The Bad News Bears (4/9) Movie CLIP – Cups & Supporters (1976) HD

Cups and supporters–[all groaning]
do we have to?Got to be worn
at all times.多que es esto?They’re very
uncomfortable. Well, either you wear them,
or you don’t play. Can we stop this already? We got another
hour of practice.No me voy a poner esto.
Esto duele.
What?What are you saying?
I’ve been brushing up
on my spanish of late, And I think he’s saying
something about his being
a catholic and it’s a sin. Oh, for christ’s sake.It’s not a gas mask.
I know what it is.This is a free country.
Let’s be democratic
and take a vote. – There will be
no vote, engelberg.
– What about amanda? You ain’t strapping
one of these things on me. If she don’t wear one,
I don’t wear one.Yeah!
Yeah![tanner] anyway,
it’s too small.If she doesn’t wear one,
neither do I. What are you doing here? Some asshole
changed my mind. A little harder, huh? Who’s this turkey
think he is, mickey mantle? Rifle one.

41 thoughts on “The Bad News Bears (4/9) Movie CLIP – Cups & Supporters (1976) HD

  1. Rorschach's journal, October 12, 1976. Strapped cockus in dugout this morning. Bat tread on burst baseball. The coach is afraid of me. I've seen his true face. The dugout's full of batters, and the batters are chewing gum. And when the ball finally passes the fence…all the hitters will run. The accumulated points of all our fastest runners will add up to form a win. And all the fans and home team players will look up and shout, "Yay, us."…and I'll whisper…"so"… Now the whole team stands on the field, staring out into muddy grass. All those opponents, and parents, and shit talkers… and all of a sudden, nobody had anything negative to say. Beneath me, this ball field's city… it screams like a ball team full of rewarded children. And a fight  breaks between 4 of the opposition and Bad New Bears.

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. don't be fooled by the count that says the video is 2:12 minutes. The last 30 seconds are filled with ads. The video is 1:48 mins. Thumbs down

  4. When I played high school baseball and American Legion, if you threw your helmet off like Kelly Leak does, you were automatically out.

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