Special Report: Rockets Hit U.S. Air Base In Iraq | NBC News (Live Stream)

100 thoughts on “Special Report: Rockets Hit U.S. Air Base In Iraq | NBC News (Live Stream)

  1. Let me get this straight. The US can't knock out a few "son-of-scud" ballistic missiles arcing toward a major airbase? Exactly how are we going to defend our troops against a real adversary with truly advanced missiles? And why are we spending all our money stuck in and 18th century neocolonialist quagmire in the Middle East, while the future is unfolding in Asia, and while our rivals are building hypersonics that we can't match and certainly can't defend against.

  2. Just before a senate trial, trust me, things are not looking good for Dotard!!! This is serious business, the republicans are TIRED of him!!!

  3. lol! clearly Iran hopeless to win to US but hard trying to launching balistic missile to down us base in iraq..

  4. Everyone is desensitized and is emotional shocked deep inside their subconscious mind, that is why events are meme this days even wars and stuff

  5. Blow the trouble makers off the planet.they are haters..we are dead if we let them live. Death to Iran..and there want tor rule the world friends

  6. American people, Where is your democracy? Where is your role in decision making ? The White house is nothing, the parties are nothing, The True Power is the Pentagon and is causing unimaginable suffering to Americans and aliens.

  7. General Bone Spurs starts WW3 cause he got his little feelings hurt on Twitter. Didn't all the US Generals warn us about this idiot's mental illness?????

  8. Iran better dig more holes now because they won't have enough people to dig them even though no one died in that attack

  9. I've seen better fireworks displays. If that's what Iran calls retaliation then they might as well of thrown a few rocks. All to save face nothing else. Trump please just turn them all to dust.

  10. The United States is already so fed up with it that Iran strikes a warning blow for its atrocities, having no chance of victory in this war, so as not to be simply trampled into the mud by US killers. США уже всех так достало, что за свои злодейства Иран наносит предупредительный удар не имея шансов на победу в этой войне, чтобы не быть просто втоптанными в грязь убийцами США.

  11. Trump is a President of peace, not a president of war. Iran must understand and save the other souls that they are intending to lose from the both sides!.Soleiman may Allah rest his soul in paradise, Allah will judge his actions and that of his killers.

    Iran should not have to consume more money for war!. Iran needs to use its money for the protection to its citizens. Not using for war that it can't gain anything but lose!. American administration must investigate and confirm every step that they are taking is an action against them from Iran before they simply attack Iran and put blame on Iran!. The rockets can be fired from other places by other parties that need to escalate tension and war between USA and Iran!.

  12. An opportunity now exists to annihilate the military infrastructure of an avowed 'Jihad' State and hopefully their leadership will be exterminated by their own people to save themselves from utter ruin and destruction
    *I'm hopeful that an ALL OUT WAR will occur that will last for perhaps a week at most, and the
    religious zealots will be overthrown and executed by the populace who will realize they have no chance whatsoever of ever defeating American forces and their delusional 'God State' is
    nothing more than archaic rhetoric and 'mind-control' via the mechanism of empty promises
    and childish ambitions*

  13. People forget that it's not just US Troops at Al Asad base. Australia. the UK, and other countries are also stationed there. If any of their troops are injured or killed, this could take a VERY bad turn.

  14. I pictured Trump's personality, doing something like this when Impeached. I've been concerned what he'd do, if the trial in the Senate led to Impeachment…or when he lost an election. Can not leave him in the oval office too many hours alone, after either! Too dang crazy. I don't believe the action against the Iranian general wasn't the tail wagging the dog. Just too coincidental….been there and done that.

  15. The US is always wrong… Fighting small nations because they have power over them.. The last time I asked my history teacher why can the U.S. fight Russia and China and he told me because those are powerful nations. 🧠🚀🥴 Case closed!!! ❤️

  16. POTUS 45 said we wouldn’t leave unless they pay us back. Well, Trump, this is your pay back for the Iranian general. Are you happy, rectum?

  17. Copy and paste this everywhere for humanity.

  18. Jhon Bolton is satisfied now. His testimony in impeachment trial will no longer be detrimental to the white house.

  19. “And It Begins” People can barely deal with poverty in our country, Now we have 2 deal with a WAR. Where do you think they get the money 2 pay for bombs, tanks, & guns YOUR TAX MONEY MF’z wake up n smell the roses.

  20. Iran just blinked an didnt do much they hope Trump dont destroy iran oilfields Iran is hurting to much economically right now because of American sanctions

  21. Me on Arma 3

    Player 1: hey, did you see the missile that hit you guys at the base?
    Me: Yeah.
    Player 1: dang, how many died?
    Me: someone died?

  22. I live in erbil and the missiles landed next to my house. Thanks to American military base the missiles didn’t blow up otherwise I would be dead by now.


  24. US military base should have anti ballistic missiles and weapons to respond 😱🤺 but it would just escalate things. However, I don't support the USA military stationed in Iraq to flee, it's a sign of weakness and their allies shouldn't flee too but rally around, that's why they have the NATO agreement, that's why they are allies…show of strength would lead to deterrence and Iran will act wisely by decisting

  25. It is what it is. Thank God we have a President WITH BALLS. Obama was sending these 'nice people' billions so they could build WEAPONS TO USE ON US! HELLO

  26. It wasnt rockets! It was missiles. Get it right. Also, Ive seen no reports coming from the White House that say the bases were actually hit. I prefer to wait and here from them instead of listening to fake news.

  27. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Get Canadian troops home, not tomorrow or the day after, NOW.

    We have NOT business in Iran, we should not be there in the first place.

    The killing of Iranian Maj.-Gen. Qassem Soleimani IS NOT SOMETHING THAT IRANIANS WILL FORGET ANY TIME SOON.


    By the way, CBC News has misled the title and I wasted 25 minutes of my life.

    My time is very precious and for this, I am filing a private complaint to the supreme court of Canada seeking compensation of 1 million dollars which I am going to share with all the people that agree with me.

  28. Damage to some buildings does not compare to what trump did- he started it, now he needs to sthu. Bring the troops back, let "israel" fight their own battles.

  29. American Iranian war taking place in Iraq, If Saddam approved for those American military bases, he would be a live, and Iran couldn’t invade Iraq.

  30. Richard trys allot to give credit to Iranian part!!!! The biggest reason dat Islamic regime become a major problem, is just becouse the Democrat gave them 40 years opportunity and let them to influence the region.

  31. So, Israel is bombing an Iranian base that used the be US and it's being framed as an Iranian attack on the US. You guys are just too funny.

  32. More then 200 US soilder are wounded and about 80 are dead brought to Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Hospital. The Trump Administration do not announce that. Why did no one sending videos out of this Base if someone think something other then that.

  33. Iran had the decency to notify USA before launching the missiles so as to avoid deaths, USA don't tell you that. Iran does not want war,
    Thanks to Trump, USA soldiers are now trapped there with no equipment.

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