The US abortion battle explained in three minutes – BBC News

Whose bodies? Ours!
This bill does a really good job of protecting
the most vulnerable members of our human family.
We’re going to be shouting from the rooftops
that abortion is still safe, legal and accessible.
Abortion is back on the agenda in America – and it’s got both sides energised.
In May, Alabama approved a near outright abortion ban,
including in cases of rape or incest.
And seven other states have passed “heartbeat bills”,
which ban abortion as soon as a heartbeat can be detected.
So far this year, more than 20 other states have introduced
or proposed some form of restriction on abortion.
There is a heartbeat, this is a thriving growing human person
and we need to acknowledge that and protect that life as well.
I work at an abortion clinic escort in Huntsville, Alabama, and what we’ve seen
since these heartbeat bills and this legislation has started being passed across the US
we’ve seen the activism and the threats
from the anti-choice movement on the sidewalk ramp up.
This is part of a comprehensive and rather clever campaign by pro-life advocates.
They have passed laws of different types in different states.
Good evening, in a landmark ruling the Supreme Court today legalised abortion.
The aim is to challenge Roe vs Wade, the 1973 ruling by the US Supreme Court
that legalised abortion.
The procedure has been allowed only until viability – that is, the point at which a foetus
is able to live outside the womb, generally between 24 and 28 weeks.
In recent years, some states have tried to ban abortions
in the second trimester – that’s before viability.
The heartbeat bills passed in 2019 would prohibit abortions around the six-week mark
before most women even know they are pregnant.
And the Alabama law now goes to the very beginning of a pregnancy,
effectively banning abortion from just days after conception.
This one is different because it is a frontal attack on Roe vs Wade.
It is clearly unconstitutional under the Supreme Court precedent.
Gorsuch: As Associate Justice at the Supreme Court…
President Trump appointed two strongly anti-abortion justices to the Supreme Court,
giving conservatives a 5-4 majority.
But it’s likely to be Chief Justice John Roberts
who decides whether to take up the Alabama case.
So the concern for pro-choice advocates in the country really is two-fold.
This is a direct assault but it may not be the most serious threat.
John Roberts could reject this, could even block it from being heard
but they could still grant review in these collateral attacks,
chipping away making it more difficult to get an abortion in various states.
Roberts could very well sign off on that.
That would not make abortion illegal everywhere.
It would leave it up to each state to decide when and how a woman could get an abortion.

100 thoughts on “The US abortion battle explained in three minutes – BBC News

  1. I guess they are trying to promote suicide after incest and rape immediately? How is this even a better and more moral idea?
    Godamnit, those lawmakers must have been having fun in their incest/rape parties in the past, they are making it legit so they don't get sued!
    First they take our jobs, now they take our lives!

  2. It's such a legislative waste of time. And these jackasses are laughing at all the American Taliban oh, how easy it is.

  3. Abortion is not safe. When carried out at least one life is ended. ALWAYS. These "pro-choice" feminists claim that they should have abortions when they get raped… Where are the rape CONVICTIONS to correlate to the abortions? It should be easy to match the DNA taken from the life being ended in the abortion procedure to the father. Only a few abortions are because of rape? Well what are the other reasons feminists claim for abortions.. Are any of these abortions because feminists have dehumanised the most vulnerable and innocent lives, and they end lives because they might be inconvenient to them? Could anything be more evil? 

    Lets see how comfortable feminists are with this thought experiment… if feckless men discovered their one night stands/girlfriends/wives have become pregnant just when they were thinking of buying a new boat, or start paying off a mortgage (or whatever self reason they might have).. should they have the power to end the pregnancy for their financial convenience? Could they just walk away and never fear being sued for child support costs? ..But its a woman that is pregnant and not the man, thus a woman's right to control her own body is at stake. Well until science allows the TRANSPLANT of the living being from the uterus of the woman who wants to kill it, into a willing surrogate to allow it to gestate full term.. then a decision to end or not end a pregnancy is not just going to affect the mother's life. Feminists want to end lives because THEY want exclusive power over the lives and deaths of others.

