RUST MOBILE app news! | Rust Update 29th November 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your latest Rust news and today we have leaning, jawlines and mobile apps? But first! If the frenzied pounding of ivory, plastic
and bone makes it hard for you to do any solid relaxing then you may want to steer clear
of the ‘chill’ zone in the compound when the next patch to main hits on December 5th..
However, if you don’t intend on owning the new musical DLC, but you’d still like to enjoy
the finer points of alfresco acoustic hostility without the risk of being domed, then this
addition will be right up your alley.. Until an auto turret with musical taste is introduced
of course. The scientists, who at this point must be
either masochists, extremely bored or tone deaf, (what?) have orchestrated a stage within
earshot of the vodka where you can flail wildly at the three static instruments from the DLC:
The piano, drums and xylobone, without ever having to pay penny one to Facepunch.. What
a benevolent bunch these devs are.. You will have to provide your own cowbell though. In addition to this, tweakage has occurred
to the instruments in general over the last week, with some issues having been addressed
surrounding notes cutting out if too many players were vying for airspace at the same
time.. There are only so many sounds that can be played at once of course so there are
limits, however, sound priorities were rejigged to hopefully make small orchestras more achievable,
and your personal instrument should now be super high priority so you should always be
able to hear every note when you blow your own trumpet. In other news, you know how I’ve mentioned
before about a mysterious branch called ‘comp’ that was being worked on, and which could
have been short for all sorts of things.. computer, compromise, compost, well it turns
out that it was actually exactly what I thought it was going to be and a comp-anion app has
been confirmed to be in the works for Rust.. What we can glean at the moment from the commits
is that this will allow for remote team chat at least, but the exact extent of its functionality
is still under wraps, along with a date for its implementation.. What I can say with certainty
is that soon there’ll be absolutely no escape from Rust in the real world (if you actually
go there any more), but I’m sure this new power will be used responsibly to ensure that
relationships remain intact and that getting back to the PC as quickly as possible to defend
your base will be done in a totally safe and mature manner.. There have been various plugins that allow
for this sort of thing of course, but what kind of functionality would you like to see
in an official Rust app? Let me know please in the comments. There were some improvements to free look
this week on staging, firstly your leggy weggies and body will politely disappear when pressing
alt, so that nothing gets in the way, also the free look camera is much nicer to use
and an amount of lean has been built in when mounted on a vehicle, so that looking to the
side and down will enable you to see over the edge of whatever you’re sitting on. Continuing with the theme of improving quality
of life for admins, some more new commands were added this week including ‘teaminfo’
followed by a steam ID, which will show who else is on a person’s team, very handy that
one.. and three commands for movement which are: firstly noclipspeed which can be set
to a value, and noclipspeedslow/noclipspeedfast, which can also be adjusted for extra control. A ban reason will now be shown when rejecting
banned players from joining a server.. And admintime, a command I mentioned last week
that sounds like some kind of tea break but that actually allows admins to see everything
in daytime even when it’s pitch black.. Actually has a couple of extra functions.. Firstly
you can specify the time you want to see the world in if you’re an admin with admintime
followed by a value between 0 and 24, and secondly you can use it to modify the time
of day during a demo playback, very handy for cinematographers if you know what I mean..
Oh and to revert to the normal server time just use admintime -1. In optimisations, Further to their recent
LOD upgrades, monument meshes are now being optimised, so hopefully along with the other
efforts I’ve mentioned this month, you should see some improvements in performance when
running around them come the next patch.. Hopefully.. There’s still lots of work going on with the
HDRP graphics overhaul, and it seems there will be a number of changes to procedural
island generation with it too, still no date in sight though, same story with vehicles..
The excitement for which is mounting.. And Garry has been experimenting with our
skeletons again with the intention of making things.. fairer.. I can’t show you the full
monty of this image on YouTube sadly, but you can check it out on his Twitter.. I’m
sure the end results will be totally sensible and nothing like Ark, so don’t take these
too seriously, they’re are just the eggs that are being broken at the moment to make the
Rust Omelette, but it would be fun to see certain things grow or shrink depending on
player behaviour or team size for instance… Leave me your suggestions below.. Lastly, the black Friday sale is on over at
the merch store, 40% off everything whilst stocks last and you don’t even need a code..
I would be grateful if you could use my link below when you buy anything there though as
it will help me out.. And it’s that time of year again where you
can vote for Rust in the Steam awards if you like, it’s currently up for a labour of love
award award, so there.. Right! Follow me on Twitch, where I stream
thrice a week, headbutt the like and subscribe buttons, throw the notification bell over
a rainbow ‘cos it’s next to useless.. and support this channel’s growth in whichever
ways you can.. Talking of which, I’ve got a Patreon if you didn’t know and all the cool
people to the right here use it. You can stay up to date with me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord
and my Steeeeam group and I shall catch you all soon but in the meantime, keep calm and
stay Rusty, Cheerio.

100 thoughts on “RUST MOBILE app news! | Rust Update 29th November 2019

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    Steam group:



  2. With the app it would be cool to have a feature where you could use cctv cameras in game and somehow see through them on your home

  3. they should add an emergency raid button in the group chat so that if one person is on and gettin raided they can press the button and it will notify the other members in the chat immedietly so they know there gettin raided

  4. Putting down cameras around our base, hooking it up to electricity and then we can monitor our base on the cameras on the Rust app. 🤑

  5. id like to see what your base upkeep is and what team mates are on and a info page for the server you are on like heli is out and cargo

  6. I would love to see an ultralight plane or light-sport plane in this game… then there will be no more real-world for me.xd

  7. This admin time is a plugin in a lot of modded servers for all players with the name vision day and some other names

  8. My new favourite hobby is to guess what part of the video that he will play at the very end, and i knew it would be the "HELLOO"

  9. If Fortnite can run 60 FPS on a newer iPhone and the old phone can run 30Fps and rust works on mobile that will be 10 FPS on the old phones and the newer 20 FPS but also gives u a alarm of u getting raided where it says Notification You no longer have a TC…

  10. I wanted to buy a rust hat and I knew I didn't have enough money, then I go out to Wal-Mart and find 40 bucks in the parking lot lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. it would be cool in the app to where is vibrates or the app notifies you that your base has taken damage and that it might be getting raided

  12. You should be able to place cameras and connect them to your phone apk so that you could see if your base is being raided or not…

  13. U know what will be great if they put back reciclator to byg oilrig… am solo and nedd leave there alot stuff 💁‍♂️deweloper get stuff away all time and add stupid stuff in what is the point 👌🙈

  14. Can we get a camera system so we can survey our enemy’s and when your not in game you can use that app to look when your not online

  15. They said they were planning on player deployable cctv camera so it would be cool to be able to see what’s going on and check the cameras from the app

  16. I bought a hat using your link…now you owe me a hatchet BP next time I play in 2-200 months. Seriously tho, I appreciate your content & presentation style 👍👍

  17. We need to get notified if someone is close or if we are being raided , or people Trying door code. 3 options to choose from.

  18. Dear game developers, please tell me how the game runs on the server processor type: e5-1650 v3 and e5-2260 v3 ? How many threads she is able to upload?

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