Star Wars SPOILERS: The Rise of Skywalker’s Twist Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– This episode of Nerdist
News is sponsored by “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.” The huge “Star Wars: The Rise
of Skywalker” twist explained. “Star Wars: The Rise of
Skywalker” is finally in theaters, and whether you’re on board
for this outing or not, there’s no denying that
it made a lot of choices. Like a lot. There are so many movies
in this one movie, and it’s one of those choices that has many fans losing
their gall dang minds. Now before we even go one second further, we have to give a spoiler warning for Star Wars: Episode IX because we are going to
spoil the ever-loving heck out of that movie for you. So if you haven’t seen
it yet, turn away now, unless you have seen it or have just given up on everything and don’t care anymore. Either way, hope your day gets better, and be sure to like and subscribe. (intense music) Alright you’re clearly still here which means that it’s time
to get into that twist. Specifically Rey and Palpatine. Now after it was
established in The Last Jedi that anyone could become a hero, and that Rey was a nobody. It was revealed that Rey
is in fact a somebody. Rey Palpatine to be precise. Effectively retconning
Episode VIII’s message from a certain point of view. – A certain point of view? – Now whether you were for
or against this reveal, it’s obvious that this is a major twist for the sequel trilogy, and is going to recontextualize everything we thought we knew about Rey, up to this point. – It’s time to let old things die. – But for now, what happened? And was this twist actually something that came out of nowhere? While the Resistance is off
fighting that ridiculously large fleet of planet-killing
star destroyers above the Sith planet of Exogol, Rey tracks down the Emperor to the creepy stadium
he apparently lives in. Where he invites her to strike him down so he and the rest of the dead Sith may then live on inside of her as the new Empress Palpatine
of the Final Order. Gross. Now while it appears she
may have been tempted by this offer, in actuality,
she’s waiting for some backup from her resident swole boy, Ben Solo. Who’s now turned his back on both the Knights of Ren and the Dark Side, shortly after Rey force-healed him after she wounded him with a lightsaber during their duel on the wreckage
of the second Death Star. I know, a lot happens in this movie. Now unfortunately, things
don’t go as well for these two as old Palps drains their
life force Voldemort style, or maybe like Dementor style, either way, some Harry Potter ass (beeping). He drained their life force
to repair his damaged old bod, and then he just tosses Ben Swolo off the side like a
piece of garbage AKA him, in Return of the Jedi. But it’s in this moment,
when all seems lost, that Rey gets a little encouragement from the voices of Jedi past. Anakin, Yoda, Qui-Gon,
Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Kanan, Ahsoka, the list goes on and on, they all leave her spiritual voicemails. And thus she’s able to deflect the Emperor’s force lightning, and incinerate his body in a way that apparently
an exploding Death Star could not. Now sadly, this process drains Rey of the rest of her life force, and all seems lost. Until, our favorite wide boy, Ben Solo, climbs out of that holo, and is able to use force healing to bring her back to life, only for him to die and fade away in the process. I mean, look, that’s just what happens when you’ve never been kissed. It just kills you instantly. After all of this, Rey heads back to the
Lars homestead on Tatooine to bury Luke and Leia’s lightsabers. Where she then reveals
her new yellow lightsaber made from her old staff. Where did that kyber crystal come from? I have so many questions. It’s so cool! She’s then confronted by an old woman, who asks who she is. With Luke an Leia’s force ghost looking down on her in the distance, she answers Rey Skywalker. Effectively forging a
new family and destiny despite her blood relation to Palpatine. So, was this whole notion
of Palpatine having children and by extension grandkids, something that’s brand new? Well, not really. In fact if you go into the old
Star Wars expanded universe cannon before Disney deep sixed all of it. It’s heavily implied that old Palps had a kid named Triclops. Which, is just three
Cyclopes stapled together. He actually is a white haired
mutant with three eyes, so you’re not that far off. He had a son named Ken. Or as we like to call him
here on the show, Kenny Palps. Now like Rey, Kenny Palps also grew up
without parental supervision. Essentially living alone
and unaware of his ancestry outside the fact that
both dark and light sides were apart of his heritage. Now the similarities between Rey and Kenny pretty much end there. Because Reys parents pretty
much hit the road with her, trying to hide her from
her Grandpappy Palpatine. Because they knew the Emperor had plans for their
daughter in the long run. Now overall the new Rey/Palpatine dynamic revealed in the Rise of Skywalker, certainly puts a twist on what had been previously established by the Last Jedi. And this is either the
best thing in the world or the absolute worst, depending on your certain point of view. – A certain point of view? – But what do you folks think? Were you on board for this twist? Would you have rather seen Kenny Palps enter Star Wars cannon instead
of Rey becoming a Palpatine? And seriously, who had
sex with the emperor? Just raise your hand right now. I’m not mad, I just need to know. Please. I’m going to ruin Christmas otherwise. (laughing) Let’s discuss. Thanks again to “Star
Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” for sponsoring today’s episode. You play Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan, who narrowly escaped
the purge of Order 66. Following the events of “Episode
III: Revenge of the Sith.” On a quest to rebuild the Jedi Order, you must pick up the pieces
of your shattered past to complete your training, develop new powerful force abilities and master the art of
the iconic lightsaber. All while staying one
step ahead of the Empire and it’s deadly Inquisitors. “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. (upbeat music) (techno music)