    How about another thought experiment.. there is a feminist living at home with her parents, who tell her to get a real job and pay something towards house keeping costs. This is a massive inconvenience to the feminist.. should she have the power to end her parent's lives so that she can inherit the house and savings to use as her own? Those parents are inconveniencing the feminist as long as they are living!!!

    If feminists don't attempt to get the Supreme Court to overrule the will of the electorates in those states with the new life protecting laws.. will women who have dehumanised human life to the extent that they want to kill it when its inconvenient be able to get abortions in the US? Yes.. they can just go to one of the DEMOCRAT controlled states, where demonic creatures will end the nominated lives for a fee, and then turn the dismembered body parts into an additional profit when they sell those parts to buyers who don't give a reason as to why they want to buy them (possibly to people engaging in Spirit cooking and pedo-necrophillia)

  4. These pro-life until it's born nutters need to read a biology book.

    They also might want to reconsider doing something 'unconstitutional' because if they can do that, people who actually value life can take their guns using the same precedent.

  5. "Pro Lifers" who still support death penalty and oversea wars, and are against gun control: please choke in your own hypocrisy <3

  6. Ectogenesis and payed family to breed with eugenic will solve problem of demography and dysgenic. 10-15 years. Lol

  7. They are saying that most women don't even know they're pregnant at 6 weeks. The menstrual cycle for the average woman occurs every 21 days from the start of one menstrual period to the start of the next. This means that by the time there's a detectable heartbeat the average woman has missed 2 periods. Are the advocates for the atrocity of infanticide saying that women are too stupid to know when they've miss 2 menstrual periods? If so, instead of screaming it's my body I'll do as I please with it, why don't these strip, spread, drop and flop dingbats get to know their bodies and learn to recognize and understand what those bodies are telling them? And also learn how to keep their draws on and their legs together. If they don't want the bodies of living human beings growing inside of their bodies don't build them. Though it's true a womans body is hers to do with as she pleases the same is true for the human they're murdering. That body inside of them belongs to the human that is being murdered. That human has the right to not be ripped apart by a medical monster impersonating a human being. if there is an error to be made make it in favor of the one who has never done anything wrong or committed and offense against any person. This abortion business is a perfect example of the mindset of much of society today where the victim is the one blamed and the innocent is executed for a crime not committed….

  8. I see the BBC forgot to mention abortion in some states allowed to be performed up until birth.
    I guess that didn't fit the narrative.

  9. It's quite troubling how animated and demanding women are to have the option to murder their own babies. It's quite sick actually.

  10. I love the way pro-choice people are blaming men yet women make up 51% of US voters. If all you ladies want autonomy, then vote properly next time. Men don't vote for candidates based on their stance of abortion, because it doesn't effect us that much.

  11. To be fair to America there is a hundred million of them either out of work or homeless, a few less kids won't do any harm.

  12. I fully understand the difficulty in separating a potential human from an actual one. Every sperm is a potential human. A zygote (the moment a sperm fertilises an egg) is a potential human, but it is NOT a baby. It has no brain, no autonomy, no physical feeling, no thoughts. Despite that, I am filled with thoughts about the person it COULD become if allowed to come to term. The child it might be, the adult it might grow up to be.
    I 100% agree with anyone who argues against the murder of BABIES (at whatever point we decide taht they move from being a collection of cells to an autonomous human being) for the convenience of a mother too careless or stupid to prevent its formation. But where is your compassion the second it is born? How many of you give a darn about childhood poverty, or the 400,000 children in orphanages in the US, or women who have to carry the products of rape or incest? Or women whose health is threatened by carrying a baby to term, or the tens of thousands of women whose life will be threatened performing back alley abortions? How many of you care about the poverty that unwanted babies inflict on entire families? How many of you are doing this much handwringing about the 5 kids who have died at the border, or the hundred of thousands your government has killed in the middle east or Yemen?
    Frankly, your moralising is about as convincing as your Christianity, and your empathy suffers a bad case of tunnel vision.

