during WWII. Trump should pick on 17 year old girls like Greta Thunberg at least she can fight back.

  40. LMAO Doug sounds like a used car salesman. Always sounds like he is auctioning cars.
    Thank you for helping in the IMPEACHMENT.
    How were you winning when you didn't tell the American people NOTHING. All you did was say over and over #45 did not do anything wrong. WHICH OF COURSE HE NEVER DOES, RIGHT? You and Moscow Mitch enjoy your Russian payoff.

  41. BOMBSHELL! Adam Schiff says he now has evidence against Pence. Sources are confirming that Schiff says that he keeps his Pence evidence on his night stand next to his Trump/Russia "more than circumstantial" evidence.

  42. It's all a big con, the republicins are saying the same things the dems said 20years ago about clinton and Bush, word for word, we fall for this crap all the time, things never change there all the same, and I love trump, but it's the same crap different year. Liverpool UK

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