100 thoughts on “Star Wars SPOILERS: The Rise of Skywalker’s Twist Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

  1. If our president, looking like he does now, can have sex with a porn star, imagine what an emperor, with mind control Sith powers can accomplish.

  2. I said Rey was Palpatines daughter way back in the Force Awakens. It was obvious as we seen with her fighting style at the end, along with many other tell tales in the force back vision she had under Maz Canatas Castle. I'm so glad my prediction was right. It just made so much sense this way.

  3. The series should have ended with Luke and the Emperor fighting. Something happens that needs Rey and Kylo do something while Luke gives good life to end the Emperor. Saga effectively closed.

  4. I can only say one thing. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker some how became good at some point. Some good, some bad, so what… I’m still a Star Wars fan and I don’t even care what there saying about the film. Ignore what the bad critics are saying, because on the commercials, they said The Rise of Skywalker is Triumphant, Thrilling, and A new Game Changer. Be the first to see how the Saga will End. I know one thing. It’s already gonna be better than the Last Jedi.

    For example: On Rotten Tomatoes 🍅

    “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

    Critics Score: 🍀 57% Rotten Status. Yeah I know pretty bad, but doesn’t matter.

    Audience Score: 🍿 86% Fresh Status. There actually good.

    But “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

    Critics Score: 🍅 91% Fresh Status. Good status.

    But Uh, Oh! What’s this I see.
    Audience Score: 🍿 43% Rotten Status. It’s pretty bad as you think it is.

  5. I was on-board, Dan… and the 2 screenings I attended were filled with people who seemed audibly on-board with it. So, I hope it continues to delight and excite! ✴️ #ILoveStarWars

  6. Lol, after the HORRENDOUS Last Jedi Movie I was not planning on going to see this, now I'm glad I didn't waste my money. I didn't think that they could do any worst than they did with the last movie. Sadly it looks like they may have proven me wrong. This thing sounds ridiculous its like saying to the fans we think your stupid and will just accept whatever absurd storyline we come up with, we don't even have to try to make anything good anymore.

  7. Palpatine wants Rey to kill him so he can then join her and complete her turn to the dark side and become Empress Rey a Sith. So… she kills Palpatine, just as he wants, and the Sith rule the galaxy. No wait! Somehow that didn't happen.. but it did in the movie, so it's actually the Rise of Palpatine? Yeah, it is… or not.. or…. SHEESH! give me a break.

  8. What did you think Rey and Ben were going to live happily ever after?
    He's responsible for the deaths of millions.
    Ben sacrificing himself to save Rey was the right choice.

  9. After hearing your explanation.. I’m not sure I wanna see it.. I do but like.. Disney is retarded… they can’t make a good Star Wars movie..

  10. Been saying she's a Palp since TFA. It's so obvious. No one has such raw strength in the force except for a Palp. And Kylo and the cave telling her she was a nobody was obviously the dark side trying to manipulate her into feeling worthless so she would join them

  11. My two biggest gripes:
    I would have changed her to being a clone of Anakin, like the Emperor wanted another opportunity to manipulate 'the chosen one,' and it honestly would have tied up the entire saga so much better and made so much more sense, and given nuance to things like Ben's obsession with Vader, the continuation of the chosen one prophecy that literally didn't exist in the original trilogy at all, explained why she's so powerful (to appease the people who didn't like her strength without "adequate" explanation). I would have made it so she was cloned on Jakku, and somehow rebels rescued her (and died/left her) or the chaos of the final battle above saw her free from the facility she was born in but essentially lost on that planet. I feel like it would have made a lot of things feel better?