  13. The globalist left want
    -Mass baby murder
    -Mass illegal immigration and open borders
    -Mass censorship

    Vote populist, nationalist and traditionalist parties to counter this evil

  14. Feminists – Men are toxic
    Also feminists – We want to kill babies

    They know the contraceptive pill exists right? No excuses for waiting months and then killing a baby

  15. abort if you want but who knows if that another nobody born in this world of 8 billion people could be the next einstein

  16. I became prolife after I saw the picture of bodies of murdered babies due to abortion in high school thanks to volunteers on sidewalk educating us.

  17. As it's a highly controversial issue, it's only natural for there to be conflicting opinions and debate. But please, let's try to keep
    discussions in a civil manner. There's no need to berate others over opinions, and doing so only leaves negative feelings for
    both sides.

  18. The abortion debate is complex with many nuisances thus it should not be reduced to a 3 minute video. Just saying 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  19. I have an idea, let’s legalise abortion but extend abortion to the ability to only have one child then extend that to aborting people who disagree with the government. Oh an we could create a numerical system of your loyalty to the government based on mass surveillance and spending habits. Oh shit I just created….


  20. So, if a woman is prevented from getting an abortion by one of these laws, and then the law gets overturned for being unconstitutional. Would the state have to pay damages for unconstitutionally forcing the woman to have an unwanted pregnancy?

  21. You just gotta frame it the correct way really. Tell everyone that pro-choice is the capitalist choice and that only communists would want to protect the unborn, you'll pretty quickly have a pro-choice USA.

    Is that argument stupid as all hell? yes. would it work? considering the average american yes. does it make sense? does bringing a flying spaghetti monster from the sky into our debates make sense.

  22. Relax liberals: nobody is coming for your abortions. We just want common sense abortion control, and:
    • Mandatory background checks and mental health evaluation
    • Placed in a national abortion registry
    • $200 tax stamp and 1 year wait period
    • Outlaw assault abortions after the 1st trimester
    • Limit the # of abortions one can have (nobody needs more than one abortion)

  23. White supremacists and the patriarchy loves abortion. Abortion means fewer black babies and less male responsibility.

  24. Killing potential human being is a deliberate murder which can’t be justified. Also if the narrator was aborted in whatever stage she was in her mother’s womb she wouldn’t be speaking in bbc. And who the hack has a right to determine the matter of life and death of the baby. Many advocates of pro choice would not be on this world if pre choice was this prevalent like it is now in the past

  25. I'll save you three minutes women in the us just love murdering babies. I am no fan of Alabama's new law, however, after women using abortion as contraception for so long I get it.

  26. We need to STOP having so many damn children.
    Your genetics are not special, humans are not an endangered species and no one should have more than two children.
    7.7 Billion humans on the planet. 14 billion projected by 2050.
    360,000 babies are born DAILY!
    54,000 die daily at birth from natural causes.
    800,000 million people currently starving somewhere on earth.
    74 Million children in the USA.
    500,000 children are in foster care annually in the USA.
    450 children annually are murdered by a parent in the USA.
    425,000 Missing Children in the USA.

    No sperm, No fetus.
    Use contraception!!!

    Save the planet. Reduce the human population.

  27. lol conservatives just don't get it, we women don't give a fuck about a foetus. Almost al the women I know couldn't give a shit about abortions or the abortion's they have had. end of story.

