Russia-led Syria offensive threatened by Turkish counteroffensive – TV7 Israel News 18.02.20

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
The European Union failed to unanimously agree on a united response to the United States’
Mideast peace initiative, commonly known as the so-called “deal of the century.” The European Union has finally agreed upon
launching a new naval and air mission in the eastern Mediterranean, for the purpose of
enforcing an arms embargo on conflict-ridden Libya. Syrian regime forces, with the backing of
Iranian proxies and Russian aerial support – make significant gains in Syria’s northwestern
Aleppo and Idlib regions – in spite of Turkish threats of an imminent escalation. The European Union failed to unanimously agree
on a united response to the United States’ Mideast peace initiative, commonly known as
the so-called “deal of the century.” The Foreign Ministers of the European 27 member-bloc
held a foreign policy meeting in Brussels, during which the EU’s High Representative
for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell made every effort to consolidate a united
European position, to no avail. While several countries, including Ireland,
reportedly demanded to take “preemptive measures” that might deter Israel from annexing
parts of the West Bank; Hungary and the Czech Republic, on the other hand, are adamantly
thwarting any publication of a formal EU position on U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace initiative. In light of the deep European divide over
Washington’s peace plan, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general; Borrell revealed after
the meeting that the foreign ministers sufficed with hearing a report about his meetings with
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner last week,
adding that a more in-depth discussion on the so-called “deal of the century” will
be scheduled for next month. It is important to mention that The French
and German foreign ministers met with their counterparts from Egypt and Jordan at the
Munich Security Conference over the weekend, during which they discussed the possibility
of launching a joint European-Arab initiative that will counter the Trump Administration’s
peace plan. Nevertheless, such a measure seems unlikely,
due to the conflicting positions among the member states of the European Union. The near to complete inability to find common
ground on foreign policy is apparently frustrating the lately appointed EU top diplomat, who
stressed the need for Europe to develop “an appetite for power” that will transform
Europe’s “willingness to act.” “Europe has to develop, what I can say, an
appetite for power, the willingness to act. To really act, not to be doing comments and
saying every day that we really are concerned, very much concerned, extremely concerned. We should be able to act.” The EU Foreign Policy Chief further asserted
the need for member states to forget about their own interests for the purpose of bolstering
the European Union’s wider capacity, which may require to revoke the presiding “unanimous
accord” over EU foreign policy actions. “We cannot have the same strategic vision
of the world. We have to build another one based not on
the past but on the future, not on the roots of our history but on the challenges that
we are going to face in the future. And this is the culture that we should be
developing in our Foreign Affairs Council. Forget a little bit about everyone’s own interests
and look for a wider capacity of acting. When there is no unanimity, the remaining
majority has to act.” Returning to the EU Foreign Policy meeting
in Brussels, where; In spite of the continued paralysis regarding
the bloc’s position vis-à-vis the American peace initiative for the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian
conflict; the European Union has finally agreed upon launching a new naval and air mission
in the eastern Mediterranean, for the purpose of stopping arms from reaching warring factions
in conflict-ridden Libya. “Libya is also about the security of Europe. So, everyone must be aware that we have to
make a contribution to ensure our security here in Europe. Those who are thinking about migration must
realize that the problems of migration can only be solved when Libya is no longer a failed
state, when there is a security structure with which we can work.” The decision marked a European breakthrough
after weeks of fruitless negotiations and warnings by EU foreign policy chief Josep
Borrell that the bloc risked becoming irrelevant if it could not act – potentially leaving
Libya’s fate to Turkey and Russia. “Finally, we all agree as member states to
create a mission that blocks the entrance of arms to Libya. I want to explain it precisely because it’s
very important for us. In Libya we are all working on a lasting ceasefire,
but if arms continue to enter from all sides, it’s impossible to allow this ceasefire.” Comparable to the situation in Libya, in which
Moscow and Ankara support opposing sides in the conflict over control of the strategically
situated country; tensions between the two powers persist in Israel’s northern neighbor,
Syria. In spite of their deep-rooted strategic differences,
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisted that Russian maintains good relations with
Turkey. “We have very good relations with Turkey,
that does not mean that we have to agree on everything. As a matter of fact, I believe that full agreement
cannot be on all issues in relations between any two countries. If that is the case then it is probably under
pressure.” The Russian top diplomat further underscored
nonetheless that previous arrangements between his country, Iran and Turkey were based on
a common desire to protect the Syrian Arab Republic from collapsing. It appears, however, that the fundamental
understandings between the three so-called ‘guarantors’ of the commonly known ‘2017
Astana and 2018 Sochi accords’ have seemingly widened. In spite of repeated Turkish warnings; Russian
fighter-jets mounted heavy air strikes in Aleppo province, as the Syrian army – supported
by Iranian-backed militias – managed to re-conquer significant parts of the northwestern
region, including Aleppo city. While the Syrian forces were warmly welcomed
by the local population, with numerous celebrations reportedly erupting across the city; Syrian
President Bashar Al-Assad declared in a televised address that regardless of threats voiced
by Turkey, the battle to recapture all of Syria will persist. “The battle to liberate the Idlib and Aleppo
countryside is ongoing regardless of some of the empty bubbles of sound coming from
the north, as well as the battle for liberating all Syrian soil, crushing terrorism, and achieving
stability.” In light of the Russian-backed Syrian advances,
Turkey has reportedly deployed additional forces and armored vehicles to Syria’s Idlib
region. Speaking at a gathering of his ruling AK party
in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his previous threat, unless
the Syrian regime forces withdraw from northwestern Syria – the Turkish military will launch
an operation to drive those forces back. It is important to note that such an operation
could mean ‘open conflict’ between Turkey and Russia. “The solution in Idlib, which is the most
urgent matter in Syria at the moment, is the (Syrian) regime stopping its aggression as
soon as possible and withdrawing to the borders in the agreements. Otherwise, we will handle this before the
end of February. We would be pleased if we can do this with
the support of our friends. If we have to do it the hard way, we are also
up for that.” Following his address, President Erdogan held
a phone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump. According to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut
Cavusoglu, tensions between Russia and Turkey have triggered American attempts to improve
relations between Ankara and Washington. In light of the U.S.’ aspired rapprochement
with Turkey, Cavusoglu insisted that Washington should work to improve its relations with
Ankara regardless of the current tensions between the latter and Moscow. For more information on Israel and its region
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