RGV’s Rowdy Latest Telugu Full Movie W/English Sublitles || RamGopalVarma, Mohan Babu, Vishnu Manchu

Excuse me…! Do you have a match box? No Why feel So bad about not
having a match box? having a match box? No problem
I got one You came into our party
without being invited Now why are you
leaving half way?! Let go of me Hold her tighter Come on, darling
We’ll sing a song – Let go
– What? Let go what did you say? I said ‘let go’ what, man?
I shoould let go, huh? What if I don’t? Will you hit me? Are you such a big shot? Are you her brother
or her boy friend? Neither But if you don’t leave her alone
I wil break your bones Are you kidding me? -You okay ?
-I’m fine Krishna Sirisha Are you also
from rayalaseema? Yes What a coincidence! Which part from Rayalaseema? This is my hostel Thank you so much It is Okay
Good night Krishna, if you don’t miond
can i say something? when i saw you
hit them so brutally …..I was more scared
of you than them! krishna, can I
ask you something? Go ahead Did you have to be so ruthless? Even if it is asmall snake
you must hit it with a big stick Thay’s what my dad always says Oh! Who is your dad? Anna (Leader) I called you here
so I can tell a story in our village lives a poor
farmer named Rama Rao farmer named Rama Rao He has a dauhter
of marriageable age He choose Shankar Rao
a school teacher as his son-in-law Shankar rao showed
his true colors after the wedding Not even bothered about
his wife being pregnant… …he started beating her
demanding more dowry He even beat up
his father-in-law Rama Rao This is the story till now Shankar Rao…even if I kill you
it will not serve any purpouse Only your pregnant wife and your
soon to be be born baby will suffer That’s why I won’t kill you After giving it much thought
I came up with a solutiun It will take 6 months
for you to walk again In this period only your wife
will take care of you I hope then you’ll realize
how much she cares for you Take him away Put him in a hospital For these 6 months,
when you can’t earn… ….I’ll take care of
your family financially Take him away 1 minute Shankar Rao. after you get better… ….and even then if you
don’t reform your ways …you will get a cracked skull Rama Rao sir. I’m sure your son-in-law
will change for the better now “You are much more than God
You are like a guardian village Lord” “You are our light aglow
you are the foot prints we follow” “Sound of our knives being honed
is you in our hearts all around” “You are our strength and retinue
‘We’ means only YOU” “If the sky falls into the waters
or the earth shatters…!” “If the seas boils
If the moon broils…!” “For your sake
our lives we’ll forsake” “Just signal with your eye
we’ll kill that thug or spy” “If the sun rises in the west too
this is our promise to you” “This is our promise, our pledge
we allege to avenge our revenge” “We avow to all Gods possible
Swear on our guardian deity invincible” “We promise on sky and Earth Goddess
on fire and air is our assurance” “We promise on Godavari river
and our land in toto for ever” “This is our promise, our pledge
we allege to avenge our revenge” “We swear on you, Anna our Savior” on one hand,we are falling to oor doom
with the daily rise in Anna’s Popularity On the other hand,Anna’s oppositition
Nandavaram project will wipe us out In all this tension, when we are busy
Planning with our Boss how to kill Anna…….. …1 of 3 has betrayed us by
leaking this information, says KR In these kind of issues KR never
makes a wrong step is my opinion The guy who got the information is more
dangerous than the ones who leaked it So KR has already
taken care of him! But if we are in the dark
about the informant… …he’ll betray again So that hole has to be sealed! What Boss told KR is… …it could be 1 or 2
or all 3 of them My apologies
to the Innocent Look here, KR If Anna’s popularity
rises like floods.. ….then our Nandavaram
dream will end up as mud We need to do something
immediately, brother Really? If you didn’t tell us this
we would do nothing! Stop joking, brother In our present situtation,
we must take even jokes seriously But Boss wants us to
wait for the right moment How many times
should I warn him? Tell him I’ll kill him
if he doesn’t obey me When we met in Hyderabad
he agreed to sign for Rs 30 milliion Within 10 days
he changed his mind… ….and killed my cousin
in front of kurnool court I will break your head,if you
change facts to suit you How can you behave
like this in front of Anna? like this in front of Anna? Is he worthy even to
mention my name? I came out of respect for Anna
because he called me here because he called me here If I’d known this guy was here
I wouldn’t even have sent my dog Get coffee for Mr Reddy -1 teaspoon Mr Reddy….respect I’m not as stupid as kondaiya Neither your bark will bother me
nor your threat to bite will scare me Let’s not do postmortem I know both sides of the coin I’ll decide by myself now You said you came here
due to your respect for me So sign now for 30 million I’ll be really hurt
if you don’t respect me And whoever hurts me
will be my lifetime enemy 1 minute Drink your coffee I don’t want to I want you to I want to discuss a few other things
while you drink up your coffee No…? Give it to me In case I Supported Kondaiya
you already have a back-up plan I know when Kondaiya
leaves this place… …your team is waiting out
at Nalla road to kill him Get coffee
without sugar for me Do you know what
that call was about? My team took action on
your team 5 minutes ago Anna, I made a mistake I respect you truly I blundred
because of my situtation I’ll never create trouble
for Kondaiya again I’ll take leave Wait I can’t let you go You are scared to death now But soon your arrogance will
convert your fear into anger And then you’ll leave Kondaiya
and come after me Your attemts to ill me
will not frighten me But it will irritate me for sure So IO decided to- My dear brother… ….every dog wants to be alion But there’s a difference
between barking and roaring I hope you will realize this
at least in your next birth My best wishes
for your rebirth! Ramudu…! Kill him as silently as possible My grandson is sleeping inside Duty of a bodyguard is to
protect one who is alive But not to give his life to one
who is about to die You are not
his kith and kin Just employees I’ll pay you 20% more than him Work for me Krishna, I heard there is
heavy rains in HYderabad Lakshmi…? -where are you?
