The Bad News Bears (2/9) Movie CLIP – A Girl Ballplayer (1976) HD

It was a dumb idea anyway.
I mean, you wouldn’t
have helped the team much.
You were great
when you were nine,
But girls reach their peak
athletically about that age.
Probably haven’t picked up
a ball in two years anyway.
Give my love to your mom.
Don’t be such a stranger.
Hey, boilermaker.
Got my curve
breaking 2 1/2 feet.
Oh, yeah?
Then you have been
practicing, huh?
But don’t give me no baloney…
About a curve breaking
2 1/2 feet, though.
For how much?
Ten bucks.
Make it 20.
We got a bet.
I thought we were going
to see some curves.
the next one’s coming
right between your eyes.
Twelve ballet lessons.
Nine ballet lessons.
They’re $3.00 a shot.
I can’t–
Twelve ballet lessons
or no go.
I just lit that cigar.
That’s terrible.
Make it nine
ballet lessons–
I want the imported
kind of jeans.
Yes. French jeans.
I’m not getting you any jeans.
Do you know how many
pools I got to clean
to get imported jeans?
What’s the matter
with american jeans?
I don’t like them.
Who do you think you are,
catfish hunter?
Who’s he?
Boys, I’d like you to
meet your new pitcher–
Amanda whurlizer.
Jews, spics, niggers,
and now a girl?
Grab a bat, punk.
Jimmy feldman,
toby whitewood.

55 thoughts on “The Bad News Bears (2/9) Movie CLIP – A Girl Ballplayer (1976) HD

  1. This movie is a cutting edge. When censorship was huge at the time and they broke the barriers. Luckily noone said its an unchristian, anti-family movie that promotes rebellion and atheism lol.

  2. we are not allow to say of think out loud how we feel…gotta love everything and keep what we hate all bottled up inside….and we wonder why there are so many shootings and violence in america?

  3. I always figured Lupus was somehow Lopez.  Tanner Boyle may be a racist, but he always was for the team and anyone who wore the uniform.  Team sponsor Chico's Bail Bonds.     

  4. Cant believe as old as this movie is, they still wanna charge you 2.99 too watch it on youtube. Lucky for me, I have em all on dvd & I watched the first one last night, FREE of charge. lol Time to break out the baseball movies as its that time of year. Gotta love it!!!

  5. Thank you for showing us this wonderful classic.. there're a few scenes missing when Tatum aka Amanda swears at the coach… AMANDA… you handled it like SHIT… lol… AMANDA… you can't tell me what kind of language I can use…

  6. Politically incorrect, sexist, misogynist, racist, glorifying drunkenness, curse words galore, sexual innuendos, etc? Man, that's classic cinema. Love it. Funny heartwarming movie.

  7. I looked at the movie description and it said it was a family movie. You call this a family-friendly film? Attention parents: N-word alert!

  8. @1:36 "French jeans." It is hard to believe how popular "French jeans" were back in the mid to late 1970's. "Bonjour, Sassoon and Jordache" were just some of them.

  9. i took first base and changed the game of baseball at 8, then shortstop and all else. that arm& leg has not changed. made from a mighty stock. quite perfect INDEED

  10. League baseball may sound like a good thing, but the children who do not play so well are subjugated and it's a very difficult experience for a child. Also, a lot of managers who volunteer to manage a team, do it because their own son is a player. The man and his wife have a dream of their son playing in the major leagues. This is not necessarily bad however it becomes serious when the "manager" is psychotic and he does his best to have his son out shine the other children. He does it by derogating all of the children on the team with exception of his own son. It also not good for a child who plays on a team that is always in last place or even second to last. It is demoralizing. But I guess the "survival of the fitest" rule applies to LLB.

  11. If this movie came out as is today, It would create a media feeding frenzy. Like tossing a side a beef to a starving pod of sharks.

  12. Having a ten year old casually throw out the 'N' word in a kids' movie may seem insane now, but at the time it really wasn't a big deal. Nowadays, celebrities like Hulk Hogan lose their careers over saying the word in private, recorded conversations. It was a different time. People now need to get over themselves and stop getting 'offended' so easily.

  13. Did they edit out that racial slurs scene in the new version of the movie ? You gotta hate the 70s. But Tatum O'Neal, the only one worth watching. How did John "The Brat McEnroe get to marry her ? S.O.B

  14. Why did she call him Boilermaker when the character's name was Buttermaker?? I never understood that. Also, an interesting factoid about one of the characters from this movie; Vic Morrow, the guy who played Roy Turner was tragically killed on the set while filming the movie Twilight Zone- The Movie in 1982. There was a helicopter scene that went terribly wrong and the helicopter crashed. When it did, the rotors decapitated Vic Morrow and several other actors, some of whom were children. Morrow was awesome in this movie and had to pull off the most dramatic scene in the movie when he slaps his son across the face on pitchers mound for intentionally hitting Engelberg. It was a powerful scene that some of us involved in little-league sports could relate to and identify with.

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