The latest news from Getgo Studio!

Hi folks, Mike here, coming from Getgo Studio
in the beautiful Queensferry on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
I thought it was about time I dropped an update on the progress of the business
prior to launching and going through the big setting-up process
I was bring people along on the ‘journey’, I know that’s a horribly overused term, and
some people seemed to like it so I thought it was about time to bring everybody
up-to-speed This is going to be fast as I’ve got a lot
to cover so do try and keep up Getgo really only launched in February, prior
to that I was getting the studio space ready, which was a huge task
Tech, light, sound, big monumental task I feel like that’s there now, we’ve had some
customers, I’m going to talk a bit more about them soon
and there’s more development to do, that’s for sure
But the big, big thing in terms of projects has been on-location
I have been up and down the UK doing some Customer Story creation for a brilliant Edinburgh
based company called Flexitricity Pete Jones the excellent camera operator and
I have been up and down the UK it’s been absolutely brilliant and quite challenging
One day we were filming in -22° in a giant cold storage centre and then that night we
had to drive literally across the UK to film in a giant greenhouse complex in 30°.
There’s been quite a lot of challenges with this project because of the production side
of it, the pre-planning has been massive, lots of
moving parts Brilliant learning experience and have really
enjoyed it and can’t wait to get those out there, they are an excellent company.
We’ve also created an About Us video featuring their CEO and I’ve been working with the man
known as Create Greg on that, thanks for working again with me Greg and we’re looking forward
to packaging that all up. Great to get that all out there as soon as
possible. Then there’s the studio itself, we’ve had
some customers through the studio, Gary Paterson, a learning and development consultant, he
created a bunch of videos to help him get his word further out on LinkedIn and bring
in new business but also Kyle Robertson, who’s about to launch
Evansgate Financial created a bunch of explainer videos for his website.
We also did on-location stuff with Tricres, they are three business consultants who have
created a company and an online course and we shot every video, 40-50 of them for
the online course It’s been great to be a part of that with
Rebecca and the team because I think what they’re creating is genuinely going to help
businesses of all shapes and sizes So it’s nice to have been able to contribute
to that. There’s plenty more projects on the horizon
and plenty more that still needs to happen I want to develop the studio further, there’s
more I can do with backdrops, bits of technology to make it an ever more appealing package
for people. I need to get the Getgo website sorted, currently
on, there’s nothing other than a landing page where people can sign up for
a bit more info The things, all the projects are sort of ongoing,
we’re in the edit phase with some of them once I’ve got a bunch of evidence, I’ll get
a proper website up there, let’s face it, you can’t be a video production company without
evidence of your product, can you? Not really! There is some stuff on Vimeo actually if you
want to have a look, let me know, I’ll give you the link.
It’s got to a point where I’m actually starting to look for a bit of help on a more kind of
permanent basis, suitable for a freelancer, perhaps starting small and growing as the
business grows, I need help with production and planning, and some social media stuff
and if anybody out there thinks that might be for you, please do get in touch or if you
know anybody please do put them in touch with me on LinkedIn or [email protected]
Yeah, sorry, big blast there, probably not that exciting for many people, but that’s
actually been really helpful for me look back on what we’ve been up to and where we need
to go One final mention has to go to Henry’s Coffee
Company who supply the studio guests and meeting guests with fantastic coffee, thanks so much
Brian for that, great to have you on-board. Anyway, any questions any feedback, let me
know, if there’s anything you’d like me to do about the things I’m learning as go along,
I would love to do that, it’s always good to give people something of real value and
that’s ‘in the moment’, so anyway, thanks for watching if you have, if not, that’s fine,
I’m not going to cry. Have a great day cheers! The studio which in next door, we’ve had Gary
Paterson, a learning and development, erm…
Wah, I need to slow down!

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