-In the prayer room Look who has come Who? Come and see for yourself Krishna..? Why didn’t you come
home for Deepavali? If You are in Hyderabad
You’ll forget all of us,huh? Didn’t he tell you he was busy
preparing for his GRE exams? My question was to him
Why are you butting in? Why can’t I reply for him
if I know the answer? If you are hungry
will he eat? Why are you
standing up for him? Respect Lakshmi,you- Outside you might be Anna,the boss
But inside the house I’m the boss problem? No…respect…? what are you waiting for? Go freshen up
we can all eat together For all people outside
I create carlhquakes And at home,
she makes me shake! You only gave her
this liberty, dad And let yourself be shaken up What’s all that whispering? Not whispering, he wants extra serving
of your delicious home cooked food Hey Adhi! How are you, sis-in-law? Where’s my brother? Bushan….you?
Why did you come here? You said you’ll break my legs
if I look at your sister Laltha What wuill you do if you I rape her
right in front of your eyes? I don’t even listen to my mother
when she scolds me How will I listen to a tramp
On the road warning me? Where is your sister? Brother…? No….don’t Let go of my sister – Brother
– Latha! (Scuffle) Bushan, let go of latha I am taking her now, I’ll send her
back to you when I get bored If you dare squeal about this
you won’t even find her corpse! Brother…..? Help me Brother Ma…….? Krishna has come from Hyderabad
When are you coming home? I’m busy now, ma
I’ll come later For a fellow who can take
any women he sees on the road………. …….in what way can you
offer him a women? Handle an intellect
with intelligence But deal with a foolish man
with double the intelligence Hey! Make it simple I’m luring Bushan into my net If we guide a man
who doesn’t know the way……… …….it is helpful for him If we guide a man wrongly
who is already in the wrong path…… …..we benefit This is my helpful testment Yuck! Its terrible If you don’t know to cook
why can’t you get it from the hotel? My biggest blunder
was marrying you Is this how you treat your wife? Tell me Can’t tell what I feel? What’s your feeling? Are we any different from you?
Did’t we eat this? How can it taste
terrible only to you? You can say it kindly
even if you want to complain Tell me This is the only way
I know to speak I’ll break you teeth
if you don’t change your way I’ll teach you my ways By the way did you go
for Reddy’s settlement? why did you butt in
when I’m already handling it? Tell me I didn’t know
you were handling it You should have
asked me, right? Am I a kid to ask you
permission for everything? I’ll smash your face Please don- Lakshmi, you should know
when to talk and when not to What are you staring at? Look down Gogin Rao,has crime rate in
our area increased or decreased? I don’t get you If it has gone up
you are bad at your job If it has lessened
no point being a cop This isn’t a casual visit I’m here to enquire about
the murder of Guruva Reddy According to my sources I know
your henchman Ramudu is the culprit I’m here to arrest him Ramudu acts on my orders But your name has not
featured in my enquiry Why do you need an enquiry
when I’m accepting the charges? If you have the guts, arrest me Otherwise just put
That cup down and leave Why do you get angry
without any reason? Gogin Rao, I won’t waste
my anger on useless men I respect my time If you don’t respect your time…. …….I respect my time
which you don’t You can go I’ll see you soon Don’t Gogin Rao, sir Our plan failed Our plan of using Gogin Rao
to bring in Ramudu didn’t work If we follow Boss and his ideas
we will all drown together To reach an island we must
first jump into the sea We will either drown
or learn how to swim But if we think a strom will hit us
or a shark will attack us… ….and waste time waiting, we’ll be
left on the shore like a dry fish For the 1st time I understand
your testament even though it is long One who rushes
will only be drained out Sky is the limit
For one who thinks Iím not overconfident
This is my confident testament Boss out-thinks all of us Without his orders,
Jumping into the waters… Öis not a solution
It is stupidity People think of my dad
As a ëgoondaí but thatís not true He sticks to his convictions and
Supports those who believe in him So he comes across
As harsh, thatís all In his point of view, right or wrong
Is not decided by God or our laws But by truth and conscience
Of a righteous man Thatís my dad in a nutshell
He follows his conscience And people who donít understand
My dad, paint him out to be a demon But thatís the path
Of choosing violence Eye for an eye cannot be
A solutioní said Gandhiji My father feels
The same way too He says it shouldnít be an eye
For an eye but 2 eyes for 1 Means? If our enemy takes 1 eye
We should blind both his eyes But Krishna- Isnít the end result
Good in both cases? – AnnaÖ.?
