Rudy Giuliani: ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

100 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani: ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. They will make up any excuse they can. At the end of the day if he has nothing to hide he shouldn't be afraid. With the way he surrounds himself with idiots like this the more likely he is to go down- not that Im complaining but Trump is not very smart.

  2. Ghouliani changes his tune so often, he should be in the Venetian Boys Choir.

  3. El Presidente Trumps' regime,
    is something from a bad dream.
    With twittery squalls,
    and dictatory calls,
    and a corrupt executive team.

  4. Giuliani is by far the best thing to ever happen to the Trump Administration?! Hahaha. You bunch of dumbasses.

  5. “Truth isn’t truth” – Rudy Giuliani

    “Alternative Facts” – Kellyanne Conway

    "Better to get your news directly from the president. In fact, it might be the only way to get the unvarnished truth." – Rep. Lamar Smith

    “What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what is happening." – Trump

    "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." – George Orwell, 1984

  6. You gotta love how the left and msm spin this as though he claimed there is no truth, compared to what he actually said, which was that there are multiple people claiming different facts which means it’s impossible to tell who’s telling the truth

  7. National Broadcast of Communism – The Same Pro Clinton Media group that hasn't told the real news in decades (Pre 1950).

  8. You can be trapped into many different kinds of crimes. Police and lawyers use these tactics all the time and sometimes innocent people are imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit.

  9. Smuck Todd laughs at "truth is not the truth" has he listened to Clinton,Obama, or any lawyer out there.truth is not on cnn msnbc CBS abc etc.etc.etc.🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  10. this is a perfect example of the entrapment process. Giuliani is talking about differing versions of the the truth,, which of course would not be the actual truth, but claimed to be the truth. Todd spins it into the truth is the truth,, meaning the truth they decide is true, is the truth. Giuliani points out how it's not that simple,, and now he's been painted as someone who has denied absolute Truth. which is not what he was saying. And you're all still wondering why they're being so careful on who Trump talks to.

  11. "We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know…": Donald Rumsfeld

    “Truth isn’t truth”: Rudy Giuliani

  12. The bias of the comments is clear for all to see. Many have not been in a court case, where hearsay is the order of the day.

    The man is saying, " Joe says x happened and Harry said y happened, they are the only witnesses, who is telling the truth?

    I think politics have blinded the logic of some people. The interviewer was not listening to the person, he totally jumped at the statement but the person defended and made clear his point.

  13. 1:36 "Is it possible [Mr. Mueller] will make a conclusion based on who's been more truthful over the years?"
    Giuliani is stumped in complete silence for a full 5 seconds.

  14. "Yeah, it's possible he'll go with the statement that's more logical." ~R.Giuliani
    And just like that, Donald will get arrested.

  15. I think the Ameican people have made their wrost mistake by choosing Trump as POTUS there are so many lies from him and his cronies, kind of reminds me of my country's Prime Minister Netanyaho who is also a corrupted hypocrite liar

  16. When Trump hired Rudy Giuliani as part of his legal team I knew it was a big mistake.
    God, was I right. Trump needs to fire Giuliani and hire someone who can start cleaning up the mess he has made.

  17. And chuck todd didn't get it ??or he was pretending ?? I think he was pretending ???
    We can and often do FLIP the facts
    We can and often do FLIP the truth
    But its really hard to FLIP reality ???
    Chuck gets it ???
    A DECEIVER with a smile ????????

  18. I am no supporter of Giuliani, but there is a grain of truth in what he says here. The truth is not always easy or obvious to discern. There can be different versions of the truth. There can be competing truths. Facts can be disputed. Facts can also be well chosen. Giuliani provides context for his statement, 'the truth is not the truth'. Chuck Todd is being disingenuous here . . .

  19. The problem with Trump is he doesn't know what the truth is and Tony Schwartz is co-author to the art of the deal he says that Trump does not understand what truth and what he would like the truth to be is he lies constantly and is probably in a delusional State when it comes to lying and truth so in that case if he was to testify under oath he could easily lie thinking he's really telling the truth because that's what he wants it to be

  20. Had it not been for the alternative facts and the amount of rubbish coming from the white house i'd blame the interviewer in this clip. Truth isn't the truth is wrong, the truth is the truth, but as the guy appeared to be hinting at what one person view as the truth isn't necessary the truth and there can be different perspectives and scales. (such as one party viewing another as helping a third party illegally, but the second party think they were not helping just having a conversation. that is where the neutral party is needed to have the overview)

  21. When you speak to your attorney, s/he is a court officer and will advise you to give an honest account so you can get justice, where justice is due.
    tRump has no idea what the truth is but will deceive at all cost. Rudy is a joke and we can clearly see he talks in circles so this is why tRump likes him.
    We are going to have a total 3-ring circus with the carnival barker in Chief of the Oval Office. Any question tRump is asked about, Bob Mueller already knows the answer.

    It will be like shooting fish in a barrel for Bob Mueller.
    Good God… let's get this over with!!!

  22. What Giuliani wanted to say was that somebody’s version of the facts isn’t necessarily truthful. He spoke sloppily, no doubt about it but his words are being twisted.

  23. I have a video on a small TV of Giuliani running on a loop above my fire place, It keeps the kids away from it. But occasionally it makes me wake up screaming.

  24. Trump can a;ways caim senilie dementia as a reason for his incresingly insane antics. Is there anyway he can be removed for that?


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  27. This guy used to be a halfway decent attorney now he is a complete nut 🥜 job!This is what happens when you spend centuries lying to yourself! And these are the type of people making decisions for people’s lives? We are Rome! 😮

  28. Liberal media's desperate push for Trump impeachment may actually hurt Democrats

  29. Truth isn't true when it comes to a politicaly biased media, how many retractions has media made lately ! Media trustworthiness is at an all time low even less than the man who you continue to attack !

  30. I would testify n claim 5th all day long. until I got to see any evidence they have one me. I hear cops are corrupt. FBI are cops. hmm. must not meet your narrative of getting participation ribbons.

  31. Isn’t this the very same defense he used to constitute his reasoning for involving himself with the cover-up efforts he utilized to make his case that the World Trade Center Disaster was not a inside job/even though he was given warning of a evacuation efforts to remove him from the area while he somehow failed to send any one else any warning and save those people the day he chose to take matters into his own hands and turn a blind eye to everyone caught up in this disaster zone was truly”Gross Negligence Response” And a definite plea for rightful justice action RudyGiuliani needs to be held accountable for his actions . And he should be convicted of manslaughter promoting a lifetime sentence for his treasonous behavior of the victims of 911 tragedy. The very fact that he removed crucial evidence before a rightful investigation was completed is truly a shady exercise to explain his reasoning is highly unethical behavior of any figurehead in a position of Authority. Run /but you cannot hide away from the truth.

  32. 0:43 "This is gonna become a bad meme" Rudy Giuliani's brain stops for a moment like a worn clock with escapement wheel problems

  33. This is what you call "When one sell's his SOUL to the DEVIL."
    Giuliani leaving himself a VERY SAD LEGACY.
    Making his bed, now he's gotta "lie" in it.

  34. Rudy Giuliani is amazing at how he can defend a person charged with a Misdemeanor and make sure that the person takes the wrap for a Felony 🙁🤦🏽‍♂️

  35. The country had better be worried what did Hillary sell she made Millions when the DNC was broke Biden son got off the investigator got fired he said it on TV Biden and his son left China with 1.5 billion dollars what did they sell that belongs to America I guarantee you it will hurt the United States in the long run

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