So Much News, So Little Time – Whitaker, California Fires & Trump’s WWI Rain Check | The Daily Show

Let’s just say it.
This last week has not been
a good one for the president.
Hell, the last two years
hasn’t been
a good one for the president.
Trump’s presidency’s a lot like
airplane Wi-Fi.
There are moments when it seems
to be working,
but most of the time
it’s complete trash.
But this week has been
especially bad.
It started on Wednesday, when
Trump replaced his house elf
with the Republican Vin Diesel,
Matt Whitaker.
Now, the move caused immediate
backlash from people
who say Whitaker isn’t qualified
to be attorney general.
He’s biased against
the Mueller investigation,
and his appointment may even be
And the controversy
has forced Trump
into one of his most blatant
lies ever.
With his pick for acting
attorney general under fire,
President Trump
is defending his choice
while also seeming
to distance himself
from the new man
overseeing Mueller.
I don’t know Matt Whitaker.
Matt Whitaker worked
for Jeff Sessions
and he was always extremely
highly thought of,
and he still is, but I didn’t
know Matt Whitaker.
TV REPORTER: But that’s not what
he told Fox News a month ago.
You know, sometimes Trump lies
so hard
he gives my brain whiplash.
Because most people lie
in a gradual curve.
“I know him. Well, actually,
I know him through a friend.
Well, I don’t know…”
Trump is just like
the Tokyo Drift of lying.
One minute he’s like,
“He’s my best friend.”
Then he’s like,
“Never heard of him.”
Then Sarah Huckabee’s at
the finish line like,
“That was totally normal
At no point did the president
change his direction.”
I mean, at this point,
you just got to laugh
when Trump contradicts himself.
He’s like Newton’s third law:
for every Trump, there is an
equal and opposite Trump.
And by the way…
(cheers and applause)
And by the way…
he also fits Newton’s first law:
a Trump at rest
will remain at rest.
That’s right, we’re doing
physics jokes today, people.
Buckle up.
Now, on a normal day, we’d have
all the time to talk about
how Trump appointing
the volleyball from Cast Away
as attorney general
might be part
of an ongoing plan
to obstruct justice,
but we just don’t have
the time right now,
because there’s a giant
emergency in California,
and the president
is making things worse.
The U.S. president responded to
what’s happening in California
over the weekend
in a series of tweets.
Trump tweeted…
-Okay, now, um…
now, this might sound crazy,
but I’m actually with Trump
on this one.
The man knows fires, okay?
He fired Gary Busey.
He fired Meat Loaf.
I feel like he fires Omarosa
every six months.
If anyone’s a fire expert,
it’s him.
But yes, instead of lending
a message of support
and comfort,
Trump is blaming people while
the fire is still happening.
And, on top of that,
he’s incorrect.
One, most experts say
that the state’s major fires
have nothing to do
with forest management,
and two, this could have
all been avoided
if Don Jr. hadn’t hunted down
Smokey the bear.
So it’s been a rough few days
for Trump.
But he had a chance
to put all of this behind him
in France,
where the president traveled
to mark the 100-year anniversary
of the end of World War I.
All he had to do was show up
for a ceremony
at an American cemetery
to honor the World War I troops.
Super easy.
But apparently not easy enough.
President Trump
facing criticism right now
over the decision
to skip an event
honoring American troops killed
in France during World War I,
calling off the trip
because he could not chopper
to it in the rain.
Other leaders made it.
The White House is blaming rain
for not being able to make it.
The optics were undeniably awful
as other world leaders
were able to pay their respects.
Okay, so,
the president’s helicopter
can’t fly in the rain?
What, does the helicopter need
to keep its hair dry, too?
-Is that what it is?
(cheering and applause)
and look, I understand weather.
Even if the helicopter
couldn’t fly,
surely the president could have
found another way to get there.
I mean, all the other
world leaders did.
Even Merkel.
Even Angela Merkel made it,
and her side lost World War I.
She had to be out
in the rain like,
“We have come here
to honor those fallen soldiers
who beat the Scheiße out
of mein country.”
And it was especially bad
because when Trump
didn’t show up,
Merkel used the opportunity
to refight World War I.
“I unconcede! I unconcede!
We unconcede!”
Look what you did, Donald.
Now, we don’t even have time
to get into how much backlash
Trump got
for taking a rain check
on honoring fallen soldiers,
because we have to focus
on the tragic end
of his bromance with Macron.
They used to be friends,
and things seem
to be falling apart.
And we’ve put this together
in a special film we call
Merci, Next.
They certainly do appear to be
having a great relationship,
Macron and President Trump.
♪ ♪
The two leaders showing
their affection and friendship
beyond the usual handshakes.
President Trump, who,
minutes after he landed here
on French soil on Friday
sent off that critical tweet
about the French president,
really setting the stage
for conflict.
At one moment, President Macron
even reached over
and touched
President Trump’s leg.
Important to note
that President Trump
didn’t return the favor.
And it did seem
that President Trump
was in a sullen mood.
Our time, she’s finished.