– Hmmmmm I feel Ö.the thing is ñ Whatís that thing?
Cooking up some lie? Not that Then why get tongue tied
To come out with the truth? Gavaraju you know- Which Gavaraju? That chap in Thirupati
Who attacked us The same chap whom
We killed in yelamanchali What about him? I found our Krishna is
In love with is daughter DDad, I know what kind Of man Gavaraju was Iím also aware
OOf our family feud But imagine how good that girl
Must be, if I still love her Try to see it from
My point of view She might bewonderful But her brother is missing
FFrom the day we killed their father Did he run away in fear
OOr is he planning to kill us? Or has he joined our enemies Could be any of these 3 Krishna, Rayalaseema is a land
Known for its blood and gore This violence is never ending
Eternal from oneís birth to death Both Sirisha and I feel
Our feud should end somehow Dad, though she knows
You killed her father ÖÖÖ.sheís ready to Forget everuthing Imaging the extent
Of her love for me She has no clu
What her brother is up to But I know her inside out II must quote your words
Back to you, dad Hatred divides and
Love brings people closer Iíll never interfere in
Anyoneís personal life NoÖ.especially not in
Lives of people I respect I know youíll make
The right decision WWhen you play cricket
You should hit hard You will hit a sixer
Or youíll be out! EEither is fine for me
Is my philosophy But most people
Just stop the ball Iím proud of you
You are not like them Respect All the best Thank you, dad ëRevere your father as godí
Is mere lip service Your fatherís physical interaction
WWith your mother was for pleasure Not programmed for your benefit
Your birth was purely accidental Donít waste your time and breath
Feeling bad about your father To your father, you are
An useless piece of scrap I mean unwanted item Humans are better off being animals Animals eat and sleep
whenever whatever HHumans have do’s and don’ts
which are unnecessary which are unnecessary This is not in any testament
purely my original testament Mr vedam, this discussion is pointless Tell me how I’ll get my share
from the Nandavaram project You’ll get when your father is
exorcised of the demon – Demon?
-Yes YYour father is in the clutches of a spirit
which wants to elevate people’s lives which wants to elevate people’s lives NNow the essence of my veda
chants a different tune ‘Regard your father as a demon’ If you get rid of this spirit
you will be relieved We will rejoice
and be happy Didn’t you call me
to say something? Why so quiet now? I wanted to, but we decided
not to discuss Rayalaseema issues That’s why my words
are stuck in my throat! But- What? If I tell, you shouldn’t say
‘why did you tell me?’ What’s the problem, Sirisha Your brother Bushan forced entry into
Latha’s house, hit her folks, grabbed her… …..and locked her up in your farm house Scared of your father’s reaction
no one had the guts to tell him What are you saying?
Bushan stooped so low? yes, dad You have often told us power and prestige is given
by the people who belive in us Not through fear My brother is making people
fear you painting you black Gaja, ask Ramu to bring the car Why did you come here, father? No one is here I apologize for what has happened
I don’t know how to make amends Escort her back safely EEvery time I feel you’ll reform
you are stopping yards lower you are stopping yards lower I hate seeing your face I can’t bear to see you Rascal! HHow many times I’ve warned you?