  28. Lol, Americans…. Their politicians banned abortion and they hold placards against Sharia law. Lol….

  29. Cause right wing evangelicals are running the US now…They scream about the sanctity of birth but as soon as the birth takes place they want nothing to do with it afterwards…They are just pro birthers trying to force everyone else to bend to their retarded beliefs…Best thing that could ever happen would be to ban all religions globally it is a cancer that does nothing but destroy…

  30. Pro choice or pro life should not be a matter of public debate but a matter of civil rights, same as gay marriage or the religion that one chooses to follow or not follow you would think RePublicans would know this as our BILL OF RIGHTS. But no they either are blissfully ignorant or much sinister they encourage a mob mentality, by making paper issues of sensational and nativist emotion to neglect much more everyday issues of the 99%.

  31. Whatever happened to birth control, condoms and abstinence, why abort? Why put yourself through that?

  32. Abortions are bad. Misguided girls are taken advantage of. Lots of social problems. No fathers in the home etc. it’s all bad.

  33. When I was pregnant, I was conscious very early on that I had a LIFE inside of me not a group of cells a LIFE
    There should be exceptions to abortion bans such as rape.
    However, a women who chooses to have 2 3 4 5 6 7 abortions in a lifetime just because of a mistake are morally destitute.
    There is contraception USE IT and stop killing babies willy nilly! 😡

  34. Explained from the viewpoint of a far left, globalist "News" organisation that gave predatory paedophile Jimmy Saville a top job as a children's presenter for 40 years even 'though they knew what he was doing. The same BBC that urgently told us we need to bomb and invade Iraq or we would be annihilated by WMDs in 45 minutes. Take everything these cultural marxists say with a pinch of salt.

  35. Alabama women, you should move to California. Alabama also has no integrity. The High School Gradution rates were a lie.There high school dropout rate is over 40 percent. They are to put it in one word ignorant!
    Men, if you are against abortion… well don't have one.

  36. Abortion is just as evil as ancient Egyptian torture!The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is getting angrier and angrier.

  37. If you care about children adopt one of the 443,000 kids in the American foster system
    If you care about children then impose gun control to stop the weekly mass shootings
    If you care about children then vote for higher taxes to fund universal health care
    If you care about children do something about the 2.5 million children which are homeless on the streets
    You can’t be pro life and refuse to give a fuck what happens after birth.

  38. We all find our moral boundaries at some point. I am not a saint by any means. I am an apostate. I have broken 9 out 10 of the commandments (the only one I haven't broken is 'thou shall not murder'). I am a former alcoholic. I have a temper straight from hell itself. I have experimented with drugs and pills. So, I'm not a perfect person. I think we've established that.

    While I have lived colorfully and been a lot of things to a lot of people, I am NOT a baby killer. I am 100% pro-life. If you don't want your child, take it to your local police station or firehouse and drop it off so it can be adopted by a family that wants it. If you support killing babies – you're a far worse person than I am and I want you to know that. It is a cowardly thing to do.

    Also, let's say that someone were to walk up to a 50 year old man and blow his brains out. We can all agree that that is wrong. At least that 50 year old got to experience this beautiful world for 50 years. He got to make friends, build a career, raise a family, play a little golf perhaps (if he died w/o discovering the joy of golf, I feel sorry for him). On the other hand, that innocent baby you just aborted never got to do any of those things. When you get an abortion you commit the worst form of murder of all because you do so in such a way that your victim never gets to experience one single joy of living. Think about that.

  39. How about we crack down on sexual assult in the cases of rape and incest? In the case of consensual sex leading to pregnancy, two people made a choice that they knew could result in pregnancy. A child is not something to vacuum up and toss in the trash.

    That would be a lot fairer,
    and would soon fix the problem among all the open legged murdering feminists out there…

  41. pro abortionist people gives me the impression of being UNTRUSTWORTHY
    AND NOT LOYAL. Because as a woman myself, I would only sleep with a man
    who I truly love and deserves my child. Ppl that abort their baby seems
    like they don't even love the person, because if they LOVE the person,
    they would also consider their other half's opinion to keep the baby or
    not, because babies are not only created by women. Haven't u heard the
    phrase " I want to have his baby " That means a woman have feelings for
    the other

