Scaramucci calls Trump a ‘clear and present danger’ in ongoing feud

100 thoughts on “Scaramucci calls Trump a ‘clear and present danger’ in ongoing feud

  1. This guy was named right – The MOOCH. Completely ugly individual who is now being praised by the Dems just because of his attacks on Trump. How in the world can anyone vote for the Democrats given their crazy agenda and support for people like this

  2. Trump saw the Godfather once too often and now he thinks he's Vito. If the truth is damaging , make up a lie and smear or intimadate the accusers. Schoolyard politics. Silly old man.

  3. Wow! Is this guy bi-polar or what? Hes suffering from swings in consciousness. More realistically Trump won't hire him so he resorts to this garbage. Sounds more like he's looking for a handout from the left.

  4. To me it looks like he's mad cause he sold his business and thought he was going to be a big deal working with trump but trump saw through him and he got Fired!

  5. Scaramucci…A Threat to common sense and the last person anyone would want as a role model regarding any issue.

    Shortest serving member of any admin in HISTORYYYY!!!! Also voted out first in celebrity Big Brother…THAT SAYS IT ALL.

  6. Low down snake. Nobody likes him. He cheated (with an affair with a well-known journalist) on his wife while she was pregnant. These short, little guys always seem to have an agenda and a big ego. He's only 5' 7". Sheez, I'm taller than that little wart. haha

  7. I never trusted Scarramucci and he talks about being loyal to Trump while bashing him and it just goes to show you fire the person you don’t trust and then you’ll see the traitors the really are!

  8. Moooooch is pissed because he didn't get a job in the Trump administration! He doesn't qualify for anything close to the White House. Nothing more than a sore loser, and a low life back stabber>

  9. Who cares what this loser thinks. This guy isn't even qualified to walk my dogs.  Shut the hell up Scaramucci.  Enough.  Who cares.

  10. Anthony-
    You have given into emotions clearly. Now, you have put on the mask of politely changing your direction. God blesses the mess, not your mask.

  11. Donald Trump is NOT "projecting racism to try to split the country." If that statement had any truth to it at all, it would be followed by a statement of why it it's true. So why is that statement true? Hello? Anybody?

  12. Scaramucci is so full of crap, I mean I love the assertion that Trumps whole staff want to call him a jackass and a Narcissist. Mucc man the staff could walk away anytime and say it, why haven't they?

  13. The truth is now starting to set AMERICA free from the Orange Dump…..congratulations for leading the cleansing dawn.

  14. So I guess he has a new job being a "never Trumper" he's living up to his "mooch" name. You also got brutally fired as an investment banker because you didn't know what the hell you were doing. Just shut up and sit down.

  15. Sorry Mooch, you're 3 years late to the Dump Trump party. You were complicit to the conspiracy to fool the public into thinking this vile pile of s**t was an actual functioning human being. Now you see the winds blowing the other way and you don't want to get the stink on you. Well, it's too late. The vile odor of the tRump presidency will stick with you for the rest of your life. I don't buy what you're trying to sell now. Your name is Mudd. You are just trying to suck your own d**k.

  16. fredo scaramucci is a clear and present danger to his wife, his children, his mother, his father, and to himself LOCK HIM UP!

  17. This guy's a total flake. He's trolling for a spot on CNN, MSNBC, etc. The main question is Trump's judgment in hiring him in the first place.

  18. Hey Anthony, that means you, weasel. The Washington Compost '' 10,000 lies '' is BULL S8lT, and fact checked to be so. You know that, right ? As for you being ''Loyal'', that's a joke. BTW Anthony, you need to learn to speak proper English.

  19. Dude wearing tha gray suit, your skin totally.. totally clashes with your pale skin. You're sounding just like your president.
    (Tha dumpster)

  20. Scaramucci is right, but how come all of you don’t see it? If any other President did half the crap that is going on, there would have been a revolution……. I don’t get you people…..

  21. HAHAHAHA Deprogramed from a cult? Well, I think alot of people have already been deprogramed from the democratic cult. This guy is so bitter and angry that he got fired, he can't see straight! People like him and the Dems are ripping this country apart with their lies and inflammatory rhetoric. Didn't he also get kicked off of that Big Brother show? He's pathetic!!!