And you have’t changed Thanks to Lakshmi
you are still alive I hate myself At least noe get
some sense into your head A scoundrel like you should not be
allowed to mix with people outside YYou dare not step out
of this farm house of this farm house Understood? Yes, Anna Did you squeal to my father? My father and I will patch up TThen I’ll chop each and
every single head here Hey! All of you
Get this Into your head we work for Anna
Not his son! We obey only his orders
Not his son’s wishes Understood? Where did we go wrong
in raising Bushan? II brought you both up
the same way Why is he like this…a monster? There’s always a reason …when I kill someone or
bbehind every killing I order I analyze every act of mine
weighing the pros ans cons But Bushan is being inspired by me
superficially and following me…. ….without understanding my ideology
we don’t understand each other He is not to blame fully
HHis friends are influencing him They flatter him, instigating him
as Anna’s son and heir So he gets carried away Is he a kid to believe
some stupid people blindly? Has he got no sense of his own? Shouldn’t he realize, his father
is saying all this for his own good? Shouldn’t he think once…just once? I think he has
become so bad.. …..he can’t se good
in anything anymore We must somehow reform him There’s no hope
Tell me the truth You think he’ll be a better man? Tell me Yours is a sibling bond
Mine is a parental chord Love shouldn’t make excuses
It should set things right WWhat’s the use of crying
over split milk? over split milk? I knew his true nature
as soon as I got married I adjusted accordingly I regard you
as my own parents Krishna is like
my eldest son Our child is what I have
as a part of my husband That’s enough for me I got it Only when the lion
is asleep, we must… attack.. Lakshmi…? I’m coming Look who is here Why are you feeling shy? I am here regarding… …the wedding What? Are you
getting married again? Not me
My daughter is! Instead of your daughter
why are you feeling shy? II’m used to only murders
Not marriages! It’s funny to see him blush It is like seeing a bunch of
flowers with a rusty sickle When is the wedding? 6th of next month Anna and you must grace the occasion
in style like a bomb and knife Even your similies are
partial to weapons! Heart is what counts
Words are of no account Only he knows
his devotee’s heart Not any of us We’ll come like bomb and knife We’ll get your daughter
who is like dagger… ……married to her spear-like husband And make you the crowbar
extremely happy Krishna…? We’ve known each other
for a few months only Krishna…? We’ve known each other
for a few months only But I feel I have
Known you all my life Even though we don’t talk much
I feel we are in touch all the time When I’m with you… …I don’t think
of anything else WWhen you are not with me
I think of you all the time I think of you all the time You are my strength
and my weakness courage and cowardice
You are my everything – My too
– Really? “I promise on you sincere
and my love so dear” and my love so dear” “I also give my word diligently
oon the land you’re born for me” “On Goddess Alamelumanga whom I pray
I assure till eternity I’ll travel you” “I promise on you sincere
and my love so dear” “I also give my word dutifully
on the land you’re born for me” “On Goddess Alamelumanga whom I pray
I assure till eternity I’ll travel you” “I swear on your eyes impressing me to sleep
Then I’ll dream of you imprinting me deep” “I promise on your smiling lips
that make me sprout wings, transfix” “I sign on your shyness
resembling green tender leaves” “I lock on to your hands, at ease
caressing me like the breeze” “No one else is there for me
though brides around in plenty” “I promise on you sincere
and my love so dear” “I also give my word diligently
on the land you’re born for me” “On Goddess Alamelumanga whom I pray to
I swear till end of time I’ll walk with you” “I take a vow on your thoughts like shadow
wanting to chat with me, they follw” “My breath says I’m your partner for life
You make my temperature rise to 105” “I decided myself divine
on your Holy figure sublime” “On your silience I guarantee
which will create desire till infinity” “I affirm to be with you on earth
on your each and every rebirth” “I promise on you sincere
and my love so dear” “I also give my word diligently
on the land you’re born for me” “On Goddess Alamelumanga whom I pray
I assure till eternity I’ll travel you” KKrishna is busy organizing
you 60th birthday Do you want to see my 1st guest
for my 60th birthday? How cute!
only 1? YYes…just one 11+1=2
1-1=0 1×1 is always one This is Rayalaseema’s calculation Means? Me multiplied by my foe
is equal to 1 and the same You and your calculations! Will you just answer this? – How many are these?
– Five If I close my 5 fingers
what is this? A closed fist Will you agree a family should
also be like a closed fist? This misfired in Bushan’s case Whatever you say
do so with respect This is you, me
Krishna, Sharada Your 60th birthday
without Bushan…? For my sake What is this? Ma, I swear I’m not to blame, father- I know about him
much more than you do YYou don’t have to tell me But I- DDon’t keep harping on
what we already spoke Forget it I used to feel glad you were
at least home with us… ….whatever else you were up to I’ve convinced your father to let you
come home to celebrate his 60th birthday Once you reach home
apologize to him… …for my sake pardon me, father I’ve heard this from you
more than 2000 times till now I don’t believe
you’ll ever change Nor do i have any hope