  42. pro abortionist people gives me the impression of being UNTRUSTWORTHY
    AND NOT LOYAL. Because as a woman myself, I would only sleep with a man
    who I truly love and deserves my child. Ppl that abort their baby seems
    like they don't even love the person, because if they LOVE the person,
    they would also consider their other half's opinion to keep the baby or
    not, because babies are not only created by women. Haven't u heard the
    phrase " I want to have his baby " That means a woman have feelings for
    the other

  43. Roe v. Wade is the case that the pro-abortion and feminist groups cite and savagely protect. However, Norma McCorvey, the subject of Roe v. Wade, deeply regretted supporting the right to abortion and retracted her support:

    I would support abortion, but only within the first few weeks of pregnancy and never at taxpayers' expense. There are more than enough stages at which and methods with which to prevent pregnancy. Women need to start taking and stop being abdicated of responsibility.

    Additionally, in the feminist narrative, there is a disgusting, unethical and immoral lack of inclusion of the father in this process. Women have an appaling record of denying fathers' any access to a child who would not exist without the father's DNA, regardless of what dismissive and derogatory judgement one makes on his overall contribution. Women are also guilty in staggering numbers of deceiving and exploiting men into raising children who, unbeknown to them, are not their biological children.

    From the days when the Suffragettes demanded the vote but without the compulsory military conscription that was the condition of the male vote and demanded equal rights to their husbands' earning but without legal liability for debts, we have seen a pattern of women demanding ever more privileges but without the accompanying responsibilities. We now have a society where women are favoured and excused across every sector of society including under the law.

    Women will do what they want but no longer at men's expense.

  44. A bunch of men deciding what women should be allowed to do with their bodies, just as they have manipulated them into being sex objects, raped and abused them for centuries. Men should have no say whatsoever in abortion. It is entirely the individual woman's decision. It is her who will face the emotional consequences and it is her karma.

  45. People are becoming more educated and aware of the actual science. Aside from heart beat or feelings, the unborn have different and unique DNA than the mother. It is not just HER body and her choice, it is a different body with half the genome coming from the father. If you are going to end the life of an unborn, you at least should admit what it is – a unique individual with rights apart from both mother and father and subject to protections under the law. An inconvenient fact for the pro-abortion faction.

  46. Breaking down the entire abortion debate into a 3 minute pro choice propoganda piece. People aren't that stupid anymore.

  47. More unattractive, hideous-looking women angry at the fact that men don't want to allow them to murder millions of innocent babies. There is nothing more evil than the perpetual bitterness of unattractive women.

  48. Everyone in the UK is successfully brainwashed in favour of abortion. That includes euthanaesia, contraception and LGBT too.

  49. Abortions are not the answer sexual education is the missing component! There are numerous means to avoid pregnancy!

  50. Foulult men are to blame for the sperm not not givef the women that's why abortions bette not givef them sperm to women but they like to feel feelgood inside in them no no abortion no abortion no no no!!!
    Taste in each other

  51. Disgusting, how can law makers not allow abortion in the case of criminal act, it’s hard enough in some cases to come forward to report these animals who violate the innocence, why should women be faced with. Indignity when it wasn’t there own choice to begin with, all this law will do is bring despair

  52. What most people don't realize then girl who started Roe v. Wade had her baby and became pro life xD, ain't that funny.

  53. Show abortion procedures to kids in schools, so they actually see how doctors rip apart a young small human body. Starting with ripping off his/her legs, then grabbing their arms and ripping them out, followed by the head which most likely resembles the woman who chose to kill him/her

  54. This is my take on baby's girls have them then let the protesters have the baby's to raise with no help from the government. Thy will stop that shit if thy have to raise the baby's

  55. I believe the abortion issue is solely being pushed to change laws making selling the infant body parts legal.
    Prove me wrong

  56. I eas raised in a catholic home, but i'm pro choice for a good reason, my parents allways wanted me to be a father, but i never wanted to, my reason to be pro-choice is that state should not mess up in women rights.

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