  22. This guy is a 100% FRAUD! He never stops talking and looks like an idiot. He has the short mans disease 😂🤣 Why would this idiot think that the voters give one crap about what any Washington insiders say about Trump???? THATS THE REASON WE VOTED FOR HIM you idiot!! This man is good friends with Micheal Avenati for Gods sake!!

  23. Remember when his wife left him over his support for Trump?? Well they are back together and I guess this turn on Trump was a MUST with her!

  24. Scaranucci is awake and making good sense! Now all you people commenting here need to listen to him, you all idolize Trump, yet he's a con man jerk. Birds of a feather? All you Christians still standing with Trump: SHAME ON YOU.

  25. None of the cult members on this thread have directly addressed the content of Anthony Scaramucci’s statements. Typical 😂

  26. Trump is a satanic pedophile who eats babies. Free the children in the basement of Trump Tower, in his Epstein room

  27. I wonder if Fredo Scrotumucci uses that lotion for balls on his face. That skin around his mouth and chin looks as soft as the dangler side of my sack.

  28. Howie Kurtz is a very good journalist. Scaramucci is a low-grade, failing politician. Thumbs up to Howie for the interview. Thumbs down to Scaramucci for spewing stupid propaganda.
    Scaramucci is talking about divisiveness and racism; he sounds just like the far left liars, who actually deserve a lot of blame for exactly these things. Interesting to hear the Mooch claiming he's "balanced" in his criticism, while he has nothing to say about the division created, day after day, by the leftist propaganda that wants to turn everything into a 'racial issue'. The leftists are those incapable of participating in any genuine debate on the real issues facing the country; instead, they are trying to shut up their opponents by endlessly using name calling: "racists" (also, "islamophobic", "sexists", etc.). How divisive the leftist PC propaganda, with its inflammatory language, really is – this is something that Scaramucci somehow failed to notice. On the contrary, he's gladly making the rounds, and becoming the "hero", of those TV stations that are home to that leftist rabid, divisive propaganda.
    His playing in the hands of the leftist propaganda, repeating their false claims, while exempting them from the blame they deserve for the current state of excessive division and polarization of this nation, shows who Scaramucci is: a dishonest minor political figure, and worse, a real idiot (an 'useful idiot' for the left now).
    Now, Donald Trump is no angel either, but he's not the caricatural figure Scaramucci and his new friends are trying to make of him. Donald Trump is a divisive figure too – mainly, because of his brash, often uncivil, rhetoric. He literally drives his opponents crazy with his abrasive manner of speech. This is not good, it's not presidential. He was often advised to 'tone down' his rhetoric, to stick to civil ways of expressing himself; unfortunately, it's not gonna happen. But no, Donald Trump is not a racist. This is the kind of false accusation that his opponents are now hurling at him, hoping that if a lot of liars repeat a lot of times the same lie, it will stick.
    IF Trump had not fired Scaramucci, then the Mooch would've been now among those defending the President against this lie. But the idiot was fired, so now his 'job' is to join the chorus of liars.

  29. Trump's obvious mental decline has reached a point where he needs to be placed in a nursing home where he can receive the best medical care possible and where he won't be a danger to himself or others. How deranged must his public comments be for his most ardent fans to notice that he's no longer "firing on all cylinders"? Are they waiting until he publicly urinates on himself? Or will even THAT be called a joke or ascribed to some clever "three-dimensional chess" move?

  30. Another one going to be in every news channel in the US pouncing Trump – and dumping him – next he’ll be in the cover of vanity fair –
    Move on scaramoochie – I promise you – all your trump bashing isn’t going to to make one shred of difference !

  31. Running an alternative republican candidate for president would split the republican vote and guarantee a democratic president. It would only lend credibility to the republicans if a critical mass of members of congress and state office holders break with Trump.


  33. Typical Trump hater, they love trump until he says something they dont like then all of a sudden Trump is not fit and is racist. Really cute. Even Steve wonder could see through this nonsense.

  34. What a total idiot. No wonder he was fired from the WH. He loves talking about a person 1000 times better ehile sleeping then he is on his best day. Scaramucci is unstable and a product of communist countries. Check his background.

  35. This guy is such a ham. At expense of right and wrong. Vengeful for not getting his way. Leftist thinking. Don't let you voice be silenced. Say no to leftist.

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