you’ll change in the near future Only because I respect your mother
I let you inside this house again I usually wish ‘all the best’
to people who want to reform In your case,
I’m wishing myself My dearest wish is one day
you will realize your mistake But I’m very sure you won’t Our dad’s inheritance to us
is respect given to our family Even you know
dad will give up his life… …for the sake of keeping
this respect intact We need not magnify that respect
But we shouldn’t bring it down either It’s my life and I will
lead it the way I want lead it the way I want Just because you are dad’s pet
don’t think you can dance on my head You go and mind
your own business Why are you here? Why shouldn’t I come? Who invited you? Acquaintance No big shot walks in
without an invitation I came here
because I’m big shot Why do I need to be invited
to a finction in my own house? Then you should come earlier
why so late, rascal?! Happy 60th birthday God bless you,my boy How are you, uncle? In the pink of health
short and stout short and stout How’s your studies
coming along? Exams over
Awaiting results If you have any problems
rregarding visa, let me know I know the guy in charge
I’ll arrange it for you He’ll get it the right way
Not through recommendation Respect How is your political scenario? Hell…I won’t even get back
my deposit in the comping elections why? If Nandavaram projecrt comes through
30-40 villages be evacuated 30-40 villages be evacuated I’ve already stopped the project That’s why my party supported you So what’s the problem Some group is trying
to initiate the project If completed
they’ll gain in millions Who is that group? I’m not too sure But some bigwig in the opposition
party is supporting ia a big way If it is completed
people will turn against you I will lose in the election That project has only
a materialistic purpose Whatever its strength and purpose
my presence will ensure the end of it my presence will ensure the end of it Greetings Debate on politics today also, huh? Krishna has arranged a program
for all of us, come out String the flowers properly
How long will you take? Hey you- Krishna, what this song? I thought it will sync
wwith your age group? Such a slow song? Do you know what songs
your mother and I have sung? “Oh lady! wear the traditional silk sari
Be ready to play footsie with me! “My lady! I can wear the traditional dhoti
And to marry you I have the energy” “bring the band, drums and trumpet too
I’m the only true bride for you” “Tie the sacred thread and whistle
Whooppee…rejoice and revel” “Like a palanquin, I’ll carry you, my beloved
can I fulfill my desire, again be newlywed?” “My dear man, your dad’s photo I’ll salute
Then we can pay our love its due tribute” “Field clear Oh my lover!” “Auspicious time began when our eyes met
Try to feel shy, when my appetite i whet” “Chants are sweet smiles that preempt
I won’t stop you. I’ll tease and tempt” “Jingle of bangles sounds sweet to the ear
My magic will make jasmine blush, dear” “I’m a gentlewomen complying you are creatot Brahma’s offspring” “To quench my thirst anew
I’m swirling the discus of Vishnu” “Whirl….twirl….swirl for you” “When your curves highlighted by moonlight
on the delicious sred I’ll feast all night” “If we talk, we’ll end up fighting
Love, let me kiss you enticing” “Your are the silver screen
that sparkles with a sheen” “I’ll explore your beauty alone
not witnessed by the moon “I’m your heroine and you my hero
Our love story was a blockbuster you know” “I affirm, i assure,
I attest my love true” We shouldn’t be present
during a wrong doing When a wrong is being done
we shouldn’t be party to it This is my personal testament We should maintain our distance
from Bushan, Anna’s precious son Fine, let’s freeze Bushan
But what about our plan for Anna? Boss keeps saying
wait for the right time If we keep waiting
our time will be up! You are right Instead of planning our move
we are busy swatting flies here And he is happily singing
a duet with his wife , Lakshmi Of course that’s a romantic testament So whyare we delaying, brother? No tension Boss has said
this is the right time We should fix it now But remember this Do not attack with bombs or bullets
from long distance and make it easy Hound him and
sslice him to pieces I understood….instead of killing
with bombs and bullets neatly… …if we cut him into pieces,
our popularity range will increase This is my publicity testament Dad…? Because of our family feud… …even though you’ve accepted
Sirisha’s mother doesn’t believe us If you just meet her once
she will be convinced If you agree,
I will bring her here Respect Tomorrow when we go to attend
Ramudu’s daughter’s wedding… …I’ll meet Sirisha’s mother personally
since they belong to the same village too Did he agree to
visit me in my house? yes Krishna, Chaitanya is here
He wants to talk to you Your brother? You’ve heard about me Your father killed mine
And that’s why this family feud I joined hands with
your father’s enemies I even tried to kill your father twice or thrice But I came to know only later… …..why your father killed my father I found out my father
was in the wrong Sirisha told me about your love Despite all this enmity, when your father has
accepted this love so magnanimously… accepted this love so magnanimously… …I feel ashamed of myself I am here to share a piece
of important information I’m still linked with your enemies
So I got know this So I got know this What? On the way to Ramudu’s daughter wedding
an attempt will be made on Anna’s life My God! Isn’t the wedding today? ‘This number can’t be
reached right now’ Crap!