    The other thing I would have changed is the killing blow? Her pulling out another lightsaber and suddenly overpowering palp's lightning didn't make any sense to me, it felt cheap, like, their lightsaber's helped but Kenobi/Windu/Yoda's sabers weren't some kind of power level stick and having TWO suddenly reflects lighting. Like I know it's supposed to be an indicator that she's all the jedi and that luke and leia are supporting her, but that visual distinction should have been made more more clean VISUALLY, rather than her just whipping out another lightsaber and then destroying palpatine with his own attack. I feel like he would have been like, aware if that was the case. They should have changed it to where the force ghosts make some kind of appearance, even if just for a brief second of a flash, and even if only Rey could see them, but you could show all the Jedi joining their powers to hers, and you could even have like, brief shadows of the old sith like Nihilus, Bane, etc, somewhere and you could have this visual dichotomy of the dark side vs the light side and THEN she could do the lightning reflect, with a more visual 'shield' effect, and then it would have been satisfying. OR if like, Yoda said something to her like, 'let go you must, only the force there is,' and she like tosses the lightsabers aside and she reflects it with both her hands using Yoda's technique. That would have been cool, and made a bit more sense why his own attack would kill him in that situation, since Yoda almost did it to him in RotS.

    That's just my two cents, other than that, and other than the movie just being OVERLOADED with several movies worth of stuff, I enjoyed it.

  12. Best movie in this trilogy imo. Idk what people are hating on they just bandwagon because thats the cool thing to do these days

  13. I heard Han Solo comes back and I laughed, but I didn't realize why he was back until I saw it, and I liked it, but does that make Han Solo a Jedi?

  14. Loved it as a swan song to Carrie Fisher and John Williams who George Lucas calls the secret sauce to Star Wars !

  15. The ending would've been better if Ben was still alive, then he marries Rey and becomes a Skywalker because their married now. #REYLOCONFIRMEDRIP

  16. I personally enjoyed the movie and was not at all disappointed! It was really great and I enjoyed the ending too! Should be an encouragement that people can change!

  17. Sheev Palpatine was one smooth talker prior to the events leading to his attempted arrest by the Jedi posse of Mace Windu (and his face getting fried by Force lightning). There could be new behind-the-scenes material about Rey's parentage through comics, movies, TV miniseries and novels a la Rogue One. Until 2029 (or 2039) with Daisy Ridley reprising her role for the new trilogy as Jedi Master Rey Skywalker (and her rebuilding the Jedi Order to face a new Force-powered threat not unlike the Sith).

  18. Rey was born 34 years after Palpatine became emperor. It’s possible Rey’s father was conceived and hidden by his mother before Palpatine’s deformities.

  19. Only true Star Wars fans appreciate every film and don’t ridicule the filmmakers that devoted their time and effort to bring these films to us. Each film has different flaws and aren’t all perfect. The way you interpret these flaws determines your fan status

  20. Haven’t seen it yet, but I hope I really enjoy it. I’m not a review whore, however I do appreciate Perspectives. It could be garbage. It could be my favorite one. Who knows

  21. It would have been a far more compelling story if…Luke, Han Leia and Landon were the ones responsible for Rey being on jakuu, What if they were the ones who kidnapped Rey from her parents because they knew what the empire would do if she were in there hands which is why they left her on jakuu and maybe that's why Ben turned to the dark side cause his family was acting out of character doing the unspeakable but for the greater good which allows him to believe the same principal but on a different level making him feel as if he needs to rule the Galaxy to bring Order

  22. It sucked. The can make Hulk look real but they can't add real footage of Lea and make it look real.

    The Falcon can't hover land without landing gear and has to crash?

    And they basically stole the " I am inevitable" with " I am the Sith" I swear I thought Rey was going to say "and I.. Am.. IRON MAN".
    Truly pathetic

  23. The trilogy should have been outlined in advance. I also think Rey should have been the true Chosen One.

    Since they didn’t go that route, I’m fine with this. I liked her as a foil to the Emperor.

  24. I have a theory Finn I'd number is same as Leia cell number in a new hope possibly hint that Finn is Leia and lando son?