61 thoughts on “So Much News, So Little Time – Whitaker, California Fires & Trump’s WWI Rain Check | The Daily Show

  1. you are all TRAITORS I hope there is a mass shooting in each and every one of your livingrooms fucking pedophile supporting, anti american commies.

  2. Wilson Fisk…. why try Vin Diesel? Writers come on… Marvel's been on top of the game for how long, and Netflix… come on chill

  3. Take a look at Trump and Melania coming off Air Force One… unhappy….so fake….holding hands It has to be difficult to be married to him but she loves money and this is what you get when you put money above all else.. How Sad!!

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  5. The most scary part of all of this is.. people who support this man because of their narcissistic hatred for others. They are willing to destroy USA and the World to have there way.

  6. First of all the americans didn't beat the shit out of our troups in WW1, that is simply a lie. And I think the british and french troups as well as the german ones deserve a lot more respect for what soldiers on each side have done in WW1 than the US troups, whose tactic just was to throw enough people against our lines and let them die due to a lack of competent strategists.

  7. Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.

  8. Khashoggi – to the Senate and the House

    It is time for America to show its true colors, the whole world is watching. Are we a country of true Democracy, a government of the People, for the People, and by the People? Or, are we a country of Capitalism where money takes place over human rights, justice, morals, common decency and human lives?

    There was a time when we set the standard for decency for others to follow. Now the world is watching to see if we have any decency at all. We have the evidence, the facts, the video, forensics, and even the admission of guilt. We know that the only one who could have the power to execute this is the Prince of Saudi Arabia. America is tired of hearing the lies, one after another.

    If the President cannot see this due to friendship or monetary gains? Then it is up to the American people’s Congress to come forward and honorably represent our country.

    We cannot turn a blind eye to this horrendous injustice and still call ourselves Americans. The Congress must act now, if the President is not willing to do so. I ask you, have we become such an ungodly country that we will allow our government to accept the Prince of Darkness’s Blood money over the righteous of the Lord’s justice for humanity?
    Gregory St. James Mundy

  9. If you watch CNN try thinking, everything they say is a lie for 10 minutes! Then you will know the truth. Whenever they can take a dig at the president, they smile, like the cat that ate the canary.

  10. Those of you who watch this negative entertainment pays these jerks a whole lot of money while you are not going anywhere. What waste.
    Humans are used to doing one thing from their easy chairs. Too bad more don't thing out-of-the box and what good could come for Americans
    should Trump move us forward. Turning things around won't happen in four years what took decades to create the downward turn we were all
    moving in. How soon we all forget. Yet when you get a leader who has the 'balls' to do things in new ways for you, you criticize the unknown.
    The man has too many enemies and not enough backup from fools like you supporting his efforts with more negative comments.
    And, as these bastards that are selling you a bag of goods you eat it up with applause. But in the long run it is you who will pay the losses
    should these idiots get their way. Learn how to think for yourselves not influenced by those feeding on your skepticism, ignorance or mere
    lack of knowledge. This stupid guy is getting paid for negative posting and laughs that are programing the public to remain weak and poor.
    He's making money here you are not.

  11. trump and his racist adminstration should ALL be in PRISON for trying to destroy our country, environment, people & allies! Oh and giving fucking tax breaks to the fucking RICH!!

  12. @The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    please do a video

    about us yellow vest in France right now protesting against neoliberal politics, auritarianism, inequality, corruption and Macron destroying our social rights, our education, our healthcare,, our railroads, our democracy and so on

    It's a nation wide protest all over france since 3 weeks
    one of the biggest protest in paris since at least one or two decade if not more
    and it seems like it's spreading towards belgium.

    Liberté égalité fraternité !

    Power to the people

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    "so u think a cop should just stop what they're doing as soon as a criminal tells me that he didnt do it?"

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