No signal I am trying to reach Krishna
But the signal is weak Lakshmi, they are here to kill me If I’m with you
they’ll kill you too No, you can’t leave me
Lakshmi, listen to me Stay here Gaja, take care of her I want to join my husband “Blood for blood, tooth for tooth
breath for brath is the truth” “For enmity to thrive
on revenge we survive “This is life in Rayalaseema land
This is our cherished ground plan” “We burn with revenge to excel
nursed by mother’s milk special” “With knives on our foe’s throat
we hunt, not play games or gloat” “before dying, you must kill someone
you can’t escape the grave stone” “Blood for blood, eye for eye
breath for breath never to defy” “For hatred to hinge
revenge we avenge” “Rayalaseema endorses this
Our territory’s violent thesis” “Ahhimsa we don’t adhere one bit
Showing out other cheek to be hit” “Your wrist we will slash
before our cheek you slap” “If you dare to eye my habitat
I’ll gouge both your eyeballs out” “Before you spew your anger spell
we’ll hound and send you to hell” “If you take 1 step, we’ll be 10 steps ahead
In the blink of an eye, we’ll bury you dead” ‘We don’t remember our kith and kin
Not forget our foes, out or within “This is Rayalaseema’s violent stamp
Our native town on the world map” “This is life in Rayalaseema land
This is our treasured ground plan” “Rowdy upholds justice and righteousness
To protect these values is his life’s essence” “That is Anna’s expression
His fair play equation” ‘when Anna was on the way to attend
hhis right hand man Ramudu’s family wedding…” ‘…he was brutally assaulated
by unknown people’ hhis right hand man Ramudu’s family wedding…” ‘…he was brutally assaulated
by unknown people’ ‘In that incident
Anna’s daughter-in-law…’ ‘….his grandson and
some of his henchmen died ‘Anna has been wounded
and admitted into a hospital’ ‘Doctors have clarified
that Anna is out of danger’ ‘Many followers concerned about Anna
have surrounded the hospital creating a furor’ ‘Irrespective of their caste or creed…’ ‘…..people of Rayalaseema are
praying for his speedy recovery’ The dead will not come back Those who are alive
will not stay forever So said Socrates secretly ‘Don’t grieve for the inevitable’ Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita
proclaimed to mankind openly How can I not grieve You are not the suffere
My wife and son died Youguaranteed in your paln
only my father will die Nowadays when there is
no guarantee even for life.. ….how can you expect ir
from a mere plan, brother? There’s a world of difference in what
we think will happen and what happens If you had told me this earlier
I wouldn’t have taken this risk Not taking any risk in life
is the biggest risk This is my testament Bushan….? You’ve told me so many times
how you feel about your wife Why overact?
For whose benefit? Bushan There is no scarcity
of wives in this world If you marry again
you will get a new wife If you do your job again
you can get another child! But profits of Nandavaram project,
once lost can’t be retrieved If you lose your family, do what?
Your future is just round the corner If you in for a mountain of profits
a nail’s loss is of no consequence This is my commercial testament Bhagavad Gita says, ‘if it is written,
we can’t change what has to happen’ No one can change our destiny Lakshmi, no use torturing yourself
about what has happenend We must think of how to
get back into the groove get back into the groove I alredy thought of it What? What I need to do be happy I’ll kill the men who did this
with my bare hands with my bare hands Lakshmi…? I’m the daughter
of Rayalaseema too And also your wife It’s useless to live
if we can’t take revenge This is what you’ve told me many times Well said How are you feeling now? I told you about that gang
wanting the Nandavaram project I think they attacked you I will find out Send them all away
Just ask them to get out Let’s check it out I’m telling you respectfully
Leave this place Do you know
I’m a minister – I do
– What’s the problem? In this high tension atmosphere
I was told doctors and patients ….are shaken up by these
henchmen withg weapons That’s why I am
ordering them to leave They are Anna’s personal security Anna was attacked just noe And in this situation
how can you ask them to leave? Our law states that people carrying
weapons in a public place… ….are ‘anti social’ elements Law will state million things
Are all those being followed? I onsist on them being here Look, sir
I’m a public servent Not working for
politicians like you Law and order is
what matters to me I will do my duty What’s your duty? If you done your duty,
would this have happened? You’re speaking out of turn I’m stating facts They are here
as security for my dad Who are you to
order them away? if you shout this
I’ll snip your tongue off Understand the situation
I’m like your mother Are you like my mother? How come my father
never told me this?! You dare beat up
a police officer on duty? Arrest him Areest him, I say Let go of him I’m the minister here
Obey my orders I’ll inform all the TV channels
a minister stopped a police oficer… …from doing his duty Is this a fracture
or just a swelling, brother? Is it still paining? Paining not because he hit me
But because you pressed it now You’ve been beaten, that’s the past
How will we retaliate is the future One who does not think
of his future is a foolish guy Idiotic guy This is my traditional testament Did you come to find out how I am
or educated me on life? Don’t get irriated, Gogin Rao Even if you’re hurt, you’ve succeeded
in putting krishna behind bars Boss wants to congratulate you ‘senior’ in the hospital and
‘junior’ behind bars are fixed Excuse me Sir, I’m Sirisha Can I meet Krishna
whom you’ve arrested? My brother got to know.. ….of a plan to kill your father
in the hospital tonight Gogin Rao is with them it seems That’s why he planned
and removed you And cleared the security from
the hospital intentionally I got this job
only because of Anna You go, I’ll manage Hello Sirisha My dad is fine I’ll take all precautions You inform the police and media
about this conspiracy now Sure, Krishna Ramudu, bring our boys
and come here at once Don’t worry, ma
Media and police are here Dad won’t be attacked
it front of them I have to leave now Krishna…? Go and meet
Anand Rao immediately He might have information
on who is behind all this? Okay, dad What? Haven’t you found Krishna yet? We are trying our best, but- Send 4 or 5 teams after him Where can he go?