  25. You’re assuming palpatine’s “lovers” were consensual. Palpatine was known for executing his consorts after finishing with them in legends, for expressly this reason. He was hunting down bastard children long before game of thrones made it popular. (Ba dum tiss!)

  26. I liked the ending. Good close out after the disaster of last Jedi.. you seem to forget senator palpitine was a politician before he became emporor and quite likely had a family and kids….logical explanation..

  27. Crap movie jerk producer director pandering to fans instead of naking a movie thatbis great Disney involved whatever could go wrong there Abrams is known forvruining shows and movies ruined star trek now ruined star wars woop lets all celebrate mr robot

  28. I think it's a Plageus situation where it's not by blood but by force, causing another "virgin birth"..And then just, you know, decended from that.

    Or it's magic, who the fuck knows! Dude looked into magic A. LOT. off the silver screen, between Clone Wars & Rebels.

  29. Wait-
    She’s a palpatine.
    So why in the world did she say she’s a skywalker?
    IMPOSTER Rey listen. You are not the chosen one. You are not a skywalker. Your a palpatine stop lying
    Did you come from Anakin Luke or Leia? No! So you are in no way a skywalker

    I still think Anakin should’ve been the skywalker to rise but whatever.
    Its not like Disney cares Atleast Anakin got to show up in the movie

  30. It would have been better if this story was told in a trilogy, instead of episode 7 & 9.
    And how did Luke saber recovered. It was destroyed, and I mean to the shattered kyber crystal.

  31. I don't understand, where is the explanation of the twist? 🤔 did you just point Ray's father's name?

  32. I don't think we can really call this a retcon of the last movie where Ben says her parents were nothing. Technically, they were, it's only that we now know that they were nothing by choice. And to take the idea of 'anyone can be a hero' further, I got the feeling in this movie that it was, essentially, stating something like 'what you are doesn't matter, who you choose to be does.' In the end, Rey chose to be a Skywalker rather than a Palpatine, to be a Jedi rather than a Sith. I might be in the minority here, but I had very few problems with this entire movie.

  33. Who cares? I'm just glad it's over. Hopefully this means the end of the Skywalkers & Palpatines (as main plot devices) and let's let all the planet killing weapons die too. Here's hoping that we get a new, better,story with fresh, new characters, all of whom have no (or atleast quaternary+ relationships to anyone we know from the the old story). I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid and I'm honestly just ready for this phase of the series to be over. To hell with "nostalgia" let's get something fresh, new and interesting.

  34. Palpatine most likely didn’t get freaky with anyone. He manipulated the midichloreans like he did with Anakin in the canon Vader comics by Disney and Marvel. This makes Rey a cousin of Ben since her parents didn’t have the force. So that’s awkward.

  35. The saga needs another movie, where Rey realizes, that she is, in fact, a Sith. She doesn't need to turn to dark side, she is already there. She acts like Sith the whole trilogy. She does, what she wants, she jumps into every conflict, in which she rages the whole time, and it never affects her in any way. Because she is, and always was, a Sith. And then she takes out whoever she needs to take out to became an Empress.

  36. I think Kylo's story was obvious he was always going to be redeemed then die however it was still very satisfying. They didn't need to kiss though

  37. This movie spent too much time retconning TLJ to try and pander to the haters. They ended up making TRoS a worse movie for it.

  38. here's my theory
    Anakin is and isn't the chosen one but he did bring balance to the force by killing a clone of palpatine for a short period of time,

    30 years later Palpatine Returned and Rey fufilled the Prophecy and brought balance to the force eternally becoming the chosen one.

    when she died after killing Palpatine, Ben revived her by giving his own life force to save her

    when she was revived She had Ben's life Force in her so she became Skywalker in the end

    she didn't want to keep the Palpatine last name because of the Evil that's inside it

    Anakin didn't die for Nothing

  39. Well, atleast the people who hated The Last Jedi can shut up, now. They got everything they ever wanted. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, I guess.

    "The squeak has been eliminated."

  40. All I gotta say is: I'm glad she wasn't a Skywalker. If they had made her a secret Luke baby, I would have walked out mid-movie.

  41. Would’ve been alot better to see Ben finish his journey and become a full fledge Jedi and for Rey to become a Sith tho but ok

  42. I have another question. Who was the old woman at the Lars farm? Where did she come from?

    Their farm was in the middle of the desert no where near walking distance of any village and this lady happened to be walking her pet!

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