The Latest Joker Trailer Has Fans Losing Their Minds! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

– The latest Joker trailer
has fans losing their minds.
Grab your red noses and
clown makeup, Joker fans.
After being teased out this week,
the final trailer for
Joker dropped Wednesday
and the spot for the Todd Phillips flick
starring Joaquin Phoenix
as the eponymous Joker
really hit the ground running.
Reportedly, the film
will be a character study
on the Joker’s origin and how
and why Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck
will become the clown prince of crime.
And based on what we are
seeing in the latest footage,
this certainly seems to be the case.
The trailer is chock full
of homages to classic films
like Scorsese’s 1982
film, The King of Comedy
as well as references to
Batman and Gotham City lore.
Come on!
Thomas Wayne punches the Joker.
Heck yeah!
When did we ever think we’d
see that on screen, huh?
However, if you were looking
for some Suicide Squad-esque Joker antics
involving knives or forehead tattoos,
you might be disappointed.
However, disappointed seems
to be the word furthest
from fans’ minds.
Joker fans are excited to
see this more art house take
on the superhero genre, with
many claiming it could be
an early Oscar contender for Phoenix.
So we’re going to bring you
some of the best reactions
on the internet to the
Joker trailer, right now.
First up, @clayappuzzos seemed to sum up
most of the internet’s feelings with,
“all I gotta say is that the Joker movie
“is a cinematic masterpiece already.”
Which, honestly, might be a bit premature,
but we understand the sentiment.
Of course, a lot of the comments
were bringing on the awards
buzz, like Charon on YouTube,
who channeled his inner Joker
with “Phoenix: Wanna know
how I got these Oscars?”
(laughs) I sound like Alex Borstein
on way too many cigarettes.
And Katherine V on YouTube
furthered that sentiment
with an all caps “I can smell the oscars.”
And Twitter user @616kinney
gave us this delightful
and definitely not
terrifying gif when they said
“Mr Joaquin Phoenix is coming
for his Oscar as the Joker.”
In fact, a lot of people
responded with gifs
of other versions of the
Joker, like @nerds4lifee,
who tweeted a gif of Heath
Ledger’s memorable turn
as the Joker, saying “I like that.”
And @SomeKirbyFan took the opportunity
to clown all of Twitter
with this screen grab from the trailer.
It’s true.
We’re all clowns.
@MasterTarantino’s criticism
turned out to be full of praise
with “trailer looks
generic but can we talk
“about how perfect and
creepy Joaquin’s laugh
“for Joker is because holy (beep).”
That laugh’s gonna haunt our dreams.
Can’t wait.
Drewcast35 on Reddit made
a great point by saying
“Thomas Wayne punching the Joker…
“I guess it runs in the family.”
Hey, like father, like son.
Know what I’m saying?
– You wouldn’t hit a guy
with glasses on, would ya?
– Another Reddit user,
hab27, had one criticism.
“If he doesn’t meticulously
arrange a billion knives
“around him in a circle,
I will be disappointed.”
Right? (laughs)
How will we know that
this Joker is damaged
unless he gets it
tattooed on his forehead?
@Memelord2019 took to Twitter to remind us
“because one killer clown
wasn’t enough this year.”
With IT chapter two hitting
theaters next month,
2019 isn’t going to be great
for a lot of childhood phobias.
We guess we’ll have to wait
until both films come out
and figure out if the Joker or Pennywise
has the creepier laugh.
(Joker laughing)
And we have to close out the reactions
with this clever one from @Deshay95,
which honestly seems to
be the general sentiment
from all of the fans with this trailer.
Obviously, Joker has
built up a lot of hype
and since we don’t actually
see the Joker do anything bad
in the movie just yet,
maybe it’ll end up really surprising us
by being the feel good movie of the year.
Either way, we can’t wait until
it hits theaters in October
which is, holy (beep), over a month away.
But what do you folks think?
Are you down to clown with the Joker?
What other DC characters would you
like to see get the same treatment?
And who is your favorite on
screen version of the Joker?
‘Cause there’s many to choose from.
Let’s discuss.
Thanks for watching.
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