He must be somewhere around We must find him I respect your father very much More than that,
I’m very attached to him Your father and I share
a childhood friendship a childhood friendship But in people’s eyes your father
is a criminal and I’m a politician That’s why your father did not
want me involved in this issue So i haven’t gone public
with any of my statements Anyway the person behind this
according to reliable sources is RK RK…? Do you know him? No, I don’t Ask your father
Maybe he knows I’ll definitely update you
if I hear anything else Thanks, uncle What did Anand Rao uncle say? He told me whatever he knew We have to find out
the rest by ourselves We must talk to your brother
to see if he knows anything else Call him There they are! Sirisha Call your brother Hello, brother Anand Rao uncle thinks Rk is
responsible dor this conspiracy Do you know anyone called RK? RK…? But I know a KR – KR, huh?
– Yes – What does he do?
– Business man I’ve never met him He has terrific influence
in political circles Not just our state
but in Karnataka also I heard he spends 10 days here
and 20 days in Bangalore The day your father beat you up
in front of those who work for you… …you became trash, brother Look here, Bushan As long as your father is alive
you can never be Anna Even after his death he doesn’t
want you to get into his shoes So he degraded you
as a waste piece This is my testament It is your misfortune
you are born as his son And your greatest fortune
you found friends like us Don’t think your father will alivwe
because we missed our target twice His death is fixed It can take a day,
a week or 1 month But if you make up your mind
it can happen right now In the current scenario,
our man cannot enter the hospital If you fix your father
for us in the hospital ….then all our problems will be fixed Being one of us, if you favour
our project, we can be setteled for life Chances of getting millions
is one in a million, brother! What? Still thinking? A wise man claims silence
is ‘acceptance half way’ A wiser man like me says
‘to think is consent complete’ How much more
lucky can you be… …than offering the customary
ball of rice to your deceased dad? This is my final testament Hello? Get some oranges
from the market? I had important work to doWhere were you all this while? Don’t go anywhere out
alone for some days Our enemies are waiting to kill us I don’t have any enemies If any, I have them
because of him Whosever, they are all our enemies You should be on your guard Please listen me Take Ramudu or someone
with you wherever you go Ramudu…only because we went
for his daughter’s wedding… …all this happened I don’t want to have anything to do with that wretched fellow Let him go, Lakshmi We can only give
bbirth to our children We can’t control their thoughts We need to take him for thr scan “Auspiciously ‘with this sacred thread’
on your wedding day, to you I declared” “Taking 7 steps, I chanted ‘for my long life’
Before the Holy fire we became man and wife” “Recited ‘I tie it around your neck, maiden’
Not saving your life, why must I live then?” “I added ‘May you live a 100 years’ dear
I asked you to take the 8th step here” “”I became ‘anna’ to our land hitherto As your child I’ll be waiting for you” “Till eternity I’ll follow as your shadow
Our wedding mantra, I forget my vow” “I’m your half, but I left you in between
I forgot myself and abandoned you unseen” “My love is aflame before my eyes now
Your soul deserted me, I think of my vow” “You are not here for me
I’m all alone in misery” “”Your changed me, dear Now you are not here” “You left me suddenly
All I have is your memory” “”You can’t come back to me as yourself, my Lakshmi” “Auspiciously ‘with this sacred thread’
on our wedding day, to you I declared Kr…! “Whenever and wherever there is
a decline in religious practice…” “…and a predominant rise of irreligion
at that time I descend Myself “To deliver the pious and
to destroy the miscreants…” “….and reestablish principles of religion,
I Myself appear, millennium after millennium” “Whenever and wherever there is
a decline in religious practice…” “”…and a predominant rise of irreligion at that time I descend Myself “To deliver the pious and to destroy the miscreants…” “….and reestablish principles of religion,
I Myself appear, millennium after millennium” Is it him….?! In your present health condition… …it is not advisable to
confront them with anger They didn’t kill
only your wife They killed my mother too They didn’t betray only Anna But my dad too For these 2 reasons the person
who deserves most to take revenge… …is me — Ramudu…? – Yes, anna Organize the rituals for Lakshmi’s lasr rites Call all the VIPs
who ahould attend MMr Varaprasad Reddy, Mr Anjayiah Choudhry Minister Anand Rao
Narayana Sharma Kaduyam Girija
Inform all of them Call all the relatives without missing out anyone “Whenever and wherever there is
a decline in religious practice…” “…and a predominant rise of irreligion at that time I descend Myself” “To deliver the pious and
to destroy the miscreants…” “”….and reestablish principles of religion, I Myself appear, millennium after millennium” “Whenever and wherever there is
a decline in religious practice…” “…and a predominant rise of irreligion
at that time I descend Myself” We are not feeding you cake
because you love eating it I am disgusted even to
touch you to kill you That’s why we poisoned the cake I swear on God, Krishna
I told them not to do this I kept telling them
about your father But KR never listened You tried to kill the one who is
the breath of so many people That’s why I want you
to die gasping for breath “Rowdy upholds justice and righteousness
To protect values is his life’s essence” Krishna, I’m not the cause for
the profits of your father and his family Same way I’m not responsible
for the losses of your family This is my logical testament I think you’ve seen
the film Godfather? Marlin Brando has sais,
‘revenge is not everything in life’ This is an universal testament But you are taking revenge- If you and your father
don’t like Nandavaram project… ….we’ll take anything else
under the sun favored by both of you Even if you hit me with a hammer
or knife me to death …my life will leave me
only when it has to only when it has to You can’t do anything This is my criminal testamen- You know all the Vedas,
theories and testaments The fact that you never knew
good always triumphs over evil …is your brainless testament Seshagiri, Chandi
Vedam, Gogin Rao What is happening? Father…..? I didn’t kill your father
only because you killed my mother But because he gave birth
to a son like you And he nodded his head
to all the evil in you Because he attacked my dad For torturing my family And also for so many zillion reasons Don’t From the day I Opened my eyes
I saw dad as a dad as a royal emperor But now- I saw thugs attacking him I saw him lying with knife wounds and
blood being transfused into his body I’ve seen him in a state
unable to protect his own wife All this is because of… ….that Nandavaram project He wanted the project stopped not for
personal gains but for the people But some of them wanted to
stop our dad and get rid of him To attend Ramudu’s daughter wedding.. ….information of the route and
time of dad’s travel plans …was leaked by someone
from inside our house Our dad fortunately escaped But if he was attacked again, definitely
aa family member must be on their side After scritinizing the CC TV footage
in the hospital for 12 hours… ….I realized only oranges were
brought in from outside, nothing else .I’m not angry you killed our mother
who protected you till her last breath But knowing you inside out… …I never foresaw
you’d stoop to this level I am angry with my self In my opinion
you are a mad dog A mad dog isn’t of any use
even to its own self I was in Delhi when
I heard this tragic news I just couldn’t believe it I never thought I would
visit you in these circumstances God has been unjust by taking
yyour wife away from you like this yyour wife away from you like this We’ll catch the man behind this Already caught Caught?
Who is he? All those who conspired
were killed by Krishna Except the mastermind Who is the mastermind? You…! What is he saying? Your father and I- I was attacked while I was
returning from your house So…? Except you no one knew
I was visiting you That made me suspect you In Nandavaram project, Chandi and KR
held 25% each and balance 50% is… ….in the name of your proxies I heard in the coming elections
you intend joining the opposition party My dad would never
approve that project Because he’s a stickler
for righteousness Pretending to be
my dad’s friend.. ….you made him believe
you were opposing the project And you used KR and Chandi
to stab my dad behind his back And the knife was my brother Hey…! I’ve done so much for you What you’ve done
in return for me is this My son insisted he will kill
all those who did this But I requested him I’d do
the honors in your case I took upon myself to kill you “That is Anna’s expression
His fair play equation” You were like a dog
I made you into a lion But you showed you true colors
and stabbed me behind my back Hope you will know
the value of friendship… ….at least in your next birth My best wishes
for your rebirth You attend to
mother’s rituals mother’s rituals I’ll take care of the rest Ramudu…? Anna…!! Make sure this body
is not found by anyone Okay, Anna Assemble his bodyghuards in that room Duty of a bodyguard
protect one who is alive But not to give his life to one
who is about to die You are not Mr Anand Rao’s son
or brother, just employees I’ll pay you 20% more Work for me “Blood for blood, tooth for tooth
breath for brath is the truth” “For enmity to thrive
on revenge we survive “This is life in Rayalaseema land
This is our cherished ground plan” “Ahhimsa we don’t adhere one bit
Showing out other cheek to be hit” “Your wrist we will slash
before our cheek you slap” “If you dare to eye my habitat
I’ll gouge both your eyeballs out” “Before you spew your anger spell
we’ll hound and send you to hell” “If you take 1 step, we’ll be 10 steps ahead
In the blink of an eye, we’ll bury you dead” “This is Rayalaseema’s identity
Our home town’s nativity” ‘We don’t remember our kith and kin
Not forget our foes, out or within “This is Rayalaseema’s violent stamp
Our native town on the world map” “Rowdy upholds justice and righteousness
To protect these values is his life’s essence” “This is life in Rayalaseema land
TThis is our treasured ground plan” “Ahhimsa we don’t adhere one bit
Showing out other cheek to be hit” “Your wrist we will slash
before our cheek you slap” “Ahhimsa we don’t adhere one bit
Showing out other cheek to be hit” “Your wrist we will slash
before our cheek you slap” “If you take 1 step, we’ll be 10 steps ahead
In the blink of an eye, we’ll bury you dead” “This is Rayalaseema’s identity
Our home town’s nativity” Our home town’s nativity”

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